And Two's Not Bad, Either

In a house with eight k**s it's hard to find time alone.
Heck, it's impossible. It's hard enough just to avoid being in a
real crowd.

So it was kind of a treat to have only my s****r Elizabeth
in the room with me when we were watching this old movie
on TV.

Oh, I should introduce myself. My name is Tommy Bradford.
I'm 14, and, like I said, I'm one of eight k**s. And Elizabeth's
one of my s****rs -- I'd say one of my older s****rs, but
they're all older than me. I'm the baby of the f****y except
for Nicholas, and he doesn't count because he's just 8.
Anyway, Elizabeth's just a year older than me, and for a lot of
years we were the tail end of the f****y, so we're used to
spending time together. I mean, we argue and stuff like
regular b*****rs and s****rs, but we're also used to confiding
in each other and asking for advice.

I never paid too much attention to what she looked like --
heck, she was my s****r, right?
But some of the older guys in school asked me about her a few times, so I tried to figure

out what they saw in her. She doesn't look too bad, for a
s****r, I mean. She dresses OK, and she's not real thin or real
fat -- although she's always saying she could stand to lose a
few pounds. And a couple of the guys who asked about her
said they really like her hair -- it's long, almost to her waist.
And she smiles a lot.

So, anyway, like I was saying, it was Elizabeth and me
alone in the house, watching TV. Most of the other k**s were
out doing one thing or another, and Mom and Dad and Nicholas
were over at one of our relatives. Elizabeth and me would
have had to go to, but we'd been out that morning -- me
working on a school project with some of my buddies,
Elizabeth doing something with her friends. So we lucked out
and Nicholas got stuck going alone.

So we're watching TV, right? And we couldn't agree on
what to watch, so we flipped a coin to see who could pick
first. I lost, and Elizabeth picked this old movIe. I said that
wasn't fair because the thing was gonna be on for like two
hours, and by then somebody else might have come home, or
even Mom and Dad, and I wouldn't get my chance. But she just
giggled and said she'd won fair and square. Which was true, so
I gave up. I could've just gone to my room or something, but
the movie didn't look too bad when it started -- some guy
walked into a dark alley and got blown away in the first five
minutes -- so I watched with her.

It turned out that nobody else got killed in the whole
movie, or even beaten up. And the cop investigating the
murder fell in love with this woman he talked to, the victim's
s****r. So I was starting to lose interest.

But then the cop and the woman are about to say good
night, and he kissed her. I mean, he kissed her good. I leaned
forward and I might have even scooted forward on the couch a
little. It used to be, just a couple of years ago, I would have
thought that stuff was junk. But I'll admit I'm interested in
some of the girls at school. Only I wasn't sure what to do. I'd
never kissed a girl -- not a real one, anyway, just Mom and
aunts and stuff.

So I'm watching real careful to see just what the cop does
-- like, does he open his mouth? And do you aim right for the
center of her mouth, or off to the side, or what?

I must have been really into it, because when I felt a
touch on my shoulder I jumped up and almost fell onto the
coffee table. And Elizabeth started laughing so hard I thought
she'd pee in her pants.

Anyway, once I calmed down and she stopped laughing, she
started teasing me about paying so much attention to the
kissing. And I guess I blushed.

"Tommy! Don't tell me you've never kissed a girl."

I just hung my head down. I was ashamed to look at her.

I guess she must have seen how I felt, because the teasing
left her voice. "No, really?" she goes. "Oh, Tommy, I'm sorry I
made fun of you. I just thought -- really?"

I told her I'd thought about it some times, but I just didn't
know how to do it -- you know what I mean. She giggled, and I
must have blushed again. I was feeling pretty dumb.

Then she apologized again, and she put her arm around me.
"Look," she said, "if you really want to know how to kiss, how
about if -- well, if you practiced on me? I promise I won't
tell anyone."

I wasn't sure, but then I thought about how it would
probably be easier to get over having done something dumb
with Elizabeth than with some girl from school. Heck, I'd done
lots of dumb stuff that she knew about. What more could this

So I asked her what I was supposed to do.

She smiled. She's got cute dimples when she does that.
"Well, uh, I guess you should put your arms around me," she
said, so I did. Elizabeth felt softer than most of my aunts.

"Now just kiss me," she said. "You know how. C'mon, you've
kissed Mom."

So I put my lips out a little and aimed for her cheek, but
she turned her head at the last second so I landed on her
mouth. I pecked at it and sat back.

