Perfect Valentine

Linda had planned a great night in so she had said. We had not been on the same schedule for some time and it was a long time since we had time to had any time to enjoy each others bodies. A nice intimate dinner and she hoped with the right mood that it would get a whole lot more intimate as the night progressed.

I had got the call that everthing was ready and when I arrived in the dining room there she was. What a surprise, a new dress, electric blue and very tight fitting showing of her ample breasts and cleavage. Her legs looked long and her ass pert, show off exquitely by a pair of matching stripper heels. Never mind the meal Linda looked good enough to eat right then. As I neared I could see that the dress was a little see through and her tiny white knickers and bra were visable through the material. You are in for one hot night Linda said. All through the meal Linda was making sure she showed her cleavage off and whenever she had to go to the kitchen to collect anything her walk was purposeful, sometimes stopping at the door way to stretch infront of the bright light which shone in from the kitchen once the door was opened, showing of her sillhoute.

It seemed like an age before dessert was served. Just some strawberries dipped in cream. Linda had the two bowls on the table and began to eat them seductively. Giving me the occasional one to savour. Linda tells me she wants to make the evening really exciting, can she tie me to the chair and then do a nice teasing lap dance she asks. The way the night was going who was I to resist such an offer. Linda took out some handcuffs which she had managed to save from a friends hen night not so long ago. Being semi incapacitated now Linda smiled, unbuttoned my trousers and slid them off. I want to see how hot this makes you Linda purred in my ear before taking off my underwear.

Linda puts on some music and begins to dance and rub her hands over her body infront of me. She is just slipping the straps of her dress over her shoulders when the doorbell chimes. Linda thrusts her ample bosom into my face and tells me she will make them go away quickly.

True to her word Linda is back within moments and is again writhing in fromt of me and undressing herself slowly. The straps of her dress over her shoulders one by one and then rolling the tight material over her heaving chest to reveal her less than half bra covered breasts. I'm dressed like such a slut she says, does that turn you on? She knew it did with my cock now visably throbbing from all her teasing. Linda continued to roll down her dress to reveal the tiny straps on her knickers which were pulled up high over her hips. The top of the triangle covering her pussy was out of sight until Linda had rolled her dress down several more inches. Linda now whispers in my ear again, I'm such a slut my knickers are so tiny and really slutty. Linda turns around to reveal her pert ass as she milks the revealing of her tiny knickers. When she finally turns around her hand is covering her knickers, they are so wet she says slowly moving her hand down to reveal her knickers. As she does I can see the words revealed one by one - SLUT FOR BIG BLACK COCK.

As I look at her Linda says, you know you like it when I am slutty. I reply come and be my slut and suck my fat cock. Linda asks what do my knickers say? I respond that you are a slut for big black cock. Yes I am said Linda, walking away from me now towards the kitchen, she opens the door and says meet Tony my boyfriend. Tony walks in hand in hand with Linda as she stops him only a couple of feet from where I am handcuffed to the chair.

Linda is now rubbing a hand on Tony's crotch and saying I can see that you are excited about this aswell. She struts around to behind him and then unbuttons his shirt to let it fall to the floor. Moving back infront of him they are now side on to me and Linda is squatting down with her head at crotch level while she unfastens his belt and lets his trousers fall to the floor. Linda involuntarily licks her lips as she slips Tony's boxers over his enormous black cock, her breasts seem to heave and look fuller from where I am sitting as she immediately rubs Tony's cock over her face saying now that really is a big thick black cock for me. Linda licks around the head of his cock savouring the size and taste allowing herself to become accustomed to it's fullness before in one effort taking it deep into her mouth and throat. I can see the head pushing down her thoat as she takes him with Tony saying she really does love cock, you are lcuky to have her. Linda was now managing to rub at her knickers as she pleasured Tony's cock with her mouth.

Tony tapped Linda on the shoulder and she rose up pressing her still lingerie clad body up against him as she did so. Tony reach around and relieved her of her bra skillfully as Linda slipped out her knickers as she did si she seemed to have a thought and then came over to me rubbing hersoaking knickers across my hard cock and then slipping them into my mouth so I could taste her juices.

Tony lay Linda back on the table infront of me spreadin her legs and commenting how much more wet and ready she was this time. Linda said I'm such a big slut the last four months Tony I just get wetter each time I think of fucking you and now I get to do it infront of my cheating husband who slept with his new secretary on his business trip last October. With her nkickers stuffed into my mounth I couldn't speak. My secretary had presented her young nubile body to me when we were away but I had declined I had thought without causing offence but obviously she had told Linda som story and had managed to get Linda to believe her.

Linda encouraged Tony to lick her pussy it was shaved as he liked it. Her hips met his every move as she now begged him to fuck her. Linda cupped her full heaving breasts in each hand as Tony squeezed the massive head of his big black cock into Linda's pussy Again Linda's hips met his stroke encouraging him to fill her slut pussy with his massive cock. If cheating felt this good all the time she was going to do it more. Linda was now reaching orgasm as Tony kept on thrusting as she moaned loudly. Tony now let his cock slip from Lindas wet and As I got a direct view gaping hole and shoved it in her mouth again saying it always makes me last longer when you do this. Linda was now taking his cock deep in her throat again as he kept her pussy moist by spitting on her and rubbing it in. Taking a breath Linda said treat me like you black cock craving white slut, you make me so wet.

Tony then adds I'm glad you said that I have a little surprise for you. Linda looks up at him as he says show her. The kitchen door opens again and two more men walk in, they are fully naked and take turns now presenting their equally as impressive members to Lindas lips and then deeper into her mouth and throat again.

