As I told you in my last story, I met a shemale who wound up spending the night at my place. I told you that we arranged to spend the weekend together with her roommate and that is exactly what we all did.

I arrived at Chandra's apartment about 2pm. She greeted me at the door wearing a pair of short gym shorts and a tube top. She kissed me and let me in. My cock grew hard immediately and all I did was walked into the apartment. Chandra led me into the livingroom whenre her roommate Jizelle was sitting. I was introduced and Jizelle told her that I was cute and now understood why she didn't come home that night she was with me. Let me take this time to describe Jizelle. She is about 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighs about 120 pounds with long black hair, green eyes and a deep dark chocolate body. Also, from what I can see so far sh had a great set of tits. I leaned over and kissed Jizelle and sat down next to her on the couch. Chandra sat down right next to me. Not even sitting 5 minutes both girls were already starting to rub my cock through me jeans. Jizelle said to me that this weekend was going to be nothing but fucking, sucking and resting. I wasn't about to doubt her since the girls were already working on my cock through my ppants. Jizelle began to open my jeans and pulled out my cock. she started to stroke it and then licking it from my balls up to the head and then down the other side. Chandra got up and moved over to Jizelle, lifter her skirt, pulled off her panties ans started to suck her cock while Jizelle was sucking mine. As Chandra was sucking Jizelle's cock she was jerking her own off. This went on for about a half hour when Jizelle suggested we go into the bedroom. This bedroomm was hugh with a hugh skylight on the ceiling. I undressed myself and laid down on the bed. My cock was rock hard as I watched Chandra starting to undress Jizelle. I knew that Chandra had a great pair of tits, a real cute ass and a stubby cock that looked like a large clit instead of a cock. As she was undressing Jizelle I saw that she had a big pair of tits and a real round ass. After Chandra took off Jizelle's panties and she turned to me I saw the most beautifle large black cock that made me drool. I knew I would be sucking on that, jerking it off and I nearly blew a load right there. Jizelle got on the bed and immediately started sucking my cock and licking my balls. Chandra went for Jizelle's cock like she hasn't eaten in a week and I went for Chandra's cock. Basically we had a circle suck. For a black girl with such a big cock she couldn't hold out too long and after about 3 minutes shot a hot load of cum right downChandra's throat. Chandra gabbled every drop and cleaned Jizelle's cock clean of all of her cum. Jizelle cuming down Chandra's throat so hard turned Chandra on so much that she pulled out of my mouth and shot her load all over my face. At the same time I shot my load over Jizelle's face who then put my cock back into her mouth and sucked every last drop of cum out of my balls that they shriveled. Chandra came over to me and licked my face totally clean of the cum.. I then put on a rubber and raised Jizelle's ass up in the air and began to fuck her. After about 5 minutes I couldn't take it any longer and ripped the rubber off my cock. I put my cock back into Jizelle's ass and when I was ready to cum I pulled out and shoved my cock into Chandra's mouth where I exploded so hard that my cum poured out of the side of her mouth. We kept fucking and sucking each other for another 3 hours when it was dinner time. They both told me that they know this great Chinese place that delivers and it always comes with a "special." I was thinking. "ok, some special desert." The doorbell rang and Jizelle put on a robe and answered the door. I heard the bag rattle and the door shut but it was taking Jizelle a long time to come back to Chandra and me. After 5 minutes Jizelle walked back in with no robe on and standing next to her was this real pretty Chinese girl who delivered the food. The girl took a look at all fo the cocks and ass showing that she immediately stripped and jumped into bed to join us. I went right for the Chinese girl's pussy. I ate it like I have never eaten a pussy before. she was moaning and her clit got rock hard. She began to tremble and without notice came and squirted right into my face. Chandra pulled me away and bagan to lick this girl's juices off of my face while Jizelle began to fuck the delivery girl. Chandra told me that this happens all the time since this girl loves shemales and perfers to be fucked by Jizelle and Chandra than to get a tip. Jizelle shot a load into this girls pussy and without missing a beat Chandra took right over. After a while Chandra rolled the girl over onto her stomach and began to fuck her in the ass. In tghe mean time I was sucking Jizelle's cock clean of all of the oriental pussy juice that was on it. Then Jizelle wanted more and we got into the 69 position and sucked other off again. This went on until 2am when the 4 of us fell asl**p.

Saturday morning I wanted to take a shower and so did the girls. The 4 of us got into the tub and began to scrub each other. Jizelle told me to bend over so she could clean my ass. I bent over and felt this cold object touvh my asshoul. Before I could object Jizelle started to stretch my asshole opened. It turned out that she was using a specula. She opened my ass really wide and started to shove her tongue deep into my asshole. They all knew that no cock would ever go up my ass but I never said anything about tongues. I got to remember that for the next time. After we were all clean and each got 3 blowjobs we went back into the bedroom. I was walking like I just went horseback riding and couldn't close my lege. Well, the fuck marathon ran until dinner. By dinner time we had to change the sheets 3 times. All the cum on them made it impossible to have anymore sex because we began to stick to the cum. After puting on fresh sheets I laid on the bed and for the next 3 hours Chandra and Jizelle put on this fantastic sexy horny show for me and they told me that I was in for a surprise. Three hours went by and all of a sudden both girls stopped fucking and sucking each other and came over to me and dumped thair hot loads of cum on my face and cock. Chandra then licked all the cum from my face while Jizelle sucked her own cum off of my cock until my body was totally clean. Then the two girls wanted me to stand on the bed. They told me to start jerking off. Not that looking at these two were enough to make me cum they put on some porn on the TV. When I was ready to cum Chandra got up grabbed my cock and pinched it. She pulled me over to Jizelle and put it in the houth and let go. I started to shoot my load in Jizelle's mouth whenChandra pinched it again. Chandra then took my cock into her own mouth and dumped the rest of the load into her. I got a 20 minute rest when Jizelle mounted my cock and rode it until I came up her ass. After that Chandra did the same. While Chandra was riding me I was jerking her cock off and when she was ready to cum I pulled Jizelle by thre hair and had her put Chandra's cock into her mouth where she came. Sunday was the same with an all day and night fucking and sucking session. Soon Li, the delivery girl came back and jouned us. We all did most of the same excpet this time i had Jizelle and Chandra hold down Soon Li so she couldn't move and I dry bakeback fucked this tight little oriental girl in her ass. I filled her ass with so much cum that when she was allowed to move you could hear her ass cheeks squish as she moved. I left at about 2pm on Monday, after 3 blowjobs anddumping a load in each of my shemale's asses ans a load down Soon Li. Soon Li offered to drive me back to Willow Grove which I accepted her invitation. When we got to my place she asked if she could come up. When we got to my apartment she dropped to her knees, opened my pants and started to suck my cock. She wound up staying 3 hours just fucking and sucking me. She left my place giving me her number and telling me that she is not busy next weekend. Guess I am going to have a house guest111!
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Good story
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hot story
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great one.
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You should have enjoyed the feeling of a cock up your ass!
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hot story, which this would happen to me like that
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soooooo fuckin hott!
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good one
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love this story