She closed her eyes and smiled. I had a feeling she was
laughing inside. "You said you wouldn't make fun of me," I
said. I was a little angry.

"It's just," she started to say, and then she stopped for a
second. "You're right, I said I wouldn't. Look, maybe I should
give you a few tips first. I'm no expert or anything, but try
this. Don't close your lips so tight. Leave a little opening. Go
in slow. And, for heaven's sake, don't jump away like you got
an electric shock. Take your time!"

We tried again, and I did like she said. It was better, I
could tell. Her lips pressed right against mine and we hugged
each other and it felt pretty good.

Elizabeth said it was better, too. She had me practice a
little more until she was sure I had it right, then she said I
was ready for any girl in the school.

That's when I started to ask a question, but I stopped. It
was something I'd heard the other guys talking about, but it
sounded kind of silly to me. But Elizabeth made me go ahead

So I asked her, wasn't there something you were supposed
to do with your tongue?

I figured she'd start laughing at how dumb I was, but she
didn't. She just smiled and raised her eyebrows. "Who told you
about that?" she wanted to know. Just some guys, I said.

Well, she said, it was true. So we hugged again, and she
told me to kiss her like before and let her show me. This time
when we pressed our lips together, she slipped her tongue
between my lips and right into my mouth! For a second I
thought it was gross, but I had to admit it did feel good. And
then she said we should try again, and this time I should push
my tongue against hers, too. So we did that.

I didn't realize it, but while we were kissing I had gotten
a hard-on. If I'd known it I would've stopped right away,
because I'd always been really embarrassed about that kind of
stuff; I really hated it when Dad sat me down for the birds-
and-bees talk. But I was concentrating on kissing, so I didn't
know. And Elizabeth and I kissed a few more times, slipping
our tongues into each other's mouths. I guess we were holding
each other pretty tight, too. I remember I could feel the strap
of her bra through the back of her blouse. And on the third or
fourth kiss, instead of just backing away we kind of slid our
faces sideways, and I was kissing her neck while she was
kissing mine. It felt really good.

When we sat back after that, Elizabeth's face was a little
red, and she seemed to be breathing funny. I felt a little odd
myself, kind of hot inside.

And then she looked down at my lap and her mouth fell
open. I was wearing a pair of gray sweatpants, and there was
a big, dark stain right in the middle of my crotch, right where
there was a big bulge from my cock. Boy, was I embarrassed.

Elizabeth said she thought we'd better stop there, that I'd
had enough practice, and I agreed.

That night, I had a dream about her. I don't remember
exactly what happened, but when I woke up I'd cum in my

The next day was Sunday, and with one thing and another
it was impossible to get Elizabeth alone, but I thought about
her all day. Finally, after dinner, I was able to pull her aside
and suggest we slip out the back door for a little while.

I asked her if we could practice kissing again. I was afraid
she'd still be upset about my having a hard-on the last time,
but it turned out she'd been trying to find a way to ask me the
same question. We figured we couldn't stay out there in the
dark too long before someone noticed we were missing, but
we did kiss and hug a little.

After that, we always were on the lookout for a chance to
sneak a kiss. Like I said, in a f****y with eight k**s there
aren't a lot of chances to be alone, so we didn't get together
nearly as often as I wanted.

But each time we could, we'd sneak away, just the two of
us. I remember one time, we were kissing and I had my hands
around Elizabeth's waist, and then I started rubbing her back.
I wasn't planning anything, really I wasn't. But as my hands
kept rubbing I slid along her side and touched her breast.
Well, I touched her bra -- and that through her blouse. But she
didn't jerk away or anything, she just kept kissing.

After that I always tried to cop a feel whenever I could,
even when we couldn't get away -- I'd just slip my hand
around her when we were doing the dishes, or something, and
no one else was watching.

That went on for a couple of weeks, and then we were
kissing and I was stroking her through her blouse and
Elizabeth asked if I didn't want to get closer. She pulled her
blouse out of her jeans and I put my hand underneath. Her skin
was really smooth and soft, and warm, too. I remember
running my fingertips over her side and touching her bra cup.
It was stiff and scratchy, and I didn't think she could feel
anything under it. But when I put my hand on it she moaned a
little and stuck her tongue way inside my mouth.

It was tough, with as little time as we had, to do much
more. I let her put her hands inside my shirt, and she even
stuck them down the back of my jeans once or twice and
cupped my butt, which felt kinda weird.

