"Thank you, Daddy. I love you!"

As she read the note her father had left her, Deanna smiled. He had told her twice in as many days that he was going out of town today. Once, yesterday at breakfast, and again today over the phone when she called him from campus. And he still felt the need to leave her a note telling her all the little details of his plans.

My plane leaves O’Hare at 10am. I figure on getting to Dublin

tonight after midnight. I left my American express card on.....

Deanna shook her head. She finally had some time to herself, and Dad was going to worry about her every second he was gone. School was out for Thursday and Friday, and she had no plans for the weekend except a lot of quiet time and reading. The last few months had been hectic, and the last thing she wanted was taking part in the various parties she had been invited to. All her friends were trying to get her to start dating again, and she just had no interest. Her last steady boyfriend, Tomas, had been f***ed to head back to Brazil almost 3 months ago. His f****y’s business had been destroyed by fire, and he was needed. Deanna hadn’t been serious about him, and had no desire to look for a replacement for his company.

She missed sex with Tomas, and had found herself fantasizing about their sex-life. She had recently found somebody that could keep her satisfied, but she wasn’t sure it was a good idea to keep seeing him. She knew the relationship would never be accepted by her relatives. The difference in their ages alone would be enough to make her aunts shake their heads. She could hear them now: "This ‘James’ is old enough to be your father, young lady!"

After a hot bath, she put on her favorite nightgown. It was deep maroon, and long and slinky. Tomas said it made her irresistible, and every time she wore it, they fucked like crazed a****ls. The feel of the cool nylon against her bath-warmed skin was enough in itself to make her wish he was around. Every time Dad was away, or stuck at the office late, they would fuck in every room in the big old house. The security system had to be disabled in order for her father to get in, and it gave them ample time to pull themselves together.

After having a salad and sandwich, she checked the mail. Her newest issue of "Cosmo" had arrived, and she took it to the living-room. Lying on the couch, she started reading an article on "how to have a fantastic sex-life". The women in the article were all moaning about how their lovers were inattentive or unskilled. She smiled to herself again, thinking how lucky she was. Even when her boyfriend was away she was getting laid regularly. Her new lover’s experience, the size of his cock, and the sense of doing something she shouldn’t made for deliciously exciting love-making. Sex wasn’t the only thing they had, but he did know how to fuck better than any other lover she had known. Deanna hoped he would receive her latest news well. Too bad James was out of town, she was feeling a little horny.

Her hand drifted to cup her mound through the nightgown. She gave herself a gentle squeeze with her hand, and felt her cunt respond. The thought of him filling her made her wish he was here now. She spread her thighs apart to rub herself more energetically, and pulled the nightie up to her belly. She was wet already, just from thinking about his dick in her. She felt her labia pull open, and ran her finger down across her clit to her opening. With a quiet grunt, she pushed the digit in and swirled it around.

A crashing sound broke her concentration.

A sudden motion caught her eye, and she turned to see her cat running through the dining room like it’s tail was on fire.

"Ginger?", she called. In the distance, she could hear the cat high-balling up the stairs. Then she could hear the sound of it thudding around upstairs.

Sighing, she got off the couch. What a way to break a mood! Calling the cat’s name, she entered the hall-way and headed towards the stairs. As she reached the stairs a creak from the wooden floor behind her made her look over her shoulder toward the kitchen doorway.

In the shadows, a figure stepped forward. Dressed in a black sweatsuit, ski-mask, leather gloves and sneakers, he looked like something from a cheap tv-movie, Deanna let out a squeak and began to run up the stairs. Behind her, she could hear him crash into a small table against the wall and curse quietly. When she reached the landing, she looked down and saw him picking himself up from the floor. The cause of his problem was immediately obvious, an oval rug that had been recently added to the decor had slipped out from under him.

Murmuring a small thanks to the rug, Deanna continued as quickly as she could up the stairs. The nightie was wonderful, but definitely not meant for running. Her boobs were moving with a will of their own, and the hem wanted to wrap around her legs.

At the top of the stairs she paused, considering her options. Suddenly remembering her father’s 9-millimeter pistol in his desk drawer, she decided on his room. Opening the door and slamming it closed, she twisted the lock shut. She recalled with an ironic smile how her father had talked about removing the lock, saying that it was a potential hazard.

