Unexpected, Strange But True

First let me start by telling you all that all the stories I post here are true. I lead an exceptional and strange sex life and it gets me off knowing that you read and enjoy them. This one is no different. Let me tell you that names in this one don't matter, just the actions. This past Saturday night (September 3rd) I was at a club in Manhattan. Once in a while I like to go to a rave club because I know so many people there and though I am 54 the people who are MUCH younger than me like hanging with me. I don't know if it is being a retired firefighter and all the stories I have or just my Harley Hog. Anyway, I was in the club for about 2 hours when I saw these 2 punk girls walk in alone. I went up to introduce myself but they said they have heard of me and have always wanted to meet me. I could not understand why but ok. I bought them what seemed to be about 5 round of drinks when i saw thet were getting a bit waisted. I knew I had my bike with me but I wanted to take them home where i knwe they would be safe (yeah right). I put my bike in an ovedrnight garage and got into a taxi and took them home. We got to their house and went inside. The girls lit some candles and toled me to take a seat. I sat down and then they explained to me that they were not into men and that they were married to each other. They wanted to have sex with each other and they wanted me to watch. Well, who the hell was i to argue. They both slowly stripped out of their jeans and tank tops to show that they were wearing a body stocking. Each girl ripped the stocking from each other's body and pulled their panties off. They embraced and fell to the floor and began to eat each other's pussies. Both girls were totally shaved. I pulled my cock out of my pants and began to stroke it but for some reason I did not want to cum. All I wanted to do is watch these women who I found so sensual making love each other. I carressed the head of my cock, cupped my balls and all of a sudden one of the girls let out a loud moan and said that she was cumming. Shortly after that the other one came. When they both finished they both came over to me and took their turns sucking me off. My load built up that I shot so much that they switched back and forth gobbling my load that I was shooting. After that they asked me if I wanted to spend the night which I did. I couldn't fuck them but I sure did finger each of their pussies and assholes and made them cum. The also took turns blowing me a few more times during the nighh. I think it is about time I intoduced them to my Shemale friend!!
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