I'm late again

The day wasn't meant to turn out like it had and rather than being in town on a sunny afternoon with my wife Linda I was still waiting for Friday morning delivery which was promised over two hours previously. Now Linda wasn't mad at me really but she has to take it outon someone. She is just glad that she has my card and can put a drink and some clothes on it before I can meet her.

When I do meet up with Linda we are in one of the seediest bars I can remember. The good new is that she is happy with a dring in her hand when I do arrive. I get the barman to give me a beer and Linda says that she really wants to show me what she has bought. She reaches for a bag and instead of opening it and showing me Linda retires to the restroom for a few minutes before reappearing in her new gear.

It looks like a tight and short black dress from a distance but as Linda approaches I can now see clearer and as she totters over in her 8 inch heels the dress is really an ill fitting barely opaque night dress. As she walks past me and the light changes I can now see through the material completely, it mow being obvious that Linda is not wearng anything underneath as the silhoutte of her body clearly shows.

Linda now leans over with her hands on the table, her breasts only barely contained by the tighness of the material, saying, If you hadn't been so late you could have helped me buy some more clothes and maybe I wouldn't have ended up in a cheap bar. I tell Linda she looks insanely hot. She tells me that all the guys in the bar thought so earlier as well. She is whispering to me. I bet it makes you hard to know they are all looking at me right now. One of the men comes over and tells me that Linda is such a fine looking woman. Linda Leans closer and whispers in my ear again, I had to suck his cock earlier just to stop them all groping me. Her hand slides down to my crotch and immediately finds my throbbing hard cock. Linda contiunes, I'm so wet knowing they want to touch me again. The guy next to us, puts a hand on Lindas thigh, his balck tones contrast against her skin as his hand slides up to expose Lindas ass to the room.

Look at that fine ass boys he says. I think she needs some more cock in there. In the bar mirror I can see that Linda is sliding three fingers into her pussy. A hung black man now slides the tip of his cock over her exposed knuckles, Linda removing her fingers for them to be replaced by his thick cock. The table now moves closer to me as I am trapped in the corner. Linda is now fingering her ass as she is being fucked in her pussy. She is looking directly at me before a cock is shoved into her mouth. I look into the bar mirror again as the man who was fucking her pussy is replaced by another stallion, He's a talker and says you want my fat cock in your ass don't you bitch. Linda says fuck it. As his cock is welcomed by Lindas puckered hole, she moans loudly as he adds I told you it would be easier the next time didn't I bitch. Linda looked at me again, panting, they all fucked me this afternoon, she grabbed my head and f***ed it into her now exposed breasts, smell their cum which they gave me. I can smell their odour from her heaving breasts as her grip is interrupted as Linda is turned over onto her back, a load of cum now splashes over her naked writhing body. Just fuck her ass, she fucking loves it a voice says as I look there is already another man pumping at Lindas ass. One manwho has been guarding the closed door to the bar now lets in two more men.

Almost in unison they say, you weren't k**ding that is one balck dick loving bitch right there. One of them presents his huge flacid memeber to Lindas mouth for her to try and suck on it. Linda suck on his balls and licks around the head, it takes a while but his huge cock starts to thicken and straigten. It is just in time as their is another load of cum being deposited on Lindas chest as she rubs it into her breasts and tastes some from her nipples and fingers. Linda now guides that huge dick to her ass and takes the first 8 inches easily with her well broken in ass. It is the last coupe of inches which really send her over the edge, masturbating her exposed pussy as he fucks her ass Linda is orgasming intensely. I have never seen her like this before, Linda is now the vocal one, Oh yes, fuck my ass, I need your big cocks in my ass, that is it yes, fuck me. Lindas nipples are fully erect with her breasts looking fuller and much rounder than usual.

Lindas enthusiasm finally takes its toll on himas this huge rod now unloads an equally big load over her belly and breasts. Linda is still playing with her pussy and now has four fingers buried deep. The last guy now fingers Lindas ass as she continues to tend her wet pussy. I need that cock she tells him. You just love the black cock don't you he asks. Linda replies yes, I love fucking all your big black cocks. Fill up that pussy he tells her. Linda is now turned more towards me as I can see her with four fingers deep inside her pussy. Fill up your white trash pussy for me and I'll give you the black cock you want he says.