"Thank you, daddy." She thought. "Thank you for taking your time!"

Deanna turned on the bedroom light and ran to her father’s desk. The gun was right where she remembered it, top-right drawer all the way in back. Examining the weapon, she remembered her father’s instructions.

"Point it away from yourself." Check.

"Pull the slide back, and release it." Check.

"Release the safety." Ummm… Oh, yeah! Check.

The doorknob turned, noisily, and she got into the stance daddy had shown her. Feet apart, the gun at arm’s length, one hand over the other. She jumped when the door shook from an impact, and took a second to close her eyes and take a deep, calming breath.

She opened her eyes and the door flew inward. Time seemed to shift into a lower gear, and she saw details that she knew would otherwise be lost to her. The top hinge of the door separated completely from the frame and door, turning into a projectile that destroyed the picture of her parents that her father had had blown up to frame. Her heart twinged. Ever since her mother died 3 years earlier, Deanna’s father had refused to date other women or even to stop wearing his ring. He was the most devoted man she knew, and he was still very much in pain from the loss of his wife.

The door settled to the floor, hanging onto the door-frame by the bottom hinge alone. The intruder stood in the doorway, staring at her over the gun she held. Her hands trembled slightly, and she saw his eyes widen in sudden realization of his predicament.

"Stop motherfucker, or I’ll shoot!"

He froze for a moment, then leapt to the side, into the room. She pulled the trigger, knowing instantly that she would miss, due to him moving so drastically.


Time went back into high gear as both of them realized the weapon hadn’t fired. The intruder growled, and ran to her. Deanna pulled the trigger twice more, with no results, then threw the gun at him and ran around the back-side of the desk. The man swore as the weapon hit him, and stumbled into the wall. Deanna remembered to jump over the glass on the floor, and landed on the door, snapping the remaining hinge from the frame.

As she ran into the hall, Deanna knew that she had been lucky so far, and she couldn’t hope for that to continue. She turned and ran to her own room. As she slammed the door he hit it from the other side, knocking her to the floor. The door smashed into the wall next to her dressing table, sending several pictures flying and knocking over everything on the table. The smell of perfume instantly permeated the room, and the intruder stepped over Deanna and grabbed her by the hair. She still was getting her breath back from hitting the floor, and wasted most of that in a small, pained shriek.

"Quiet bitch," he said in a weird, artificial-sounding voice. She recognized the sound of an artificial larynx, designed for people who had lost their vocal-cords. One of Deanna’s aunts used one, and the sound of it always gave her the creeps. Hearing this voice coming from the intruder, Deanna lost control and released a warm flow of urine into the rug where she sat.

Then she fainted.


Consciousness returned suddenly, with a realization that she was bound spread-eagle, blindfolded, and gagged. The disgusting taste in her mouth came from the cloth-covered ball that she could feel was holding her mouth open. Deanna felt a little cold, and decided she must be naked. "Just as well," she thought, remembering that she had thoroughly wet her nightie.

"Are you comfortable, young lady?" That frightening voice again. "I have no desire to put you in any discomfort."

When Deanna didn’t respond, a hand grabbed her jaw and she heard a metallic click next to her ear. Then she felt a cold, hard pressing against her cheek. "I found the shells for this little gun, girl. You should have checked to see if it was loaded. Now… are you in any pain or discomfort, bitch?"

She nodded. The gun withdrew from her face, and the gag was removed. "What is wrong? What hurts?"

Deana swallowed, her throat dry. "I’m cold. What do you want from me? I don’t have any money, but you can have what’s in the house, just please don’t hurt mmmmmpfgh!" The ball-gag was f***ed back in her mouth, cutting off any further speech.

The robot-voice came back: "I don’t want your valuables. You have only one thing to offer me, and you won’t be cold much longer!" Then the sound of clothing being removed and falling to the floor.

A touch to her left nipple made Deanna jump and inhale sharply. Her attacker chuckled mechanically, and pinched her nipple softly. Deanna whimpered behind the gag, and was embarrassed to feel her nipple harden, puckering under his touch.

