First Bisexual Threesome (Complete)

I've been curious to try being with a guy, I wouldn't classify myself bisexual: I would never kiss a guy or cuddle romantically , but i have always had this urge to feel what its like to be sexually serviced by a guy. I had been watching bi-porn for a while on the web and have chatted with a couple of guys fantasizing about all the things i've watched.

I finally gave in to my urges and bit the bullet- I logged on to the personals section on craigslist. clicked on the MF4M section (Couples looking for single guys) and began cruising through the numerous posts - man was I excited! After browsing through a bunch of postings, I came across one that said

"Looking for young Stud to fuck and get fucked - mw4m - 30" .

I clicked on it : It read "Busty Latina with a great ass. Cute Asian guy- smooth, shaven 6", bisexual vers. Looking for a well hung 7"+, bi/bi curious male (versatile) to fuck us and get fucked. Can host "

Sounded hot. Fit my bill perfectly: Hot Chick: Check!
A asian bisexual guy: Check!

I emailed them immediately with a pic and my stats, explaining that it would be my first time with a guy . I also told them condoms and safe sex were required.

I was hoping they would reply soon. I waited for an hour. No response. It was 8Pm.

I went on and fixed myself dinner. Pasta: I was'nt hungry,all my thoughts were fixated on one little email from them.

I f***ed the food down my throat and went in for a shower a while later.. I heard my blackberry beep.Could that be them I thought? I ran out of the shower without drying myself it. An picked up by blackberry with my wet hands The email read. read:"Hey,Sounds cool. We'll teach you how to play! Meet us at 9:30 at the la quinta motel: Room 34. Bring supplies"

I was excited and a little nervous. I finished showering, wore on a pair of jeans and a comfy tshirt and splashed on some mild cologne. This was the night I though. the night I'd lose the other halft of my virginity.

It was 9:10 PM. I left home, stopped at the pharmacy and picked up a pack of durex comfort condoms, a small tube of KY jelly,bottled water and a box of tissues. The girl at the counter smiled.

I left the pharmacy, my heart was racing...I was just a few minutes away from my very first bisexual experience. I reached the motel by 9:25 and knocked on the door.

My heart was racing faster. What was I in for??


I was greeted by a cute latina.She was about 5' 5", hazel eyes, long dark hair,nice perky tits, a flat tummy and and a perfect butt. She was wearing a tank top and track pants.

"Hi, Im Sofia" she said."Come in."

"Adam" I replied as i walked into the room.

I heard the bathroom door open and a cute Asian guy with a close haircut walked out. he was wearing boxers and a tee shirt. He was hot, clean shaven and had a reasonably toned body.

I was feeling a little awkward and horny at the same it.. We shook hands. "Bryan" he said.

The three of us talked a for a little bit, drank some beers. Bryan was horny as hell looking at me. I cold tell by the bulge in his shorts.

He excused himself to use the bathroom. I heard the flush...and he came out.


He has the cutest boy ass ever: a tight bubble butt, clean shaven all over,toned abs, a nice cut cock that wasn't too big and perfectly round balls.

"you ready for the fun?" he quizzed as he approached me.

Sofia gigled.

"Oh yes", I said nervously.

He came over to the bed and sat next to me...he slowly removed my tee shirt as I lay on the bed...and started sucking on my nipples...moving slowly down to my bellybutton and back up to my chest and nipples... I was tingling with pleasure. This guy was a pro.

His tongue gently lapped up and down... followed by a tender nibble...and then back to sucking motion. Never did I imagine that i'd enjoy having my nipples sucked. Heaven!

Sofia was wathcing us...she looked really aroused and began removing her clothes and striiped down to her underwear.She came besides me...and began stroking my hardness through my jeans...

I couldnt bear the tension anymore... She helped take my jeans and underwear off. She grabbed my manliness.. and began stroking it with her hands... gentling teasing by licking the glans...and then moving up and down the shaft.

Bryan moved down ... focusing his attention on my balls...licking then and cupping them. He moved up to my cock sharing it with Sofia...They kissed with my precum thick in their mouths

It felt amazing...having a man and a woman give me their undivided attention at the same time.

I got up, and removed sofias bra...her breasts were rounded, well shaped and had cute little pink nipples. Gorgeous! Bryan removed her panties....she had a nice pink pussy with a cute landing strip. It looked tight!

She lay on the bed... bryan and I began sucking on her tits....gradually pleasing her. She was going wild... and fingering her pussy. I moved down to her pussy and begin licking her out.I ran my tongue up and down her clit she moaned.Then i pushed my tongue into her clit to taste her nectar. Mmmm..she tasted good. There was a hint of sweetness in her juices that just made me hornier. I began tongue fucking her.

By now, bryan was moving on to her face, fucking her mouth. His cute little balls and ass moving to and fro as he went in and out of her mouth. I could see the crease of his anal opening every time as he pushed into her mouth.It was slightly tanned and tight as hell!it looked so inviting. I was so horny i stopped and caressed his butt and balls.

He got off Sofia and lay on the bed...with his legs in the air..his cock, balls exposed. I begain sucking on his cock...he tasted felt good to have his throbbing cock in my mouth. I licked his balls and perinium. I was this close to his love hole. mmmm!

He sensed my instincts and pushed his legs into the air exposing his glorious litle hole. It was really hot: I parted it... It was clean, almost the same color as the rest of his body and was as tight as hell ! I took a whiff of him...he smelt great down there...I moved my tongue around the opening...took few licks and began inserting the tip of my tongue into his rectum. It felt great. He was moaning...deep in pleasure!!

Sofia was wathcing us as she played with herself.

She said..." Dudes, lets get this on..." as she unwrapped a condom

She put it on my cock....and pouured a little lube around it...

bryan was leaning over now, doggie style... Sofia licked his crack and poured some lube over it...I slowly begain givin him an anal massage... putting my fingers into his rectum...followed by some deeper felt nice... he had a really tight sphincter..followed by a really soft region.I knew it was going to be a fuck of a lifetime!!

I got over him and mounted him... sofia slowly moved my cock near his little hole.. I could bear it no longer...I gently pushed the head of my penis into him... he moaned in a mix of pain and pleasure. It felt awesome! I slowly inched my way into his ass as Sofia was playing with mine. Her head was buried in my ass crack as i lunged to and fro of Bryan.

His spincter was sqeezing my cock in all the right I moved in and out.I knew I was about to come... Sofia lubed her fingers and pushed one into my ass. OMG...that felt great. Here I was fucking a guy in the ass and having my ass toyed with by a cute babe. She finger fucked me good...sliding her svelte fingers up my bum hole...

I could bear it no more... I took my cock out of his ass got the condom off and stuck my cock into Sofias mouth. Pumping my thick hot semen into her!!She licked every drop off it and shared it with Bryan. He loved it!!

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2 years ago
So hot! Love the ending
3 years ago
cool that is my fantasy too
3 years ago
3 years ago
hot story, really like it to be me there mmmmm
3 years ago
nice just how i fantasize it!!!!!