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Hello sweet darlings. Welcome to one of the most interesting tales ever told on this site. But this is no fantasy. It is a true experience with my young so-called step mom. I come from a very rich business f****y. We have investments in several properties around the country. Basically we are a part of the royal f****y of Rajasthan, the land of kings and queens. The royal lifestyle still continues with princes like me in the f****y who get every desire fulfilled by the humble servants and peasants. That included the helpless poor old fathers or even some young husbands who offered their daughters, s****rs, wives to sl**p with the men of royal f****y for a handful reward. Girls and women of the lower class were free to be fucked anywhere anytime, but the ladies of the royal f****y were strictly not allowed to interact with any men outside the palace. My real mother had died some years back.
My father remarried a middle-class girl, Malika. She was only 4 years older to me. I was 25 and she 29. Malika was undoubtedly a gorgeous temptress. She had a perfect 38x26x38 figure with very fair skin and hip-long beautiful wavy hair. She looked most desirable with her hair left loose leisurely in her private quarters. I was also naturally attracted to her, yet respected her for being my father’s wife and my supposed mother. But later I was shocked to learn from my secret sources that she was continuing an affair with her ex-boyfriend called Niraj. My secret agents had also brought for me photos of Malika fucking with Niraj. The royal f****y would never tolerate this kind of thing. I felt sympathy for her. I decided to teach her a lesson before she faces my father’s terror.
That day luckily there was no one in the mansion. His Highness, my father, had gone to the other end of country for some property dealings and supervision. All our servants had strict instructions to stay out of sight within our private quarters at all times unless called upon. So the whole mansion was empty except for Malika and me. She had worn a totally transparent sky blue chiffon saree and a blouse of same color but semi-transparent. Yet her white satin bra over the boobs was evidently visible. Usually when she wore such appealing clothes she would go out (you know where obviously). Immediately obstructed her path when she was about to step out of the entrance of the mansion. It was a custom for me to touch her feet. I did that but didn’t leave her feet for a prolonged time. Instead I kissed those soft lovely feet running my hands slowly up the warm calves. She was naturally shocked and yelled at me. Before she could say much I showed her the photos that silenced her voice instantly.
She was shivering in fear, not knowing how to react. I patted her back sensuously and relaxed her saying that nothing will go wrong if she just demonstrates with me how she exactly fucked Niraj. She hesitated and tried to run to her room. I followed her to the room just in time before she attempted locking the door from inside. Holding both her hands tightly in my grip, I dragged her to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Her whole body was soaking wet making her look wilder than ever. As it is she was wearing extremely transparent clothes. Now all her insides showed more profusely upto the nipples, navel, etc. I was also getting wet but the fire within wouldn’t let me cool down. She noticed the bulge in my fully drenched pants. She was such a desperado for sex. It was obvious that she was frustrated with my old father. She just needed some young man in her life. I assured her that her secret affair with Niraj in the past would never be disclosed if she remained committed to me and sacrifice Niraj. She thought for some time but agreed as she had no options, or her future was ruined. For a start I told her to shed away the saree.
She hesitated a bit but did that. Then I asked her to open the blouse. She opened two of the four upper hooks but struggled to release the third one as it was jammed being damp. I conveniently put both my hands on the blouse and simply tore it apart. She was shaken with my brash move. Malika’s wet ripe boobs in the white satin bra were a feast to the eyes. The nipples were seen very clearly thru the bra. But my attention went down to her pussy. Next I instructed her to drop the petticoat. The string of the petticoat was also badly jammed due to dampness. The petticoat was of a thicker material but not strong enough for me to tear apart which I did effortlessly with my powerful hands. There in front of me was her pussy protruding thru the silver color frilled satin panty. She acted shy as she stood in just the bra and panty. I frankly asked her if she used to feel so shy while fucking Niraj. She giggled and blushed in shame. Without wasting any more time I grabbed her in my arms and took her to the bed laying her body still wet.
Then turned on the a/c at full blast. She was shivering in the cold. I brought a towel and gracefully wiped her body dry, gradually opening the bra and panty till she lay totally nude in bed. Quickly I took off all my clothes too and sat naked beside her. She had also seen my dick for the first time. She adored the massive size of it. I guess she also found the young royal dick much more polished and mature compared to Niraj’s probably cheap lousy type one. she immediately took it in her hands and caressed it with great pleasure. She was quite an experienced bitch. Without my persuasion she took the whole length of my dick in her mouth sucking on it greedily. Simultaneously I massaged all the bulging beefy flesh on her body. After satisfying her appetite on my dick she turned over suggesting me to work on desperate ass. Her buttocks were enormous and meaty. My mouth was literally watering like of a dog. My teeth gnashed on the world’s most delicious butts barbarically.
She squeaked like a little mouse every time I bit hard on them. Aggressively I flung her over facing me again to relish her frontal assets. I gently nibbled on her sweet tender nipples initially but then started chewing them as badly as the ass. She loved my savage art of seduction and cooperated fully by pressing the pussy deep on my dick. I got the message. She was again desperate to get fucked hard, real hard. I didn’t spare any mercy as I rubbed the dick frantically thru the soft but mature pussy lips. The entry was pretty smooth and effortless since she was well experienced in the act. Both our bodies got into hot rapid action in no time indulging our souls into infinite heights of fantasy. Only that this was no fantasy at all. It was too good to be true. I ****d her cunt limitlessly for hours throughout the day with maybe a few short breaks to regain breath.
In the night we bathed together during which also I enjoyed applying and washing the soap from her meaty body and then fucking her wet and wild. After dinner we couldn’t resist sl**ping together exploring any untouched deep internal areas of each other. By morning neither of us had spared any inside part unattended to. in just 24 hours we had studied every organ inside out of each other. Finally I asserted her that she remains committed to me and me alone without any interaction with Niraj or any other man.
She simply grieved that she was doing it because she was frustrated living married to an old man and that now she had no reason to look towards any commoner like Niraj. I was pleased with her statement and relieved that our f****y heritage was saved from a queen having an affair with a common man. Yet I used to keep a strict eye on her every single activity and spent most of my time living and sl**ping with her. We fucked for all the months to come until one fine day she gave birth to a baby boy. My father was very proud believing that it was his c***d. Malika and I maintained the secret as well as our hot relationship even after that. But in future we used preventive measures to avoid any more births. Our relationship has been very nourishing
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