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It was Saturday night June 4th and I was sitting home bored as hell. For the past two Saturdays I got laid more that a thousnad dollar whore and today, a total dry spell. At about 6pm I thought to myself, why not go up to New York City to a swing Club I haven't been to in about two years. I called Roxi,the girl I did the porn movie with and asked her if she would like to go. She said she would and that she would pick me up at 9pm. Roxi got to me exactly at 9. We started to head to New York, having a great conversation on the way. We even smoked 3 joints on the way. Well by the time I got to the club I was stoned and horney. Roxi really looked hot. Those of you who live in or around New York know this club. Without divulging the exact name or location all I can say is that is off Broadway down near City Hall. We arrived at 11pm and things were already hopping. IRoxi and I walked in and immediately of few of the guests came over to me. They were friends of mine who I met at this club previously. Once they saw Roxi, their attention was away from me and totally directed to her. Right in the front of the room by the door they all started undressing Roxi. Roxi wore a tight fitting bra that barely held her 38DD breasts. She also wore a thong that left nothing to the imagination. One of the firls in the group dropped to her knees and started to eat out Roxi. One of the guys bent her over and started to have Roxi suck his cock while another guy slid his cock in to Roxi's pussy. I couldnt believe this, right by the front door this was all happening. Well, seeing that I lost Roxi for the night, I began to paruse this sexual supermarket in the hopes of finding someone. After about 20 minutes, this asian girl who could be no more that 21 came up to me. Her english was terrible but what a fucking body she had. The only way I could describe it was as if someone took a mold of a woman and filled it with creamy butter. She was so young and innocent that I couldn't figure her as a swinger. Oh well! To test her, I pulled my cock out of my jeans and she immedialtey began to suck it. She had such a talent for giving head that i shot my load down her throat in 5 minutes. I I thanked her but then she told me it was her turn. She pulled off her skirt, turned aeound and lifted her ass in the air. She told me that she wanted to fuck her which I did. I fucked her for a while, came and then left her. She seemed pissed but to tell you the truth, that night I wanted a black or Latina womanOne good things about these clubs. They all have a rule that single males cannot come in but single women can so the ratio is about 3-1 in favor of the women. I kept walking around through a sea of bodies that were fucking and sucking. I looked over to my left and saw this black chic sitting by the bar. I walked over and introduced myself. As she was telling me her name she started to stroke my cock. A minute later 2 of her friends came over and joined us. From the actions of these 3 you could tell they were experienced swingers. The four of us walked over to thid makeshift bed and laid down on it. At these places I make it a practice not to give out personal information like my name. Anyway, we all started touching each other. One of the girls who had these big red lips moved down and started to suck my cock. The second s****r began to rub het clocolate soaking pussy all over my face and the third joined the first and they both took turns sucking my cock. I pushed all 3 off of me and took the one who was making me eat her, threw her on the bed, picked her legs high in the air and shoved my cock deep in her ass without lubing it. I fucked her ass dry. She screamed but one of the girls sat on her face to shut her up. There was a trio next to us, one of the women had to be between 60 and 70. She came over to us to watch what was going on. As she was watching she began to finger her prune looking pussy and licking her fingers. I watched her and fucked th other girls ass when one of her other black friends pulled her away and took her place. She sucked me cock to get it wet then slid it deep into her saa. Granny kept watching and couldn't stop rubbing her pussy. She moved her had faster and faster over the elderly pussy. I fucked this girl for another ten minutes then when I was about to cum I grabbed granny, f***ed her to her knees, took my cock out of my ebony godiss's ass and blew my load all over granny's face. Granny loved it. In fact she loved it so much that I would up spending the rest of the night with her group fucking and sucking her and all her female and male friends and was covered in cum. When the party was over, we all showered and decided to go to an after hours club for a nightcap. This went from a boring Saturday night to one of great fun!!!
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3 years ago
very good hope you found roxie again