Learning Your Way Around The Cock

Learning Your Way Around The Cock

“Wow! You never told me your s****r looks like *that*!” My wife’s s****r Isobel had just come into town and brought her latest boyfriend. Apparently he was one to speak his mind.

“You look fantastic!” he went on, still addressing Courtney, my wife. He was tall and obviously an outgoing person. “Do you know what I like *best* about you?”

“Oh Craig, stop teasing her,” said Isobel, “There’s no stopping him,” she said to us.

“What do you like best?” asked Courtney.

“Your mouth. You have the most wonderful mouth.” This was a little strange. “It is so perfectly shaped! And your lips! They’re *fantastic*! Do you know what your mouth and lips are perfect for?”

“What?” asked Courtney. She seemed a little wary to me and a little taken aback.

“For what *men like best*!” There was a pause and no one said anything. I was sure Courtney was going to explode and I waited like a statue, braced for it. Then she giggled.
“Sorry about that,” said Isobel, “Obviously he’s not housebroken yet.”

“I can see that!” said Courtney but she was still giggling.

“What’s the matter?” said Craig. “I just call it like I see it.”

“Right,” said Isobel, rolling her eyes at the same time.

Craig was a little much for me–one of the louder and more abrasive people I’d ever met. He had a comment for everything throughout dinner and I wondered how long Isobel would be able to take him. After dinner Isobel and Courtney got in conversation catching up and I ended up entertaining Craig.

“They sure are a couple of hot babes!” he said by way of making conversation, I suppose.

“Yes, they are both very attractive.”

“You got *that* right!” I tried to think of a response to that. I suspected keeping up a conversation with Craig would be a challange. After a pause, he went on “Did you ever do Isobel?”

“No, I never did!”

“How could you keep your hands off her? What a pair of s****rs! I bet Isobel’s been desperate when she was between boyfriends!”

“Well, I’ve stuck with Courtney.”

“Right! I got ya!” and he winked at me! Believe it or not, our conversation didn’t rise much above that. Finally we all got to talking some more and I felt relieved even though the conversation was still a bit strange.

I almost asked Courtney what she thought of Craig when we went to bed but figured I didn’t want to listen to a harangue. I wondered what it was going to be like spending a day at the beach with them. But something made me look at Courtney’s mouth. No, we never do that. I think about doing it sometimes but I could never imagine Courtney going for it.

That night, I woke up and Courtney wasn’t there! “Courtney,” I said in a low voice and got no response. I got up without turning on the light and wandered out the door in the dark. Light was coming from the guest bedroom and the door opened a bit, blinding me. When it was shut, I found Isobel in the hall with me.

“Everything all right?” I asked Isobel in a low voice.

“Oh, sure,” said Isobel.

“Courtney got up for something,” I said.

“Oh, it’s that Craig! There’s no stopping him!” said Isobel. “Come here and look,” she added, grabbing my hand and pulling me. She pulled me to the door and opened it a crack. Courtney was in there! And kneeling in front of Craig with his cock in her mouth! I stared. Isobel closed the door again.

“Once he has something in his mind, you just have to get out of his way!” she said and giggled. I didn’t know what to do. She just stood there as if she were waiting for me. Finally, I walked back into my room–it was like I was in a trance. I lay in bed, staring at the dark ceiling.

I woke up the next morning to find Courtney right there beside me–as if nothing had happened! We all ate breakfast and no one said a single word about it! After breakfast, we drove down to the ocean. It was pretty crowded but we had the chance to go in a bit as well as lay out. Craig was in and out of the waves the whole time. Courtney and Isobel sat and talked for a lot of the time. I got bored. Then we were leaving.

“Yep, that Courtney’s really something!” Craig was babbling on as we walked through the parking lot but this caught my attention in light of the previous evening’s activities. “You’ve got the mouth of an *angel*!” he went on, directing his comment to Courtney.

“Don’t listen to him!” said Isobel, giggling.

