My First Real Porn Movie

A week ago while being at the Xhamster site, I saw an advertisement about doing porn movies. I clicked on it and filled out the application. In 5 minutes someone called me to get some more information. They gave me an access code, did a profile for me and gave me some contacts in my area. I emailed the contacts never expecting to hear from anyone. On Tuesday, May 31st I received a call from someone who told me they got my information and if I was really serious about doing a porn movie. I told them I was, stiull thinking they weren't serious. They gave me a location to be at today (Thursday June 2nd). I got to the location at 10am. There waiting was 3 men and a woman. I introduced myself and they did as well. They turned out to be the Producer, The Director and her assistant. They took me inside what I was told was the "set." When I walked in I saw 8 women and 3 other men. Everyone was already undressed down to their underwear. I was told to get undressed also down to my boxers. I was told that this was going to be what is called a continuous scene which means that we start in our underwear and not street clothes. I did what I was instructed and stripped to my boxers. A young woman, about 21 to 24 years old came around and asked everyone if they wanted anythinbg to drink. I had a double scotch. It now just hit me that I actually was going to do my first porn movie. I have been taped before at swing parties and with couples but never got paid for it! We all finished our drinks and went onto the actual set. At one end of the room was a living room set up and the other end a bedroom set up. I was directed to go to the couch. I sat down and met the other guy I was working with, Steve. Also there were 4 women with us, Heidi, Susan, Roxie and Sara. The Director asked each of us what our limits were sexually. When he came to me he asked me if I would be willing to be bi in this movie. I told him I had no problem. I forgot to mention that the film staff asked all of us to produce proof that we all were HIV and STD free. I thought there was going to be a script but the Director told us just to be our sexual selves. The video began to roll and the 6 of us were just talking. All of a sudden, Roxie came over and sat down next to me. We all continued to talk when Roxie began to rub my cock from the outside of my boxers. She leaned over and kissed me, continuing to rub my cock. She rolled up the leg of my boxers and slipped my cock out from them. Roxie bent down and began to lick the shaft and head of my cock. Sara and Susan were working on Steve's cock, taking turns sucking it. Heidi was watching this and fingering her pussy, slipping her hand inside her panties. Roxie was really working on sucking my cock that I was rock hard. I stood up and Roxie pilled off my boxers, started to suck my cock again and started to finger my asshole. Since Susan and Sara were working on Steve, Heidi came over and joined Roxie sucking my cock.I looked over and saw that the other 2 girls stopped sucking Steve's cock and he was now eating Sara while Susan was licking his ass. Roxie stopped sucking me and sat on the couch. Heidi also stopped and went over to Roxie and started eating her pussy. As Heidi was eating Roxie, I slid my cock into Heidi's dripping wet pussy and started to fuck her. After about 5 minutes Heide turned around and told me to start to fuck her in her ass. I took my cock out of Heide's pussy and it was totally dripping with her juices. I slid it inbto her tight asshole and she really began to moan. Roxie crawled off the couch and crawled between Heidi' legs. She started licking Heidi's pussy and also my cock as it slid in and out of Roxie's ass. Meanwhile, Sara and Susan were taking turns riding Steve's cock. This went on for about 10 minutes when I looked over at Steve. He was giving me this strange look but i know what he wanted. I pulled my cock mout of Heidi's ass and walked over to Steve. Sara and Susan got off Steve's cock and I just stared at it. It was dripping with the juices of the girl's pussy juices. I got on my knees and took hold of Steve's soaking dick. I started to jerk it off, then put it in my mouth. The taste of Sara and Susan's pussy juice drove me crazy. I sucked Steve's cock deep down my throat and started to milk his balls. Steve loved me sucking his cock. Roxie and Sara came over and took his cock from my mouth. They began to take turns sucking it then shared it with me. Heidi and Susan began to start eating each other and wound up in a 69 position. At my turn of sucking his cock, Steve gave out a loud moan and shot his massive hot load of cum over my face and the 2 girls. The 2 girls then licked the cum off of my face and swapped it between themselves. I laid Sara down on the floor and picked her legs up and began to fuck her. Heidi sat on Sara's face having Sara eat her wet pussy while I fucked her. After a short while I was about to blow my own load. I pulled my cock out of Sara and walked over to Steve. I stood n front of his fact and began to jerk myself off. I shot a huge load all over Steve's face and chest. All 4 girls came over and started to lick my cum off of Steve. After that we all went back taking turns fucking each other. This went on for about another hour to an hour and a half. The final scene was that we all laid on the floor and all masturbated in front of each other. Steve came over and took my cock. He started jerking me off and I took hold of Steve and started jerking him off. The girls were fingering each other and rubbing each other's clits. All the girls came then it was time for Steve and me. We both stood over the girls and started to shoot our loads all over the girls, giving them a cum shower. The girls took turns cleaning my cock off but I leand over and sucked Steve's cock clean. When we finished and got dressed the Producer came over and handed each of us an envelope. I opened it and there was a check in the amount of $3,000. I couldn't believe i made this amount of money for 2 hours of work doing what I love to do. Fuck. The Director asked me if I was willing to do more movies and I said yes. He said he would definately call me. Roxie got so turned on that she wound up coming home with me and she is still here sucking my cock while I type this story!!!
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hot damn you are a lucky sob great