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I want my wife to have another man's baby. I also want you to repost my wife to any website you want - make her famous.

Sometimes I check this site from a phone, so I may not respond right away.

Let's talk for a bit about my idea of being a cuckold. I think there are many different ideas about what it means to be a cuckold, and the term has evolved from its original meaning. I consider myself a cuckold, even though by true definition I'm not one (yet). That is to say, I am not currently raising another man's offspring. More modern definitions of the word cuckold seems to deviate from the original meaning. For example, I'm not the kind of cuckold that HAS to be in the room while the wife is with another man. I'm not the kind that has to video it and jack off to it later. I'm definitely not the kind that forces the wife into doing something she's not comfortable with. The kind of cuckold I am (or want to be) goes back to the original meaning of the word. I'm not sure, but I think the word is derived from the cuckoo bird, which is known to lay its eggs in another bird's nest. The unsuspecting bird then raises the hatchlings unwittingly as its own offspring. I like the deception part of it - raising another man's offspring thinking it's mine, but maybe suspecting it's not. Either way I'd love it as if it were mine. But I'm also fine with knowing for sure it's not mine. For me, being a cuckold is not about the wife being unfaithful (although that is a turn on), it's more about either the possibility or reality of my wife having another man's baby. To have the seed from another man growing inside my wife is a huge turn on for me. Even just the thought of the sperm from another man swimming inside my fertile wife is a turn on. I also like the beta-male aspect of being a cuckold. I have accepted that I'm a beta male at heart. I know I'm not the greatest, and I don't have the delusion that my genes are so great that they must be passed on. In fact, I want my wife to get the best possible genes for her offspring, and the best way is to let nature take its course and to take on many partners and let the best man win, so to speak. If it turns out that I'm the best man, then so be it, but there should be competition, sperm competition to be precise, and I feel women should seek out the best males when it comes to reproduction. It's the way it should be. Anyway, that's what being a cuckold means to me. And I think this is the most noble definition of the term.

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would love to fuck her
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Asian wives are the best thanks for pics of her
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I was with an asian lady awhile back who said I had a gentle soul and nothing could be more true, but that being said I gave her a nice hour of oral follwed by some nice fucking your lady would get the treament, rough at times and gentle theres just no need for me to speak like a filthy animal.
16 days ago
I appreciate your tenderness, but please don't be afraid to be brutally honest. I don't get offended. :)
16 days ago
I try to have a way with words and not be gross or disrespectful to anybody, I think people are beautiful and harm or judgment is karma I don't need. Its much easier to be honest and kind and approach situations with respect, but as I said your wife is extremely exotic and desirable, I'd be a liar if I said I didn't want her.
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Nice way to put it. I like picturing you fucking her
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