A letter from me to my girl

I start to undress your
with my tounge and my teeth. Start out by kissing your
lips and slowly start nibbling on your ear as I lick
and suck my way down your neck and between your
breasts. Slowly I reach under your shirt and over your
bra, treasing your breasts with myfingers as I unbutton
your shirt.

I slowly remove your bra and start licking my way
around your large firm breasts to your hard pert
nipples, lickuing and sucking on them my hand continues
down your body towards your dripping wet pussy.

Slowly I beging to remove your pants as my tounge works
its way down your stomach and towards your panties

I blow hot air through your panties directly on your
clit while I slowly carase your ass

I pull you panties down and begin to suck and nibble
your clit whileI finger you deep and hard

I suck and lick and finger fuck you wildly.

slowly I spin around letting you take my cock in your
mouth letting you suck my down wile you continue to
orgasim to the rithmic vibrations of my tounge against
your hot, swollen, dripping wett and sensitive clit

You roll me over pushing your pussy deep into my face
allowing me to use my tounge to lick your sweet jucies
from deep inside your pussy

You turn around and lick your sweet jucies off my face
as you slowly lower your throbing pussy down on my
massive cock
I pull you in deeply as you wrap your legs around my

You moan as you feel my cock bottoming out deep inside

Slowly at first you begin to rock back and forth onmy
giant cock as you slowly get use to its massive size so
deep inside you, so deep you have never felt it there

fast and fast you begin to rock as I begin to bounce
you in my lap forcing you ever so much deeper

You pull my face in to you chest clutching me close as
I suck and nibble on your nipples

Your cumming, over and over again

your free hand fingering your clit as I fill you up
with my hot sticky cum

you finally collapse fropm exhaustion

you pull my close and slowly suck my still swollen cock
40% (3/5)
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3 years ago
nice, baby! gotta do the beginning of this sometime. ;-)
4 years ago
not bad ;o)
4 years ago
Glad everyone likes it. No ladies have an opinion?
4 years ago
have a lady friend who would enjoy recieving something like this in her email , will try my hand at it ,
4 years ago
nice letter