"You like that, you little whore! Maybe I didn’t need to restrain you? Hahaha.a.a.a…" His hand left her breast to trail down her torso to her groin. His touch was delicate, tickling. Even through her terror, Deanna felt a ripple of arousal and couldn’t stop her hips from twitching. The fingers of the burglar spread over her pussy, and one delved between her lips to discover her wetness. Deanna groaned in humiliated arousal. The invading digit entered deeply, and the mechanical voice chuckled again. She groaned again, remembering that she had shaved that morning, baring her pubic region of all growth. It was intended to be a surprise for her lover when he returned, and now it had back-fired. She had forgotten until now that she was hairless, and the touch of his cool hand on her hot skin reminded her.

She knew that he could tell she was turned on. She had recently admitted to a "****" fantasy, and now it had come back to haunt her. His finger moved in and out several times, slowly, then settled on her clit. She could feel his finger was very wet from her juices, and he began circling and rubbing her love-button. The sensations were too intense to ignore or deny. She involuntarily pushed back at his hand and moaned into her gag. His mouth closed unexpectedly on her nipple and began sucking. Her nipple did as it always did, and became painfully hard. Her lovers almost always delighted in this, and most knew how to provoke the response. She experienced a flash of deja-vu. This was like being in bed with one of…

His hand and mouth left her abruptly, and she heard a creaking sound from over her head. Suddenly her legs were lifted, one at a time, to fit into some sort of loop that was fitted over her feet and slid up to her knees. After both legs were secured over her head they were pulled wide and up, to leave her totally vulnerable to whatever he wished to do.

She could hear him moving around in the room, and when a familiar floorboard creaked she realized that she was in her own bed. Somehow this added to her humiliation. She was tied up like a rodeo calf, exposed, explored, and helpless, all in her own room. She thought about the fact that her father wouldn’t be back until Sunday night, and nobody was expecting to see her for days. She was alone with her tormentor, and could not possibly hope for rescue.

She felt him pour a cold substance on her vagina, and spread it around. It felt like a lotion of some sort and then he held open her lips and poured some directly into her cunt. The sensation was shocking due to the cold temperature of the stuff, and then soothing as he rubbed it into her flesh. Her entire groin felt slippery and cold, and when the stuff dribbled down to her anus he rubbed it there. His fingers pushed some of the lotion into her asshole, and eased her open back there. She felt him push a second finger into her butt, followed a minute later by a third. He was making this a very sensual ****, almost as if he cared for her feelings.

She began to relax, and knew that she could survive this ordeal as long as she was serving whatever purpose he had in mind. His current use for her seemed to be centered around her rectum. He was probing her asshole with three fingers, and it felt like he was pouring more lotion in. When he could move his fingers with almost no resistance from her, he removed them and replaced them with something smooth and large. For a moment Deanna thought he was putting his dick in her, but if this was his penis she was in trouble. It kept getting thicker, until finally it seemed to just pop in. Then she felt something pressed against the skin around her hole, and decided that it must be some form of dildo. He moved to her head, and kissed her cheek.

"I hope you like your buttplug, my dear. I bought it especially for you, making sure to find one that would spread you wide enough to keep your attention. It wouldn’t do to have you forgetting your circumstances, now would it?" The mechanical voice had somehow become more familiar, now. She suddenly had a hunch that she knew the attacker. If so, she felt she had a better chance of surviving this.

The most difficult thing to deal with was the fact that she couldn’t tell what was going to happen next. The blindfold made everything surprising, even little things like a touch on her face became shocking when she couldn’t tell they were about to happen.

The tension on the ropes changed, moving her to a position where her arms were aimed straight up. A wooden bar was pressed into her hands, and her wrists were lashed to it. Then, the bar and the restraints on her legs lifted her into the air. Deanna then heard her bed being moved across the room. She heard a metallic clinking above her, then a web-like harness was pressed against her back. More metallic sounds, then the sound of a rope pulley being used. The harness beneath her raised to carry most of her weight, for which her arms were instantly grateful. The smell of her dad’s truck came to her senses, and she realized where the web-gear and pulley probably came from. In the garage her dad kept a utility truck he used for odd purposes. She was carried by the web-gate from the truck, and the pulley was always hanging from the garage rafters.

She felt herself being lifted higher, then stopped, swaying in mid-air. A hand was placed on her spread vagina, then gently squeezed her there. She could feel that he was applying more lotion, rubbing it into her pussy and plugged ass. Something narrow probed her pussy, just barely entering her. She felt a liquid pouring into her, and realized he had put the nozzle of a lotion bottle in her and was filling her with the creamy stuff. The feeling was indescribable, a combination of being filled but with something extremely soft. He kept pouring the lotion, until she felt it dribble out and run down across her stuffed asshole.