The fact is, by that time I wasn't thinking about other
girls, just being with my s****r. That may not sound right,
but I don't think either one of us thought we were doing
anything wrong. I mean, we were just kissing, after all. And
with so little time we couldn't even think about anything

Finally, after like a month or two, we got another chance
to be alone for more than a few minutes. It was a Saturday
night, and we'd finished all our homework, so Mom and Dad let
us stay up late watching TV -- after everyone else had gone
to bed.

We were sitting next to each other on the couch, and
Elizabeth put her arm around me and pulled me in close and
we started kissing. We were really going at it hot and heavy,
I guess. I pulled her blouse out of her pants and she rolled my
T-shirt up to my armpits. I could feel my cock pressing hard
against my jeans, but I was used to that by now.

I don't even know what the movie was about. We didn't pay
any attention. Mostly because we were kissing, of course, and
then we were keeping one eye on the stairs to make sure no
one woke up and found us down there.

But then we started licking each other's neck and stuff,
and Elizabeth leaned back until she was on her back and I was
on top of her. With her on her back like that, her bra was
loose and without really knowing it I slipped my hand inside
and got my first feel of a real live breast! This will sound
dumb, but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I guess I
didn't realize that it was the bra that was so stiff, not what
was underneath. I mean, I knew there weren't any bones or
anything there, but I just never thought it would feel so good.

When I felt the little button at the tip of my s****r's
breast, it all kind of hit me at once, what I was doing, and I
pulled my hand out of there fast. But Elizabeth grabbed hold
of my arm before I could pull it out from underneath her

"You can do that," she told me, and I didn't need to be asked
twice. So we kept on kissing, and I was fondling my s****r's
tits. I guess it's no surprise that my cock was as hard as a
flagpole, especially since I was right on top of her. By that
time she'd swung her legs up onto the couch and I was right in
between them, holding myself off of her with one hand while
the other was busy.

Well, with my cock so hard, and me so lost in what we
were doing, I just automatically started rubbing it against
her. I mean, who wouldn't, right?

So Elizabeth, she says, "Hey, what are you doing?" And I
asked her what she meant, and she said down there. And I got
all embarrassed again, but she said it was all right.

Then she asked me if it didn't hurt, my jeans being so
tight, and I said yeah, it did.

"Well, why don't you slide them down, then?" she said.

I said I didn't know if I should. She said I could do what I
wanted, but she was gonna slide her pants down because she
wanted to rub herself too.

I didn't know girls did that. I don't think any of the guys in
school knew, either, because none of them ever mentioned it.
But Elizabeth said she sometimes played with herself after
we got through kissing because I'd gotten her so hot.

Well, I told her about having dreams about her, and how I'd
done myself too. She said she thought that made her feel
really sexy, and I told her I was getting pretty hot thinking
about how I'd made her feel, too. So we both undid our pants
and slipped them down around our ankles.

Elizabeth had on a pair of shiny pink panties, really
smooth. I was glad I just had on my white boxers, not any of
the ones Mom had got me last Christmas, the ones with the
polka dots or the race cars. We both laughed when we saw the
matching stains on the fronts of her panties and my shorts.

Anyway, she spread her legs apart a little and I got on top
of her again, and I started rubbing against her. We started
kissing again and stuff, too.

I guess just rubbing isn't enough for girls, because
Elizabeth put her hand down there and stuck it inside her
panties. I would've put my hand on my dick, too, but I didn't
have one free, 'cause I was feeling her up again.

Since I couldn't touch my cock, I wasn't getting much
satisfaction out of it, so I started rubbing harder. Next thing
you know, I'm rubbing so hard that the head of my dick pokes
right out the top of my shorts.

I was hoping Elizabeth wouldn't notice, and for a while she
didn't. She stopped kissing me and put her head to the side
and just groaned softly and then all of a sudden she jerked
back and forth a few times.

I asked her if she was all right and she giggled.

"I came," she told me. "That's what a girl's orgasm is like.
And that was a good one, too. How about you?"

Before I could say anything, she started to pull her hand
out of her panties and it brushed against the tip of my dick. I
said I was sorry.

"For what?" she said. And then she put her hand right on
my cock!

I thought I was gonna blow right then and there, it felt so
good. Her fingers were real soft and kinda slippery -- from
fingering herself, I guess. I'd never felt anything like that
before; it was way better than when I jacked myself off.