For the first time I pipe up now saying I bet that you would let him fist you it meant getting his cock in your ass as well. Linda slipped her entire fist inside her pussy then, saying that would be so fucking good. Linda is orgasming again as she asks are you going to give me what I want? He just moves into position and f***es he long cock into Lindas ass. She is like she was before, just in the moment shouting out about how good it is. Linda begged for him to cum in her ass. You are one lose black cock loving slut he tells Linda time and time again. Linda is telling them all she wants to be their weekend slut.

Linda is having another big orgasm as the last man visably thrusts deep and hard into her ass with Linda telling him I love all that cum in my ass. Linda lies there for a while after he has withdrawn with her ass still gaping the cum eventually moves like a river from her twitching hole. The bartender offers Linda a drink, she goes over to stand at the bar, naked spare for her cum soaked body and fuck me heels. I have my cock out now for her to suck on, but Linda looks at me and tells me to either put it away or cum on her feet but either way to do it quickly. I need to cum and begin to masturbate, Linda tells me not to waste any of that cum and to get on the floor with my cock over her shoes. As I cum over her feet Linda finishes her drink, can you get my clothes she says. I go to pick up her black number from the floor of the bar when Linda says to just get the yellow bag. When I give it to her Linda takes out the contents and even now I can't believe she is putting on a tiny white thing the ones that a real high ride over the hips, her legs look to go on forever, then a tiny white t-sirt showing lots of underboob and underboob cleavage. As she straigtens it out it reads I Love BBC, because of the state of her body her new outfit is already cum soaked. My cum was now drying on her feet and shoes as well.

Linda now asks them, that hotel you told me about, the not too scuzzy one, these are the right directions are they? One of the men says they are and those are the keys to the best room in the place. Linda tells them to make sure they come and visit and to bring their friends tomorrow. Now Linda looks at me and says I'm going to need you to carry my bags come on.

We walk to the hotel with Linda in her rediculously slutty outfit. Alot of the neighbourhood men look at us knowingly, with the odd one squeezing her ass as we walk by. There is a desk attendant at reception when we get there and he kindly presses the button for the lift. Linda holds his hand as the doors open to bring him into the lift as the doors close Linda is down on her knees sucking on his cock for all she is worth. When the doors open again, Linda tells me to hold them open until she is finished. She ig gaggin on his cock as he cums into her mouth, Linda lets cum ooze from her mouth as if her look wasnlt slutty enogh already and says that she hopes to see him again.

Finally in the room Linda asks me to ndress her. I go to helpLinda out of her clothes when she tells me to get naked first. When I fianlly am undressed she says top first. Being caked in cum it is pretty crusty and I have to peel it off her fine breasts, Ilefit it over her head and Linda leaves her arms in the air, her breasts pert and expectant looking. Lick my nipples she says, as I do Linda touches my exposed penis and says you love suck my nipples don't you. I say yes. Lick my breasts before I shower. As I do, Linda says you are such a pervert, your cock is getting, well, less small. She is right I am getting hard. I bet you want to take off my knickers next Linda adds. As I do Linda bends over and says, pointing with her finger, you should lick here too. My tongue laps at her cum uncrusted anus. If you get hard enough while you do that I'm going to let you fuck it Linda purrs. I keep licking as Linda instructs me that's it lick it, really lick my ass, I want to feel you inside me. My cock is almost there as I devour her ass more, Linda is fingering her pussy now as I rise to stand behind her. My erect cock now hits the warmth Lindas ass. As I fuck her Linda is telling me how much she is looking forward to a reall fucking again tomorrow. Cum on my tits she says, not in my ass. I can feel myself having to hold back as I withdraw and stand over Linda to cum over her chest. It is only a dribble as Linda says that it doesn't matter, it is probably just a once off and that she can get all the cum she wants now until I can cum hard everytime.

Linda goes to have a shower and when she returns I am almost asl**p in the double bed. Linda slides underneath the covers her fresh naked flesh gliding over mine, she whispers in my ear, thank you for being such a good understanding husband. I mumble that she is worth it. Linda continues, that she is grateful that I understand her desire for black cock and that this is the bed she is going to be fucking it in tomorrow. Yeah Linda, I know you need it I reply. Can you move to the single bed she says, this bed is for me and my black cocks.

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6 months ago
my wifey is a fucktoy to black cock also. great story.
6 months ago
Dam what a sweet slut loved it thanks.