Me, My Friend and His Mother

Bill gets seduced by his best friend's mother.

My Name is Neal. My earliest sexual experience happened despite the fact that my f****y was in a super-strict fundementalist church back in the Sixties. Sex was never mentioned -- except that it was wrong, sinful, wicked, and not to be discussed at all. Ever. But, within a few months after I turned 16, I was wanking several times a day, and desperate for any information about sex.

My best friend Bill Baker went to a different church and his f****y life seemed a lot more relaxed, with fewer strict rules. I asked him one day where I might find a book on sex. I meant, like a "how to" book, or better yet, a book with nude pictures. He pulls out a few well worn paperbacks with lurid covers and titles like "Hippie Sex Slaves", "Teenage Sex Club" -- and a few Playboy magazines (60's issues). Porn! Bill told me that all this stuff came from his father! This was the same porn that his father wanked off to.

Another guy that Bill knew from his church, Mark, joined us, and we spent all day reading, looking at the pictures, discussing girls, body parts, and wanking. I was really nervous the first I jacked off with them, but it became fun very fast! Had a great time! Did this every Saturday for the entire summer.

Of course, on Sunday mornings at church, I prayed for forgiveness, while sweating bullets! I just knew that I was going to hell for my sins! I was terrified that my parents -- or ANY grownup -- would find out what I was doing.

One Saturday, I dropped over to Bill's house and let myself in. I went to his bedroom, but he wasn't there. I heard footsteps and a moment later Bill's mom came in and smiled at me.

"Hi Neal. Bill isn't here. He's spending the weekend with his grandfather."

My heart sank, because I was so horny, and needed to jack off so bad. Suddenly, I saw her eyes flick over to Bill's desk and her face became grim. I followed her gaze and saw that Bill had left one of the porn paperbacks in his bedroom: "f****y Sex Orgies". His mother picked it up and sternly said, "Bill knows this doesn't belong down here! Neal, would you please take this up into the 'den' (attic) where it belongs?"

Where it "belongs"? It hit me like a hammer. Bill's mother knew about the porn stash! She knew that Bill read porn! That thought made me so horny, I had an instant erection! Right there in Bill's bedroom in front of his mother. She saw my bulging shorts, rolled her eyes, shook her head, and said "Teenagers and sex. It's a miracle any of us survive to be adults."

She handed the book to me. I saw the cover, a black and white hand-drawn picture of an adult man having his dick sucked by a naked teenage girl and a teenage boy having his dick sucked by a naked adult woman. I had read that book, and I knew exactly what indescribable filth and wickedness it contained. I could feel myself blush and my hands started shaking. My erection got even harder.

"Oh, come on, Neal", she said gently, "I know what you guys do in the den. It's not a big deal. All boys your age masturbate. It's perfectly okay, really, but we have a f****y rule that this stuff must be kept out of sight. If you want, you can take it up there and spend some time by yourself. I don't mind. I have laundry and dishes to do down here."

"Well... okay Mrs. Baker. If you say so." Like a fool, I just stood there staring at the cover.

"Have you read that one, Neal?" I swallowed hard and gave a slight nod.

"Did you enjoy it? Do you like stories like that? If I remember, that one is very sexy."

"Hunh? You... you've read this book?" My jaw dropped open.

"Sure. I don't read all the stuff my husband buys, but I do remember that one. It was a fun read -- it made me laugh -- among other things. So, did you enjoy it?" She was wearing a funny grin that I could not interpret.

"Uh, well, it was okay I guess. I liked the drawings inside."

Mrs. Baker laughed gently and gave me a brief unexpected hug.

"That's almost word for word what Bill answered when I asked him if he enjoyed it. When are you guys going to learn that sex is perfectly normal and a natural part of life?"

"Uh, doesn't your church teach that sex outside of marriage is a... a sin?"

She laughed. A gentle melodic laugh that did a lot to ease my anxiety.

"Our church is a bit more tolerant than yours. Well, a lot more tolerant. We recognize that teenagers are victims of their raging hormones, and that you k**s need to... ahh... relieve yourselves. And that exploring your own bodies is a necessary part of learning to grow up. But that doesn't mean we leave books like that lying around for just anybody to find. Now you scoot upstairs with it and enjoy yourself."

I scooted up the staircase. At the top was a door leading into the 'attic' proper. There was boxes and junk everywhere, and it was dark and dusty, lit only by a small bulb hanging on a chain. At the other end of this space was another door into the 'den' that Bill's father had built. The den was finished with cheap wall paneling, plenty of lights and two windows. Unlike the rest of the attic, it was air conditioned and heated. Furniture consisted of a folding bed, a beat up desk, a stained and sagging couch, three wood chairs, bookshelves and a pair of folding bridge tables. The bare plywood floor was covered in a pair of antique hook rugs.

