Nancy’s story

After watching a lot of porn a husband thinks of brining more people into sex with his wife, it all turns into a real gangbang….

My friend Nancy told me this story, and I didn’t change anything in the plot.

Nancy threw off the blanket and turned away from her husband.

“We’ve discussed it a hundred times before,” she looked at her hubby in a very frisky way. “How do you think I can do it? How can you give me to another man? You don’t love me and don’t respect me!”

“Nancy, I love you. If I didn’t I would never offer that. Why can’t you understand, it will be so wonderful you will have my dick and another dick pleasing you.”

“And you really think I can get laid with some stranger?”

“Of course not! You’ll choose the one you like.”

“Thanks for giving me a choice. I just don’t get it, isn’t it enough for you?” Nancy pointed at shelves with CDs. “Lots of porn movies.” She added.

“It’s erotic, not porn.” Her husband corrected.

“I even agreed to take part in your home made porn. I hope nobody will ever see it.”

“C’mon Nancy, of course nobody will see it. I would like to remind you were against using a dildo at fist too.”

“Me? No, never! It’s just that you use my curiosity about trying new things. The same thing happened with my first blowjob, with the first anal experience, with dildos, beads, and stuff.”

“But it was great, wasn’t it? And the video…isn’t it exciting to look at yourself in action?”

“Yes, you’re right.”

“So you don’t mind?”

“It’s just that it’s true, it’s exciting to look at yourself in action.”

Tom turned on the film. The plot wasn’t original in any sense, but Tom intentionally chose that flick. The film was about a couple and their decision to have a threesome. In their case, wife was always for having some new lover in her bed, and her husband was initially against her proposal to have a threesome. But the wife managed to persuade him. And they met. Nancy started fidgeting in the bed when seeing close-up scenes of threesome action. She saw four hands feel up the actress’s body, the actress fondle two dicks. Nancy stretched her hand to her hubby’s erect penis. He touched her pussy:

“You’re all leaking babe.”

He took a dildo from the bed side table and entered her pussy with it. He stood up and stuck his hard-on in his wife’s mouth. Nancy was sitting with her legs spread wide, sucking his pecker. Tom was moving his torso to and fro, fucking his wife with a dildo and the dick. Nancy moaned.

“See babe, we both are fucking you now. It’s ramming your pussy, and I’m your mouth. Do you want us to change places?”

Nancy moaned more lustfully. She was standing in doggy style in front of the screen when Tom entered her vagina and gave her the dildo to suck. She was licking the toy frantically, getting it deeper and deeper in her mouth. There was some similar scene on the screen but for one but important detail – the woman was sucking a dick on the screen.

“Watch them ram her mouth and her twat. We’ll do the same to you too.”

It was something surreal. It seemed to Nancy that the movie scene was exactly what was happening to her that moment. She felt her hubby’s cock screw her pussy, and she felt another man’s dick in her mouth. She was cumming again and again. She took the dildo out of her mouth to moan:

“Yes, yes. Tom, don’t stop, it’s so great! Oh. More more.”

Tom was amazed at his spouse’s reaction. He almost felt like taking part in a threesome. He was looking at the screen screwing her vagina harder than ever. Nancy moaned and fell on the bed. Tom came.

“I’ll go to bathroom,” Nancy said in several minutes.

Tom had spent a lot of time talking his wife into having a threesome, and I’m not gonna describe it in my story. All I’m gonna say is that Tom used different methods and tricks. There appeared specific magazines in their house, especially in their bedroom. Nancy woke up in the morning because of the noise from TV featuring a swinger flick. Their hard drive was filled with MMF, MMFF, and gang bang pics.

When browsing the Internet Nancy found lots of sites with letters from women, couples telling how much they liked threesomes and foursomes. There were lots of photos to illustrate the letters.

But the most convincing and probably perplexing thing was Tom’s behavior during sex. When she was ready to climax he took his dick out of her pussy and began ramming her mouth. Nancy thought he would be back to pleasing her slit but instead he ejaculated in her mouth or between her boobs (his fave way).

“If there were two of us here, he would go on pleasing you.” He said in such cases.

Anyway, Nancy gave up. It’s not that her hubby won, it’s just that she wanted it.

I won’t bore you by describing how exactly they found the suitable partner. So they found Marley. They met, “held negotiations,” and stuff.

It was a June day. Nancy was sitting in a lacy peignoir brushing her hair. She’d just had a bath. Tom was running round the house getting everything ready: towels, gowns, wine, snack, condoms, CDs. He’d been really anxious since the very morning. And he was really tired by then.

