Sharing my wife!

Sharing my wife!

Wishing to expand sexual horizons, a husbands brings another man into his sexual life with his wife, a threesome always feels better!

Hey! Here I am! Let me tell you about my wife, my wife is such a dirty whore. Sex is all she could think about. Recently I thought that only guys could think so much about sex, but I was wrong. She is nymphomaniac. Now the ways she looks. First of all, she is a sexy Latina, about 5’3 feet tall, she’s got sexy curves, her humps are just delicious! She’s got long black hair falling beneath her shoulders, big tits with perky hard nipples. My wife is a slut, and she loves dressing like that. She loves wearing slight tops that hardly covered her pooping boobs, very short skirts or shorts, and high heels. The only look at my wife is enough to realize: it’s a slut standing over there!

Everything began from usual after sex talks. Once, lying in the bed, after such a good session, I asked my wife how many men she had been with. She smiled, and said it didn’t matter. But I was excited, and proceeded questioning. As for me, in my list there were only 4 women before my lovely wide. She hesitated to reply at first, but then she gave up and told me a story. She said she had lost count on how many men had fucked her. I was not thinking that she was shy, coz my wife was not like that. She was a slut! And she confessed having sex in lots of places, like cars, stairwells, lifts, bathrooms, basements, restrooms, backyards etc. she also confessed she never practice only one partner. She said she was fucking with more than 5 guys at the same time, threesomes, gang bangs, sex with shemales, plumbers, pizza delivery men, police men etc… As she spoke, I could feel my bulge forming. Though I didn’t expect another plot from my wife, but I was in a bit shock! After that she went on telling me how much she liked sex, what kind of positions she had experienced before. Rebecca and I had only fucked in the bed, the shower, and the couch and that was all about it. We’d been married for about 2 years and I couldn’t imagine how it was possible to fuck so many times. She kept telling me those places where she had been fucked, and I thought I lost count on that.

When she was telling me all this, I was getting turned on. Needless to say I liked the idea of her being fucked by other men. I could just see her sweet pussy getting pounded by another man’s hard cock! It was such a turn on! My wife noticed that and rubbed my crotch. She asked me if I was getting turned on by what she was saying. I said yes, I liked it and told her to go on with that. Curling in my hands, this slut asked me whether I liked the idea of her being rammed by another man. After short pondering I nodded head. Then, rubbing my cock she asked if I would like to watch her fuck another man. Again, I said Yes. She released my cock from my trousers and stroked it gently.

“Are you sure?”

“Oh, girl, I want to see you get fucked by another guy!” I moaned.

She stopped and said that I was supposed to find a good cock for my slut wife and she would fuck him in front of me. Later that night, we had the best sex ever, on our stairs. The next day I thought about it, if I really wanted to see my wife get fucked by another man. It took me a minute to be sure with the answer. I went to work with a plane to find a good cock to fuck my wife. After work I decided to go to the nearest shop, and wait for the perfect man. I waited there, watching at customers and visitors and choosing the best candidate. Finally I got one, he was tall, much taller than me, well built, good looking guy. I hoped my wife would like him. And sure such a cute man had to have a good cock! I came over to him and introduced myself, then, in a few words I described the situation. At first he thought there was a hidden camera shooting, but soon he realized I meant serious. His name was Fernando. I showed him the pictures of my wife and he agreed. I gave him my address and told him to be there tonight.

Immediately, I went home and told my wife, she was excited. I told her to put on some of her sexiest lingerie. She went to dress and changed clothes. In this attire she looked great! We waited until the door bell rang. She went to open the door with a robe on her shoulders. As he stepped in, thy started kissing furiously. I was near by watching them. They fell on the couch hugging each other like crazy. He got up before her, she unzipped his jeans and took his cock out. When she took his massive cock out, she quickly placed it in her mouth and started sucking it. Damn! Seeing another man’s cock in my wife’s mouth turned me on! Next, I sat on the couch before them and stroked my cock. She knew how to suck cock skillfully; she would suck the cock and spit on it at the same time, jerking it off vehemently. Fernando took off his shirt and placed his hands over my wife head, guiding her mouth back and forth on his cock.

Then, Fernando pulled his cock out and pushed her onto my laps. Now she was lying on my laps with legs widespread. Then he entered his huge cock into my tiny wife’s sweet pussy. I caressed my wife’s boobs while he fucked her. She felt very good as she grabbed my arms and didn’t let go. Then he started to pound her pussy hard, while I caressed her nipples. In a minute, she looked at me and said: “I love you” I kissed her lips, and she closed her eyes biting her lips. I could tell she was going to cum very soon. And she came very hard. She trembled and trashed like a fish in the net. She squeezed her thighs over Fernando’s body while he banged her cunt! I had never seen her cum like that.

Fernando pulled out of her again, and told her to get on all fours. She did it, standing now on her hands and knees, she positioned her head above my cock. I commanded her to suck me and she did, just like a good nasty slut. Fernando entered her from behind hard, fucking her fiercely and slapping her sweet Latina ass. She was loving that: having 2 cocks in her holes at the same time. She was giving me the best blowjob! Her mouth felt so good! The way she sucked was the best pleasure all over! She sucked me until I could feel my cum was ready to explode. Fernando fucked her until he finally said he was gonna cum! When he was ready, Rebecca fell on her knees in front of him. I also stood up in front of Rebecca. Now Fernando and I both began stroking our cocks before her face. She opened her mouth. Finally we came. We both came onto my wife’s beautiful face, she stuck her tongue out catching drops of sperm in her mouth. Cum kept spurting out of our cocks onto Rebecca’s face, she was soon totally drenched in cum! She looked wonderful covered in so many cum.

After that Fernando got dressed up and said good bye. When he left, my wife settled down before my legs, took my limp cock in her mouth and began to suck. I could see in her eyes lusty fire. I knew we would do it again.

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2 years ago
great slut wife you have
3 years ago
Great story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Sweet wife!
3 years ago
Awesome. Thanks for posting
3 years ago
Awsome story.