The Fanncy **Dress** Party

I went to a Priests and Prostitutes party a short while ago in South Africa and loved getting dressed up as a prostitute, it was so much fun and It made me really horny.

I had to get a cab dressed up like this and we all met in a bar before hand. I was the first one to arrive at the bar which was already packed as it was a Friday night and the early (going home from work) crowd had not left. I sat quietly at a table and ordered a double Vodka and Tonic and was watching the door hoping that someone else from the party would come to assist me. I must have been sitting there for 10 minutes and had nearly finished my drink when I noticed that a lady had come and sat next to me, quite close, closer than you would expect a complete stranger to do. I turned around and there was this gorgeous female, young maybe about 24, long blond hair, blue eyes that you could swim in and showing off an ample pair of breasts. She was obviously not dressed up in Fancy Dress for the party but I asked if she was going to Helen's and was waiting for the rest of the people?

She said no and that she had been sitting with her girlfriends across the bar, had seen me sitting on my own and had come across to talk. I looked across and there where about 10 girls looking to see what was going on. Sam said to me rather than sit on my own why did I not come and join her and her friends and have a drink with them. 20 minutes had passed and no one else had arrived so I joined them so that I was not standing out in a crowd. I have to say I was really getting in to the part now and introduced my self as Sarah to all the girls and sat down in a way that girls do with there legs together. You can see I was wearing a short dress and beneath it I had a black G string and suspenders. Mmmm I am getting exited again just telling you about this.

The girls made space and I sat next to Sam. We had more drinks and talked and no one once asked why I was dressed up as a woman, I just joined in the girlie chat. Sam was sitting very close to me, her legs touching mine and I noticed that she was moving her leg against mine, stocking against stocking, only slightly but it was obvious from her body language what was happening!! One of the girls said that she lived around the corner and that we should get some bottles from the off license and go back to her place and continue the party.

She had a nice spacious flat, well decorated and you could tell that there was no man in her life, not one stamp of testosterone on the place. So we laughed, we chatted we drank some more and i noticed two of the other girls cuddling on the sofa. I was sat on another sofa when Sam came and sat down next to me, put her hand on my leg above my knee placed her finger on my lips to silence me and then started to kiss me. Her hand was moving up my leg and under my dress, by this time my knickers where wet and she was rubbing my cock which I had pushed between my legs. It was getting hard but was trapped and was not able to spring free. She kissed some more, I had never been in this situation before and was not sure what to do but one thing I did no was that I had gone to a party full of young lesbians and when I looked around they were all making out around the room, some dancing to the music.

Sam could see I was out of my depth and took my hand and placed it on her breast. Under normal circumstances I would know what to do but I was a transvestite at a lesbian party. So we played with each others bodies and then another girl came over and relieved Sam of her top which exposed a beautiful pair of breast whilst I sucked on one nipple the other girl squeezed, played with Sam's nipple between her finger and thumb and then took the erect nipple in her mouth. Sam was moaning softly as we played with her and her hand was continuing to rub me through my panties. These two suddenly stood up and I was lead to one of the bedrooms.

The girls continued to kiss and cuddle for a moment and then took off my dress to reveal matching bra, suspender belt holding up my stockings and a lacy black sheer G string. They climbed on the bed and told me to join them. We had an amazing time playing with toys, vibrators hand cuffs but not once was my cock used. It was then my turn to be tied up and using a pillow bolster under my stomach I was tied face down on to the bed so that my ass was sitting up.

The other girl smacked my ass and said that I was very naughty to try and break into their Lesbian group but that if I insisted then I would have to be initiated. There was laughter outside but I was now blindfolded and could not see what was going on. I felt someone get on the bed behind me and I could sense that the room now had more than two people in it. suddenly a gag was placed in my mouth and tightened, it hurt as it cut into the side of my mouth like a bit on a horse. I could feel my knickers being pulled to the side and a finger go inside my asshole. The wet finger was removed and I was in for the biggest shock of my life as a large strap-on started to be pushed into my ass. It felt like I was going to be ripped apart and the girls (all 10) took it in terns to **** me with this huge dildo. Thank god they used plenty of lube but I could not move or speak and my muffled cries could not be heard.

It seamed to go on for hours, but finally they stopped released the bondage and I heard the door shut. I removed the blindfold and sat up, my stockings in tatters my ass hurting like hell and alone. I found a gown and stumbled in to the lounge but no one was there, I checked the other bedrooms and again no one. I put my dress back on and called a cab and went home. The next day I called Helen who's fancy dress party it had been and she told me that it had been moved and was now the next Friday night. I did not tell her what had happened. I checked on the place where I had been ****d and the Apt was empty. The caretaker told me it was a show flat, that the show furniture had all been removed and it was now sold. I never did see those girls again, but it was one of the sexually liberating nights of my life. I hope you enjoyed my story. xoxox
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