Road Closed

It was January several years ago, my wife Sandra and I had gone to visit friends in a nearby city for the day about 60 miles from homw. We had a good day and decided to return home about 10pm. We got about 25 miles out and the snow was just coming down in buckets, I was hoping we be able to drive thru it but we got to an intersection and the police had closed the road and directing trafic to a nearby churchup the road, at the intersection was a resturant and motel and we asked the officer about going there, he said he thought all the rooms were gone but the resturant was still open, we pulled in and while Sandra went into get coffee, I checked for any available rooms, as lick would have it the cop was right no rooms.

I went into the resturant and the wife was talking to some guy, at the counter, it was packed in there, I told told her no rooms, she said I don't want to spend the night in a church, lets go back, I told her I don't think so, just then the guy next to her said I got one the last rooms and it has a Kng Size Bed and its just me, his name was Gerry, Sandra looked at me and said we'll take your offer. So we had our coffee and walked over to his room, it did have a big bed and a few chairs and coffee table, Paul also had packed in his bag a bottle of rye and we got some pepsi t the outside vending machine.

Well a couple of hours passed I was really tired and Sandra was feeling no pain, it was about 230am, I said I am ready to crash, with that i removed my shirt and pants and wearing just my boxers, Gerry stripped down was wearing briefs, I climbed into the bed at one end and Gerry said he would take the other end, now Sandra said the middle is mine I guess,if I have to pee I will be waking someone, she removed her sweater top and her jeans, wearing her see thru bra, which I did not know she had her nipples in clear view to Gerry and her pink panties, and socks, Sandra is 5'6 120 lbs with 36 tits, dark complexion and long dark hair ( she's my beauty, age 30).

So she climbs under the covers and sunggles up to me, there was a good space between us and Gerry, Gerry shut off the the lights, and I know I was asl**p almost right away. Now this is what Sandra tells me several months later while fooling around in bed and us fantising about another guy. I need to tell you something about what happen several months ago, now that I feel comfortable you might not mind, I said lets hear it not knowing what to expect. She said you know the night we spent at the motel during the road been closed, I said yes, go on, well Gerry fucked me. I could not believe it, well he actually fucked me 3 times, I said lets hear it all, in the meantime she has her hand wrapped aroung my cok while telling me what went on.

It seems about 10 -15 minutes I am snoring she said, she felt Gerrys hand on her hip, she just laid there, and then he is massaging her ass, she did nothing and then he put his hand down her underwear feeling her ass then he probes around my cunt and his finger goes in, he starts working it I am getting hot, so I reach down I pull my panties down to my knees, I whisper for him to undo my bra, while he his doing that I slip my underwear off and reach for his cock, he is already naked and feel this good size hard cock, anyway you are still snoring away I move toward him and he positions himself behind my ass and the next thing is cock is in me and he went deep up to his balls, he was squeezing my boob and began pumping me I was seeing stars, I was so excited, he must have fucked me for a half hour, finally he was coming I could feel him shoot his load in me, and he was squeezing my boob even harder.

We laid there for a bit and his cock slid out of me, I whispered I had to go to the bathroom, he slid out and I got out, he gave me his tongue in heavy kiss and said that was good and I thought so too. I go and sit on the toilet letting his cum run out, Gerry comes in and said lets have a shower, he his standing in front of me and rubs his cock against my lips, so I suck him clean, we get in the shower which I figured was down the hall from the bed and you would not awake, anyway he washing me I was him including he cock and balls and he gets hard, I bend over sucking him, he the turns me around fucks me from behind, he comes again, it was a while, he climbs out and back to the bed and I clean up again, I came back he hands me my panties and bra, get them back on climb back in behind you, you never moved the whole time.I said to Sandra you said 3 times, she replied I have not finished yet, in the morning you got up and dressed and woke me and said you are heading to the coffee shop before all the tables are taken, remember I said its only 610am, I need to freshen up, you said you will have a coffee and wait for me, I told you I be about 1/2 hour and you left.

Well Gerry was awake and when you closed the door he was all over me, be I knew it we were naked and he was on top of me just fucking me deep like crazy,he pounded the hell out me,he was bitting nipples and I was shuddering ready to explode, he came in me and we just laid there finally he got off and I said I need another shower, he said he was going back to bed, we kissed for a bit and said we had a good night, I said to I won't forget it, I then went to the coffee shop to meet you, I told her wow, and I climbed on her and just fucked her like crazy, she was happy I enjoyed it and she promised she would tell me sooner if there is a next time, well there was and thats another time.

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3 years ago
That was so Hot. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Very good