But I was nervous, and I asked her if it was all right, us
doing that, being b*****r and s****r. She asked me if I didn't
like it. Of course, I had to say I did. Then she said that it
wasn't much different than just kissing, since we were just
touching -- and hadn't I touched her breasts? Well, sure, I
had, and that made sense to me. Besides, it felt too good with
her hand rubbing along my shaft for me to ask her to stop.

So she slid it up and down, slowly. When her fingers
brushed over the sides of the helmet, I thought I would die.
But after she'd rubbed a little longer it just felt right and
pretty soon I felt something happening. I tried to warn her,
but the cum just shot right out of me and splattered over her
hand and onto her stomach.

We kissed a little more and then I got up and got my
clothes back and got her a towel from the kitchen to wipe
herself off. By then the movie was over and we figured we'd
better go up to bed.

The next day we were eating breakfast with the rest of
the f****y when Nicholas almost got us in big trouble. It
turned out that while Elizabeth and me were really going at
it, he'd gotten up and started to come downstairs to raid the
fridge, and he saw me on top of her.

When he started to tell Mom and Dad that he'd seen us on
the couch, I was freaking. I snuck a peek at Elizabeth, and her
face was white. What were we going to say?

Luckily for us, it turned out Nicholas didn't understand
what he saw. He said we were fighting. Elizabeth cut him off
real quick and said we were just having a pillow fight, and
Mom told Nicholas not to be a snitch. Was I relieved!

That evening, Elizabeth and me were careful to stay away
from each other, but she did manage to slip me a note. It said
that we should probably play it cool for a few days. I winked
at her to show I agreed.

The next few days were awful, not being able to hold her
or kiss her or anything. I spent my nights jacking off in my
bed, thinking about her.

When we finally did manage to be alone, it was just for a
few seconds, enough for a quick kiss; we didn't even have
time to talk. But as we split up again, Elizabeth whispered to
me. "Write me a note," she said.

So I did. I wrote down how I thought about her all the
time, and how I had dreams about her, and how I missed our
kissing. I slipped it to her when we were all having dinner.

The next day, she gave me a note back. It said she thought
about me, too. That made me feel really terrific. And she said
she couldn't wait until we could be together again, which
went double for me.

But for the next couple of weeks, we didn't get in a single
kiss. We both agreed that after the Nicholas thing we should
play it cool, at least as far as any late-night stuff. And we
didn't want anyone to notice us going off by ourselves all the

As it turned out, though, that didn't mean we couldn't do

It started one night at dinner. This time Elizabeth and me
were sitting next to each other. I was really in agony, having
her so close that I could smell the flowery soap she used but
not being able to touch her or anything. She had a white
cotton blouse on and she'd left the top two buttons open, so
when she bent over a little I could see her breasts hiding in
her bra. I wanted to just yank open that blouse and grab hold
of them.

With all that going on in my head, it's no wonder my cock
was getting stiff. I didn't think anyone would notice, with it
under the table, but I think Elizabeth may have guessed.

Anyway, I was taking a bite of spaghetti when I felt
something on my crotch. I looked down right away and saw
Elizabeth's hand under the tablecloth. I felt her undoing my

I looked around the table, and no one else seemed to
noticing anything going on. It was tough to keep a straight
face while my s****r slid her hand into my pants and pulled
my hard shaft out and starting jacking me off. My dad asked
me to pass the butter and it took two or three tries before he
got my attention. Elizabeth just giggled and kept on.

When I felt myself about to cum I put my hand down there
and pushed her away. No way was I gonna cum with my cock
waving in the air like that, and get it all over my pants. As it
was, I just got it stuffed back into my shorts when I
exploded, and I had to wolf down the rest of my food and skip
dessert so I could go clean myself up.

After that, I wrote Elizabeth a note telling her it wasn't
fair that she could jack me off in front of everybody and I
couldn't get a hand on her breasts unless we were alone. She
sent a note right back. "You'll think of something," it said.

It was later that week that I finally figured out what she
meant. In the meantime, she sent me another note saying she
missed our sessions so much that she'd gotten a vibrator to
help herself out. I didn't know what that was at first, but
when I sent a note back she drew me a picture. She said one
of the girls at school ordered a bunch from some catalog.
Elizabeth wrote that she kept hers in her locker at school,
and when she did herself in the bathroom she would think
about me. God, that made me get a hard-on just thinking about
it. I told her so, and she wrote back that she'd prefer me to
the vibrator any time. If found out what she meant that night.

