Familly Conquest: Chapter 1 I'm Apodted??!!

Have you ever felt so different from your f****y members that you start to think you where adopted? Or maybe even switched at birth? At one point or another I’m pretty sure many of you have. Usually it’s just a figment of our imagination, a way to coupe with our f****y being too lame or too prefect or too wired. My case however falls under unusual, see I have always been the black sheep of my f****y, for some strange reason I always felt out of place at f****y gatherings and even my own home, as if I was amongst friends and acquaintances rather them f****y and relatives. Despite this feeling I would act warm towards those in my f****y never letting on how I felt. I did however occasionally noticed that the way I was treated and the way my s****r and cousins where treated was vastly different but I just assumed that it was because I was older. It wasn’t till one day in biology that things really started to click.

We were learning about genetics, recessive and dominant genes and how they work, and I felt this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. When I got home that afternoon I started to do some investigating research, at first I thought that all I was going to do is waste a whole afternoon looking through pictures just to realize that there was nothing for me to find but I was way off. I went to the basement and got out every box and album of photos I could find and one by one I looked at every photo. The first thing I notice was that no one in my f****y besides me had blue eyes, I found this slightly troublesome but not a big deal. What really got me worried was the fact that I could not find a single picture of me before the age of one, nor could I find one of my mother will she was pregnant with me. Since I did manage to find several photos of my mom pregnant with Lilith and her new-born pictures I knew that something was off.

I decided to ask my parents, Dad being the easier one to talk to was my first choice, but as I was putting away the boxes and going up the stairs I came to realize that it might not have to do with the fact that I was adopted if not out of wedlock. With that in mind I decided that my best bet was to ask mom. Mom was in the kitchen cleaning like she does every day; I sat down on one of the stools and pondered for a second how to go about this. I just used school as a medium and told her that I needed pictures of her while she was pregnant with me or of me recently born. She froze for a second, her face turned pale, and I could see her eyes open wide as if she had saw a ghost but then she regained her self and kept cleaning. I was about to ask again but she beat me to it saying that she will have to check the boxes downstairs to find one. When I told her that I already did and didn’t find a single one that’s when she started to act strangely. She told me that I couldn’t find water in a lake and went to her purse to look for something. A few moments later she comes back with a picture of her pregnant at least 7 months and tells me that’s me inside her. At first I’m relieved, but when I take a closer look at the picture I start to realize some inconsistencies, like some of my toys lying on the ground and a drawing placed on the fridge door. I confronted her about and when she started stammering her words I knew there was something wrong.

I demanded she tell me the truth but she just ran upstairs to her room. I followed her and pinned her against the wall. As I looked into her eyes I no longer saw my mother but a woman harbouring a deep dark secret. I asked her again and with tears in her eyes she admits the truth, I was adopted. She told me that after many unsuccessful attempts of getting pregnant and with doctors saying her chances were slim to none they decided to adopt. So they brought home a one year old boy whose f****y died in a car crash. But to their surprise one month after I was brought home she found out she was pregnant. She tried to apologize for keeping the secret and admitted that she was aware of how different I was being treated compared to Lilith and my cousins and how she never meant for it to happen but I was already walking out her room. I grabbed some of my clothes threw it in a bag and left the house all while she was calling to me but I just kept walking.

A week went by, I must have gotten 200 calls text voicemails emails the works, but in that week I never answered her once. I had a lot to think about and mule over, and things really stared to make sense. Lilith was the favourite not because she was younger but because she was biologically theirs, my aunts and uncle treated me like an outcast because to them I probably was. I was mad, I was furious, but at the same it I felt somewhat relieved. See as a c***d I remember having somewhat of a crush on my mother and as a teen I remember many times finding myself fantasizing not only about her but about Lilith and my aunts and cousins as well. I would often hang out near the bathrooms when I knew one was in the shower with the hopes of glancing at them naked or something. At first I thought it was just the hormones and the lack of sex and girlfriend. But even when I did get a girlfriend and started to have sex I still found myself attracted to them. I obviously kept quiet about it many times feeling dirty believing myself to be an i****tuous bastard but now it made sense, I felt like that because my own body knew that there was no relation.

All of a sudden the idea of making love to mom and Lilith entered my mind. I tried to ignore it at first but I kept coming back stronger and stronger. I tried to cancel it out by realizing that the possibility was out of reach but the more I thought about it the more I started to believe it was in fact possible. I had just gained a “do whatever you want card” and I was curious of how well I could cash it in. The thought of making love to my “mother’ and ‘s****r’ quickly filled my mind to the point that it was the only thing I could think about. So with that in mind, I started to devise a plan that would make my fantasies come true. My mother never truly saw me as her son and the rest of my f****y never saw me as one of them so I would make it my mission to be truly “inserted” into the f****y, one way or another. It was time to begin my f****y Conquest.

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