My first attempt at sexual fantasy in prose.
This is the 2nd draft.

After my wife left I started spending some time at her s****rs house.
Hazel and I had always got on well and I enjoyed the company. I suspected she felt sorry for me and was just being sociable out of kindness. However I felt sorry for myself and accepted her hospitality eagerly.
Just a few weeks short of our 20th anniversary, my wife Cheryl had declared one morning that she was emigrating to France. She seemed to glow with spiteful glee when she explained that our marriage was dead and had been for years. Though disappointed and shocked about her decision, I couldn't disagree with her statement.
We had slowly over the years drifted apart. To the point were we could go days without conversing, Our once ardent sex life had gradually become less passionate then less frequent until it stopped altogether.
Hazel was a single mother and had never been married. She had borne two girls from different partners. She claimed that she had no desire to enter a long and eventually destructive relationship. I used to joke with her that she just needed a real man to satisfy her. Though she took the teasing in good heart she would always reiterate that she saw no future in relationships, as they always ended in tears.
I would ponder those words after Cheryl left wondering if she had always known.

At first after the split I would spend maybe one evening a week at Hazel's house. Enjoying a carry out meal and watching a DVD. Her 2 daughters Emma and Sarah were friendly if a little cold.
Emma the youngest spent most the time close by her mother. Her large brown eyes watchful. Sarah was more open but around less often. “She's dating now” Hazel would explain with a shake of her head.
I would think a lot about Sarah dating.
There was little doubt she was a very attractive girl. A little overweight perhaps but blessed with a perfect complexion, a natural tan and a face that was truly beautiful.
I would imagine her with some foolish boy, dressed in her short skirt, her thighs apart, his hands roughly touching and rubbing her body. Not appreciating the beauty he had in front of him.
Often when getting back to my house from Hazel's I would lay on the sofa, my jeans by my ankles stroking my cock slowly, thinking about the awful things I would love to do with her 17 year old body. I would ejaculate large oozes of warm spunk over my belly, thinking of how amazing it would look over Sarah's tanned perfect skin.
Later I would chastise myself for such thoughts, but it became the highlight of my visits if Sarah happened to be in our company.
In those early months I spent a lot of my time when in my house on the sofa, thinking not just of Sarah but her mother.
Although I had always found her attractive I had never had any great desire for her, in fact I had always considered my soon to be x-wife the more sexually alluring.

As Hazel and I started to enjoy each others company more, I visited more frequently. Sometimes 4 times a week. I would always leave at the end of the night and drive or walk the 2 miles home, depending on whether we had shared a bottle of wine or not.
It's true we started flirting a little and she seemed to enjoy it as much as me. I noticed that the clothes she wore, normally plain and loose, were becoming subtly more daring. Our hugs goodbye at the end of the night would last a little longer.
Then it happened, a week before Emma's birthday we kissed for the first time.
I am not sure if Hazel had planned it but she had dressed particularly well that night. The black leggings tight on her fine legs with her black bra viable underneath her white blouse. We enjoyed several bottles of wine and her girls joined us playing video games on the Wii console.
Even as we feel about laughing at Hazel's hopeless attempts at guitar hero, or my dreadful singing I often feel a twinge in my groin as I stole glimpses at Sarah's curvaceous body. Yes Hazel looked very attractive but Sarah was stunning, dressed in her mandatory short skirt and tight t shirt.
I tried very hard to be discreet, but later when Hazel was in the kitchen opening another bottle and her oldest was gyrating in front of the television, singing along to a Brittany Sears number, I felt my cock stiffen noticeably in my jeans. (Some men are proud of their handsome looks or muscular physic, I on the other have always been proud of my valiant cock. When limp it was fat and hung a good 5 inches, when aroused it didn't reach double figures but wasn't far off it) Due to this I knew that if Hazel returned and happened to glance at my crotch the game would be up and she would no doubt through me out for being a perv.
To my horror it was Emma, the youngest who caught me. I had forgotten she was standing opposite me as I gazed hypnotised at the older girl dancing. As I tried to adjust my now stiffening bulge I looked across and saw her staring at me with the same hypnotised trance I had just experienced staring at her s****r..
“Oh fuck, no, busted”, I though, but before I had a chance to react she skipped across the room then giggling jumped on the sofa landing next to me. One of her out stretched hands slapped against my thigh and it slide up my leg. Her young hand coming to rest on the top of my thick shaft. To my shame my cock stiffened more against this warm embrace.
As our eyes meet she made an O shape with her mouth then giggled again. She removed her hand and sat close to me. Fearful, I un-tucked my shirt and let it cover my bulge just as Hazel returned, telling the girls it was time for bed.
After a few minutes of groans the girls reluctantly agreed to go to bed. To my surprise Sarah gave me a warm if short hug before leaving and young Emma did the same, except her hug was longer and she kissed me quickly on the cheek before running upstairs giggling again.