“I *mean* it! Peter knows, don’t you?” Now *what* was I going to say to answer *that*?

“Yes–she’s *very* pretty” I volunteered. We were approaching our car.

“Sure she’s a knockout. But I mean the way she sucks cock!” Courtney gasped and Isobel giggled again. This was unbelievable! I just stared. “Come let’s show them,” he went on. We were at the car. He pulled Courtney by the hand over next to the car–between it and a minivan parked next to it. Then he pushed down on her shoulders, inducing her to kneel. They were still both in their suits–Courtney in a bikini. He pulled off his suit and his cock sprang out there right in front of her face. She didn’t look at me at all but just knelt there looking at his cock. There weren’t people right there in the parking lot but it was pretty open–anyone could come toward us.

“Easy now, girl, you can do it,” he said and he pulled her head toward his cock. Right out there in daylight, in the parking lot! I looked around nervously. She had him in her mouth and was sucking away. Isobel just watched and smiled. I couldn’t help but nervously look around for anyone coming.

She went on and on, sucking him. He looked down at her and smiled. I couldn’t stand watching it.

“Isn’t she good?” he finally said. Then he started grunting and spasming and it was obvious that he was coming. She just kept sucking.

“She’s a great little cocksucker–a *real talent*” he went on. Courtney stood up. She looked a little nervous and didn’t look at me at all.

“Well I think she has a *lot to learn*” volunteered Isobel.

“Well she isn’t as accomplished as *you* but she certainly has potential.”

“I’ll show you *real* cocksucking,” responded Isobel. Immediately she was on her knees in front of Craig. In seconds she had her one-piece peeled off and around her knees. I stared at her body–her naked breasts. Craig approached her and she went right for his cock with her mouth. He grabbed her hair and started fucking like crazy. I couldn’t believe how much they moved–he was slamming into her face! She more-or-less hung on for dear life. She had her hands folded behind her back. He was jerking more and more until he obviously came again. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Courtney was watching them too. When he was done, he collapsed against the car and she collapsed into sitting on the ground. They just stayed like that catching their breath for a minute. Then they pulled on their suits and got in the car!

Courtney wouldn’t look at me that evening–I never talked to her once even though we all had supper together. That evening, Courtney and Craig disappeared into the guest bedroom. I didn’t go up there. They were there for hours til past time to go to bed. Isobel and I watched TV, not saying much. Finally I headed for the bedroom without Courtney. Isobel followed me.

“She just wants to learn,” said Isobel. She sensed that I didn’t like all this. She left and I went to bed. As soon as I had the light out, the door opened and someone slipped in. I turned on the light again by the bed. It was Isobel. She was in a nightie and she slipped into bed in Courtney’s place and reached over me and turned out the light again.

I lay there thinking. “It’s just a little *change* for her,” said Isobel as she lay there. “She’s going to know new things.” I didn’t answer but still stared at the dark ceiling. She reached over and took my hand. “Hold me, please,” she said. I finally looked at her in the dark. We kissed for a minute. Then she drew back and lay on her back next to me. She said quietly “please?” I still stared at the ceiling–I couldn’t do it. I held her in my arms part of the night but that was all.

The next morning, Craig and Isobel were gone. Courtney was making breakfast when I woke up. She said good morning when I came down as if nothing had happened.

“Courtney…” it was my first word of the morning and she turned, sensing I was disturbed.

She put her finger over her lips to quiet me. “You liked it with Isobel, didn’t you?” she asked, with a little smile.

“She’s nice,” I replied.

“Let me…” she started talking, but stopped. Then, with a little smile, she knelt at my feet and started opening my pants. I gently pushed her away. She ended up sitting on her ass with her arms out behind her to lean on. She looked up at me, confused.

We’re pretty comfortable together again now, but I’ve never let her touch my cock with her mouth. But I think about it.