The nozzle left her, and was replaced in a few seconds by something large and hard. The burglar applied pressure, and Deanna could feel the object slowly enter her body. Whatever it was, I was thick enough to seal the lotion in her. The deeper the object went, the more full her pussy felt. Then, suddenly, it popped into her fully, getting past the ring of muscle at the opening to her cunt and settling in her. The liquid in her still couldn’t work past the object, and had instead expanded her vagina like it had an incredibly thick cock in her. The feeling was delicious, and she welcomed the additional lube he began pouring into her moments later.

"This is a sterile obstetrical lubricant used for farm a****ls. It’s used by veterinarians to examine pregnant horses and cows. It has a mild anesthetic ingredient which will relieve any excess discomfort you will feel. Do not worry, it cannot hurt you."

Deanna had not felt any discomfort, but actually was enjoying the sensations, so far. The plug in her ass had been uncomfortable, but now it had become simply a very "full" feeling. She imagined this was partly due to the anesthetic lube that had leaked onto her ass. She was beginning to like the feeling of being stuffed. Her lovers’ had never filled her like this.

She felt something pressed against her again, and moaned as he pressed another object into her. While she felt no pain or discomfort, she could feel that he was pressing hard to get it to enter her. It popped in easier than the first, and pushed the first object higher into her body, filling her further. She felt an unusual pressure deep in her vagina, a presence that reminded her of going in for a gynecological exam. The pressure lingered for only a minute, then subsided.

"You now have two 2-1/2 inch steel balls in you. They will be pressing some of the lubricant into your womb, which is not harmful in any way. Do you like what you’re feeling?"

Deanna nodded, then squeezed her pubic muscles around the balls. She could feel some sort of motion in them, and recognized that he had used ben-wa balls. They had smaller metal balls inside of them, and could provide hours of subtle pleasures. He then began to attach something to her groin, using elastic straps that went around her upper thighs and held a hard object against her clit.

"I will be back in a few hours, my dear. I think that this will keep you company very well until I return." A sudden buzzing filled the room, as the object started vibrating on her clit. She jumped, and moaned again into her gag. "Ah, I see you’re getting along fine."

Then the door closed and Deanna was left with nothing to distract her from the pleasurable torture in her crotch. After a few minutes, she began to rise to climax and started to move her hips. The internal balls began to roll around inside the larger balls, driving her passion even higher with the subtle feeling.

Finally her orgasm washed through her, causing her to involuntarily squeeze her pelvic muscles against the balls. They felt huge now, and she could feel them push more lube into her uterus. The feeling wasn’t unpleasant, but was strange enough to cause her orgasm to intensify. She could feel the presence of the liquid in her, a pressure in a place normally unoccupied. The feeling was very sensual, and built a new layer on top of the plug in her ass, the balls in her cunt, and the vibrator on her clit that was already bringing her toward another climax. She started shaking as if she had a fever, and the tiny balls in her rattled with her movements.

Deanna couldn’t believe she was going to orgasm again this soon. The sensations combined to bring her over the edge, and she screamed as best she could with her mouth stuffed shut. The resulting sound was pitiful, but she was unable to care as she felt her contractions squeeze more juice deep into her. The ben-wa balls now felt as if they were smaller again, probably due to all the fluid being squirted into the deepest regions of her body. As coherency returned to her, she thought about how much lube had been poured into her and was now sitting in her uterus. She hoped he was right, and it couldn’t hurt her.

Then she began to climb to yet another orgasm, and gave up trying to think at all.


Deanna’s first normal observation was that she was being wiped down with a warm, wet wash-cloth. She was still restrained, but with a little slack. The buzzing in her groin was gone, and she could feel how tired her vaginal muscles were. She felt empty until she squeezed with her cunt, and found that the balls were still in her, but felt smaller. The plug was still filling has ass, but also felt more comfortable. She imagined that her body was adjusted to these intruders.