A bunch of us were watching TV, with me and Elizabeth
and Nicholas all sitting together on the couch. She had on a
sweatsuit, which made her look kind of lumpy -- but I still
remembered what was underneath. Anyway, she said she was
cold and grabbed a blanket and threw it over her lap -- and
then she asked if I wasn't a little chilled, too. I was too dumb
to figure it out then, but luckily Nicholas, who was sitting on
the other side of me, said he was -- so Elizabeth spread the
blanket over all our laps.

In a little while she reached underneath the blanket and
grabbed my hand and guided it over to her lap. When she
tucked my hand under the waistband of her sweatpants I got
the idea.

My fingers brushed over a patch of hair, which I figured
was like the one above my cock. And then I felt some folds of
skin. They were already a little wet. I didn't know where I
was going, but Elizabeth guided me a little and pretty soon I
had worked a couple of fingers into her hole and they got
really slick from her juices. I wasn't sure what to do then,
but I started pushing my fingers in and out and I could hear
Elizabeth's breathing getting shallow so I figured I was on
the right track. Once I started rubbing faster but Nicholas
looked over when he felt the blanket shaking, so I had to slow
down. It took awhile, but eventually Elizabeth kind of jerked
a few times and then she pulled my hand away, letting me
wipe it on the inside of her sweatpants first.

So even though we couldn't get away by ourselves, my
s****r and I did get a few chances to do each other -- when
we were with the rest of the f****y! It was so hot.

Once we did get together for a few minutes when I ran
into her at night in the hallway as we were both going to the
bathroom. We figured that it was so late no one else would
notice, so we snuck into the toilet together. The door was
hardly closed before Elizabeth was all over me, pulling my
cock out of my pajamas and planting her lips right on mine.
And I was giving it back, too. I put my hand down her panties
and stuck my tongue in her mouth. It felt so good to be with
her again, without having to hide what we were doing. I was
so hot for her I came right away, although I kept diddling her
for a few minutes before she could cum.

I told her how much I missed her, and Elizabeth said she
felt exactly the same. Then she asked me if I really meant
what I wrote in my notes, that I thought about her all the
time, especially when I was jacking off.

Sure, I said, all the time.

Did I ever think about her being ... naked?

Yeah! Boy, did I. I told her I had been wondering what she
looked like, especially ever since that night she put my hand
inside her pants. Elizabeth smiled and said would I like to
find out for real? I thought she was gonna strip right then,
but she said we should go back to our rooms before anyone
noticed. But if I really wanted to see her naked, she said, I
should just wait and see what happened the next night after
dinner. She wouldn't tell me any more.

All that day in school I was going around with a permanent
hard-on, thinking about getting to see my s****r in the nude. I
figured she had a great body, from what I'd been able to see
of it and what I'd felt. I was a little worried about her maybe
wanting to see me nude too. I'm kind of scrawny and I figured
she'd be disappointed, and maybe she wouldn't want to make
out with me any more. But I tried to stop thinking about that
and just concentrate on her.

After dinner I had to finish up some homework, and I raced
through it to make sure I would be downstairs as soon as I
could. I didn't know what to expect, but I didn't want to risk
missing out on whatever it was. There was no way Elizabeth
was gonna show me any skin with everybody else around,
unless maybe she'd figured out some way to do it where no
one but me could see. But I figured if she did that I probably
wouldn't be able to do much touching, and that would be a
pain. I knew that once I saw her naked I'd want to kiss and
lick every inch of her.

When I finally finished my homework, I took the stairs
two at a time going down, but nothing seemed to be
happening. Elizabeth was just reading a book, and Mom was
sorting through some mail while Dad balanced the checkbook.
My s****r gave me a wink when I came down, but she didn't
say anything. I flipped on the TV and sat back to see what
would happen.

When Mom finished with the mail, she started to get up
but Elizabeth came up and stopped her.

My s****r said that she'd had an offer from one of her
teachers to babysit their k**s New Year's Eve, which was just
a couple of weeks away. Mom cross-examined her about who
the teacher was and how old the k**s were -- four-year-old
twins -- and how late she'd be. Elizabeth said she was
supposed to be over there at six and they weren't expected
back until two or three in the morning, so she would sl**p

Mom sounded doubtful. Elizabeth begged a little, and even
asked Dad what he thought. He said he didn't like the idea of
her being alone with those k**s for so long on New Year's,
when who knew what people would be doing.

