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Master and Commander

My wife Maryanne of 10 years has always had a position of responsibility either with her c***dren who are now grown and enrolled in college or with in a very demanding job where she makes decisions that effect peoples lives as a pharmacist. Maryanne stands 5’8” tall with large luscious breast. While she is 45 she has the body of a 30 year old.
During the last few years our sex life had been deteriorating. After the last c***d went away to college we found we had more time for each other and to talk candidly about what we each wanted in our lives from this point forward. We talked about all the normal stuff, money, financial planning and etc. However when it came to our personal items she revealed a very different side. She said she wanted more excitement in her life maybe even (with my approval) a lover with the condition that she would always truly love only me and with the hopes and plan that it would add a needed spark and enhance the romance in our marriage.
Wow! I was taken back, shocked and excited all at once. While I was absorbing what she said I was finding myself interested in continuing the conversation if only to give her some credit for reaching out and risking her feelings and trusting that she could talk to me openly. After a few minutes I asked her if that is what she really wants and she said she has always been the proud person who led this mystical life of being pure to the bone. She said she wanted to feel like a slut wife and enjoy the feelings only another man could deliver.
I decided to equally honest and trusting and told her I had always fantasized her having sex with another man. I had always thought it was something we did together and I would be present but I could live with this with it with some conditions; 1.That she would tell me how she was going to select this man and it not is anyone who knew both of us, 2. She would have to tell me in explicit detail what she did with her lover and 3. That she would not sneak around and always let me know when she was going to enjoy a lover.
Then she laid the bomb on me. She said the only way she could do this was on my command. She said she would do anything with anyone but I had to command her to do so. She made it very clear that the Master /Slave condition would only apply to the sex outside of our marriage. I had to find her the other man and she would take it from there. She would seduce him and have her way with him. I told her I would work on it.
A few weeks later she brought up the subject and asked me how my search for her lover was going and that she was loosing faith in my ability to deliver. I told her that she only had to ask, I had a young married client named Walter coming into town and he had asked for some excitement while he was here.
I told her I arranged for him to meet a hot girl in the lounge of the hotel and that girl was planned to by you if you are still up for it. I gave her a description of him and the next day called and gave him a description of her. For the encounter her name would be Misty,

At 7:00PM on the evening of the event I dropped her off in front of the hotel. She was dressed in a low cut blouse and a skirt that had a slit up the side that exposed her legs when she walked. Before she got out of the car she said I had to command her to go fuck this guy. I said to fuck him every way she could think of and remember to tell me all. I told her to call me for her pick up and I would be waiting. I then parked the car and went into a dark part of the lounge to make sure the meeting happened. They met at the bar and disappeared to the elevator banks.
I went home and waited – waited – and - waited. Finally at 2:00AM I got a call to pick her up in front of the hotel. I drove as fast as I could to get my lovely wife and hear all the details of their encounter.
When she got in the car she gave me a big kiss sticking her tongue in my mouth for the first time in ages. I could smell the sex on her. She said she did not shower so she could not only tell me but show me what they did. As much as I wanted to know all about their rendezvous while I drove I asked her to wait until we got home. She was so buzzed she could not stop talking and I found my cock growing in my pants.
At home she got naked and stripped my cloths from me. My cock was at full attention and she led me to the bed. The smell of sex was more pronounced now that she was naked. She held me in her arms and told me that;
“On arrival into the room he offered me a drink which I nervously downed quickly and then gave me another”. “He asked if I knew why I was there and when I started unbuttoning my blouse and removing my bra I said I was there to fuck his brains out”. “While I was removing my skirt and panties he was stripping also”. “When we were both naked he pushed me back on the bed and began licking my pussy and sucking on my clit”. “I had him assume a 69 position and started sucking on his big cock after I had a jarring orgasm he was about to cum”. “I stopped him and tried to slow things down as I did not want it to end so fast.” “He wasted no time in moving between my spread legs and putting his cock into my dripping wet pussy”. “Shortly thereafter he shot his load into my pussy and I thought, it had been only 30 minutes and it was all over. His cum was dripping out of my pussy and running down my ass”.
“I was so disappointed then there was a knock on the door and Walter said it was his roommate and did I mind.” “I said not at all as I was not about to be finished for the night”. “His roommate named Jack was a 6’4” black guy who while a little older than Walter had the class of a nice guy”. “Jack asked if he could come in and join them and I said absolutely but only if he could last longer than 30 minutes”. “Jack stripped down showing me the biggest black cock that I hade ever dreamed existed”. “He than began licking Walters cum off my pussy and ass and then started sucking on my nipples”. “Jack had slow hands and touched me everywhere and paid attention to my sensitive areas”. “Walter in the meantime had moved to my face and put his cock by my face which I quickly started sucking”.
As I was hearing all the details my cock had grown to a size larger than I ever knew it to be and started stroking it. Maryann removed my hand and said “Not Yet big guy”
“As I began Cumming again Jack put his big cock at the entrance of my pussy. Even though some of Walter’s cum was still in my pussy he had to go slowly to fit it into me. Jack was a great sex lover taking his time and making me cum over and over before unloading his hot juices into my pussy. By this time Walter had regained his hard dick and wanted to fuck me again. This time he lasted much longer as I cleaned Jack’s cock with my loving mouth”.
“By this time it was after midnight and I was well fucked and happy with the way things turned out. I did not shower or clean up as I thought you may want to participate in sex with me with their cum still in my pussy”. “However the boys were not finished yet. Jack lay on the bed and lifted me to straddle his massive cock and he started fucking me all over again. I had cum running all over me when I felt Walters cock sliding up from my pussy taking some cum with it for lubrication and putting it slowly into my ass. The both fucked me this way for an hour and half and both came within minutes of each other”.
“I pulled on my panties with cum dripping down my legs, cloths and left the room. By the way they each gave me $200.00 for the evening.
As you commanded, “I am really your slut wife now”. She took my cock into her mouth and started sucking and then straddled me and with cum dripping out of her pussy inserted my cock into her soaking pussy. It was with out doubt the most exciting sex we have ever had.
Since we have had the most unbelievable sex even more and better than when we first met.
100% (9/0)
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3 years ago
Hot story. Thanks for posting.