The Group

This was Virginia's first encounter, it won't be her last......
Virginia Preston was tall, about 5’9”, with long chestnut hair and allowed herself to be led gently into the dark room. She was aware of others present in the shadows but could not see them clearly, just hear some shuffling and a soft cough.

Hands gently held her arms from behind as a soft cloth was placed over her eyes, she thought it was silk, but couldn’t be sure. Totally unable to get her bearings, Virginia found her arms gripped a little tighter as she was propelled gently forward, her steps hesitant in her high heels as her senses become attuned to this new environment.

This was her next step into the unknown but her first foray into the world of pleasure she had been promised was waiting for her.

She had known Tony for close to six months, now, and he had already opened doors in her sex life that she had never known existed. Her new brazenness had already astounded her; they had made each other come, under their coats, on a flight to Edinburgh. He had taken her over the bonnet of a car in the middle of a lit car park, when she knew people were watching them, the exquisite thrill of being on display for all to see had amazed her.

Tony had also taken her dogging, where she had sex with three complete strangers and had screamed out loud as her face received their warm fluid as they came on her. The next day, she had performed oral sex on Tony in a glass lift on the outside of a hotel and was more than disappointed that no one had seen it, the hotel life just continuing around them!

It was after the lift that Tony had introduced the area of bondage into their sex games, Virginia didn’t ask how he knew about it, but was eager to try.

The first time had been difficult, she couldn’t stop giggling and Tony had become first cross and then angry with her. That had resulted in her being punished for the first time and she found that was just as big a turn-on as everything else she had experienced.

The punishments were firm although quite tender and over the last month or so, she realised she was now subservient to him. Pleasing him was her only goal and the way her body reacted to his demands confirmed it was good for her, too. She had no qualms about this. In fact, she now lived for it, her day-to-day life was still hers but for Tony, she now knew she would do anything, without consideration, so when he had informed her of tonight’s offering, she had accepted without demur

Gently, she felt her arms held up as her dress was removed, fingertips scr****g across her now-sensitive skin as it was drawn over her head. She thought the unseen hands belonged to a girl, the fingers felt soft and the nails long but she was not totally sure.

Virginia felt hands unclip her bra and her breasts jiggled as it was removed and she tried to imagine herself standing blindfolded and clad just in her skimpy pants, hold-up stockings and high heeled shoes. She shuddered slightly as the thought triggered her nerve-endings into action and she felt the warmth in her body peak at her nipples and pussy.

She was aware of slight murmurings around her as her hands were placed in front of her, palms together, and her tongue licked her lips as the sc**** of a soft rope was wound around her wrists. More hands moved her legs further apart and she felt herself stumble slightly as more rope was wound around her legs. She could feel something placed in front of her and then felt herself pushed forward until she was bent over, her torso supported on some padded piece of furniture that allowed her breasts to be free.

Her hands were pulled down towards her feet and she felt bindings around her ankles that were laced to the furniture, her hands then laced to her feet. She was now on display for everyone to see. Who they were, she had no idea, but the thought of this had already made her wet and she could feel her juices cooling on the skin of her thighs.

Tony looked on as his latest gift to the group was presented to them. They were impressed, he could tell, especially as he had spent a lot of time and patience getting Virginia to this level. He had promised them something special and he felt she was ready, confident in her willingness to please him and because of that, fully expected the group to be more than satisfied.

The group consisted of about 25 members up and down the country, who met on an infrequent basis, although the occasional gatherings usually had no more than seven or eight participants at any one time. Tonight eight had gathered, nine if Tony was included, but his role was not intended to be one of participant, this time.

He watched as one of the female members, Linda, ran her fingers up and down the crack in Virginia’s spread cheeks, her fingers probing her pussy lips as Virginia softly gasped at the intrusion. Linda was a redhead, in real life known as a ‘captain of industry’ and could be ruthless in her business dealings. In truth, that could apply to them all, but Tony knew her weakness for new experiences with both men and women. She was, unfortunately, predictable and he waited for her to present her cunt to Virginia’s mouth, wanting to be the one to cum first, before moving away and satisfying her voyeuristic tendencies.

The others were now all inspecting the goods; hands cupped buttocks, fingers probed and delved, Virginia’s nipples were stretched and flicked, her accompanying gasps and moans all fuelling the sense of anticipation that surrounded them all.