Between change overs Linda manages to spurt out I didn't..... Tony says your such a slut wanting to fuck in front of your husband you deserve all the big black cock you can get. Two of them hold Lindas legs wide as the guy with the thickest cock lowers her ass off the side of the table to the right height and begins to slowly f***e his oversized helmet between Lindas pussy lips. That is sooo big Linda moans as her lips look to be straining to accommodate his girth. Take it, take my big black cock in your pussy, he says with Linda now using any leverage she can to get into his motion and get his thick cock buried deep inside her. As she really starts to get into it he changes position moving a leg up and over hers to rest ont he table, I can now see her as quivering with his every stroke. His girth is so big I can see her anus moving and stretching with each stroke. I have never seen her this engrossed in sex before, I'm not sure she even knows who is there as she lets one of her hands drfit towards her ass and her fingers run across her twitching hole. The third guy can see what she is doing and his fingers join hers as he encourages Lindas fingers to slip into her waiting ass. He manages to get two of her fingers deep inside as she explodes with another orgasm. The second guy with the thickest cock just keeps up his rhythm as Lindas moans increase telling him to pull out as her remaining hand goes to finger her truly well used pussy, three fingers straight away and then four as Linda really lets go with her stifled moans drowned in her throat by Mr Thick's cock which she takes with enthusiasm.

Linda is now pulling at one of her nipples as she keeps two fingers in her ass which as I watch she now oncreases to three fingers. She had never given her ass up to me and I almost chocked on her knickers when Tony said I know that pose you nedd some cock up that ass agian don't you. Linda now strokes Mr Thicks cock lovingly as she say you know I do!

Linda has now perched herslef on the edge of the table with one leg over the edge and the other with her knee pointing toward the middle of the table. Her exposed pussy is leaking onto the table as she cups her breasts enjoying their extra firmness, looking seductively at the remaining black cock and telling him that he should let her lube him up as she points towards a drawer on the dresser. He opens it and pulls out a tube of lube which Linda squirts a fine amount onto his cock and caresses his pulsating penis so it shines all over with the lube.

I am now leaking precum and my ock is straining for some attention and relief as this hot wife of mine gets her big black cock fix.

Linda is more flexible than I remember as she retains her leg position and simply bends over to present her ripe ass to this thrid cock. I have a ringside seat again as his cock nudges at her anus, it moves easily at first to allow the tip to almost go in beyond the bulb but not quite. Two , three and then four movements as it disappearsinside with Linda groaning in appreciation as inch by inch he thrusts it home until all ten inches are moving deep inside her ass with each long stroke.

Tony is rubbing the tip of his cock against Lindas breast which hangs over the edge of the table. As she looks at him he asks are you enjoying all this black cock just for you. Linda pants in time to her anal fucking yes, yes, yes. I'm more of a slut than I thought, For the first time all night Lindas gaze lingers on me looking at my throbbing cock for a moment and adding I think he might be enjoying it aswell. Tony doesn't respond he continues to rub his cock against Lindas exposed breasts and says to his friend do you want to change position?

he grabs Linda and moves so he is lying underneath her with Linda facing out to the room. Mr Thick is now supporting her and cupping her breasts as Tony now rubs the head of his cock up and down Lindas still slightly gaping pussy. Linda puts her hand on his cock as if to stop him, with Tony adding a real slut goes one step further evey time don't they Linda. I am looking at her mature body bending to their wants as flesh gets pressed against flesh. Lindas anus is puckering around the rim as her anal intruder genty keeps rocking. Linda then speaks saying I used to fuck you to be a slut but now I really think I really want that cock in my pussy aswell. I hope she was worth it Linda adds was she this big a slut for you?

Linda is now pulling on Tonys cock to guide his length into her pussy as she tells them how much she wants them to fill her. Linda f***es herslef back into Mr Thick as he continues to maul her breasts, pulling on her nipples softly as she encourages them all. She telss them she wants to feel their cum inside her and dripping off her tits. Time is passing so quickly as now Linda is reaching orgasm again as the two black cocks continue to fuck her pussy and ass. Mr Thick is now semi standing on the table to get Linda to suck on his cock. She is moaning loudly as Tony pulls out and shoots some amount of cum over Lindas breasts Mr Thick is now tugging furiously on his meaty member and unleashes another flood over Lindas heaving bosom. Linda is now milking her anal companion making sure he cums deep inside her. A broad smile tells the story for Linda as he has a few last hard thrusts to take himslef over the edge.

Linda now says to Tony, I think you know this slut can look after herself, I'll call you tomorrow to catch up. The guys leave us alone with Linda continuing now look what a slut you have for a wife, but you like sluts don't you, I can tell from your cock you like seeing your slut in action. Now don't say a word when I take my knickers back just lick my tits and ass first. Linda looked so desirable right then I just licked enthusiastically which ever piece of flesh she thrust at my mouth. Linda relished the domination as she gently caressed her clitoris and pussy as she continued to crest to mini orgasms. She really enjoyed my tongue deling into her ass moaning loudly in appreciation before releasing my restraints.

Now I'm a slut you can fuck me anywhere, but I guess you will want my ass as you haven't had it before. I do want her ass and my hard throbbing cock slides in easily as Linda makes low noises of approval.

As I begin to quicken my rhythm I tell Linda that my secretary lied to her I had never cheated on her and that she really turned herself into Big Black Cock fucking Slut for no real reason, but now that she had I wanted to see her repeat the show again as I was going to cum so hard in her ass. In fact I was so turned on I kept on going and came a second time but only after another 15 minutes of fucking her slut ass.

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