Slut Wife - First Black Cock

Slut Wife - First Black Cock

A few weeks ago my wife Ellen and I went on a holiday to the Nth Coast of NSW, Australia. Whilst we were staying at Port MacQuarie, we decided to go on a canoe day trip up the river. We arrived at the jetty about 7am to find another 7 people already getting their gear ready. There were a couple of female Swedish backpackers, a Dutch couple, James our guide and two American guys, one of whom was an athletic negro named Tyrone.

We introduced ourselves and I couldn't help but notice the way my wife was staring at Tyrone as his shirtless, muscled torso rippled and glistened in the early morning light. I had a stupid grin on my face thinking that at least now she couldn't whinge if I perved on the Swedish chicks and the Dutch babe, who was actually the better looking of the three.

We climbed into our canoes and headed off up river, passing by an island of Pelicans, a few Oyster farms, some Mangrove Wetlands eventually stopping at a little riverside park for breakfast. All the way there our canoe was at the rear so I was able to watch the Swedish pair, but that also meant we were right behind Tyrone and his mate.

The guide had put on a great breakfast for us consisting of cereal, tropical fruits and fresh juice. We sat around on the river bank talking and enjoying the sunshine for a while and then it was time to get moving. I'd been so intent on copping an eyeful of the Swedes tits that I hadn't noticed Ellen strike up a conversation with Tyrone. I helped James, the guide, pack up the gear and load it into his canoe while Ellen slipped off to the toilets. Five minutes later we had finished loading the canoes, so I decided to go for a leak too.

I walked into the mens room and was about to take a piss when I heard what sounded like a low moan emenate from the closed cubicle behind me? I listened closer and was sure I could hear someone sucking in their breath. I smiled to myself thinking I'd caught one of the guys wanking himself, when I heard an american accent say,

"Oh yeah baby, suck that dick".

I went over to the closed door and sure enough, I could just make out the wet slurping sounds of someone sucking a cock!!

My own cock grew instantly hard. I moved quietly into the adjacent stall and climbed up onto the toilet bowl so I could take a peek over the wall. What I saw nearly made me fall backwards into it with shock!! There was my beautiful wife Ellen, on her knees like a total slut, sucking the biggest black cock I had ever seen!! Tyrone had one of his hands on her left shoulder and the other at the back of her head as she enthusiasticly bobbed up and down on what must have been at least a 10 inch pole. Instead of getting angry, I found myself getting enormously turned on. This was the first time I'd seen Ellen with a black man and all I could think about was dropping my own cock out of my pants to stroke it in time with her movements. Tyrone was groaning louder now, forcing Ellen's head up and down his shaft. She respponded by moaning in little whimpers as it slid back and forth down her throat. I had just starting to get to work on myself when she suddenly stopped and stood up. I quickly dropped down so they wouldn't see me and heard her say that they didn't have much time and she wanted him inside her.

"Fuck me," she said "I want that big black cock up me."

I was just about ready to burst when I heard this, and started furiously pounding away on my cock. Even though I couldn't see them, I could tell when his monster entered her because she hissed,

"Oh christ...yessssssssssssss!"

I reluctantly waited for a few agonising moments before sneaking another look. When I did, I found her standing bent over against the stall door, legs spread with her shorts and panties hanging around one ankle. Tyrone was pounding his thick black weapon in and out of her from behind and she was obviously enjoying the difference between his thick, ebony monster and my pale 7 incher. Actually, the contrast of his dark black cock and her creamy white arse was something to behold.

Ellen was really letting herself go now, urging him to fuck her harder and faster whilst reaching between her legs to fondle his heavy balls. Tyrone was really giving it to her now and sweat was pouring down his back. Before long, he groaned that he was about to cum and Ellen asked him not to do it inside her as she wasn't on the pill. Whilst I was relieved to see him pull his fat tool out of her unprotected little box, I have to admit a part of me deep down inside would really like to have seen him ignore her and fill her up with cum. Tyrone shot spurt after spurt of thick, white, sticky cum onto her back and arsecheeks for what seemed like an eternity, before Ellen span around and dropped to her knees to take his still spasming cock back into her mouth.

Seeing that was too much for me and I blew my own sticky load off against the wall of my stall. I tucked my softening cock away and quickly raced back outside so they wouldn't know they'd been discovered. Tyrone returned first and I saw him give a little wink and whisper something to his mate who laughed and gave him a "high five". Next Ellen came back but pulled away when I went to kiss her. No prizes for guessing why!!

When we finished the tour I was so horny, I couldn't wait to get her back to our hotel so I could fuck the daylights out of her as she told me all about it. As it turned out, she didn't tell me and wasn't too keen on having sex (i guess she was a little sore?) but she did agree to suck and jerk me off before going to bed for an afternoon sl**p.

86% (41/7)
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2 years ago
Great story, thanks. Nice, healthy sexual encounter. ...ohh yes more more !Thanks for sharing
2 years ago
3 years ago
Great story, love to meet you both.
3 years ago still sorry
3 years ago
am going to NSW soon now... hot story