Dan Allen met his match!

Dan Allen has probably fucked me more than any other man on the planet. Many of our Island girls have been victimized and fucked raw by Dan’s massive cock. One day Dan was fucking me so hard all I could think about was having an orgasm. I begged him to put me out of my misery. Shit! Three orgasms later Dan was still ramming my wet cunt. I was exhausted and so I laid there like a rag doll while he continued fucking me. I remember my s****r Amber yelling at Dan “give the fucking bitch a break!” Dan removed his cock from my wet cunt and he grabbed Amber by the arm and f***ed her to her knees. You guessed it! He rammed his cock down her throat. Amber loves to suck cock as much as I do and during Cumfest 2006 she was one of five fluff girls that got our guys rock hard. I couldn’t tell you how many cocks she sucked that day but one thing is for sure, she is an expert when it comes to blowjobs. So when Dan shoved his cock down her throat he got more than he bargained for.

Amber went to town on him bobbing on his shaft and Dan fucked her face like a wild man. Just when Dan was ready to pump that first load of manhood Amber squeezed down on his cock. She squeezed so hard that his dick it turned bright red. “Fuck you!” she said “Your not getting off that easy!” Dan looked liked he was going to pass out. Amber brought Dan to his knees while sucking his cock and not missing a single beat. Dan was sprawled out on his back drenched in sweat like a defeated gladiator. Amber mounted Dan and rode him like a bull. Poor Dan, Amber was doing a number on him. Watching my baby s****r fuck the shit out of my boyfriend got me horny again. So I straddled Dan’s face with my cunt and f***ed the poor bastard to lick his cum from my cunt. Amber in the mean time was in the middle of a screaming orgasm. At that moment Dan started to buck and he blew a massive load of cum in Amber’s wet snatch. I couldn’t take any more and I had my forth orgasm. I finished my boyfriend off with a load of pissed all over his face. Dan was so exhausted he passed out cold. Amber and I gave each other a high five. Dan doesn’t like to admit that us girls can out fuck him any time. Dan Allen met his match!

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4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
great story babe!
4 years ago
One part of me is afraid to meet you and your sister. Another part wants very much to meet you both. You can guess what part.
4 years ago
what a great story that was really hot!