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Having discovered a new confidence in herself Linda had decided to refresh her wardrobe and go on a well deserved break in the sun, her Husband was to join her a few days later as he had a couple of meetings to complete. It had been aquiet day on her arrival and a day lounging by the pool had her nice and relaxed. She had brought her pampering kit with her and spent the evening having a candle lit bath and before heading out to the town for a walk around. The Sun had made her feel frisky and on finding a sex shop she had wondered in to see if she could find something to help her through the night.

Linda had slept well that night and chise her white bikini to wear by the pool that morning. Linda had caught the eye of many a man and woman by the pool with her bikini beng the most revealing cut she had with her. It was a hotter morning than the previous day and as Linda moved towards the pool to cool off she could feel the gazes following her. The cold water carressed every inch of her body as she slipped into the pool. Linda enjoyed the water lapping at her body as she swam slowly up and down the pool. She stopped about half way where she could comfortably stand up. As she looked down to adjust here bikinibefore exiting the pool Linda noticed that it was now almost completely see-through. Her mind was running at 100 miles an hour, nothing was going to be left to her vouyeurs imagination. Lindas remebered how just a few minutes ago she loved their glances and decided to get out at the farthest point in the pool and walk slowly around to the deckchair where she had been soaking in the rays. She could sense the longer looks as she now knew they could see her pierced nipples through her top. Linda looked in the windows which separated the restaraunt from the pool area in the daytime, she now got a full head to toe picture of what everyone who cared to look could see. As her gaze fell from top to bottom Linda could now see her perfectly framed shaved pussy, the mesh on the bottoms was perfectly see through and really wasn't serving any function at all. She was now ready to go back to her room and use her new toy again.

In the afternoon Linda went to the town again for a walk around a little more retail therapy treating herself to a pair of shoes. The time had flown by and finding herself ready for an evening meal chose a lively looking spot which had some music and a good crowd. Sitting at a table it wasn't long before a waiter came to take her order. When he returned with her drink he said it was compliments of a table the other side of the room, who said they were from the same hotel and would like her to join them. Linda looked over and recognised the two guys who were sitting down at the table. They waved at her to come over, pulling out a spare chair at their table. Linda introduced herself with Graham and Dave adding that they had seen her by herself at the hotel and thought she might like some company while she ate. The conversation was good as they talked about the resort and where they were from. As the night wore on Linda asked Graham and Dave if they had seen her that morning by the pool. They said that they had and that they couldn't believe that hse was there all on her own. Linda said that she hadn't intended to find company out here but that if they were interested they could go back to hers for something extra.

The three of them had left in a hurry and were back at Linda's room shortly afterwards. She lay on the bed in her tight dress and new heels. Graham sat up by her slipping a dress strap down over Linda's shoulder, with her sliding a hand down to neatly release his cock from his bulging shorts. Dave was on the other side of the bed now pushing Linda's dress up her legs to reveal her knickerless pussy. It was wet as his tongue flicked over her lips arousing her further. Linda now sucked on Grahams cock with Dave fingering her juicy snatch. Linda told them she wasn't normally like this but she really wanted them both. She removed Graham's shorts and now knelt over him sucking his cock, her ass was in the air as she told Dave to finger both her holes, she wanted ot be their holiday slut so much. Linda now lifted Graham's legs to suck his bals deeply into her mouth before funning her tongue around his anus. She couldn;t resist his shaved cock, his hole was bald aswell as she now fingered his ass and sucked on his throbbing cock. Linda could feel her pussy and ass being stretch by Dave's fingers, begging him to fuck her now. Dave just kept on though forcing and extra finger into Linda's ass and pussy. She was so aroused now but she really longed for a cock inside her. She moved so that she was now on top of Graham, facing out into the room his cock was now buried in her ass as she rode it. Dave now massaged her tits and fingered her pussy as she was climaxing.

Linda grabbed Dave's cock and pulled it to her mouth sucking on him as she enjoyed the full feeling of Graham's cock in her ass. She wanted more though and once she had had her taste for cock satisfied again Linda said fr Dave to fuck her pussy. Linda was begging them to fuck her good she liked their cocks much more than her toy and her fingers in there. Dave asked here where it was and Linda motioned towards the drawers by the bed. As Dave dismounted to retrieve the toy Linda now sucked on Graham's cock again telling them that she had never felt like being so dirty before and that they were really bringing the best out of her.

Dave asked if they toy he had foind was really the only one she had with her. Linda said it was and she had just taken a shine to it when she saw it. The two guys just watche don as Linda slipped the huge toy into her pussy and then into her ass. I really want you two to fill me up good Linda said, now pushing Dave back onto the bed, knealing over him. She guided his cock into her ass and began to ride him Graham took a minute to watch before getting up over Linda and filling up her ass with a second throbbing cock. Linda was purring loudly as she reached climax after climax. Linda told Graham and Dave she wanted to taste their cum and feel it over her face and tits, so they moved to either side of her as Linda knealed on the bed, wanking them off into her face. She asked them to take a picture of her like this with her camera, she posed a little for thema and also had a picture taken with Daves fingers deep in her pussy with her toy in her ass.

Graham and Dave said they would like to buy dinner again for her and if she wanted they could get a few more of their group to chip in aswell if she wanted. Linda said she would really like that but her husband was arriving the next day so she would have to get him booked on a fishing trip before the lads went home.
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