"Summer Cramming"

It was 1980, last year at high school before going to university. For five years I was pissed of at my parents for moving from a large trendy Scottish city to a very rural farming community. From being too cool for school, I had focussed on my studies and become to school for cool, became a straight A+ student. In 10 days I would be eighteen, no girls and sexual awakening had all but disappeared but, that was about to change!

The only good thing was working on a soft fruit farm. I had got friendly with the farmer and worked in the fields every summer for the last four years. My body was toned and tanned. The farmer had put an old removals truck at the bottom of one of his fields and that became my hideout. Over the years I had installed cooker, running water and shower. I worked on the farm for the first four weeks of summer break looking after the pickers and the produce. I would hang out there for the last two weeks of summer before going back to school, relaxing naked and getting an all over sun tan.

I was on my way there, walking out of the town, heat haze rising from the road when I saw her. It was Wonder Woman, quite literally through the heat haze she was running towards me. She had a tight red top and yellow shorts, White socks and shoes. Her black hair swished as she approached.

"Hi, is there another road I can run along and avoid the big hill" she asked in an American accent. "yes, take second road on left, down to the old station, follow the old rail track, after the bridge there is path on left and it brings you out at the corner of that field" I said quickly, losing my speech as I could feel my dick getting swollen. Then she took off running.

I was wicked, the path I told her about went right in front of the truck and I would see her run past. I ran like hell to get there. I unlocked the truck and opened the big side door wide, put the blanket on the bails of straw then sat and waited.

Minutes passed. Had she missed it? I took off my top and admired my body, pulled my zip down and took my swollen dick in my hand and slowly wanked hoping. I closed my eyes and recalled her nipples and near camel toe. When I opened my eyes the vision was still there, down on the rail track she had stopped, she was looking up to the field.

She started stretching, bending over and her shorts shrunk wrap to her ass. Time and time again she did it then she squatted and drove two fingers into her pussy, working it hard. I shot my load straight over my shoulder. I looked round to see what I had jizzed on and when I looked back she was gone. Damn.

I went to the make shift shower I had installed at side of the truck the previous year and washed down. Just as I was pulling up my shorts I heard a voice " hi anyone here?"

"Round here" I replied. And there she was again.... “Wow! This place is so cool! Oh my name is Candy" I told her my name and she obviously knew who I was “you are the quiet clever guy" she stated. "Guilty" I shyly replied.

"What else are you guilt off?" Candy said in a naughty pose. My stammering was revealing I had done something. Candy came forward and my dick became even stiffer than it had when she first appeared all sweaty and smelling of pussy juices.

"You saw me and had a hand job!" she questioned. I know I reddened; either that or the sun had gone triple nuclear radiation in an instant. I was about to say "no" when she came forward, ran her finger up the inside of my left leg gathering a big globule of cum that had run down my shorts when I started to get stiff again. She stuck her finger in her mouth and licked the cum. "oh nice, pussy juice and cum... And it tastes of strawberries" she stated. “Yeah My staple diet in summer is strawberries, so many in the fields" was my weak response. Candy came right up to me pushing her body close to mine and started to french kiss me. I had never tasted salty sweet pussy juice (or any female juice ever) and never my own cum. Candy was right, as I explored her mouth with my tongue, it tasted of strawberries and cream.

My dick was full now and pushing into her camel toe mound. "When was the last time you had sex" candy asked in rapid breath. “Never" my reply.

"Not good" she said pulling her top over her head to expose her beautiful tanned body and those gravity defying breasts. "I have not had sex for 3 months and now I am as horny as a rooting rabbit and you will shoot your load in no time" she complained and dropped her yellow shorts to the ground. Her pussy was trimmed but her lovely dark curly pubic hair matched her head.

“Let’s see how long I last" was my challenge to her. Little did Candy know I could keep a hard on and not shoot my load for ages. The benefits of a years wanking whilst I listened to my parents fuck every night at 11 for an hour.

Candy pushed me onto the blanket on the straw bails and then knelt over me; her nipples were bright pink/red and stuck out like the ripe raspberries hanging on the bushes in the next field. The tip of my dick glistened in the sun between her legs. She put her hands round my neck and offered her nipples for sucking. I took them softly in my mouth and teased them, rolling them around gently, my hands cupped her backside and slowly caressed round to her pussy. She leaned back and pulled my hand round to the front and I started to rub her clit.

She arched back more and I could see her clit and ever so pink pussy lips part. She pushed onto my fingers and I vibrated her clit with my thumb. It was only a matter of seconds before she screamed "I'm coming".

I had not got my fingers in to her and she was trembling in orgasm already. "So who does not last long" I teased. She said nothing and just rubbed her breasts up and down. I felt her cum juice on me, warm juices dripped from her pussy right onto the end of my dick, the heat was the trigger. With my left hand I stretched her pussy wide to reveal the wet entrance and stuck the end of my knob in. She came alive again, put her arms round my neck and pulled me straight onto her now super erect nipples.

