Supermarket Checkout

There are a few supermarkets near us, the main reason i go to one of them is to get served by one of the checkout staff. She is an older lady called Maria who is always dressed well and has a smile and a chat for me.

:ast week when I was there one afternoon we got chatting with Maria saying that I was her last customer and would I like to continue our little chat at her place just around the corner. I looked at her as she gave me a wink saying she would get the biscuits and meet me outside in 5 mins. Maria was carring a small bag full of groceries which I offered to carry for her. Her place was litterally around the corner and we were there in no time at all. Only getting to find our which our favourite biscuits were and why.

We went straight to the kitchen and put the kettle on. Maria said that she like the way I always looked her in the eye at the checkout and only ever looked at her tits when she wasn't looking back at me. I told her that she did have a nice big pair of tits which would be difficult not to stare at least some of the time. Maria smiled and said she had always wanted to show me them and took off her jacket seductively before un buttoning her blouse. Her work uniform looked good on her. Wow they are big I said asking if her bra wasn't a little small for her. maria smiled again saying that she liked to show off a bit of cleavage afterall she had paid good money for it. I did all I could to look collected as Maria continued to undress telling me this is what she normally does after she has seen me during the day, her ripe bubble butt was now on display as she bent over taking off her knickers. She now lay on her island unit and spread her legs for me telling me she felt so wet right now, her big pussy lips were full and as she dipped two fingers in her mature pussy stayed invitingly open. Maria said that she really wanted me to taste her. It wans't as if I needed inviting but I was right down onto her pussy with my tongue licking her bald pussy as Maria encouraged me to suck on her lips at first before saying to spread her lips and finger her pussy.

Now looking at her quivering body she was well mainatained all over, ripe in all the right places. Maria now put her knees up to raise her ass asking me if I liked what I saw. Her ass begged to be kissed so kissing her all over I moved to her anus giving her a big French kiss. Maria called out to me that I was so dirty and she loved it. Maria was now fingering her pussy as I kissed her ass until she reached her climax.

Maria then undress me slowly, making sure she brushed against me a felt my throbbing rod through my trousers. I hadn't shaved in a while and Maria asked if she could shave me. She disappeared for a few seconds and came back with foam and a razor. I took up the spot where she had been on the counter and with some warm water she massaged my cock and balls before taking great care to give me a real close shave.

Maria then took a bottle of baby oil from her shopping adn began to quirt it all over her breasts and belly massaging it into herself at first but then rubbing her breasts up and down my throbbing cock and with my legs spread wide rubbing her tits against my balls and all over my ass. Maria then mounted the table over me presenting me with her ass again for me to enjoy eating out her now oiled and gaping pussy. Maria took my cock into her mouth and ran her fingers across my balls and ass as she gave be a thouroughly wet blow job, I could feel her saliva flowing down my shaft and balls with Maira massaging the mess into my anus with her fingers. My cock was now hurting it was so hard as Maria now double fingered my ass with me returning the favour for her. Maria held me on the cusp of cumming until her own orgasming pussy was groung into my face. Maria let my cum dribble from her mouth over my cock beofre taking it in her mouth again.

It was time for a break and for the promised tea and biscuits. Maria didn' really want any and was busy massagin more oil into her already glistening body sitting in a corner of 2 units and masturbating herslef into a frenzy again. It wasn't long before I was ready for some more action although maria made me wait telling me she wasn't sure about going further this time. I moved over to her and began to play with her pussy as she did with fingers from both of us in there Maria said she really was a dirth woman who needed a good fuck every now and again. She wanted me to come visit her again and I said I would as I now slipped my cock into her ass. Maria gasped as my cock now thrust into her as she now begged me to keep fucking her ass hard as she now 3 fingerd her pussy hard against her clit. We went hard for ages as I wasn't able to cum for a second time for a good while as Maria's pussy and ass now gaped and twitched in front of me. We showered togther before I left looking forward to our next encounter.
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Very hot story,,,thanks
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great story..thanks