The washing of her body was thorough and gentle. She was completely relaxed, now. Which was weird, considering that she was in a stranger’s control. Only now she began to think, and wondered if this person truly was a stranger to her. She had admitted to having a **** fantasy to only a couple of her lovers. Tomas had said that he would return, but didn’t know when. And James wasn’t around right now, so she was sure it wasn’t him. Somebody knew, and it was somebody familiar enough with her home to know about the pulley and web-gate in the garage. Maybe one of the hired help. No, she didn’t think so, but she still couldn’t rule them out.

The man (she was finding it difficult to think him as an attacker. Especially after the last couple hours.) finished wiping her down, and turned his attention to her groin. She felt him rubbing more lotion onto and into her labia, massaging it in tenderly until the anesthetic took effect and she began to feel tingly-numb. Then, while rubbing her clit with one hand, he withdrew the ben-wa from her one at a time. They felt small to her now, probably a combination of the lotion and the relaxation she felt.

Then he held her open and apparently was examining her. His mechanical voice spoke.

"You are opening nicely, Deanna. We will now be using a larger set of balls. These will be a tight fit for awhile, but you should get used to them."

Deanna felt something placed in her vagina, and then the feeling of the lube being poured into her. Strangely, she felt the object in her opening pop up a little, and felt air escaping. Then she realized that he was using a squeeze-bottle or a funnel, and as she filled up he had to let out the air that was being displaced. The thought of how open her cunt was gave her a wicked thrill, and she wondered what his goal for her was. The goop continued to fill her, and she concentrated on relaxing herself to take as much of it as she could. Finally, she felt it ooze out, and he stopped pouring.

"You have 2 full cups of this gel in you! I’m going to have to go get more if you keep up this way. Now for the balls."

She felt the object leave her hole, and then another took it’s place. Cold and large, she could only wonder at just how big they were. He pressed on the ball, and Deanna could feel herself sway backwards in the webbing as he exerted pressure on her assaulted vagina. She concentrated on trying to relax more, breathing like she had seen in a "Lamaze" class she had gone to once. A friend had needed a temporary partner, and Deanna had found the whole thing quite educational. Now she hoped the little exercise she remembered would help her, and breathed deeply and slowly. She also remembered that they had shown the ladies how to do an exercise with their pubic muscles, and tried to push "down", as if going to the bathroom.

She felt the pushing f***e the ball into her, a little at a time. Then she was rewarded by feeling the muscles open and close around the ball. She could tell immediately that the ball was much larger than the first, and immediately felt the oozing of the jelly into her womb. She had enough of the stuff in her now that she was feeling a steady pressure in her belly. The ball was large enough that she felt it pressing against her pelvis. She moaned with the wonderful feeling she had, stuffed like a sausage and getting fuller. She felt her labia being filled with more lotion, then the presence of the other ben-wa. She grunted and began immediately pushing back, and the ball slid in at once. She felt the two balls meet with a metallic click, and also the jelly working it’s way into her. The pressure reached an almost unbearable peak, like needing to pee badly. The balls were creating an incredible pressure on both her flesh and her pelvic bones, and it made her clit feel huge.

"You should be proud of yourself. You now have two 3-1/2 inch balls in you. I will be back in a moment." She heard him leave and close the door.

Deanna rocked her hips, and could feel the inner balls roll around. "Rock and roll", she thought with a giggle. She tried different motions, and learned by shaking her hips up and down that these balls were a good deal heavier than the first. They impacted hard enough, and she was full enough, that it almost felt like the balls were in her rectum. The feeling of needing to go to the bathroom was more insistent. She heard him re-enter the room.

He put his hand on her pussy, cupping it, and tapped on the exposed ben-wa with what felt like a ring. The tapping sent a delicious shiver through her, and she twitched her hips to encourage him. This continued for a couple minutes, and then he removed his hand and replaced the vibrator she had felt earlier. Only this time he placed it so that it was lying directly on the ball.

She wondered what he was doing, until he turned it on. The vibrator didn’t just hum against the ball, as it had on her clit. Instead, it created a rattling buzz, like he was using a miniature jack-hammer on the ben-wa. The buzz filled her entire pelvic region, due to the tight fit of the balls against her flesh. She made a muffled groan into the gag, and began wriggling like a worm on a hook. She felt her entire abdomen vibrate, and her muscles tightened again around the mass in her. The familiar feeling of the sterile lubricant being f***ed into her womb happened right on cue, and she began to feel an unpleasant pressure. The jiggling of her womb by the vibrating balls intensified, and she felt the orgasm begin to build deep within her.