One of the folding tables held a ham radio that Bill's father played with several nights a week. On the other table was a half finished plastic model of a B-25 bomber that Bill was putting together. Several finished model airplanes hung from the sloped ceiling.

I flopped down on the couch and looked at the book in my hands. Yes, I had really, REALLY enjoyed it. I must have jacked off at least once for each chapter -- and it had lots of chapters. The very idea of fathers and mothers having sex with their k**s -- and the k**s having sex with each other -- and with aunts and uncles -- drove me insane with lust. I flipped it open to a drawing showing the father and his daughter naked. He was fucking her in what Bill called "the missionary position". The caption read, "Cecilia was about to give her virginity to her own father!"

My dick throbbed again, painfully. I dropped my shorts down around my ankles, and started reading the text on the opposite page from the picture. My left hand reached down to pull my erection out of my underwear when there was a knock at the door! I dropped the book, grabbed my shorts and bolted to my feet!

And banged my head on the sloped ceiling! Everything went hazy and woozy. Something slapped me on the side of my face, and I saw stars. Then I saw nothing.

Next thing I know, I opened my eyes and I was lying on the bare mattress of the folding bed. Mrs. Baker was bending over me, and was pressing something cold to the top of my head. As my eyes focused, I realized that her large breasts, concealed by her blouse of course, were positioned about four inches in front of my face. A moment later, a sharp pain on my head caused me to wince and snap my head forward, and my face collided with her breast! It was so incredibly soft!

"Ouch! Woops! I'm sorry Mrs. Baker, I didn't mean to do..."

"Hush, Neal. I'm more concerned with your noggin. Are you okay?"

"Yes. Mostly. What happened?"

"I knocked at the door, then heard a loud grunt and something heavy fall to the floor. I peeked in and you were knocked out cold. I got an ice pack from the kitchen and dragged you onto the bed. Are you sure you're okay? You were bleeding a little, not much. You must have banged your head on the window sill. That was my fault. I shouldn't have surprised you like that."

"It's okay Mrs. Baker..."

"Call me Betty."

"I'm okay Mrs.... Betty. Really I am. It hardly hurts at all. Uh... why did you come up here?"

She blushed. "It was silly of me, but I remembered a book in my bedroom. I finished it yesterday and thought you might enjoy it. It's one of my favorites." She reached over me, which once again moved her breasts directly over my face. I could see a fan of tiny wrinkles which marked the beginning of her cleavage. Quite a lot of cleavage. And the edge of a lacey white bra.

She sat back upright and handed me the book. It was titled, "Momma Seduces Her Sexy Sons", and the cover showed a drawing of an adult woman and three teenage boys -- all naked. One of them was fucking the woman, and she was holding the other two by their enormous erect penises. They were all smiling.

"Damn! I mean, wow, Mrs. Baker, this is incredible! This looks really dirty. I had no idea that you read this stuff. Did... did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, Neal, I enjoyed it very much. And my name is Betty."

"But... Betty... how come you enjoy this stuff? Why do you read it?"

She grinned and stroked my face. "Why do YOU read it, Neal?" She laughed pleasantly. "I KNOW why you read it. I read it for the same reason."

"You mean you jack... I mean... that you..."

"Masturbate, Neal. The word is masturbate. And yes I do. All boys and girls masturbate, sweetheart. And a lot of adults do too. It's harmless fun, Neal. And everybody needs a little harmless fun, don't they?"

"I guess, Betty. It's just that I... well, it's hard to imagine you reading books like this, and... uh... masturbating. Can I sit up now? I feel better, really."

She moved to make room and I sat up. I saw that my shorts were on the floor and my underwear had been pulled down so that the waistband was around my hips. This left a gap in the leg hole through which my balls and part of my penis were clearly visible. I panicked and pulled my underwear up.

"Woopsies! Sorry, Neal, I didn't mean to look. When I pulled you up onto the bed, it dragged your undies down a little."

"It's okay Betty. I guess. I've never had a girl see my... private stuff before." I reached down and picked my shorts up off the floor. As I started to put them back on, Mrs. Baker casually put her hand on my arm and stopped me. I swallowed hard.

"You don't need to put those on yet. I'm flattered you think of me as a girl, Neal. Thank you. My son certainly doesn't."

"Bill? Well, I guess that's because you're his mother. I think of you as a girl, well, an older girl. I wish my mother was as pretty as you are. Bill's lucky. My mom is as big as a cow, has a face like a horse, and never smiles."