You Can’t Stop Me

Derrik was a handsome black guy in his mid thirties. He was always well-dressed and spoke in a well educated
manner but underneath that suit and tie you could tell that he worked out regularly at the gym. Derrik’s smooth
manner, quick smile combined with his natural reserved shyness made for a strong attraction with the ladies. I
did not notice that Derrik was at the cocktail party until I spotted him standing there chatting with my wife. I was making my way slowly back from the bathroom through the crowded room when I caught a glimpse of them.

I suddenly realized that my beautiful Filipina wife seemed quite engrossed in conversation with Derrik. She appeared both flattered and delighted by this handsome black man’s interest and attention. Kari was a petite slender and very sexy Asian girl with marvellous long flowing black hair that reached down her back. She had been working as a nurse at the local hospital on a temporary visa when I had first met her. She was in mid twenties then and already divorced in her country.
I instantly fell in love with her and after dating her for a couple of times I decided to marry her in spite of the age difference. My immigrant Asian girl seemed delighted at the idea. She admitted that she was desperate to stay on and work here and to carry on sending money to her f****y. She really needed a white husband and a Green Card.

We had been happily married for over two years now but last week she had caught me by surprise when she had shown me a photo off the internet of a young male model that she had printed off. She told me that she found him very attractive and wanted to hang the picture up on the bedroom wall. My initial reaction had been of astonishment and anger but as we discussed it I changed my mind and agreed. After all, I certainly enjoyed porn on the internet and there was nothing wrong in her fantasizing about other guys. On the contrary, I felt it might help spice up our fading love life.

That same evening our love making was very intense and satisfying. As Kari assumed the doggie position and I began to move in and out of her hot wet and exotic sleeve, I caught her staring intensely at the picture of the naked young stud hanging up by the bed. I guessed that she was imagining being reamed by his young cock while I was thrusting in and out of her wet sleeve, fucking her like mad.

I knew that she had been with more than her fair share of vigorous young bucks and that I knew that I should feel jealous angry and possessive. Instead, I only felt hard and aroused at the thought of hose young hard cocks labouring at her soft tight pussy and filling her with their grateful cum. In fact, as I fucked her and watched her staring at the poster, I too imagined her fucking the man while I watched on and this only served to make me cum like crazy inside her.

The fantasy of my wife cuckolding me was just that, a great fantasy. I knew that Kari was far too loving and respectful of my wishes for her to take a lover behind my back and cheat on me, I thought with regret. But now as I watched Derrik chatting up my lovely wife the thought was suddenly back there with strength, causing me an unexpected pang of jealousy and desire. What if I encouraged things along? “What if…” I found myself thinking with perverse enjoyment.

As I approached the flirting couple, I caught the gist of their conversation. Derrik was asking her jokingly if she had tried using a strap on with her husband. Kari had looked up at Derrik with a coy little smile and asked:

“And what is a strap on?”

“It’s a rubber cock that you wear to pleasure you and your husband.” Derrik had answered half-serious.

“Yes, it can also look dark and attractive like Derrik’s black cock.” I interjected as I approached the couple.

Derrik looked up and laughed amused and embarrassed while Kari blushed with guilty shock and then desperately tried to hide her troubled feelings. Like a bull in the china shop, I thought proud of myself.

“I never…” She began but I interrupted her saying:

“I know but I’m sure you would like to get a glimpse of Derrik’s manly package, dear.” She tried to hide her embarrassment but we both knew what she was thinking.

We joked and talked a bit to loosen up the mood and then I invited Derrik back to the house, insisting as he protested that it was late. I sat on a chair leaving Kari to sit beside Derrik on the sofa. I could see that Kari was relishing in the closeness and attention and her eyes seemed locked on Derrik in rapture and desire. After I had served them both a couple of brandies I brought the conversation back to where we had left off, daring Derrik to show my wife his package.

