Smokin' Aces

A movie I've never seen and a night I'll never forget.
The night I lost my virginity was wonderful and definitely memorable, but it certainly wasn't all rose petals and fireworks. It wasn't the culmination of a whirlwind romance or the fruits of a well-laid plan of seduction. It wasn't really anticipated at all. Like most people's first time, it was an alcohol-fuelled, spur of the moment decision taken by two people who had suddenly found themselves attracted to each other.

It happened towards the end of my first year of university. I was nineteen and, although I wasn't altogether happy about still being a virgin, I wasn't overly concerned about it since a lot of my friends of the same age were in the same situation. I certainly wasn't actively seeking a sexual relationship with anyone. I was, and am, not very assertive when it comes to women. I find it strange that I am relatively confident in so many areas of my life yet find it terribly difficult to make a move on a girl. I always knew I'd much prefer it if a girl would make a move on me.

A group of my friends were having a party just before the Spring Vacation, and it was fancy dress. It was called the A-List Party, and everyone was supposed to come as something beginning with the letter A. I strongly dislike costume parties and so wore my normal clothes, telling people that I was there as 'apathy'. I remember it was the day that Scotland had unexpectedly beaten Ireland in a game of rugby, so I was in high spirits and eagerly began drinking my celebratory beers upon arrival.

The party was already in full swing when we got there. I imagine close to 50 people were crammed into the small student house and spilling outside. There was a ridiculous amount of booze going around, from value-brand gin to J?germeister and most of the guests were getting pretty merry in no time. After a couple of hours of milling around and mingling, I found myself in the corner of the living room with two girls I knew, Jane and Emily.

Jane is quiet and unassuming but during our short acquaintance I had found her to be very funny and interesting. On the other hand, Emily is loud and crass and never fails to say exactly what is on her mind. We were on the same course and even in the same tutorial group but we actually met through a mutual friend. When I first met her, her personality was bit too big for me and I wasn't sure how to take her. As time went on, we spent more time together due to the overlap of our friendship groups, and I started to talk to her more in classes (when she showed up). Now we get on like a house on fire.

We're sitting in this party and the conversation gets round to some of our lecturers and their relative attractiveness. Emily reveals that she actually has pictures of two of them on her "man wall" in her room. I laughed so hard, both at the idea of a "man wall" and that she would have these particular men on it. Jane and I were, apparently, very keen to see this collage and so Emily decided to show us. She lived in the student house next door, into which the party had started to spread, and duly led us there. I think we were all pretty buzzed at this stage.

We got there and, sure enough, Emily had a large collection of pictures of men which she had obviously spent a lot of time on. When I inspected closer, I discovered that, true to her word, she had printed out pictures of two of our lecturers and added them to this bizarre homage. The three of us were having a good laugh talking about her other choices for the wall. Jane evidently picked up on something that even I hadn't thought about this stage, for she excused herself to leave us alone. I found this a little odd at first - the idea of making any kind of move on Emily had not once crossed my mind, until now.

There we were, alone in her small bedroom and thoroughly enjoying each other's company. I would have happily returned to the party but she suggested that we stay here and watch a movie. I may have been a virgin, but I was no idiot, and I know what 'watching a movie' is code for, especially given the circumstances. However, I wasn't one to be presumptuous and I decided to take everything at face value for the moment. That said, I started to fancy my chances.

Emily had a bit of a 'reputation' and had acquired the nickname, 'The De-Virginiser', amongst her friends. I'm not one to read much into rumours but I had known her to be quite flirty. Not so long before this incident, actually, she had gone home with one of my good (virgin) friends and there was still a bit of a question mark over what had actually happened (it transpired that they actually did watch a movie and it never really went anywhere). With all this in mind, I was a little intimidated but trying to overcome it with what 'Dutch courage' I had.

We settle on a film - Smokin' Aces. I've never seen it but it's one of her favourites, apparently. We sat on her bed next to each other and I kicked off my shoes. One of her legs was in a cast because she had broken her ankle on my birthday night out a few weeks previous. I have no idea what she was dressed as, but she was wearing an incredibly sexy outfit that hugged her curves in all the right places. I was only just noticing this now that my attraction towards her was making itself known. I'm sure I put my hand on her thigh, and that's how it all began.

