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I met you on a dating website. We started chatting and I discovered you are married, but very unhappily, to what I think the biggest asshole I ever heard off is. I was looking for someone to have casual fun with, and you were just a very horny and desperate housewife.
We have been chatting for some time and we have been trying to meet somewhere for a discrete meeting where we could have some quick sex. Getting the opportunity seemed to be very difficult, as you had your f****y and you worked very long hours, I was also busy and was far away. As time went by we were chatting on our mobile phones and sent each other pictures and sound clips, we made each other so horny that we wanted fuck our brains out.
At long last, after weeks and months of chatting and flirting we finally have the opportunity to meet. It was the school holidays and we met at a hotel. It was just an hour, but an hour that would change our lives.
We met at the Road Lodge at 12:30, your lunch time, in the parking area. I already got the room key and was just waiting for you. When we met, we kissed shyly and quickly so that we could get to the room to do what we wanted to do for so long. We walked quickly to the room we did not want to waste any time. As soon as we got in the room and the door was closed, we almost attacked each other; we were so horny and eager to fuck each other. Because we had little time, we got undressed as quick as possible and as you finished getting undressed I was standing in front of you totally naked, my dick rock hard and dripping pre-cum from the excitement. I had a condom ready in my hand, but did not put it on yet. You took hold of my cock, stroked it a bit, and almost made me cum right there. I moved towards the bed, you holding my dick and following my movements, not releasing my dick. I lay down on the bed on my back, your hand firmly squeezing my dick as you position yourself to slide my dick into your mouth.
You started sucking my dick, not to make it hard, just so you can taste and feel my dick in your mouth. I am really enjoying the sensation. I stopped you, I was about to cum and it might spoil the fun. I let you lay on the bed on your back. I opened the condom packaging and rolled the condom over my dick. You lying there, smiling and legs wide open, I see your wet pussy glistening, such an inviting sight. I move up between your legs, and I kiss your inner thighs slowly moving closer to your pussy. As I reach your pussy I take some time to lick and kiss you all over. I slide my tongue up and down your slit, curling my tongue as I reach the bottom to press it into our pussy, and up again, to your clit and push my tongue down slightly to press on it a little. Then I move further up the bed and position my dick at your pussy. This is what we have been waiting for, as I move my dick closer and it presses against your pussy you move our hips to help my dick find the opening. My dick is at your pussy’s entrance, I slowly push my dick in. Your pussy is warm, and so slippery, as I push my dick all the way in, I can feel your warmth on my balls. I hold my dink there for a while, and then slowly start pulling out. I don’t pull out all the way, just about half way and then back in again. Letting your pussy juices cover my condom clad dick for lubrication. As I pushed my dick in all the way the second time I can feel the warm wet juices of your pussy on my balls at the base of my dick.
Now we are lubricated and ready. I start my thrusting movements, in and out, a little faster and harder. My pelvis is thumping against yours, the complete length of my dick penetrating your pussy with each stroke, my balls slamming against you ass cheeks. As I continue my thrusting, I look down at you, your whole body moving in rhythm with my thrusting, your tits bouncing around, your eyes closed, you are moaning from pleasure, the expression on your face is that of someone possessed by lust. I stop my thrusting and push in all the way again. I slowly start grinding my pelvis onto yours, in a slow round movements, I am pressing against your pelvis and stimulating your clit, my dick moving along inside your pussy, you feel the pressure on your clit and the slow sliding movements of my dick inside you. This is pushing your body over the top, you are building up to your orgasm. Your pull me tighter to you, your legs pressing my ass to try and push my dick deeper into you. All your muscles are tightening up, and you are pulling me closer to you with all your strength. I can feel your pussy gripping my dick. Your back arches, as you reach your orgasm, the pressure on my dick from your pussy causes my own orgasm. Your hips pushing hard into mine, as wave after wave of your orgasm pulses through your body. My dick is shooting jet after jet of cum into the condom. You can feel my cum filling the condom, the sensation of extra warmth inside you.
Our orgasm spent, we just lie like that for a while. I slowly pull my dick with the cum filled condom on from your pussy. I roll over and lie next to you. I place my one hand on your pussy, with my finger over the opening and sliding just the tip of my middle finger up and down the slit. I am enjoying the wetness of your pussy.
As my dick is getting softer, I remove my hand from your pussy and get up and remove the condom from my dick. You sit up and watch me, when the condom is completely of, my dick shines from the cum still covering it. You move closer, grab my ass and slide my dick into your mouth. You suck the cum from my dick, cleaning my dick. After a few moments of sucking you will let my dick out, look at it, then as if not satisfied that it is clean enough, suck my dick some more.
When you finally were happy that my dick is clean, you ley back on the bed and I go to the bathroom to dispose of the used condom, and return to the bed myself.
I lay down next to you, you roll over onto your side, your one leg over mine and I can feel your wet pussy on my leg. Your juices are dripping onto me. You start playing with my dick and my balls, rubbing it, kissing it, licking it. Then you sit up on my leg. You pussy pressed against my leg, your wet pussy feels so good pressed against my leg. Then you bend forwards, kiss my chest and up to my lips, whisper to me that you enjoyed that so much, you lick your lips, your eyes still filled with lust. Then you et of the bed and start getting dressed. Playtime is over for now.
I do the same; I get up and get dressed.
As we finish, we hug once again and kiss again, you grab me crotch, squeezing my dick and balls, while I squeeze your ass.
We leave the room and hotel and make our way back to our cars to go back to work.

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