That's when Elizabeth asked if it would be OK if she had
someone else with her. Mom said it would be all right as long
as it was some friend they knew and could trust. My s****r
said she couldn't ask any of her friends because then she'd
have to split the pay -- so how about if I came along?

I must have looked really surprised, because Dad laughed
and said it didn't look like I was interested. Of course, the
joke was on him because I knew now what Elizabeth had
planned, and I was absolutely interested. I figured I better
not show it too much, though, or they might get suspicious. I
hemmed and hawed, but in the end I let my Mom talk me into
doing it.

The next two weeks seemed to take forever. I mean,
Christmas came along, and usually that was my favorite day
of the whole year, but now it was just another day that I
couldn't do anything with Elizabeth because there were too
many people around. We did kiss under the mistletoe, but I
couldn't even stick my tongue in her mouth.

Finally New Year's Eve arrived. The other k**s teased us
about missing the big f****y celebration -- which was a real
tease, because all we ever did was have cocoa while we
watched TV. I was real careful to hide how excited I was, but
it was tough because my cock felt harder and bigger than ever
and every time I caught a glimpse of Elizabeth or heard her
voice my dick jerked.

We got over to the Maxwell's house -- that was the couple
we were babysitting for -- about 6, just before they left for
their party. They told us there was lots of food and pop in the
fridge, and left the phone number in case of trouble. I didn't
pay much attention, except when they repeated that they
wouldn't be home until 2, and more likely 3. They showed us
where the sheets and pillows were to make up the couch --
that was where I was going to sl**p -- and finally got out the

At 7 we held a New Year's celebration for the twins with
noisemakers and ice cream, figuring that would give them
time to wind down and actually get to sl**p at 8, their
normal bedtime. It worked. We waited until 8:30, just to
make sure they were really asl**p. When Elizabeth peeked in
their room, both the girls were out, snoring quietly.

While we had waited for them to settle down and drift
off, Elizabeth and me had been kissing and hugging on the
couch, so my cock was in agony pressing against my jeans and
my hormones were at their peak. I could hardly wait for what
would come next.

Elizabeth told me to wait in the guest room, where she
was supposed to sl**p, while she got ready. She cautioned me
not to take off anything except my shoes and socks, because
she didn't "want to miss any of the show."

I jumped on the bed to wait for her. She was gone awhile. I
wondered if maybe she was gonna change into something sexy
like the women in the magazines wear -- you know, some
kind of sheer nightgown or panties with the crotch cut out. I'd
seen Elizabeth around the house in her pajamas or
nightgowns, but those never showed too much. Of course, that
didn't mean I didn't like looking at her in them, anyway, but I
did think about what she might look like in something fancy.

But when she came into the room she was dressed just
like before -- a loose-fitting pair of jeans, a blue blouse
with long sleeves and a white sweater-vest. Nothing fancy.

I guess I must have showed my disappointment, because
she laughed and asked if I was expecting maybe Raquel Welch.
I got afraid she might think I didn't like her so I started to
tell her how pretty she was, but she told me it was all right.

Then she crawled onto the bed with me and we started
kissing and stuff. It was good, like always, but I couldn't stop
thinking about what was ahead. I think Elizabeth was anxious,
too, because before too long she got off the bed.

We stood a few feet apart, just kind of looking at each
other for a minute. Then Elizabeth asked, was I sure I wanted
to do this. I said yeah, was she? I was worried again, maybe
she was having second thoughts. But she said she was just
making sure, that she didn't want to push me into anything.
Then she looked down at my crotch and said it sure didn't look
like I was being pushed in. She could see my cock was pushing
out against my jeans like a balloon getting ready to bust.

So she said, would I go first. I said that was no fair, I
already had my socks off, so she kicked off her shoes and
pointed at me. "Your turn," she said.

I pulled off my sweatshirt. Elizabeth groaned when she
saw I still had a T-shirt on underneath, but she went ahead
anyway and took off her sweater. I said she should take off
her blouse too, and she gave in and did it.

She had on a plain white bra, nothing fancy, but I didn't
care. This was the first time I'd gotten a really good look at
the breasts I'd had my hands on, and they looked as good as I'd
thought. Not real big, but not too small either. They kind of
bulged out of the bra a little.

