"My Best Friend & His s****r"

Back in the late 70's my best friend Mike & I planned a weekend camping trip to a somewhat remote waterfall with a nice little pond to skinny dip in. We were both 20 at the time and at the last minute said that his s****r Peggy would be joining us.

I was a bit disappointed because I had really wanted to just hang out with him, and though I had seen her in several years I remembered her as being a pest and a tattletale.

When she showed up I was stunned. At 19 she had turned into a real beauty, long brown hair, nice legs and ass in her hiking shorts and pert 34B breasts in her little tank top.

After our drive and 3 hour hike to the waterfall and setting up camp, Mike said time to cool off stripped down and jumped in the pond, this really shocked me since his s****r was there but just like that she had stripped down and jumped in right after him, so what the hell I did the same.

We all splashed around and just enjoyed the beauty of it all and cooled off. I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous she was and how comfortable they seemed with each other naked. They were more like best friends than b*****r & s****r.

Now Mike & I have been naked together before and have even jacked each other off watching porn but that is as far as it ever went.

Later after dinner we all smoked a joint had some wine and decided to call it a day, our sl**ping bags rolled out next to each other with Mike in the middle and since it was still very hot we all slept on top of our bags in the full moon with just underwear on.

Tired and a little stoned I fell right to sl**p but woke up a bit later and when I rolled over what I saw REALLY stunned me. There was Peggy & Mike making out. He was on his back she was on her side kissing him and had pulled down his underwear and was stroking his completely erect dick. He has a huge dick at 8 inches and very thick.

My own dick was now painfully hard as I watched them just a couple of feet away making love as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Her bra was off and her tits were beautiful. I reached down and started stroking my own dick as I watched the scene unfold next to me. Peggy broke the kiss and moved down to lick the head of his dick as Mike looked toward me and saw me watching he just gave me a smile and waved for me to join them.

I quickly removed my shorts but I wasn't sure what to do so I just scooted over next to Mike and then as Peggy was giving Mike Head she reached over and started stroking my dick.

She then got up and facing straddled my dick taking me in all the way, this was just unbelievable but the next thing I felt was Mikes dick entering her pussy from behind, her pussy by itelf was tight but now with his huge dick in her as well I had never felt anything like it and I just came from the excitement of it all Mike started pounding her from behind and came very hard inside of her and all over my dick at the same time.

We all fell asl**p in kind of a bundle and the next morning they said that they had been involved for quite sometime but that he wanted to share it with me and that Peggy had always had a crush on me.

The rest of the weekend was spent naked & fucking, sometimes all three of us or Peggy with just one of us while the other watched or jacked off.

We all got together many times after that, but those are other stories to share later.

The real surprise is that Peggy & I ended up married and have been for several years, though Mike lives back east with his wife and sometimes visits
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3 years ago
Nice :)
3 years ago
Excellent work, would love to hear more.
3 years ago
I wonder if my friend Mike was intimate with his sister?
3 years ago
Nice, hope you share more stories