Tranny and Me Meet The MILF

This past Friday morning my phone rang. It was Chandra my tranny friend who I met and fucked some weeks ago. She told me that she had nothing to do this weekend and that her roommate was out of town and she was alone. I told her that if she wanted to get out of the city that she could spend the weekend at my place. She said that was a great idea and that she would be over in a few hours. When Chandra got to my place she was horney as hell. She dropped her overnight bag, dropped to her knees and opened my pants. She pulled out my cock and began to suck it really good. She was licking my balls, licking up and down the shaft and sucking on the head like it was a lolly pop. She stuck one of her fingers in my asshole while she was sucking. I began to moan from the pleasure and she inserted a second finger. That was all I gould bare. I grabbed her by the back of her head and shoved my cock all the way down her throat until she gagged and shot my load. She swallowed every drop like a real pro. She wiped the excess cum that was on her face and told me that this was going to be a great weekend. She knew that it would be full of sex but neither of us knew what was about to follow.

That evening we went out for dinner. While we were eating I had an idea. I took my cell phone out of my pocket and called Susan the wife of the couple and daughter that I played with a few months ago. She was happy to hear from me and told me that she was going to be alone the next day and night because her husband had to work until very late and that her daughter was away for the weekend. Susan then said that if I would like to come over for a barebeque and to use her pool I should be there at 2 pm. I told her that I would love to and also told her that I was bringing a surprise for her. The next day at 1 pm I called a cab and Chandra and myself went over to Susan's. We walked up to the front door and Chandra rang the bell. I heard Susan call us to come to the back. We both walked around the house to the back gate and opened it. When we walked in we were greeted by Susan totally naked. She was lying on the pool deck with her legs partly spread but just enough to see her pussy. She told us to strip down and that no bathing suits would be needed. I got undressed and walked over to Susan and kissed her hello. Chandra didn't undress yet and I told her not to be afraid that Susan was cool. I then told Susan that Chandra was her surprise. Susan thought that Chandra was just another female that I brought along for some fun. Chandra began to undress taking off her shirt and exposing her lovely tits to the sun. She opened her shorts and took them of and stood there in her panties. I told Susan to watch and then told Chandra to take off her panties. She pulled them down and her small cock popped out. I saw the lookk on Susan's face. She yelled out "holy shit" and began to rub her pussy. Chandra finished taking off her panties and walked over to Susan and me. She bent over and kissed Susan hello. Susan got so hot that she immediately went for Chandra's cock. Susan began to suck Chandra's cock, getting even more excited. Cjhandra wad on all fours over Susan's head with her ass up in the air. I grabbed some baby oil that was on the deck and lubed my cock. I walked over to Chandra and shoved my cock all the way up her beautiful tranny ass. Susan saw what i was doing and immediately came and squirted all over the pool deck. While Susan was sucking Chandra's cock really good I was pounding Chandra's ass. I kept on going when all of a sudden Chandra yelled out that she was going to cum. She shot her load into Susan's mouth. When I saw this my bsls tightened up and I shot a huge load into Chandra's tight ass. I pulled my cock out and put into Susan's mouth to clean me off of my cum and Chandra's ass juices. I then told Susan to watch. I went back over to Chandra and began to suck her cock. When I got it hard I turned around and Chandra stuck her cock into my ass. The sight of Chandra fucking me was too much for Susan to bare. She rubbed her clit really fast and hard and came and squirted all over the deck again. Chandra waw this and said that she was about to cum. She gave one final push and shoved her cock deep into my ass and shot her load. Chandra filled my ass with cum. It started to leak out and I rolled over to Susan and squatted over her face. Susan pulled me down and stuck her tongue in my as and ate all of Chandra's cum. My cock still hard, I rolled over and pulled Susan on top of me. I shoved my cock into her wet pussy. As I was fucking her Chandra came over and stuck her cock into Susan's ass. Both Chandra and I fucked Susan so hard that we both came together. Chandra in Susan's ass and me in her pussy. We both pulled out and laid down to rest. Susan got up, walked over to both of us and cleande both Chandra's cock and mine off of all the cum. The three of us fucked, sucked, ate and swam until late into the night. Chandra gave Susan her telephone number and told her to call. I expect that this is the beginning of a new threesome and I couldn't wait for Susan's husband and daughter to meet Chandra. I will keep you all posted..
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2 years ago
damn man didnt even touch my cock and still had pre-cum oozing out
3 years ago
3 years ago
Can i cumover too that was so good i jacked off when you started fucking and sucking and i came twiice thanks
3 years ago
damn i would of loved to be w/ u 3 ! xo great story!!