Due to the balls creeping further into her, the vibrator was now resting partly on her clit. She could tell that her tormentor had increased the tempo of the device, and as a result her orgasm built much faster than the previous ones had. She began to quiver moments later, and groaned as the contractions f***ed the balls all the way in. The vibrator now rested squarely on her clitoris, and her orgasm pushed her over the edge of u*********sness. Her last lucid memory was the feeling of her belly, swollen with the fluid in her uterus.


Deanna slowly returned to reality, and realized that the ball-gag had been removed. Her jaw was a little sore and her mouth was dry, but otherwise she was alright. The feeling of fullness in her belly wasn’t uncomfortable anymore, and her pussy felt quite content.

"Would you like a drink, Deanna?"

"Yes, thank you." The polite exchange was out of place, considering her circumstances, but didn’t feel wrong. Her captor was showing real concern for her, and she could tell that he felt something, even when taking her body to new limits.

She felt a straw placed between her lips, and gratefully sucked down a sweet lemonade. She felt just how dehydrated she had become, as she could feel her body react to the fluid and the sugar in it. When she started sucking air, the straw was taken from her.

"We will remove these balls, now. You have not much further to go, Deanna. I will also relieve the fluid in you."

Deanna felt his fingers in her, pushing on the imbedded ben-wa. He pushed them against her cervix repeatedly, and she felt the jiggling of her insides as the fluid in her uterus sloshed back and forth. The sensation was weird, but very sensual. She felt as if he was massaging her organs, and groaned passionately.

He spread his fingers like a fan, then contracted them and pushed more fingers into her. Repeatedly, he spread his fingers and closed them, easing her muscles open. She felt as if she had no resistance to him. He opened her with no problem, then told her to push. She felt the balls move down her body to her opening. Then, as if giving birth, she felt them ooze out of her one at a time. He continued to rub the gel on her groin, and again she felt him pour it into her open cunt.

"What more are you going to do to me? I can’t stay like this, I have to go to the bathroom."

"Do not worry. I will take care of your needs."

Deanna felt him touching her, but the sensations were all wrong due to the numbing effect. It felt as if something was moving into her, but the feeling was wrong, as if it were much deeper than normal. Then suddenly, she was peeing. The sensation of actually peeing was there, and she could feel her bladder empty, but she reasoned that she should feel some splashing. She was hanging in mid-air, not on a toilet. She should feel the urine on her butt or thighs, but there was nothing.

"I have given you a catheter, my dear. You won’t need to go to the toilet until I want you to. Now for the next step."

"What are you going to do?" Her voice was hoarse from thirst, and Deanna hated the fact that she could hear her own fear.

"If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise!"

She felt her bladder hit empty, and then a tube was laid across her body, trailing from her groin to between her breasts and over her shoulder. She felt a pressure on her open pussy, and then she was swinging back in the air. Immediately she relaxed her muscles and pushed "down" to open herself to this new intrusion. Whatever it was wriggled its way into her, bit by bit, until the familiar sensation came and she felt the new object slide into her to rest against her cervix. She could feel that it wasn’t a ball, it was still filling her opening.

Then it moved.

"What the hell is that? Get it out of me! It’s moving!"

Her captor only laughed, and removed her blindfold. The sudden light was temporarily blinding, and Deanna squeezed her eyes tightly shut. She re-opened them to see the man in front of her. He wore a ski-mask that covered all but his eyes, and they were covered by cheap sunglasses. He was about 6 foot tall, muscular, and his hand was covered by a surgical glove as it tossed the blindfold across the room. He reached down, and she looked to see her dressing-table had put next to where she hung in the middle of the room. It was covered with various items, a bowl filled with a translucent pink jelly, a capped squeeze bottle filled with the same stuff, an egg-shaped vibrator, and the balls that had so recently filled her cunt. She was shocked by the size of them. The larger pair were each the size of a baby’s head.

He stuck his hand into the jelly, and when he withdrew it the entire surface was covered with the shiny pink stuff. He held his hand up so she could see the goop.

"This isn’t the same gel I’ve been using. It is sterile, but contains no anesthetic properties. I think that it’s time you started to really feel what I’m doing. If you’d like to watch, just put your head back and look in the overhead mirror."

