A fantastic Meeting

I met a couple online a few weeks ago at another site. After emailng everyday back and forth, finally they decided to meet me last night. I got to their house about 8pm and we sat around and talked for a while. After me being there about 1/2 hour, their daughter (Cindy)came home. She was 19 years old with long brown hair. Rob and Sandra (her parents) introduced me to her she said hi and went to her room. We all continued to talk when Sandra got up from where she was sitting and came over to me on the couch. Rob and I were discussing sports when Sandra began to rub my cock through my jeans. Rob made it like he didn't see what she was doing but i knew he was watching. Sandra then unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard cock and began to suck it. She sucks cock fantastic and really sloppy. Now I knew Rob saw this because he was rubbing himself through his pants. After about 5 minutes Rob couldn't take anymore and suggested we go to their bedroom. As soon as I entered the bedroom Sandra dropped to he knees, pulled down my pants and really got into blowing me. She was milking my balls while sucking my cock. Rob got undressed and came over to Sandra.As she was blowing me Rob undressed Sandra and started to pinch her nipples on her small tits. Sandra stopped sucking me and puloled me by my cock to the bed I laid down and they both joined me. Sandra continued sucking me when I felt Robs hand rubbing my balls. Hw then slid down next to Sandra and took my cock from her and began to suck it also. They both took turns sucking me and I blew a load on both of their faces. Sandra was so horny by then that she sat on my face and made me eat her pussy. As I was eating her she started sucking Rob's cock. Sandra began to moan loudly and as I was eating her I glanced over to the door and saw their daughter Cindy watching us and pubbing her pussy. She saw that I noticed and became embarrassed. Rob turned around and told her to come in. Cindy came into the room and sat in a chair and began fingering her pussy watching me eat out her mother and her father getting sucked off. Sandra stopped sucking Rob and told Cindy to join us. When I heard that my cock jumped to attention knowing that I would be having this teen girl sucking my cock and me fucking her right in front of her parents. Well was I surprised when Cindy, totally naked walked over to the bed and took her dad's cock out of her mothers mouth. Cindy started sucking off her dad and Sandra went right for Cindy's pussy and began to eat her out. I got behind Sandra and put my cock in her dripping pussy as she was eating her daughter. This went on for a while until Rob shot a load of cum down his daughter's throat. Rob then came over to where I was fucking his wife and began to lick the shaft of my cock as it was sliding in and out of his wife's pussy. Cindy being so turned on by what she was seeing laid back and really started rubbing her clit. She told me to pay attention to her dad so I grabbed Rob's cock and began to stroke it. It really felt good in my hands. After vgetting him hard again he grabbed his daughter and began to fuck the shit out of her. I saw this and immediately shot my load right into Sandra's pussy. I pulled my cock out of Sandra and made Cindy suck off all of her mother's pussy juice from my cock. At that point the phone rang and Sandra answered it. I didn't know who who she was talking to but I heard her tell that person to come over to see something interesting. We continued our fuck session when the doorbell rang about 15 minutes later. Sandra got up from the bed to answer it. She returned to the bedroom where she saw Cindy riding my cock and sucking off Rob again. I looked up and saw this woman, one of Sandra's friends watching all that was going on. Sandra got back into bed and went right for my cock like she never stopped. She then told her friend whose name was Anne to join us. Anne got undressed and went directly to eating Cindy's pussy. Rob then grabbed my cock and shoived it down his throat and started to eat out Anne while Sandra sucked his cock. I got so worked up that I wasted a totally good of cum down Rob's throat instead of letting one of the girls getting it. I excused myself because be now I had to take a piss really badly and went to the bathroom. I closed the door behind me and lifted the toilet seat. At taht point the bathroom door opened and Anne walked in. Before I could start to pee she grabbed my cock and squeezed it so I couldnt pee. She said to me why waste a good piss in the toilet and then stepped into the shower right next to the toilet and released the pressure she was putting on my cock and I began to piss all over her. As I was peeing on her Anne took my cock in her mouth and had me pee in her mouth. The piss dripped out of her mouth all over her. Rob didn't realize I was in the bathroom and also came in to pee. When he saw what I was doing to Anne he directed his cock at Anne and also began to pee on her. fter we both finished peeing Anne sucked both of our cocks clean and we went back to the bedroom where Sandra was eating Cindy's teen pussy. I couldn't take it anymore and wanted that teen body. I moved over to Cindy who was dripping wet and started sucking her clit while Sandra got my cockk wet and prepared for Cindy. I turned Cindy around and instead of fucking that teen pussy I went right for her ass. She took my cock like a real pro and as I was fucking Cindy's ass Anne was licking my balls. When I was about to cum I pulled my cock out of Cindy's ass and put it into Anne's mouth.I shot a load down Anne's throat and saw some of my cum drip out of the corner of her mouth. We all continued to play for another few hours. The evening concluded with Sandra, Cindy and Anne going into the shower stall and Rob and I jerking off untilo we shot our loads over all 3 girls. All 3 cleaned our cocks I got dressed and prepared to leave. Just before I walked out the door Sandra told me that she was having 2 of her girlfriends over this Saturday night and that one of Cindy's friends were sl**ping over. She also said that Rob had to work that night and that if I would like I could come over to join the girls. I told her I would definately be there. As I was going home all I could think about was that on Saturday night I would be fucking 3 MILF's and 2 teen girls all to myself. By the time I got home I was so hard and horny that I undressed got on my bed totally naked, turned on my laptop and went to the xhamster site. I pulled up the first f****y video I could find and jerked off to it. I would up shooting 3 more loads before falling asl**p. I cannot wait until Saturday and be assured that the results of my get together with the girls will be printed right here as soon as I regain my strength after fucking the shit out of 6 girls for several hours. Until then,pyou all take care!
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3 years ago
That was so hot that i can't stop jacking off i'm spore already thqnks
3 years ago
thats a very hot story and say keep fucking them and enjoy it my friend.
3 years ago
wow, how lucky are you part two should be fantastic
3 years ago
mmmm very nice
3 years ago
3 years ago
You lucky guy.
3 years ago
WOW! That was a very good story. Hope you share more.
3 years ago
GREAT! please write more!