Tony moved forward and placed his mouth against Virginia’s ear, gently whispering to her that she was safe, that tonight she would experience nothing but pure pleasure and that he, Tony, would look after her and ensure nothing would harm her. Softly, he told her of the pleasure and pain to come; the pain was nothing she hadn’t already experienced before although the pleasure would be greater than she could ever imagine.

As he crouched down, whispering to Virginia, he felt a hand cup his balls through his trousers, squeezing them. Glancing round, Tony smiled gently as he saw Linda wink at him before she pressed her cunt to Virginia’s mouth, her fingers splaying her own fleshy lips wide and pushing herself into her face.

Virginia could smell the arousal in front of her before the soaking labia were pressed hard against her mouth. This was unexpected, she had been prepared for men but this was most definitely a woman! The wet flesh pushing against her mouth made it hard for her to breathe and she desperately tongued and sucked it, as hands f***ed her head into the soaking flesh of this unseen cunt.

Tony watched as Linda f***ed her cunt into Vanessa’s face, silently disappointed that Linda was quite so predictable in her actions. With a loud groan, Linda came on the tongue lapping at her clit, her juices flooding out in a rush and coating Virginia’s tongue and face. Linda shuddered as the orgasm ripped through her, before staggering back, her face flushed a deep red, fingers stroking herself as her orgasm subsided.

Tony smiled to himself, it had begun!

Behind her, Virginia felt her pants being ripped from her and fingers probe roughly at her now streaming cunt. Hands were squeezing her breasts hard and she called out as her nipples were twisted and pulled, her body was on fire as fingers invaded her ass and cunt, the juices streaming from her. Hands firmly held her head and she opened her mouth to accept the cock pushing over her tongue.

At the back, she was aware of a cock pushing into her, she had no idea who it belonged to and she didn’t care, as the one on her mouth started to rapidly fuck her face. In and out, the hard cock slid over her tongue, soon starting a rhythm with the one in her vagina.

The see-sawing of the two cocks continued as fingers probed her arse and she felt teeth scr****g over her engorged nipples. With a jerk, the cock in her mouth throbbed and then deposited its salty load over her tongue, some of the fluid slipping down her throat as Virginia fought for breath, the rest drooling in strands from her mouth.

Behind her, she felt the cock in her cunt withdraw and present itself to her arse, her puckered opening stretching to accommodate the girth of this invader. Virginia moaned, the pain was intense but as the shaft slipped deeper and her ring of muscle expanded, it finally became one of pleasure.

Another cock presented itself to her mouth, and she lapped at the smooth flesh, her tongue searching, exploring as the cock in her arse drove high inside her. Virginia felt the rush as a warm flood invaded her arse and knew the cock had deposited its sticky load deep in her body, the final thrusts of its owner confirming this before it was withdrawn, leaving her feeling empty. The cock in her mouth continued to plunge deep into her throat, bringing her to the point of gagging, then withdrawing enough so she could breathe.

Tony watched this continue, a smile playing on his lips, and he knew he was being proved right, Virginia was a slut of the first degree and would be a welcome addition to the group’s fun and games. He idly watched the cock continue to plunge into her open mouth then it was removed and watched, detachedly, as the first glob of semen splashed onto her face, slowly slipping down her pale skin.

Virginia felt the warm fluid hit her face and almost instinctively her tongue snaked out to try and catch some as it dripped over her features and she managed to catch another spurt on her searching tongue, before sucking the cock dry of its spicy load.

Fingers fumbled at the bindings as her hands and feet were released and she was helped into a standing position, her muscles aching as she stood upright. Firmly, she was guided a few awkward steps and then her hands were pulled above her head, stretching her until her feet were just making contact with the floor.

Hands gripped her tits, twisting them and pulling her nipples as she groaned at this sensation, her nipples had always been sensitive but how they were ready to burst! The fingers were replaced by metal clips that bit deeply into the hard stubs of her nipples and then the shock of the ice on them made her scream out loudly.

Tony stepped forward to whisper into her ear again, telling her to control her moans and cries as there was a lot more planned for her. Biting her lip, Vanessa nodded her understanding and her mouth leapt into making a silent ‘O’ as the first stroke of the belt fell across her buttocks.

More strokes struck her, the pain shooting through her legs and landing in her violated cunt, making the juices pour from her. As this was happening, she felt her legs opened and a soft material was flashed against her swollen, raw cunt. It was heaven and hell and the different sensations fought to win control.