“Your really growing on her you know”, Hazel smiled, a funny look in her eye as she sat next to me. “She's a great girl, Hazel,just like he mother”, I replied trying to be charming. Leaning close her lips just inches from mine, she whispered, “a bit young don't you think”? Before I could protest she laughed and kissed me deeply, I responded, our tongues meeting, exploring.
As our wet lips parted I again began my pitiful protests but she interrupted, laughing again,.“Oh Greg, you are way to serious some times”
I stopped my protests and started to enjoyed Hazels warmth and passion. We slowly, tentatively at first began exploring each others bodies. I felt my cock begin to come to life again as I placed my hand on her thigh and felt her legs part. That welcoming gesture sending bl**d rushing to my manhood.
To my surprise, I thought of Emma as Hazel unzipped my jeans, As she cooed and wowed at my fat healthy cock I though about her youngest daughter.
I can't deny I was turned on by Hazels attention, her desire and delight of my manhood. We kissed as we made our way upstairs to her room.
It had taken me 2 years to convince my wife to let me fuck her ass, it took Hazel 15 minutes of pussy kissing and licking.
We had both hastily undressed before she lay on the bed, her legs apart as I knelt before her. It was the first time since my wife had left that I had seen a naked women, never mind such an open one. I was eager and quickly had my tongue between her fat lips. Her hands holding her thighs up as I buried my mouth in her.
With her warm pussy oozing juice I moved up and held my erect cock ready to enter her her. It was then she moaned , “In my ass Greg, fuck me there.” Delighted, I pushed it in slowly and steadily
encouraged by Hazel's grunts of pleasure.
I was amazed at her passion, her openness. Finally when I was close to releasing, she delighted me more. “Spunk on my pussy, soak me with that big load, I know you’ve got a big load for me”
Breathing heavily, I slowly slipped my cock out of her ass, pushing the head along her pussy lips, then holding it against her exposed hole. I released my cum, spunking hard, joyful as she delighted in my hot cum splashing against her. She sat up to watch me slid my cock along her lips, lubricated by her horn juice and my thick load.