It was my turn again, and I took off my T-shirt. I felt
ashamed because I had no hair on my chest, so I crossed my
arms in front of me. Besides, I didn't know what else to do
with them.

Elizabeth started to unzip her jeans. I said she should take
off her top first, like I did, but she wouldn't give in this time.

She had on plain white cotton panties. I could see a dark
stain on the front again. This was my first look at her full
body, in full light. She was round all over -- not fat, I mean,
but good looking, no bony knees or stuff.

I took off my jeans then. When I undid the zipper and
pulled them partway down, my boner was set free and stuck
the front of my boxers out like a tent.

Up till then we really hadn't shown each other anything we
hadn't already seen. But something was going to change soon,
and we both knew it. We just looked at each other again for a
minute or so. Then Elizabeth put her hands behind her back.
When she brought them forward again, her bra came loose and
she tossed it aside. Her breasts sagged just a little, but they
still stood out. And now I could see her nipples, and the dark
circles around them. I licked my lips, trying to think of
something smart to say, but I couldn't.

"So how do I look?" That was Elizabeth. She looked like
she didn't know what to do with her hands, either -- she
crossed them under her breasts, then put them on her hips,
then just hung them at her sides.

"You're beautiful," I said, and I really meant it. She was.
The most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

She took a few steps toward me, and I reached out a hand
and brushed it against the side of her breast. The next thing
you know, we were hugging and kissing. I couldn't get over
feeling my s****r's breasts pressing into my chest, just skin
to skin.

After a few minutes, we both stepped back. Neither one of
us said a word. I could hear my heart pounding away like a
drum, and I was surprised Elizabeth didn't say anything about
it, it seemed so loud. Every time I took a breath, I held it for
a long time before I let it out.

We were looking right into each other's eyes. I don't think
we even blinked. Then there was some kind of signal between
us. I don't even know what it was. But at the same time we
both reached down and pulled down the last bits of cloth and
there we were: completely naked.

My cock stood out longer and stiffer than I'd ever seen it
before. It was pointing straight at Elizabeth's mound, where
she had a patch of soft-looking hair. I couldn't see much more
of her crotch, just the top of the folds, but I knew what was
down there.

I don't know about Elizabeth, but I hadn't really thought
much about what would come next. I mean, I'd had dreams and
stuff, but mostly just about seeing her. I never really
believed I'd get to do that, much less anything else.

She got back onto the bed, though, and got on her back.
When she spread her legs apart I could see everything. I just
stared. I'd never seen a woman's hole before, but just the
sight of it almost made me cum.

Elizabeth finally asked me if I was just going to look or
what. I snapped out of it and crawled onto the bed next to her.

When we started kissing, she rolled over and wrapped her
legs around me and my cock was pushed right up against her
mound. I could feel some juices from her slit when it rubbed
against my balls.

I thought I was in heaven. My hands went all over my
s****r's body. I remember sliding my hand up and down her leg
as it was wrapped around my waist; it was smooth as silk.

She even pressed down on my shoulders and put my lips
onto her breasts. I got the idea right away. I kissed and licked
at the sides, going from one to the other, working my way
right up to the nipples. They were already hard, like little
gumdrops. I even nipped at them, and Elizabeth seemed to like

When I moved back up and kissed her again, real slow, she
slid her hand down and put her fingers around my cock. I shot
almost as soon as she started rubbing. This time, though,
instead of getting up to wash it off her stomach, Elizabeth
just rubbed it in. She even took some of it on her finger and
put it into her mouth and licked it off.

I was so wiped out by my orgasm that I just lay back for a
minute. When I looked over again, Elizabeth was on her back
with both hands on her crotch as she fingered herself.

I felt dumb for forgetting that she had needs too. I started
to apologize, but she said to stop talking and help her out, so
I did. I put my fingers inside her while I rolled over and
started licking her breasts again. They were saltier than
before; I guess we were both getting pretty sweaty by then.
Anyway, it wasn't long before Elizabeth started bucking her
hips up in the air and groaning, and finally she put her hands
on mine to make me stop fingering her while she just jerked
and shook.

I lay back again. I was kind of hoping she'd want to do it
again in a little while, because my cock was getting harder
again. I'd never done it to myself twice in one night, so I
wasn't sure if I could, but my dick sure felt like it.

Well, after a minute or two Elizabeth was breathing more
normal, and she turned on her side facing me, propping up her
head with one hand. She just looked at me, not saying
anything. I felt a little funny, 'cause I didn't think I was much
to look at.

