home in heels and jeans today!!
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I'm:Adrienne Fisher, 60
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Kids:Yes, we live together
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Very gay, very feminine, mature girl...working mom type cd...love heels and jeans...I think the working mom look is just sooo sexy!! I am Mom of a 23 yo VERY gay CD "daughter" and 20 yo GG daughter....married to a very sexy woman....open marriage, that is....we both date. And we are both VERY close to daughter Liz and full time CD daughter Nikki!!!

PLEASE write if you have ANY questions about me or my family!! I love to answer personal questions!!

I love being gay and I love being a full time femme CD! Total bottom girl, by the way! Absolutely no interest in being a top as I am all girl 24/7!! And I LOVE to get fucked!!

I so could no longer live as a man....in fact, I don't think I was EVER really a man........so good bye Adrian and hello Adrienne!! I transitioned at work from an accountant to a secretary...and have to say I am MUCH happier!! Married to a woman...but we have an open marriage and we both date!! When we were dating, I used to dress as Adrienne to have sex with her...I cannot get hard unless I am in heels!!

I have been gay since I was 13...started by sucking my best friend in high school as we were jerking-off partners...my first anal fuck was at 15 by an older man. That just pushed me over the edgs of wanting cock like ALL the time!! And I just adore bareback sex! Please, NO condoms...EVER!! And cut cocks only, please!!

I so cannot control my leaking once I get aroused...I think too many cocks have hit my prostate! And my cock has a nice cute curve to it, prob from masturbating too much as a little girl! Sometimes I think that I would like to be castrated and have the empty sacs hanging down so sexily and my cock useless for anything but peeing, just flopping around while I am getting fucked in my sexy heels......but I love leaking and cumming SO much...I don't know what to do!

I was being feminized by my mother at an early age...I remember wearing mom and auntie's heels when I was 5. They thought it was so cute!

I have an album on Flickr....check my website link.....

The women absolutely MUST be wearing heels in the porn I watch! I am like totally obsessed with heels. And I totally LOVE to watch porn!! When I have a chance, I like to chat on the phone too:) And love to cum for my date on the phone!!

My video interests include BBC, matures, and definitely anal!! And like I said, heels!! I am also VERY interested in teen girls in heels as I am the mom of a sexy 17 yo girl who LOVES heels (just like me and my wife)!! I am VERY close to my daughter!!!

And Adrienne SO loves to masturbate while watching videos....I really try to cum every day if I can!! My real issue is that I SO cannot keep my hand off my she-cock!!

And my boss only let me be Adrienne 24/7 at work because i agreed to let him have my ass and mouth whenever he pleases!!

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20 hours ago
Thanks for stopping by. You're an Awesome Individual and i know you smiled after reading this comment :)
2 days ago
Thank you for approving me love.
4 days ago
Yes you are. We shouldn't call ourselves "gay"
because we're not.
4 days ago
ya, I am a Tgirl
4 days ago
i always prefered to be naked for fucking
never really liked heels while getting fucked
but they look sexy
4 days ago
n i don't think you're "gay," you seem to be a Tgirl
4 days ago
well, i'll have to use a strap-on ;))
i'd love to trib :)))
4 days ago
mmmm always in heels for fucking!!!
4 days ago
i'll be right over!
strip off the jeans,
keep the heels. :))
4 days ago
Great bio on your home page. Thanks for the add. Would love to see you man meat
5 days ago
Your so Welcome Girlfriend.
5 days ago
hi hun! thanks for the add!
6 days ago
Hello, Thanks for the add.
9 days ago
Terrific profile and picture. Love your videos and gallery pics. Very sensual and stimulating. Thanks for sharing.
9 days ago
very sexy lady. Thanks for sharing. Your story is both touching and sexy.
11 days ago
11 days ago
I am so done shoveling !!!!
15 days ago
not very well...I am SO exhausted!
16 days ago
Hope you are surviving all of this snow.
16 days ago
Sounds like a Great Snow Storm.. ;-)
17 days ago
I hope your family is having lots of sexy fun together, stuck in the house
17 days ago
Belle Femme Kisssss
19 days ago
19 days ago
love your profile!
21 days ago
you are so horny. take a look at my profile if you like what you see as i do your's add me
24 days ago
very very nice-
24 days ago
Love your blog thanks for the add
27 days ago
thank you for accepting, you are very lovely..
1 month ago
Thank you!!
1 month ago
and very pretty you look too
1 month ago
hi sweetie

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