Holes In My Wall Part 3

My name’s Christina. If you’ve been reading my adventures you know that I’ve been utilizing two peep holes in my closet wall that lead into my f****y’s guest bedroom.

The peep holes provide an honest love. If someone loves what they see, they’ll peep. If not they’ll look away.

A few weeks later my parents announced that they would be out of town on a business trip but that I wasn’t allowed to have any parties since I would be quasi babysitting for the Smith f****y down the street.

The Smiths were having an important college reunion party all weekend at their house and they needed to make room by moving their son Billy out. Billy was too old for a babysitter and could take care of himself but they wanted him staying in our house so I could keep an eye on him.

My parents were a bit surprised that I wasn’t angry at my loss of freedom and having to take care of Billy. As you can guess, I was eagerly awaiting his coming.

“Here Billy. This is the guest bedroom. This is where you’ll be staying.”

Shy little Billy didn’t say anything. I’d have to act boldly in getting him to open up.

“Come with me Billy. I want to show you my holes.”

“Your what?” he asked shocked.

“My holes.” I said opening the closet. “See Billy, these holes in the guest room closet look into my bedroom. They’ve been here since the house was built but my parents won’t fix them.”

“Oh cool.” he said looking through. “It’s like a secret passage. Like James Bond.”

“Yeah, it can be kind of fun to play spy and look through them and pass notes. The reason I’m showing you my holes Billy is that I don’t want you finding them on your own and looking through them when I undress. I want you to promise Billy that you won’t be a pervert and peep on me changing. Do you promise Billy?”

“I pwomise.” said Billy crossing his heart with his finger.

“I trust you Billy because I know you’re a good boy.”

Since I knew Billy wouldn’t and couldn’t tell on me I was a lot bolder around the house. I wore only a sports bra and yellow jersey shorts with white stripes. I tried to do yoga in the living room a lot and show off my body as much as possible.

Yoga also gave me an excuse to take plenty of showers which I’d always announce so Billy would know it was time to peep in his hole.

“Wow. I’m beat. Better hit the showers.”

As I slipped off my jersey shorts and sports bra I checked the periscope I’d installed on my side to make sure the lucky guest was indeed peeping in the guestroom. Sure enough Billy had his face pressed directly against the closet wall.

After my shower I put on quite a show for him by standing naked in my full length mirror and massaging oils and creams into my teenage skin. All the while playing innocent to Billy’s obvious peeping.

When I checked the periscope again I saw Billy’s shorts were down as well and his hand was inside his underwear.

I slipped on a pair of thong panties and a tee shirt which only reached my hips midway and went to knock on Billy’s door. “Billy are you in there?”

“Ummm… just a minute… I’m ummm… in the bathroom.” he answered.

When he unlocked the door (to which I had the skeleton key) he quickly rushed to the bed and placed a pillow over his lap, I’m sure to hide his erection. “Yeah? What is it?”

“It’s that pillow.” I said pointing to his lap. “That’s my pillow. I’ve been looking for it everywhere.”

Billy’s eyes froze in terror as now there would be nothing to cover his erection with. He hesitated but handed me the pillow and then turned away.

“Thanks Billy. Come on downstairs. Let’s watch a movie.”

If you’re going to use a movie to seduce a guy don’t choose anything sexy. After all guys are already thinking about sex and you want them to associate sex with you. Instead choose a scary movie. It gives you lots of excuses to snuggle up with them for protection.

I put in the scary DVD and sat on the floor with my bare legs crossed, leaving nothing to Billy’s imagination. He tried to look away embarrassed, but his curiosity kept leading his hungry eyes back to me.

Throughout the film I’d snuggle with Billy and say things to him like, “Oh my. This movie so scary I don’t know how I’ll ever get to sl**p tonight. I may need a big strong guy like you to sl**p in the same bed with me and keep me safe. I just hate sl**ping alone.”

Billy was still too shy to respond.

After the movie I put on another show for him, taking my time to dress for bed. It was unnecessary to check the periscope as I was confident that Billy stroked himself to sl**p that night thinking about me.

The next day, after my first yoga session I announced my shower and went upstairs. I slipped out of my jersey shorts and bra and put on a long pink satin robe and nothing more.

Then I quietly snuck into the hall and used my skeleton key to open the guestroom door. Sure enough, Billy was kneeling by a hole with his shorts down.