I saw my wife blush with nervous shock and aroused. Even as she began to object and he protested against my
suggestion, I insisted, teasing and daring him. In the end we were all laughing and even Kari reluctantly joined in trying to persuade the poor guy to pull down his pants and reveal ll. Derrik, seeing the way my wife was eying him hungrily and biting her lip with anticipation finally gave in to my pleas and demands and pulled down his pants with a big wide smile. To say he was well endowed would have been an understatement. An astonishingly long black cock popped out. It must have been a good ten inches and it was only half deployed!

Kari’s eyes went round with surprise and amazement and her jaw opened wide to let out a little involuntary cry. She put her hand to her mouth in an attempt to hide her shock and arousal. His hand took of the long tool and gently began to stroke it before our very own eyes. Kari let out a nervous laugh but I could read the wanton lust and desire in her eyes as she eyed Derrik’s body and cock hungrily.

“Go on, make it hard for her,” I encouraged.

He began to stroke the big black cock firmly now and it jerked and seemed to lurch forward, growing ever bigger like some weird scene in a film. Kari gasped with intense excitement, arousal and enjoyment and I knew that she was fantasising imagining this well endowed man moving between her loins and having sex with this black god.

Eager to break down the barriers and my wife’s inhibitions, I reached out and took her hand, forcing her to take hold of the cock and stroke it together with Derrik. We both watched as her hand moved up and down the now fully deployed bone. Her tongue flicked over her lips nervously. Her eyes were wide and she sat there still staring at it as if in a trance, the arousal and astonishment at the dark clear in her expression. Although Derrik was very shy and unsure, I could tell that he was tremendously aroused too and that with very little encouragement he would fuck my wife.

“Lay face down on the floor!” I commanded.

As my wife reluctantly knelt down she began to protest that she did not want to do anything to hurt me or that later we would regret. Nevertheless she lay down flat on the floor before me, her eyes still fixed on the long black like a prey on a snake. I pulled up her short skirt and sliding down her panties instructed Derrik to lay down on top of her. My wife blushed and protested more firmly saying that she did not want him in her but before she could change her mind or act I encouraged and directed Derrik onto her back effectively pinning her down under his weight.

“Oh God!” She gasped and then shuddered in reluctant ecstasy as he kissed the back of her neck. “No you mustn’t. It’s wrong… I want to remain a faithful and loving to my husband. I don’t want too… Please, you’re too big and anyway, I’ve forgotten my pills…”

He was holding her arms and lightly kissing her with open desire adoration her while on top of her. His huge naked cock pressed against her clenched right across her butt cheeks and he seemed reluctant to take things further at this stage so I knew I needed to act.

Insisting, I said: “But I want you to have sex with him for me. Please do this for me, dear. I know you want to experience his big long black cock in you tight married pussy and I want to watch him fucking you too…”

Taking firmly hold of his cock with my right hand, I placed the tip against her tightly closed but visibly oozing slit while with my other hand I parted her sleeve. The sight of that of that dark cock head on my wife’s pussy was unbelievably fantastic and lewd. I knew that I just wanted to see that cock inside her, whatever the consequences. I pushed the cock head forward and the tip pushed open Kari’s labia lips. My wife letout a loud groan of sheer bliss and tremendous excitement and her body seemed to relax.

Derrik raised his hips high, then thrust down into her, unleashing his huge prick on my wife’s tiny Asian pussy, sliding his oversized long cock deep into her small pussy like a knife into butter. It seemed incredible that she could take all that 12 inches into her tight little Filipina pussy of hers, but I suspect that even though she may not have done so for some time, she must have experienced another man’s big cock in her pussy before, perhaps with one of her previous boyfriends in Philippines.

I watched as Derrik began to thrust in and out of her pussy from the rear, burying his huge cock to the hilt inside her, stretching her to the limit to fit to his super size. I watched with fascination as the huge black instrument disappeared and reappeared inside her cheeks, glistening with her juices before plunging into her again repeatedly. She was letting out little desperate groan and licking her lips as he thrust into her welcoming loins.

