A dream cum true

Amanda was just 16 but she was ready to learn everything I could teach her sexually
It was my 60th birthday and the celebration was at the country property of my daughter and her f****y. All the siblings were there including their three c***dren, 2 boys and Amanda the only granddaughter out of seven grandc***dren, her s****r Jane and her husband and c***dren and of course my dutiful but sexless wife.

Amanda, the only granddaughter was just 16 and as pretty as possible. Her lanky body had quickly developed in the last few months or so it seemed, her firm young breasts now inviting, the nipples showing clearly through the cotton blouse she was wearing. She is the apple of my eye and on this occasion the subject of my lust.

During the course of the party Amanda spent a lot of her time chatting with me and when we were alone on the sunny verandah where I sat on the day bed, she cuddled up onto my lap with the result that my body reacted and my penis became hard.

My wife and I had been away for nearly five years, traveling on our sea going yacht and this was the first time Amanda and I had seen each other in that time. Her warmth as she cuddled was overpowering as the sun beat down on us and as I was in shorts and a shirt my hardness was impossible to hide. I moved in an endeavor to hide the swelling but only proceeded to make it worse as my cock now defeated the elastic leg of my underwear and found its way down the leg of my short shorts.

Amanda's skirt was short, as is the custom with teenagers, and her heavenly bronzed thighs did not improve my arousal as she climbed boldly onto my lap.

"Wow, Amanda," I whispered. " Don't you think your a little old to be on my lap?"

Her eyes looked into mine and her lips parted slightly revealing her perfect white teeth. "No" she said simply.

It would have been impossible for her not to have felt my cock through our clothing and I was unsure of what to do. If I stood up to break the contact, my cock would be visible to her. It may even protrude through the leg of my shorts. I willed it to soften but her smell and warmth made my will irrelevant. If I stayed there, as I was so close to orgasm, I would create an impossible situation as my cum would drench my shorts and her skirt and doubtless the day bed we were cuddling on.

"You will have to get off me Amanda," I whispered. "Or I will not be able to control what happens."

She looked into my eyes and asked, "Why is that grandad?"

"Because you have me very aroused young lady, and I am not sure I can control what will happen if you stay where you are."

"OK," she said lightly and skipped off indoors leaving me to adjust my clothing and continue willing my throbbing organ back to a presentable size.

My heart was still pounding as I joined the rest of the f****y in the lounge where they were viewing f****y videos on the television screen. I found a place next to my daughter and watched as the parade of past parties exploded onto the screen.

At home that night my wife snoring beside me I though about what had happened and rubbed my flaccid member with my fingers. As it grew I stroked my now hardening cock and my heartbeat sped up. I thought of my internet chat friend Adam and contemplated how I would be able to tell him what had happened with Amanda.

We had discussed past experiences many times and he had told me about his f****y and how he had, like me, a passion to be with a teenager. His daughter Jade went to the same school as Amanda and they were casual friends. Amanda often visited their home in the next street and Adam was open about his feelings for her. We had cam to cam chats where we would both masturbate discussing our sexual needs and desires.

Because my wife was so anti-sex, I had created a haven in my shed behind the house. I had a large screen TV where I could watch motor racing without the noise upsetting her and a computer where I could chat with Adam and bring myself to orgasm without the risk of being disturbed.

I gently stroked my now rock hard organ listening to my wife's snoring and quietly repeating 'Amanda'. It wasn't long before I came.

Several days later I was duly ensconced in the shed chatting to Adam, cam to cam, my cock in my hand. I told him what had happened with Amanda and he groaned and asked how I felt now and did I want to fuck her. I said that would be i****t and improper and he laughed out loud and said, "Would you mind if I did then?"

I laughed back and said, "She is just 16 Adam, and it's not for me to say anyhow, and anyhow, would you let me fuck Jade?"

"Do you think she is a virgin?" was his next question.

I replied, "No fucking idea mate."

"Jesus mate," he moaned. "I am gonna cum if you keep chatting about her like this."

"Well?" I asked.

"Well what?" he replied.

"Would you be ok with me fucking Jade?"

"Do you want to fuck her mate?"

"Actually I want to fuck Amanda."

"Well," he replied. "You should do it."

I jumped as I heard the gravel crunch outside the shed door. I glanced out the window and I could see my wife in the kitchen so it wasn't her. I made a move to recover my shorts and undies from the floor my heart thumping with thought of who it might be.

The door filled with a silhouette of a female. It was obvious who it was despite the sunlight being behind her. The long straight blonde hair and short skirt revealing legs I had looked at so many times.

"Grandad," was all she said as she walked over to the computer and stood behind me.
My heart almost stopped as I realised she was reading the words just committed to the screen where I had stated that I wanted to fuck Amanda and Adam had said that I should.
I put my head in my hands as Amanda watched Adam wanking on the screen his cock rock hard.

I felt her hand stroke my back and I put my arm around her tiny waist. My cock was massive in my lap the head purple and swollen the shaft throbbing making it swing back and forth.

"Are you there mate?" appeared on the screen.

Amanda kissed my head and said, "Answer him Grandad."

"Yeah," I replied. "You'll never believe what just happened mate."

"Do tell."

"Amanda just caught me wanking."

I saw as he stopped wanking and the screen went blank.

"Did she she me on the screen mate?" appeared a few moments later.

"Afraid so mate. Sorry"

"How much has she read of our conversation?"

I looked at Amanda and she smiled. Her had moved down into my lap and her fingers closed around my shaft.

"Enough," she said.

I dutifully typed her answer into the computer.

"I am so sorry love," I said as she gently stroked my cock.

"Well I'm not grandad," she whispered and she knelt beside my chair and continued to stroke my cock.

" I can see whats happening there mate." appeared on the screen.

Amanda began to kiss the head of my cock and I typed, "You can see her wanking me?"

"Fuck yes," came the reply.

I slid my hand through the neckline of her blouse and found her bra with my fingers. I softly rubbed her swollen nipple. With her free hand she unbuttoned her blouse. I slipped the straps from her shoulders and gently eased her breasts out of the fabric.

"OMG," appeared on the screen.

By this time Amanda was sucking more than the head of my cock and I typed, "What do you think mate?"

"Ask her if I can come over and fuck her?"

"Can you see that Amanda?" I asked as he looked up to the screen.

She nodded.

"What do you think. What should I say?"

"What about grandma?"

"What about her?" I replied.

"She might come in and catch me"

"You let me worry about that kitten," I whispered. "What do you want me to say?"

"Tell him to bring a condom"

"Come on over mate and bring a condom," I typed onto the screen.

By the time Adam arrived, which was possibly 10 minutes later, I had undressed her and was laying beside her on the mattress in the back of the shed. I had blown my load thanks to her wonderful stroking and then spent the rest of the time giving her pleasure. My mouth was full of the flavor of her creamy secretions.

Adam undressed quickly and sat on the mattress his massive cock throbbing as he rolled the condom over the head.

I kissed Amanda and asked if I might be the first to at least enter her. She nodded and lay on her back her perfect bronzed legs apart, knees up. There was no restriction as my naked cock slipped inside her folds. No pressure was required to break her hymen. I rode her for maybe 30 seconds and could feel my cock tingle in anticipation of a new orgasm. I withdrew and allowed Adam to mount her. His cock was all of nine inches but it slipped easily inside her cunt.

I stroked my shaft and watched as he fucked my grand daughter.
End of Chapter One

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