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My amazing double cum shot over Michelle's cu

It actually happened twice in my life, both with Michelle.. once when in her extremely tight pussy while reaching over in doggie position and grabbing her massive bouncing tits, mmmmmmm just after I'd cum and fuck it I came again...... an amazing feeling and couldn't believe it. I've fucked many many sexy women in my life, even a few models but never have I cu like I have with Michelle.

The next time we caught on vid as she said don't cum on my F';n hair, I've just had it done for tonight... I pull out in doggie, after watching her 38DD tits bouncing backward and forward and enjoying her cute freckly face and sexy deep brown eyes looking up at me, I cum and the first shot bounces of her sexy face and lands in her beautiful long brown hair, OMFnG!!!!! that made me cum even harder over cute freckly face, then after an amazing cum shot I was still wanking and enjoying the moment when my balls tingled I F'n came again. I think about 16 seconds straight after the first cum had finished and fuck me, it was a complete full cum shot!!!!! amazing feeling.

I pretended I was cumming again, she was laughing as my cock was dripping its last drops over her sexy cum drenched face and unbelievably I caught the lot on cam!!

An unbelievable experience I can only share with a few very carefully selected mates as it would be a hit!
Posted by adidastrue 2 years ago
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1 year ago
I love doing that. There's nothing better. And they seem to love it too! I'd love to see the video!
1 year ago
Sounds like a sensational experience! How does missionary sex feel? Describe it?
1 year ago
1 year ago
Any pics of her pissing or shitting?
2 years ago
thats awesome
2 years ago
Fucking awesome! I cum thinking of my wife getting tripled cum by one of her ex boyfriends! The amazing thing is his cum shots would be all the same. Thick,white cum.heavier loads than mine! She didn't believe him and that's how he got her pussy.he also used to tell her he had the best pussy he ever fucked!