The film was not five minutes in and we were making out. This being another area in which I was not very experienced, I followed her lead and it became the best kiss I'd ever had. The strange thing was, we were still having a conversation and it was suddenly being inter-spersed by passionate kissing, yet it felt like the most natural thing. We talked about the fact that I was a virgin and the fact that Emily was anything but. We even, very weirdly, discussed the range in the size of penises she had taken. It's surreal, now that I think about it, but I wasn't thinking much at the time.

Before long we were undressing each other. This was one of my favourite parts of the evening, it was very erotic. I fondly remember running my hand up her inner thigh to her underwear while I removed the black and red bodice she was sporting. I had never felt a woman's genitals before and I recall thinking, as I slipped my fingers underneath her panties, what a landmark this was for me. We moved to a horizontal position on her single bed, me down to just my boxers and her completely naked but for the cast on her right leg, continuing to make out, enjoying the taste of each other. This is when it hit me that this was really going somewhere and, before the night was out, I may no longer be a virgin. All the insecurities I have about my body disappeared in that moment.

Her firm breasts were gorgeous and I savoured the feel of them in my hands. The talking had stopped and we were enjoying the feel of our bodies against each other. Her kisses never lost intensity and I was feeling sexy in the knowledge that she wanted me like no woman had before. All I could think about was making her happy, showing my gratitude. Kissing down her neck, I decided to do something I've always wanted to. I moved down on the bed until my head was level with her hips and I gentles parted her legs a little more.

Face to face with a pussy for the first time in my life, instinct took over. I have an abnormally short tongue but I can move it damn fast, so I put it to work at her entrance. I didn't really know what I was doing, only that I loved the taste of her and I didn't want to stop. From the sound of it, she didn't either. Occasionally I would slip a couple of finger inside her to go deeper and feel her insides, a feeling I liked very much. This was all so new and exciting for me and I was feeling such a rush.

I must have been doing something right because Emily asked me if this was really my first time. I reckon my confidence doubled in that single moment. My tongue worked very hard (it was actually sore the next day) to elicit her moans of pleasure. I don't think I brought her to orgasm, probably because I was going at it blind, but I certainly gave it a good go. She has since bragged about my tongue skills to some friends, which I'm not unhappy about.

I kissed my way back up her body, pausing on each nipple and giving them due attention. Then we kissed again and she was obviously very grateful for my efforts. She held the back of my head as our tongues danced and I ran my hands down her sexy body. The movie is barely audible to me, lost in this act of passion. My erection is growing, but it's not time yet. I make my wake back down, stopping momentarily to compliment her tattoo, lick all over her shaved, but slightly stubbly, mound. I think I was now doing this more for my own pleasure than hers.

She pulled me up again and I knew what she wanted but had to admit that I didn't have protection. She got up from under me and crossed the room, producing a condom from somewhere as I removed my underwear and threw them somewhere. Emily returned to the bed and lovingly rolled the sheath over my throbbing weapon before kissing me and returning to our previous position. I was about to lose my virginity.

She was already wet enough for me to enter her and I did with a gentle thrust of my hips. I didn't have time to think about how momentous this occasion was, I just started to fuck her. I got into a nice slow rhythm that felt really good to me, although I'm not convinced it was doing much for her. I only lasted a couple of minutes and I came with some intensity. Our lips locked once more in a steamy kiss. I had done it - I had finally lost my virginity.

We carried on for some time after, mostly making out and me adoring her pussy. I even, I vaguely recollect, sucked on the big toe of her right foot. I've always had a thing for feet and I couldn't resist the opportunity. She laughed but seemed to enjoy it. She was keen for us to have sex another time, but the alcohol had done it's damage and biology failed me. We spooned on her bed and I soaked up the wonderful feeling of her naked body in my arms. I could tell she was as content as I was.

I don't know how long the whole thing had lasted but I guessed around an hour. The film was still playing, but the plot was well-developed, and the party was dwindling. I didn't stay with her that night, although I often wish I had and I know she wanted me to. That's my only regret about the night. My friend was one of the last ones at the party so I left with him with my underwear in my pocket. He wouldn't have expected me to have gone all the way with Emily, so I let him believe that we just made out a lot.

Emily and I never did anything after that night, although I'd have her again in an instant. We are quite good friends now and still have a lot of laughs. I'm glad she was my first and that it happened like it did. The memory of that night will always hold a special place in my heart. I've still never seen Smokin' Aces, though.

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