"Be nice, Neal. Maybe your mom can't help how she looks. But I do appreciate your kind words. A woman always likes to feel she is attractive, no matter how old she gets. In fact, Tom, my husband, says he found a picture that looks a lot like me. It should be over here."

She got up from the bed and walked to the nearest bookshelf. She flipped through the stack of Playboys, then brought one back and sat beside me on the bed. She opened it up to the centerfold.

There in front of my eyes was a gorgeous naked woman! She was brunette, just like Betty, and the face was quite similar. Same hazel eyes and pouting lips. Her breasts were amazing. And unbelievably huge -- just the way I liked them! The hem of her negligee carefully hid her crotch. I was stunned. Not just by the centerfold, but by the fact that Bill's mother was showing it to me. My penis twitched.

"It does look like you, Betty. Wow! I mean... I hope I'm not embarrasing you, Betty. I mean, she really does look just like you, only she's... well, naked and all."

"It's okay, Neal. I'm not offended at all. Yes, the resemblance is very close. In fact, that's why I wear my hair this way now -- to match her hair. But her breasts are a lot bigger than mine. I wish mine were as lovely as hers."

"Betty, I think you've got terrific tits!... I mean, sorry, breasts..." I could feel my face blushing, but my mouth kept right on going. "I bet if you were naked, you'd be just as... I mean, your tits... breasts... would be... ummm... as lovely..."

Mrs. Baker laughed out loud, a lovely melodic laugh. She put her arm around me and hugged me and kissed me on my very hot red cheek.

"You are such a sweetheart, Neal. You make me feel... sexy."

"Thanks, I guess. But I swear, your breasts are every bit as nice as hers."

"Really? Do you like breasts? Do you dream about playing with breasts while you touch yourself?"

"Uhh... is it okay to talk about this? With you?"

"Sure it is, Neal. I talk to my husband and my son about this. Why not with you?"

"Damn! I mean, wow! I mean if my mom looked like you and talked about... masturbation... and breasts... and gave me books like this to read," I picked up the paperback book she had given me, "I would dream... of you... every day."

The look on her face changed. Changed from just a motherly smile to... something else. She was looking right into my eyes.

"I think that's the nicest thing any man has said to me in years. Now let me do something nice for you. Okay?"

I nodded my head and she shifted back on the bed so that she was facing me. Her hands went up and touched the top button of her blouse. To my astonishment, she casually undid all the buttons and slipped her blouse off. She was covered only by her bra! I held my breath. She looked up at me with that enigmatic grin again and reached behind her back. The bra came off.

I was staring at her naked breasts! They were almost identical to the breasts in the centerfold, large, round, only slightly sagging. Okay, maybe they were just a little smaller, but not by much. Her nipples were big and pink, like pencil erasers, circled by dark puffy rings the size of a half dollar. She scooped her breasts up in her hands, squeezed them lightly together, then turned them loose. They dropped and jiggled and swung back and forth for a few seconds. I realized I had a raging hardon!

"Well? Do you think they are as nice as the ones in the magazine? Tell the truth."

She gently slapped her breasts on the sides, making them wobble again.

My voice came out in a reverent whisper. "They're beautiful. God, they're so beautiful. But why... why are you showing me your breasts?"

"You sweet boy. It was my fault you bumped your head, so I felt it was only right to make up for that. Do you like them?"

I couldn't take my eyes off of her breasts. I couldn't breath. I felt my penis throb.

Finally I said, "Hell yes, Betty. They're fantastic. I've never seen..."

"Hold still, Neal."

She got up on her knees and came closer on the bed. She held my shoulders. Then, ever so lightly, she brushed her nipples against my face! She gently caressed my head and pressed her breasts against my face, first one then the other. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, and my penis throbbing painfully in my underwear. She dragged one nipple across my cheek and then across my lips. I felt her nipple between my lips. Without thinking, I stuck my tongue out and licked across her nipple. She moaned very quietly.

"Lay down, Neal."

I did so, and she dangled the full weight of her warm soft breasts against my face, then dragged them slowly back and forth across my face. Inviting me to suck on her nipples.

"Uhh... Betty? Isn't this wrong?"

"Neal, in your church this is very wrong indeed. In my church... we're a LOT more tolerant, sweetheart -- but it's still a wicked thing to do. But that just makes it more fun. Suck my nipples if you want to. Touch them with your hands. Every boy your age should know what a woman's breasts feel like."