I moved round to so that I could see her face. Her face was trembling, her eyes partially glazed with lewd pleasure and her jaws were clenched with the effort and concentration on her enjoyment. She was holding his hand with her left hand and thrusting up her rump to meet his big pumping dark cock. I had my cock out now and was firmly masturbating as I watched this strong guy vigorously fucking my wife.

Kari noticed me in standing front of her and she reached out to grab my leg holding my very tightly in her desire. It was so tight that it hurt. She was getting my attention, letting me know the intensity of her enjoyment and punishing me at the same time. I guess this was an effort to connect me with her pleasure and to have me join in and condone her act. Her eyes were fixed blurred with ecstasy staring intensely at me and in haze of adulterous and wanton pleasure. His little pierced tongue was licking her lips as she panted hard.

She was both angry at what I had caused and let her do and also my wife was grateful for my allowing her to take this lover and enjoy his cock so openly and satisfy her female lust. As I looked at her slowly reduced to a groaning slut, I knew that like many other Filipina and Thai girls she enjoyed sex immensely and would cum like a true slut regardless of the partner.

Derrik thrust harder at her and she released me, groaning avidly:

“Yes! Oh yes! Fuck me harder. Make me cum. I want you to cum inside me… Cum now, honey… Cum now I can’t wait
for you any longer…”

Her eyes had glazed over in an intense haze of pure carnal pleasure and lust as he pumped his big cock ever harder between her loins, reducing her to a helpless sex slave. She was moaning and groaning incoherently as he shagged and copulated with her like a stray bitch in heat. Like a filthy tart she was enjoying every moment of it.

I watched as her male friend screwed her until she had reached a huge uncontrollable orgasm and started to groan and shake under him. My wife had just climaxed and abandoned herself totally, grateful and adoring of the man who had shown her such tremendous pleasure on his black cock.

I watched as Derrik rammed forward, thrust his cock deep into her loins as he too came violently, pumping huge quantities of seed deep into her belly, filling her up her womb with his strong fertile spunk and sending to
seeping onto the floor from her brimming and pregnant pussy.

I knew that from that moment forward my wife had tasted and enjoyed a new addictive freedom and pleasure that I would no longer be able to deny he. Kari had committed adultery and I had watched and encouraged her to fuck a
stranger. I would no longer be able to be sure where she had been, with whom she had cheated and been with again or even be able to try to stop her. I knew that women can enjoy six times more pleasure than a man as there are many more parts in the body that give pleasure to the women compared to a man.

I watched quietly, touching my cock, as Derrik went on to take my wife in many different positions and fill her mouth, pussy and arse with his strong seed. Kari enjoyed every second of it and came in a series of multiple orgasms beneath him. The next day when I saw my wife she was simply glowing. She looked totally sexy, desirable and transformed. She also appeared annoyed with me and said angrily challenging me:

“I hope you’re happy now with what you’ve done. You realise I’m totally crazy about Derrik and I don’t regret for a moment anything I did or let him do to me. He made me cum so much better than you ever have. It feel really great again. I really want him in me all the time now. You realise you’ll probably regret starting this whole thing.”

“Yes, I know. But no, I won’t regret it. I’m happy he made you cum so hard. I want you to be happy and fulfilled, ” I replied calmly

She looked at me sideways with disbelief, trying to gauge if I really meant it for real or if I were just playing with her. She said provocatively with a quizzical expression:

“You know I will see him again and have sex with him and his friends, don’t you? Many times. And you won’t be able to stop me.”

“I hope he fucks you well and regularly,” I replied with an understanding smile. “I want him to enjoy your pussy fully and fill you with his cum. I want you to bring it home to me so I can clean out your sloppy pussy.”

She looked at me intensely a moment, then gave me a wry smile, turned around and left. In addition to Derrik, my wife went shortly on after that to enjoy multiple sexual episodes with her male friends after that and even several partners in a single night men at a single time all with my blessing.
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