“Billy? What are you doing?” I yelled.

Billy jumped back quickly and pulled up his shorts. “Hey the door was locked!”

“No it wasn’t Billy! And that’s besides the point! You’ve been getting stiffies Billy! You’ve been peeping on me this whole time when you promised not to! You’ve been peeping on me to get stiffies!” In a huff I whirled around. “I’m going to tell your parents all about how you’re a pervert who’s been getting stiffies and peeping on an innocent girl! They’ll be very angry when their reunion is interrupted!”

I acted as if I was going to use the phone in the kitchen. What I wanted to happen and why I’d changed into only a satin robe was to get Billy to physically try and stop me from calling.

He grabbed me by the arm as tears poured down his reddened face. “No! Please don’t tell! I’ll do anything for you! Please! You have to understand, I don’t try to get stiffies! They just happen and I can’t control it! I only looked at you because I’ve never seen a naked girl in real life before and I was curious! Please don’t tell! I’ll do anything.”

The magic words. I put down the phone. “Anything Billy? Anything?”

“Yes!” he sobbed.

I hugged his wan face to my bosom and stroked his teary face. “There there Billy. I’m sorry. You’re just very curious. I understand. It’s OK to be curious. And stiffies are just natural at your age.”

“I’ve never peeped on anyone before. Anyone. Not my s****rs, my cousins, anyone. But you’re so beautiful I just couldn’t help myself.” he pleaded.

“Well, since you like looking at me naked so much, why don’t you show me how big your stiffy is?”

“What?” he asked shocked.

“Well you said, ‘anything’ and since you say I’m beautiful I need to know how big of a stiffy I gave you.”


“You said, ‘anything.”’

We went back into my room and I ordered Billy to disrobe. Predictably he declined. “Come on Billy. You’ve been looking at my endowments. It’s only fair that I get to see your endowments. Go on. Off off.”

Reluctantly Billy let his shorts drop to the floor.

I clapped my hands to my cheeks like MacCaulay Culkin. “Oh Billy you’re hung like a horse! I had no idea you were so well endowed! How have you managed to keep a thing like that hidden?” I picked up my cell phone. “Hold still! I have to take a picture to send to all my friends!”

“What?” Billy covered himself with his hands.

“Don’t be shy Billy. All girls want a well endowed boyfriend. When everyone finds out how big you are you’ll be the most popular boy in school.”

As Billy grabbed my cell phone I realized we’d played this game long enough. I opened my robe and spread my legs out on my bed. “Go for it Billy! Go for it!”

That was all the invitation the virgin Billy needed. He mounted me and within seconds was pumping away at such speed it must have looked like a Benny Hill sketch.

I wrapped my legs around him tightly and held him close while I moaned and groaned in ecstasy.

He was thrusting at such a pace that I realized he better pull out soon. “Hold on Billy! Pull out before you cum like they do in the movies! Pull out before you cum!” But he was working so hard at such a f***e he couldn’t be stopped and part of me didn’t want him to. I had the f***e him off of me with all four of my limbs and then quickly wrap my mouth around his organ to capture his release.

Billy moaned and moaned as he pumped his sperm down my throat. After swallowing I noticed that his organ was as hard as ever. Without a word I resumed the missionary position and Billy went back to thrusting full f***e as if he hadn’t climaxed at all. Nothing could slow this boy down.

Only 30 minutes later he announced, “It’s time for me to cum again.” And I opened my mouth to receive him. This time after swallowing I assumed the doggy style position and Billy mounted me and pumped away just as long and strong as when he’d first started.

Billy must have cum in my mouth 5 times in only 2 hours before we both dropped exhausted and covered in sweet. My mind overloaded by pleasure I blacked out.

I must have slumbered deeply for several hours as the sun was now down. I turned to look at Billy whom was still lying naked next to me. Even in sl**p his organ was still fully erect and reaching for the heavens. We could only attribute his uncanny strength and stamina to his virginity. An entire lifetime of sexual frustration had been unleashed in only a few hours.

As we would discover that weekend he still had a lot more to get out of his system.

He thanked me profusely for deflowering him. And I promised to spread the good word around school so he could make many other girls very happy. But my relationship with Billy was at an end. He no longer had possession of the holes. And my holes eagerly awaited their next visitor whomever it might be.

Christina’s adventures with the holes are not over. Another story is coming quickly

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