As the strokes finally subsided, she fell to making slight whimpering noises, the pain of her arse and her pussy slowly turning into a rich ache of pleasure.

Virginia felt hands encircle her waist as her legs were pulled up around a waist and she felt the hardness of a dildo f***e itself high into her vagina. She could tell from the softness of the skin against her body that this was a woman, so this must be a strap-on worming away at her insides.

Tony watched as Susan attacked Virginia’s wet snatch with the strap-on, he knew how Susan liked to take a participant with it and had often seen her use this ersatz cock, with its firm yet pliable features shred the nerve-endings of a participant’s cunt, as Susan drove it deeper.

Behind her, Virginia felt hands gripping her cheeks as another cock probed for her arse again, the dido in her cunt pausing to allow the new intruder to enter her. With a low groan, she felt it pass beyond her sphincter and once embedded, both the new cock and strap-on commenced their own actions, each thrusting into her. Virginia could feel herself stretched tight and her moans became louder as her nerves screamed for release. The feelings were so intense and she could feel each invader, separated by just a membrane, driving hard into her.

She was cumming harder and faster than she had ever done before, her body a mass of sensations as wave after wave of orgasm swept over her. With her arms extended above her, she was reliant on both of the cocks inside to keep her upright and the steady rhythm aided this. The feeling of being filled was total and she could feel sperm leaking from inside her and drying on her skin, her insides flooding out along the shaft of the strap-on and the cock thrusting into her arse, bringing its own pleasure and pain.

Hands held her hips hard as the flood of warmth inside her announced the first squirt of hot spunk from the cock in her arse. Faster thrusts followed as more juice poured into her stretched body and the sensations pushed her into yet another orgasm, driven on by the relentless pounding her cunt was taking.

The vibrator deep in Susan’s own cunt finally tipped her over the edge into her own climax, as she thrust into the new meat enveloping her strap-on, her own juices released to pour out of her. Finally, she withdrew and Virginia felt hands support her legs as her pussy finally released its hold, the nerves of her vagina and arse raw with pain and pleasure, her breath coming in great gulps as, exhausted, she was finally lain down.

Before she could gather her breath, she felt her legs pushed back and her swollen cunt accept another cock into her. This felt larger than all the others and seemed to fill her even more and she groaned as the flared head sc****d the walls of her already-stretched vagina.

She felt fingers squeezing her nipples again and she moaned as another cock was pushed against her mouth, searching for entry. Automatically, Virginia sucked this into her mouth, lashing the head with her tongue and tasting the fluid released onto it.

The cock in her cunt thrust deep and steady, slowly bringing her shredded nerves to life again, as her body reluctantly began to respond. Her hands now released, Virginia stroked the cock in her mouth, searching and finding the smooth balls of its owner. Eagerly, she squeezed these with her fingers, her only goal was to make him cum and feel the salty fluid coat her mouth. Below, the cock inside her was starting to speed up and her legs were pushed right back against her chest, as the weight bore down onto her, making her breathing difficult.

Finally, her hips responded of their own accord and she started to buck them against the invader to her cunt, meeting his thrusts as best she could and in her mouth, she could feel the urgency of the solid pole thrusting to the edge of her throat.

She was in heaven and also hell. The sensations of pleasure counteracted by the rawness of the pain she had experienced and the difficulty in breathing as she was fucked harder and harder, whilst trying desperately to maintain her grip on the cock in her mouth.

Saliva flowed from her mouth as her face was now forcible fucked, fingers tightly gripping her hair and holding her head steady to receive the hard thrusts. At her cunt, the thrusts speeded up until, with a roar, the owner of the cock inside her flooded her womb with strong spurts of scalding hot spunk!

At her mouth, she felt the cock stiffen and the first jet of cum hit the back of her throat, its owner pulling out, to plaster her face with spurts of hot, creamy juice, before thrusting it back into her mouth to be cleaned.

Laying there, recovering her breath, Virginia felt ecstatic. She had been royally fucked and slapped, just as Tony said she would be and beneath the immediate discomfort, she felt simply wonderful. Tony had opened something inside of her she never knew existed but she knew she wanted to feel it all over again and now knew she would do anything to keep these wonderful feelings.

Tony watched all this with a feeling of almost pride; he had taken a strikingly beautiful woman and allowed her to blossom into an obedient sex partner, willing to do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

Although she didn’t know it, her training had only just begun, Tony had many more plans for Virginia!
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