We kissed a lot and then slept.
The next morning I woke in an empty bed.
I lay there feeling good, what a night I remembered. Just then Hazel returned and slipped under the covers, kissing me as she cuddled in. Her slightly saggy boobs didn’t look as hot as I remembered from the night before, but I responded, kissing her back and fingering her pussy. I felt awkward, rubbing and teasing her cunt as my cock lay limp.
Then it happens.....
Hazel on her side, me behind her, 2 fingers in her wet warm vagina. Her youngest daughter Emma opens the bedroom door, and walks in. Dressed in her nightie, short and see through. It barely covers her little pussy. I can see her tiny nipples against the translucent nightie.
Emma seems happy but unaware I have 2 fingers in her mom’s cunt. She stands at the bottom of the bed. She talks but I don’t hear, transfixed by her slender body. I can't help but consider if she has any pubic hair yet.
To my horror my cock wakes up. As Emma and her mum talk my growing erection pushes against Hazels ass. Getting firm as it hardens between her ass cheeks. I slowly pull my fingers out from Hazel, not unaware of her growing wetness. Confused but so aroused I try to act normal, responsible. But it's difficult as my desire inflates and Hazel subtly pushes her ass against my hardness.
I f***e myself to listen to what's being said and hear Hazel tell her daughter, “sure baby come in and get warm”. Emma looks delighted and jumps on the bed, her nightie lifting and to my delight and horror I catch a glimpse of her very pretty little pussy. Pale with just the hint of pussiness. Involuntary I push my cock against her mothers ass. Admitting to myself for the first time that I want to fuck my friends, daughter. I want to feel her incredible tight little cunt grip my cock. Her legs gripping my back.
Emma dives under the covers laying on her mothers side and I have to move, rolling on my back as we lay side by side all facing the celling.
Like 3 pees in a pod. We sit up n bed. Emma and her mother again exchanging trivial conversation. My fat hard cock is still solid as I pretend to be interested. As they chat I feel Hazel's hand slid over my thigh, reaching slowly for my penis. I release a small gasp as Hazel gently holds my cock as she talks to her daughter. She slowly starts to jerk my manhood as Emma blabs on about the school play. Hazels grip is near the top of my cock and her thumb slides overs the tip, using my already leaking precum to massage the bulging head.
“Why not show Uncle Greg you dance Emma sweety”, Hazel suggests, gripping me more tightly. “Oh mommy can I, can I?, Do you want to see it Uncle Greg?” she beams.
As Emma slips out the bed Hazel whispers to me, “maybe not to young for you after all, you dirty man” but as she tugs my erection I realise she is far more kinky than I could ever hope.
Emma stands at the bottom of the bed, her legs apart and arms lifted up. The bottom of her nightie maybe an inch away from revealing her beautiful little pussy. I groan as her mother jerks my cock and Emma starts her dance. It's poor, silly and tacky. But I love it. Her slim tanned skin looks perfect as she stumbles around the room. More than once I catch a glimpse of her nakedness.
Me and Hazel lay down further in the bed my fingers return to her hole. “She was never this wet last night” I think as I start to finger her cunt. “That's great”, I hear Hazel say. Wondering if she means me pinching her clit or Emma's pointless but sexy dance.
Emma finishes with the splits, her tender thighs apart. Staring at us for approval. I cheer but don't clap as I have 2 fingers in her mother..
“That was great baby”, Hazel says, her voice deep, as she grinds against my touch. “Yes, you looked so hot” I say, forgetting myself, but now beyond caring. Emma blushes and smiles at the same time. A beautiful look on any women but particularly on a sweet young girl.
She kneels on the bottom of the bed. “......Mommy.... are you and uncle Greg doing stuff, like with Uncle Garry?”
“Yes Emma darling, but this time you can watch”, Hazel replies, pulling the covers back. I feel my already solid cock leaks some more precum as I watch Emma stare at my hefty cock. “Does he have a nicer cock than uncle Garry, Emma?” Hazel asks. now sitting up and very slowly jerking my cock in front of her daughter.
“Mommy it's really big, so much bigger than Uncle Gary’s. you res going to make those funny noises again, aren’t you?
Smiling at her pretty daughter, Hazel moves onto her hands and knees. “Lets see baby”
Unable to resist the invitation I move behind, holding my cock as I openly stare at the beautiful young Emma. “Do you want to help me make your mommy make those noises Emma” I stare at her, 3 fingers inside Hazel as Emma scrambles over.
Moaning Hazel, tells her daughter, it's ok you can take your nightie off.
Emma holds the bottom of her flimsy nightie and reaches up and removes it. I am amazed at her beauty. I stare and admire her body. Small just beginning to bud young titties. Her body slim. My eyes transfixed by her gorgeous pussy. Delicate tight lips pink against her tan. I take her hand, admiring the black nail varnish and place it on my cock. Groaning as she starts to jerk me., Her small hand gripping the base of my cock. Hell I think she's done this before I think to myself. Oh mom it's so hard, Emma giggles. Hazel looks round at her daughter. "That's it sweety,just like I showed you before. use both hands baby, uncle Greg is a healthy man". Young Emma's little titties shake subtly as she concentrates on jerking me the way her mother taught her.
"Now Emma sweety", say Hazel and Emma directs my throbbing member to her mothers asshole. Delighted I push my cock into Hazel's ass for the second time. As I grip her hips I stare at young Emma. She watches us I fuck her mothers ass. Moaning I encourage, “Touch your pussy Emma”
Hazel groans with joy at my pervertedness as my massive cock rips her ass, and I stare at her daughter.
Not self conscious or shy Emma lustfully stares at our fucking, her hand between her legs, expertly rubbing her tiny clit. Hold her mothers back for support,
“She likes the cum”, Hazel squirms, as I fuck her ass powerfully.
Emma leans close staring at my cock as it renters her mothers ass. “Yes uncle Greg, do it on me”. Her fingers now frantically rubbing her little cunt.
Feeling my body tightening, I pull my cock out and direct it against this beautiful young girl. A massive load, spunks over young Emma..She gasps as the first load splashes against her little budding nipples. The second and third load soak her belly and little cunt. I can't stop cumming and direct my biggest load to her face as she leans in close. She gasps giggling as I soak her.
I continue to jerk out hot cum and let my last few spurts fill Hazel's ass as I slip it back in.
"Oh Mommy that was awesome, what a mess", I fall back on the bed spent and intoxicated by both mother and daughter.
Hazel and her daughter lay together kissing. Hazel tasting my heavy cum off her daughters mouth.
As I lay there admiring them, the door opens and Sarah stands covered by a bath-towel. “Oh mom....not again.”.

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3 years ago
Yes very nice, look forward to Sarah joining in with you and the 4 of you getting it on mmmmm
3 years ago
Nice first story! Looking forward to little Emma and Sarah getting their share.