Nancy was calm and reserved. She put on some makeup and took off her peignoir. She was putting on lingerie. Tom was staring at his wife. Of course, her body wasn’t as perfect as before but he was still drawn to it. Tom noticed Nancy have shaven her pubis. He saw her lacy panties. She didn’t put on a bra. Some perfume, and she was ready.

“I’m ready, master!” She said in an exaggerated manner.

Tom pulled her closer and sucked on her nipple. His cock was ripping out of his pants.

“Wow, wow, wow. What about Marley?” Nancy stopped him.

“Marley…” Tom said through clenched teeth.

“Marley, Marley, Marley…” Nancy mocked her hubby.

A knock on the door made them shut up.

… Tom looked at the watch, it was 3 am. “We’re crazy and tireless,” he thought. Nancy was sucking Marley’s dick. Tom stopped fucking her pussy and moved to her face to let her suck his dick too. Nancy was holding two dicks with her fingers and sucking two dickheads in her mouth. Marley moaned and came on her face. The cumshot was much smaller than in the very beginning of their wild orgy night…

Marley came in time. He brought flowers and a bottle of wine. He was looking really sexy and attractive in his suit. First all three of them felt a bit confused. They opened the bottle. Nancy and Marley drank b*****rhood and shared a vehement French kiss. Marley was caressing Nancy’s neck, kissing her deeply, getting his tongue in her mouth. His hands were patting her hair then they got under the peignoir and pinched a nipple.

Nancy moaned with embarrassment, desire, and lust. She did like this young man. She liked him as soon as she saw him. He was a bit shy and very sexy, but his sexuality wasn’t obscene or whatever. He didn’t try to attack Nancy during their first meetings. Nancy liked it about him. On the other hand, Tom’s presence embarrassed and even annoyed her.

Sometime she hated herself for yielding to a****l instincts but realized that but for her husband she already would have thron off all her clothes and would have been lying on the bed waiting for Marley to come and fuck her.

She was wet in her panties. She didn’t know what to think. “Oh, boy, I could be making out with Marley without Tom!” she thought and then reminded herself it was Tom’s idea and his sacrifice to make her feel good.

Nancy f***ed herself to stop kissing Markley. She went out of the room. Tom showed Marley where the bathroom was. Then he went to the kitchen and saw Nancy standing by the sink, smoking nervously.

“What’s wrong, babe?” He hugged and kissed his wife.

“Tom I’m scared,” she whispered.

“Of what?” Tom smiled gently.

“Of liking it all, I’m scared of my feelings and desires cause I want Marley!”

“But that’s fantastic!” Tom told her and took her to the bedroom.

They lay in bed, Tom was kissing and caressing her body. He spread her hips. Her panties were wet.

“Don’t worry, everything will be just fine.” Tom told his wife and saw Marley standing in the doorway with a towel wrapped round his hips.

“OK, I’m off to shower.” Tom exclaimed winking at Marley.

Nancy brought her hips together seeing the young man. Marley lay by her side. He was caressing her skin, kissing her neck, her ears, her lips. He threw off her peignoir. They shared a very hot kiss. Nancy was holding him close. Marley was kissing her nipples, his fingers were roaming over her back getting under her panties to touch her butt now and then.

Nancy was getting turned on. Marley’s cock was pressing against her stomach through the towel. Marley was aroused. The towel fell on the floor. Nancy saw his Beautiful phallus, it was 10 in and of some really good diameter, it was a beautiful penis, really. Nancy was lying with her hips moved wide to sides letting Marley caress her vagina. His hand was under her wet lacy panties. Panties were basically the only obstacle on their way to an unforgettable orgy.

So, Marley’s hands pulled the panties down, Nancy raised her butt to make it easier for him to take them off. No more obstacles. Nancy felt unprotected. It was her crazy desire that made her forget about anxiety. Marley was kissing her body. Nancy just closed her eyes trying to focus on her sensations but anyway she couldn’t help squeezing her hips when feeling his head right between them. Marley just spread her legs wider and touched her pussy with his tongue.

Tom heard his wife moan when getting closer to the room. Marley was licking her vagina. Tom noted his rival’s beautiful hard dick. Tom was jealous. He came up to the bed and stuck his cock in his wife’s mouth. Nancy sucked on it with such passion and love that Tom was perplexed by her reaction. She opened her eyes and smiled at her hubby. She felt much more confident now, more confident and much calmer, her Tom was by her side. Now she could finally let sensations take over.

She was getting more and more aroused. Tom glanced at Marley from time to time while fucking his spouse’s mouth. Marley, in his turn, was licking Nancy’s cunt well and tried to get deep in her insides. When Marley finally reached her love button she asked her hubby:

“Tommy please enter me. I can’t wait anymore, babe.”

Marley looked at Tom inquiringly. Tom hesitated for a split second.