A second later and I was deep inside her, totally up to my balls in wet horny American pussy. She raised herself up and down slowly at first and I got into the rhythm as well. She got quicker and quicker and I grabbed her bum cheeks and spread them wide. "Fuck you are good and your dick is thick" she gasped. "Fuck no, fuck no, fuuuuuuuuucking hell" she screamed another orgasm and fell onto my chest. Her sweaty body on mine, made me even hornier. I jacked myself forward and started to slam into her pussy and put my finger on her clit.

Candy came to life again and raised herself onto the balls of her feet and squatted down on me as I rammed home my cock. Our timing was perfect as we fucked hard then slow, then deep and shallow; waves of searing heat ran down my shaft from her red hot cunt.

“Yes, yes, and yes" we both yelled in our first joint orgasm and then I shot 5 years worth of horny boy sperm inside her. Candy collapsed on her side on the blanket and a fountain of our cum cascaded down her leg.

"That was so fucking cool and the best fuck I have ever had" she gasped. "That was the best and only fuck I have ever had" was my quip. Candy burst into laugher and more cum squirted out of her onto the blanket.

We lay there for 5 minutes and she told me her story. She was nearly nineteen, had planned to go to university but she caught her boyfriend cheating on her two weeks before her final high school exams and lost focus, failed her maths and physics exams and had to re-sit them in a weeks time back home in New York. Her parents brought her over to Scotland to get coaching from a f****y friend who was a school teacher but he was such a pervert that she spent more time distracting him and not studying. And she was so horny she went out running to get her mind off sex.

"Candy bring your study books down here, it is quiet, I have good grades in maths/physics, they are my best subject", I felt I was almost pleading and she picked up on it. "You just want sex!" she chided.

"you do not get sex unless you get questions right, you get a question right, I tickle your pussy with my finger, you get two right, I suck your pussy (frankly I did not know how to suck pussy so that second question would need to be a tough one!), you get three right and you tell me how you want me to fuck you.... The more you cram your studies the more I cram you".

Candy sat up spread her legs and asked me to lick her gently. I hurried my head between her legs, her curly black pubic hair tickling my nose and I licked our cum straight out of her pussy lips. Candy started to writhe and arch her back; I focussed on long slow strokes on her pink knob. Candy started to heavy breath and pulled my head closer, I could hardly breathe myself. I put my index finger just in the entrance to her pussy and circled it clockwise then anticlockwise slowly.

"Lick me, liiick mee, liiiiick meeee, holy mother of jeeeeeeesis" candy screamed and her whole body shock to a shuddering orgasm.

We stayed like that for ages. Me gently stroking her clit and pussy and she running her hands through my hair.

"I had to make sure you knew how to lick my pussy..... You passed with merit" she said then Candy started to doze off. I folded the blanket over her and went round to the makeshift shower. The water was cold, but my volcanic dick needed cooling. I rinsed off for 5 minutes then just as I was soaping up Candy joined me in the shower. We did not speak but washed and soaped one another until we smelt fresh.

Candy pulled her running outfit back on and I pulled out a fresh pair of shorts from my bag. The look in her eyes was stunning, glinting sapphires on pure White snow.

"Robin, that was the best sex I have ever had, I think Heather has got it all wrong, you are so cool and hot. I'm going back to study now and will bring my books at 10 tomorrow morning, I need more cramming. And you need more creaming. If you get me through my exams I'll make sure every girl in this town wants to fuck with you before next summer... Okay?" she was serious when she said it.

I stood there not trying to play cool or anything but realising that "Heather" was the high priestess at our school, her father was the physics teacher in the town 5 miles away, and he was a pervert. Heather's friends were all the local hot "IT" girls, all six of them were staying on for the last year, no one had screwed them, the opportunities for a great last year at school were light years away from what I had expected.

"okay Candy on two conditions, one, you have to study and no pleasure until we get passes, two, do not tell anyone about this place, it has been my secret for 4 years and I want to keep it special, even more so that it might become our love nest" I explained to her.

Her smile was instant and radiant; she came over to me, squeezed me close and kissed me so passionately my dick started to go vertical again. She felt my arousal. Candy pushed herself back slowly.

"I love how your dick gets hard so quickly but, we have to wait until tomorrow so I get questions right" she teased.

Candy turned and started to run back up the field. My heart sank. "Tomorrow we start cramming!” She squealed as she left through the gate.

I sat down on the blanket, the perfume of our sex drifted up to my nostrils. My wicked sense of humour kicked in. My response to the teacher’s question of "what did you do in the summer" was going to be........

"Working out on the farm cramming".

The smile on my face hurt it was so wide and there the entire time I walked home. My parents looked at me funny, they commented on the fact I looked happy in the rural town for the first time in 5 years and I fell asl**p before they screwed at 11.

How did the cramming go? Tell you more in another story. Big hint, last year at school, fucking A's on every subject and triple XXX rating from the girls in the "IT" crowd.
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Very good. Can't wait for more