She snapped her head back to look at the ceiling, and saw that there was indeed a large mirror hanging over her. Her legs had been tied to the same wooden bar that her hands were lashed to. These were all connected to a metal bar that also had the web-gate attached to it, and the bar was attached to the pulley hanging from a hook in her ceiling.

The view of herself in the mirror was shocking. Her legs were spread wide open, and there was a tube trailing out of her that she assumed was the catheter. It was protruding from her pussy, right above the surgically-gloved wrist of her attacker. She realized with a sickening shock that she had his entire hand in her pussy, and he was moving it gently in a circular motion.

"What the hell are you doing?" Again, the fear in her voice made Deanna cringe.

"It’s called ‘fist-fucking’ or sometimes just ‘fisting’. I must admit that this is very interesting. I have never had a woman on my hands in so literal a manner. You feel quite hot, inside. I can feel the catheter and the buttplug, through your flesh. Very unique!"

He began to slide his hand in-and-out slowly, only traveling a couple inches at a time. Deanna could tell that the anesthetic was indeed wearing off, and she felt like she was being fucked by an elephant. She could feel every bump of his knuckles, and he was filling her completely. After a minute of gentle motion, he began sliding his hand all the way in and all the way out. She closed her eyes and concentrated on what was happening to her cunt. The difference was astounding. Her pussy felt so full, then it was completely empty. The emptiness was almost a hunger. She wanted to feel that fullness more than anything. She could tell that this was something she would do again. The feeling of his hand was more intense than any other sex she’d ever had.

Deanna felt him leave her body and not re-enter for a moment. Then the hand was back, but each stroke was slower. She opened her eyes again, and looked in the mirror. He was removing his hand completely and replacing it with the other, back and forth. Left, right, left, right. She watched her pussy-lips cling to his hands as they entered and exited her.

He put his left hand into her and she felt him get larger in her. Then, with maddening slowness, he withdrew his hand. As it emerged, she felt a pressure she hadn’t felt before. When the knuckles finally emerged, Deanna saw and felt her pussy snap shut. He had made a fist in her before pulling it out. She smiled feverishly at him, and he opened his hand and put it back in her. She felt him make a fist again, and watched as he repeated the cycle again and again. Her pussy had expanded so much that even when it was empty it was staying spread open.

He withdrew his fist, and she watched in complete fascination as he put the clenched fist against her pussy and began to wriggle it back and forth. She felt the pressure build to an almost unbearable point, then her body just seemed to swallow his fist. It was like being a virgin again. The pressure/pain/pleasure was ecstatic. Suddenly he was in her to the wrist, and her cunt was afire with pleasure. Deanna felt wetness on her cheeks, and realized that she was crying.

"Are you alright, Deanna?" Immediate concern in his voice, and she was suddenly sure that she knew him.

"Yes, oh God YES! That is so good. I don’t want you to ever stop! I love it! Oh…"

"Good. Now, watch this!"

She looked in the mirror as he pulled his hand from her and rubbed his gloved hands together. Then he put them together, palm flat against palm, and started pushing his fingers into her. With no problem, he sank in to the knuckles. She felt her body resist him, and felt and saw him edge them in, moving them up and down.

Deanna’s body gave in slowly, but after several minutes of this, he was in all the way to the thumb web. She again became aware of the pressure of the plug still filling her ass, as it pressed against him.

"Maybe the plug in my ass is slowing you down?"

He looked in her eyes, and she could tell that he was grinning by the way the ski-mask moved.

"Well perhaps it is too big. We’ll take care of that right now." His right hand pulled out of her, and the left one sank in to just past the wrist. He reached down and pulled the plug out of her asshole, then raised it so she could see how big it was. It was only about 5" long, but had to be at least 2" across! He put the fat little invader on the table, and then returned his hand to her groin. She put her head back, and closed her eyes in anticipation.

A few seconds later she felt him pull his hand from her. Then suddenly, he was leaning into her. Deanna opened her eyes to watch him push his dick into her. When he was in her up to his balls he stood a little higher and grabbed his nuts in one hand, and held her cunt open with the other. With a quick push, he put his balls into her pussy, and let go. Deanna could feel them in her, just inside the entrance. The experience was so strange that she started giggling.