“Yeah.” He said then and stuck his dick back in Nancy’s throat.

Marley put on a condom and caressed Nancy’s vulva lips with the dick. Her lips were swollen and wet with her own juices and his saliva.

“No, please, no.” Nancy moaned and closed her pubis with the hands.

Marley spread her hips wider and entered her pussy. Nancy shuddered and moaned as loud as her hubby’s cock in her mouth let her. Tom was staring at his wife’s pussy. Marley was fucking her with swinging thrusts. His pecker was wet with her juices. Nancy was moaning. Marley raised her feet on the shoulders and started fucking her hard and vigorously. Nancy was bucking trying to get Tom’s cock as deep in her throat as possible. Tom came soon. Nancy swallowed all of his semen. Marley was insatiable. Nancy was crying and impaling on his cock.

Tom was lying by her side. He was exhausted and relaxed. He just couldn’t remain indifferent watching his wife getting screwed hard in front of his eyes. He was madly jealous. He couldn’t look at Nancy impaling herself on the dick, he couldn’t listen to her lusty moaning. “All women are sluts. Nancy didn’t resist much either… Look, he’s fucking her womb and she likes it!” Such thoughts made his penis get hard.

Nancy and Marley were moving faster, they were cumming. Marley let her feet go in several thrusts. The condom was full. Marley went to the bathroom. Nancy wanted to go and join him there but Tom pushed her head to his penis.

She saw his erect shaft and sucked on it. She was very careful and gentle maybe because she was still relaxed after her strong orgasm. Tom wanted some hard core action. She was standing on her knees pressing her stomach at the pillow. Tom entered her asshole and was pumping his wife’s butt. Marley got back to the room. He joined the couple. First he was just kissing Nancy’s body and then started ramming her throat.

Tom looked at the watch, it was 3 am. “We’re crazy and tireless,” he thought. Nancy was sucking Marley’s dick. Tom stopped fucking her pussy and moved to her face to let her suck his dick too. Nancy was holding two dicks with her fingers and sucking two dickheads in her mouth. Marley moaned and came on her face. The cumshot was much smaller than in the very beginning of their wild orgy night.

It was a real orgasm night. They changed bed sheets twice. Marley used four condom packs. Shower, cold bubbly, sex – that’s what it generally looked like. Nancy was insatiable, tireless and very inventive. Besides fucking her mouth and vagina, she asked guys to fuck her boobs, her armpits, her feet, her buttocks, her neck. She only didn’t let them fuck her ass.

Nancy was standing on her knees licking her hubby’s cock, sucking his balls. Marley was licking her pussy and then started licking her anus. Nancy liked it a lot (Tom had never done it to her). Marley managed to stick his tongue in the hole and swirl it in there. Nancy was moaning and swaying her butt, sucking on Tom’s cock.

Marley’s caress made her relax ass muscles and so he poked his cock at her butthole.

“No Marley,” she moaned playfully.

Marley entered her butt with a mighty thrust. At first, Nancy cried out with pain, Tom was caressing her making her calm down. Nancy must have felt Marley wear no condom. His hot throbbing flesh was drilling her tight rectum. The pain petered out.

Nancy licked her hubby’s cock once again and whispered:

“Enter me.”

Tom lay under his wife and entered her pussy. They started fucking her together. It was a fantastic sensation! First, it took guys some time to get the tempo and rhythm of one another, to start moving in sync. Soon all three of them were cumming. Marley liked her tight asshole, Nancy liked double penetration, and Tom liked frictions with Marley’s dick through the thin vagina wall.

Nancy was lying on the bed. Tom was caressing her skin and patting her hair. Marley went out to the bathroom. Tom heard some noise downstairs. He saw about five young men in the hall, they were getting in his house greeting naked Marley. Tom wanted to find out what they were doing in his house but someone hit him on the head and he fell u*********s.

When he opened his eyes he heard Nancy’s cries from the bedroom. Those were cries of lust and orgasm. Nancy was mounting one of the guys, the second was fucking her ass, she was sucking a dick and jerking two more with her hands. Marley was sitting in the armchair, sipping bubbly.

The one fucking her ass came in her rectum, another guy stared drilling her stretched hole. The guy she was giving head to was erupting his cum in her throat and on her face, there was a lot of cum. At this very moment the guys saw Tom standing in the doorway.

“Wanna join?” Somebody asked him.

“You’re bastards…”

They didn’t let him finish. They hit him on the head once again. Tom woke up in the morning. His head was resting on his wife’s lap. Her body was all covered in hickeys and semen. Sperm was streaming off her pussy. Her eyes… Nancy looked incredibly happy and satisfied.

“Tommy, maybe you shouldn’t have quarreled with the boys. They’re so nice!”

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good story
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