French Vacation

Travelling with a well known airline it was a fairly long drive in our hire car to the appartment we were renting. Having arrived late Linda had ffered to do the breakfast run down to where ever the local shops were to pick up some essentials.

I must have been asl**p when she had left as I was awoekn by the smell of fresh coffee being served at the bedside. Linda was wearing a tiny tubedress and heels which made the occasion even more special. I thanked Linda for dressing up just for me. As Linda placed the coffee down she slipped her hand under the hem of the dress to take down her knickers, do you want the coffee now or would you like to eat this for breakfast she said now moving to straddle my face. Lindas moans soon filled the room. Linda ground her pussy into my face as she reached orgasm several times. She said that she was so turned on after all the men in the shop were looking at her in the dress, would I masturbate over her tits and cover them in my cum. Linda looked me right in the eye as i wanked for her, I came hard over her exposed tits as she now licked what cum she could off her large mature tits.

The next morning Linda woke me to tell me I should stay in bed as she was going to the shop again, she was wearing the dress again but thiss time no knickers. I'm such a holoday slut she said before leaving. Not being sure of how long Linda was gone the day before it seemed like an eternity until her return. I heard the door open and close with Lindas voice being the next thing to pierce the silence. I need your head at the near corner of the bed she said. The bedroom door was open and I could only see her upside down in the position she had requested. As linda now straddled my face again I could see that her pussy was already soaking wet. Eat my wet pussy Linda purred. I was still in my boxer shorts which she expertly removed as I lapped at her moistness. Linda said she was so turned on going out without any underwear, she had flirted with the man at the patisserie again and she was so wet because she had let him finger her pussy. Linda orgasmed as she told me, grinding harder onto my tongue. I had to wank over her tits again, this time I had to tell her how much I liked knowing she was a slut who let stranger finger her pussy. I came hard all over her full breasts again. This time Linda said to remind me of how much of a holiday slut she was she was going to have breakfast with me just like this.

Afterwards we had been out for most of the day when Linda insisted on getting a new dress. Well it was really a long top, she treid it on with her cut off shorts and said it was going to be a treat for me in the morning.

We rose together with Linda donning her new outfit after her shower, complete with black suede platform heels. When I entered the open plan living area, Linda said not to be so silly snd that she wanted to see me naked. I removed my shorts and moved toward her. Linda said to sit on the sofa and she would take care of everything. The sofa was in the middle of the rrom which allowed Linda to walk around behind me and straddle a leg over the back of the sofa presenting her pussy just inches away from my eager tongue. You want to eat your sluts cunt don't you she said. It was the first time I had heard her say that word, cunt. Stroke your cock for me while I tease you Linda continued. She walked toward the kitchen area, tell me how much you want to eat it, tell me how much you want to eat my cunt until I let you she says. I tell her I want to eat her out right now to let the coffee go cold I just wanted to eat her cunt.

Linda now stood with her legs slighty spread with her back to the door of the appartment, just about as far away from me as she could get. Linda says she loves her new dress, she feels so much more slutty in it than her longer one. We'll need something to eat after we're done she continues, opening the door. Linda turns to leave, pulling her 'dress' down as far as it will go. Linda then turns her head half toward me and winks saying she got delivery. Holding a bag up she asks how many. A mans voice says, four as you wanted.

Linda now tunrs back towards me, with the man following her. He has his hand on her ass, Linda stops saying I wore this slut dress so you could treat me like a slut, and his hand slips forwards to slip a finger into her cunt. I'm telling her how much I want ot eat her cunt, as Linda asks the man I he really brought four for his little whore, I tld you my husband wants to eat a sluts cunt, so much.

The man then says loudly OK. Three more men walk in, the first guy has Linda on the dining table legs spread with two fingers mauling her cunt. Two men are now eagerly groping Lindas breasts through the dress and the fourth man is adding a finger to the two already in Lindas cunt.Her hole was sonn taking four fingers as all four men now had their throbbing cocks in hand. The dress was now a waist bannd on her ripe figure as her nipples were sucked on and licked, as were the rest of her tits, now all glistening with saliva.

Lindas pussy is now wet and gaping from all the fingers probing her, the first man now slides his rigid cock into her cunt. I tell Linda I want to eat her cunt so I can cum all over her tits. Linda tells the men to use her like a foreign slut she is. There is a finger in her ass now with her encouraging them to fuck her good. The first guy is now pumpinger her hard as he cums insdie her cunt, moving away once he is finished to let the fourth guy as her, he now f***es his cock up Lindas ass, fuck both my cunts Linda says. One of the other two guys positions himself to give Linda the dp she wanted.

The remaining guy is jerking off furiously over Lindas already shiney tits, cumming over them with a massive load which he seems to do twice, with her tits now dripping in cum the guy pumping her ass gives a couple of long hard thrusts as he moans loudly before pulling out. Just her cunt being punded now as the cum starts to dribble from her ass he pulls out and cums over her shaved pussy.

The four guys just leave, with Linda telling them that they really feeels like a slut now. One of them tells her to send in her order if she wants some more.

Linda just looks at me saying that I am so lucky to get to eat both her cunts today and not to waste anything. Linda is already licking the cum from her tits as I beging to lick her exposed ass. Lick it harder she says as I begin slowly. Eat my cum filled holes Linda demands, grabbing my head and holding me in tighter. She is orgasming with increased frequency as she provides a commentry of what just occurred. We move onto the hard floor as Linda now straddles my face again as I eat her gaping cum filled cunt. Linda strokes my cock licking the hole with her tongue and fingering my ass. She can't believe that we take so long between holidays, it's much better than the toys at home, she just loves all the bare cock.

I'm now working four fingers into her cunt. I love seeing her lips strectched over my hand as i try to work in my fist. I can only do this when she has been well and truly fucked. I hear Lindas approving moan as my fist makes it's way inside her. An intense orgasm is soon rushing through her as Linda now takes my throbbing cock into her mouth and swallows all the cum I can give her.

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