Last visit to Germany

Amelia and I would go to Germany atleast once a year heading across for a weekend away either in the summer or winter. The last time we were there was during the summer. When the days are so hot there it is nice to spend the day in one of the many bath houses. They all seemed to be very busy and Amelia said we couldn't get into our usual one. She had been recommended another and so we tried out this new place.

When we arrived Amelia said that we were only here because she had got a special invite to the members only club. She chatted with the woman behind the desk with Amelia handing over a piece of paper and mentioning a couple of names. The woman then introduced herself as Katya and took us through to the changing area.

I was finished undressing and asked Amelia for my trunks, to which she said wew were able to take a towel with us but it was a strict undressed code. I could see that Amelia had known about this as she was immaculately shaved. Amelia had a little bag with her and said that she had booked me in for a massage with Katya in about 15 mins so we should go to the showers and then to the pool area wwhere Katya will meet us again. Around the pool was fairly quite and the time passed quickly as we chatted. As it turned out Katya was a little early for our appointment explaining that she had closed the doors for entry as no members were expected until later on.

Katya took me to a private room and began the massage. The oils smelled nice and I was soon relaxed enough so when she asked me to turn onto my back I did so without thinking. Katya said that Amelia had asked for a special treatment for me and that Amelia wanted me tidied up. Katya began to shave me pubic hair with an electric razor and said yes she knew what would look good for me. She took out a manual razor and began to shave more closely usign her body to support my legs and move my position, eventually getting me to lean over the edge of the table with my legs spread wide for her to shave all the way to the back.

Katya had been in her uniform all along. It was only as we went to leave the room she said that Amelia and I had received a special invite to a part of the club in which she was a member and now she had to undress aswell. Her uniform had not hidden much as it was so tight and as she was not wearing anything underneath she was ready to lead me off immediately. When we arrived at the room it was just Amelia waiting for us, with both women running their hands over my freshly shaved cock and ass it wasn't long before i was showing my appreciation in full glory.

It was then that a few more people started to arrive in the room, mostly men and one more woman. They all sat around the edge on chairs reclining and caressing themselves. Amelia had now moved to a slin chair suspended from the ceiling close to the men and had begun masturbating her pussy in front of them. Katya had slipped a finger into my ass and was pulling me back to sit on her lap as she whispered in my ear that Amelai looked so hot. It wasn't long before the men in the group were offering Amelia thier cocks to suck. She looked over at me as she sucked on one and then two at a time, letting their hands rub her body, pull at her breasts and as the group became more confident they began to finger Amelia's pussy.

There were now two men mastubating furiously over her tits, cumming over her with their huge loads of white cum contrasting against her tanned skin. Amelia flicked her fingers across the white mess tasting their cum and telling them she felt so dirty she was going to eat it all. Katya cupped me cock in her hand keeping it throbbing and hard, telling me she was so wet watching all those hard cocks with that kinky slut wife of mine.

Amelia was now facing me as the sling had moved, I could see that two men now had fingers in her pussy, she was asking them if they would both fuck her instead. If I want two cock in me one of them is not going to be his anyway so you fill me up? One of the guys grabbed a chair with Amelia now squatting over him in the sling being lowered onto his erect cock. The second man approached from on top and with Amelia's moans of encouragment they were soon both up to their balls inside her. The other woman in the room was now helping a man to cum over Amelia's face and tits as she eagerly lapped up their cum taking their cock into her mouth. She came as she sucked on his shiney dick, with the other two men withdrawing and cumming over her bald pussy. The woman then went down on Amelia eating off the cum and licking her now swollen and gaping pussy. She also began to finger Amelia's ass giving her a delightful looking rimjob with Amelias pussy and ass now looking as though they needed some more attention. Katya now moved me over underneath Amelia guiding my cock into her waiting ass. Amelia turned to me saying that she had never felt so turned on and dirty and she wanted to try two cocks again. One of the men came over and began to fuck her pussy while I was in her ass. She fucked him back before asking him to put it in her ass. He f***ed it inside her with Amelia telling everyone who could hear that it hurt but to take it slowly. Some more lube appeared and it felt warm as the man now tried work his cock in deeper. A third cock appeared over my head as Amelia now eagerly took it into her mouth, Amelia started to move her hips now, pausing on the bj for a second or two she told us not to stock fucking her ass until we came.

I could see Katya masturbating her pussy hard as I came in Amelia's ass. The other guy kept on going until they both seemed to orgasm at the same time. Amelia then took turns sucking on his cock witht he one she was already sucking and masturbating hard now. The woman was holding Amelia's ass open a little encouraging th cum to flow out over my balls. With another load of cum now filling her mouth Amelia said she was going to be a good dirty whore and clean me up. As she did she told me how much she had enjoyed this and that she was going to do more stuff like this for me, she knew I like her sucking cum off my cock, she knew how hard I had cum in her ass and she was going to make sure that I enjoyed it more next time because she was definately going to.
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2 years ago
Wonderful - I really want to find that club with K and see how we get on. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Chris
2 years ago
hell ya. wish my wife would do that. lucky guy