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To all of my friends this is for you,

If I were there right now I would be bobbing on your hard cock. I am licking it up and down right to the tip and back down to your balls. I can only imagine you throbbing cock ready pulsating and to blow. However, not yet because I want to ride you.

Oh it would feel so fantastic as I ride your hard cock. My breast would be bouncing up and down and the sound of each thrust of your cock slamming my box of honey as the juices flowed down your swollen shaft… my pussy is wet thinking about it. I want to ride you all day, but you can’t take it any longer and you pull out and shove your shaft down my throat gagging me and pumping like no tomorrow.

You scream “you whore you fucking whore!” and you give one final thrust and blast what seems like gallons of cum. “Drink it bitch!” you yell as I swallow every drop. You pull out of my mouth with you still hard, you see my pleading eyes begging you to make me cum. You ram me with your cock so hard that I embrace you. My jaw and eyes are wide open, and I’m speechless. It was the most server pounding my cut has ever received from any man, and it felt so good. After several minuets of hardcore fucking my body is going into convulsions. I am having one orgasm after another. The last thing I remember is clinging to your firm body as you violently pump my wet pussy blasting another load of cream. My eyes roll to the back of my head. My body goes limp, and I’m out cold. Oh wow what a great fuck!


Posted by adultflame 4 years ago
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2 years ago
Boy oh boy ~ am I ever gonna dream about you tonight.
2 years ago
you have my full, hard and throbbing attention! ...i wish i was there to give it all to you >:)
3 years ago
That story made ridiculously horny
3 years ago
Do you now what I would do with your limp body?

I would use all my fingers on your cunt to make you cum over and over again. So you soak the couch so much I have to dump it at the garbage.
3 years ago
that was fucking hot
3 years ago
oh for the joys of youth
3 years ago
Nice. Damn that made me wish you really were her. Im hard as a rock right now after reading that