I touched. I fondled and squeezed and caressed her wonderful sexy tits while I sucked and licked her hard nipples. I could feel my bl**d pounding in my head. I could feel Mrs. Baker's hand touch my thigh, my crotch, and then rest lightly on the huge bulge in my underwear. I wanted to scream "NO!" so badly, but I just couldn't. I fondled her breasts and listened to her breathing get deeper and deeper.

I felt her hand slide inside my underwear.

"Betty? Wait..."

I felt her breast push back into my mouth, silencing me, as her fingers surrounded the base of my stiff cock. With a little tug, she pulled it out and gently began stroking it.

I thought, "Jesus forgive me! I can't help myself! This can't be happening!"

Her breasts pulled away (noooo!!!!), as well as her hand.

"Neal? You know what I would like to do? Let's masturbate together. Just like you and Bill do when you're up here together. Please?"

She raised her skirt and pulled off her white cotton panties, then got up on her knees and pulled my underwear off.

"There! Isn't that more comfortable?"

My cock was sticking straight up in the air and her hand returned to it, barely touching it, but stroking slowly up and down. I caught my breath and stared at her sensuously swinging breasts. I stared at her hand on my cock. Every tiny touch of her fingertips sent bolts of electricity through my cock, my spine and my brain. It felt so good. It felt too good!

"Uhh... I dunno, Betty. I'm not we should do this."

"But Neal, you jack off with Bill, don't you? You read these sexy books and stroke your cocks and jack off, and that's okay, isn't it?"

"Well, yes... I guess that's okay."

"Well, you can do that with me too, can't you? It's just that you would be masturbating with a woman instead of another boy. Trust me, it will be perfectly okay. Here, I'll start reading my favorite section of this new book. It got me so horny last night, I masturbated several times. Let's masturbate together!"

She opened up "Momma Seduces Her Sexy Sons" to a page near the middle and started reading out loud. Meanwhile, she raised one knee up, giving me my first glimpse EVER of a woman's pussy. She inserted three fingers inside her pussy, her pinkie and two middle fingers, and began energetically thrusting them in and out.

She read about the "Momma", who having had sex with one of her sons, decided to seduce the other two as well. She planned it all out and got one of them into the shower with her and let him soap up and fondle her huge tits. As Mrs. Baker read the story, the sounds from her pussy got louder and squishier. I could smell her pussy juices. I couldn't help but thinking of Mrs. Baker as the "Momma" in the book, and ME as her son!

And I was stroking my cock! I couldn't believe I was doing this, but I was so horny! I was jacking off and letting a grownup watch me!

Having Mrs. Baker read the story was a lot hornier than listening to Bill! She glanced momentarily at my cock and smiled that funny smile into my face, and kept on reading. In the story, "Momma" started masturbating her second son, even though she was thinking to herself how dirty and wicked she was being. Then she got down on her knees and started sucking his dick! Her son had a powerful orgasm and squirted his cum in her mouth and all over his mother's face!

I couldn't help but visualize it! Mrs. Baker was sucking my dick and I was cumming in her mouth! My cock got harder and I stroked faster and faster!

I could feel the pressure building up in my balls. I was cumming! I was cumming so hard, feeling each thick spurt of semen being f***ed out of my cock under huge pressure. My head spun as if it was my brain cumming, and I moaned loudly. I heard Mrs. Baker gasp. I felt my hips thrusting violently, out of control. My penis was sliding forcibly between my tightly clasped fingers, my fluids jetting out of me.

I finally sighed loudly with the total pleasure of sexual release and looked down at my crotch. There was cum everywhere! On my thighs and my pubic hair and all over my hand. But there were also big streamers of cum on Mrs. Baker's tummy and one thigh.

She whispered, "Oh god that was so fucking beautiful!"

She stopped reading and let her head loll back. Her hand masturbated faster and faster, causing her entire ass to bounce on the mattress. Then she let out a long mournful wail and started shaking all over like she was having a fit! She grunted like a pig, over and over and over again as she rammed her fingers into herself! And I was watching the whole thing up close! I was watching Mrs. Baker jack off!

It was so dirty! I felt myself blush again.

After what seemed like several minutes, her eyes opened and she stared right into my face as she gave herself a last few strokes. Her pubic hair and her hand were totally slimey and wet with her juices. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. A grown woman had let me watch her masturbate!

In a sl**py voice she asked me if I enjoyed masturbating together with her as much as I did with Bill.

"God, Betty... this was better! This was soooo much better! I'm still hard!"

Her eyelashes descended halfway over her eyes, which were still boring into mine. She gave me that funny grin again.

"So I've noticed. So I've noticed
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awesome as all your stories are
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Hardon inducing story, now I gotta do something about that!
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i would love to do that to my friends mom when i was younger......
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A great and horny story
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good story,,,
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