After taking a few shallow strokes, he pulled out with a grunt and placed the head of his dick on her asshole. With a steady push, he entered her ass and began fucking her. She found the feeling of him in her ass to be a pleasant surprise. She had never tried anal sex before, and she thought it was much better than her friends had said.

She felt him push his hand back into her pussy, and she concentrated on the sensations he was producing in her. His dick was steadily moving in and out, and his hand was inching it’s way back into her. The combination made her feel suddenly like she was just one huge pussy, and she imagined that he would eventually fit his entire body into her. The thought alone was enough to push her closer to climax. The feeling of his knuckles sliding into her again brought her back to the edge of orgasm, but she held back intentionally, knowing that there was more to come.

He counter-pointed his strokes, in with his hand and out with his cock, then reverse. Back and forth, front and back. Her cunt relaxed to the point it was before, and he withdrew his hand and slathered the other hand with lube. Then, palm to palm again, he began pushing them into her.

Again, when he reached his knuckles he had to start working her open. First he would inch his left hand a little, then follow with his right. When he got a little further, he’d move them in opposite directions, to relax her muscles. Then, he’d stop moving his hands and fuck her ass for a few minutes.

After a few minutes of this she started begging him to finish her. He leaned back a little, and she looked up at the mirror to watch him tuck his thumbs between his palms. Then, with a slow steady push, he sank both hands in to just past his wrists. Deanna felt like she was taking a freight train in her, and could see how her pussy was stretched unbelievably wide. Her mouth gaped open as she watched the surface of her stomach move with the movements within her.

"Oh God! Don’t stop, I’m going to ….OH OH ooooooohhhhhhhh……….." Her mind swirled, and Deanna couldn’t make anymore sensible sounds. Her body started contracting powerfully around the massive intrusion in her vagina, and her ass was clenching around his dick simultaneously. Her convulsions brought him to orgasm as well, and for the first time, he came in her. She could actually feel him pulsing into her, something she had thought was impossible. His sperm was flooding her rectum with heat, and his hands had over-stimulated her cunt to the point where she was unable to stop coming. He bent over her torso and nuzzled the side of her face as she climaxed, and the action clicked home to her battered mind who he was!

"You came back!"

"Never really left. Had some stuff to do downtown, and just snuck into the house when I knew you’d be home. Here, take this hood off." He leaned his head toward her hand and she grabbed the hood while he backed his head out of it. He looked at his hands, smiled at her and shook his head. "Didn’t know you had it in you!"

Deanna made a face at James and laughed. He made the absolutely worst jokes.

"This was very different! I hope I didn’t hurt you when I threw the gun at you! OHMYGOD! I tried to shoot you!"

"With blanks, my dear. Even if you had chambered a round, I was safe and so were you."

She breathed a sigh of relief, and closed her eyes. Playfully, she squeezed her muscles on him, and he groaned with a smile. When she relaxed, he started to slowly pull himself from her. As his hands left her body, Deanna heard and felt air suck into the sore, but very satisfied hole between her legs. She almost didn’t feel his cock leave her. She felt like she had been fucked by a horse, and told him so. Then she decided to spring her big news.

"I’ve decided that I want to have your baby, James. I’ve thought about it for awhile, now, and it’s what I want. I hope you’ll say yes. I want nothing more than to feel your baby in me. Please say it’s ok with you, James!"

He started uncoupling the ropes that restrained her movements, obviously thinking about what she’d asked.

"Are you sure, baby? It’s a big decision."

"Oh, yes. I want to have your baby more than anything. After all, I expect we’ll be together for a long time to come. Yes, I’m sure."

He sighed. "Sure. I can see that that’s what would make you happy." He reached out and helped her to stand, shakily. She d****d her 19 year old body around him, and kissed him deeply.

"Thank you, Daddy. I love you!"

"I love you too, baby girl."

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2 years ago
I knew James was her father!
2 years ago
Nice but felt like I was reading a novel series.
2 years ago
awesome ! but why fist & wreck a sweet tight pussy
3 years ago
hot story love fisting and restraint, thanks for sharing
3 years ago
whoa...that was AWESOME!!! wish i would get such an experience in real life :(
3 years ago
Wow, I'm not usually into stuff like that but that definitely was worth the read, enjoyed it alot.
3 years ago
As always your words are captivating and exciting. Thanks for posting