But then she started talking. Her voice was real low and
quiet. She told me that she really liked what we'd been doing,
and that I made her feel real good. I told her I felt the same
way. I said it felt great because she made me all excited, she
was so pretty, and she made me feel warm inside, too.

What did I mean by that, she wanted to know. Well, I knew
what I meant, but I hadn't wanted to say anything. I'd been
feeling that way for a long time, only I didn't think Elizabeth
did. But now, lying there naked next to her, it seemed dumb to
hold anything back. I rolled over facing her.

"I love you, s*s," I said. My voice wavered a little, I was so
nervous. "I really do. I --"

That's when she leaned over and kissed me, real hard. We
held each other close and she whispered in my ear that she
loved me, too.

And then she said that because we loved each other, maybe
we could do something else. Honestly, I didn't know what she
meant. I know that sounds really stupid, but you got to
remember we'd been kissing and making out for months, and
nothing more. I mean, this was my s****r, after all.

I didn't know what she meant, but I just nodded and said it
was OK. I figured there wasn't anything Elizabeth would want
to do that I wouldn't like. I loved her that much.

So she told me to roll onto my back again, and she got up
and swung her legs around so she was straddling my knees.

Then she took my cock in her hands and stroked it, real
gently. It didn't take much before it was as stiff as a pole

"Now do you know what I'm going to do?" she said. I shook
my head. She smiled.

"I'm going to put this inside me, Tommy. I think you'll like

I was stunned. She was gonna fuck me! Here I was, some
dumb 14-year-old, and I was gonna have sex with this
beautiful woman, my own s****r. It didn't seem possible.

"Well, say something," she said.

"Wow," I said.

But then I thought of something. "What about -- babies?"

She told me it was all taken care of. She was using a
diaphragm. She explained that that's some kind of dojigger
she put inside her, and put some goo on it, and it keeps the
sperm from getting in. She said she'd gotten one a few
months ago from her doctor, just 'cause one of her girlfriends
dared her. She would have gotten the Pill, but there was no
way she could really hide that in our house, so she got a
diaphragm and kept it in her school locker -- next to the
vibrator, I guess. Anyway, she said that there was no way she
could get pregnant.

I didn't completely understand how it worked, but by then
I wasn't going to argue. I couldn't wait to do it.

Elizabeth scooted forward until the base of my dick was
right against her slit. She rubbed her hips back and forth a
few times, and then she kind of rose and squatted over me,
grabbing my cock in one hand and pointing the head of it right
at her hole.

I had a perfect view, and it was incredible. Poking out of
her hand, the head of my cock looked huge, and when she
rubbed it across her slit there looked like there was no way
it was gonna fit.

She told me again that she loved me, and said that she
wanted to show me how much. She said nothing that we did
out of love could be wrong.

Then she lowered herself onto me.

When my cock first pressed against her, it just slid away.
It took two or three tries before she got it in just the right
place. Then my dick slipped in between her pussy lips, and
they got wider and wider apart until the whole head slipped
in and the lips closed around my shaft and hugged it tight as
she lowered herself all the way. She did it real slow, so it
was two or three minutes before she was done and my cock
was all the way inside her, with her pussy lips right against
my balls.

There's nothing that can describe how that felt. It was the
best thing in the world. Her pussy was all warm inside, and it
was so tight I thought my cock could never move.

But then Elizabeth started to hump up and down on it.
Pretty soon I started answering, humping my dick into her.

It felt so good I was sure I'd shoot my wad right away. But
instead I just stayed hard, which was great because I didn't
want this feeling to ever end. For a few minutes I just lay
back and watched as Elizabeth's body bounced up and down, or
I looked at the way her pussy lips stretched around my shaft
and her juices oozed out and coated my cock. She had her eyes
closed, but from the way she was moaning I know she liked
what we were doing, too.

Then I stared at the way her breasts bobbed up and down.
They looked so good I just had to grab them, and I caressed
them and stroked my s****r's sides. We kept it up like that
for, I don't know, it must have been at least 15 or 20 minutes.
Sometimes Elizabeth would bend down and kiss me, and I'd
slide my hands down to her ass and pull her down onto me
even harder.

She had another orgasm, and by this time I knew to just
hold my cock steady until her tremors eased up.

When she slid off of my cock, it was still rock hard.
Before I could get upset, though, she told me she didn't want
to stop, just shift positions. This time she got on her back
and had me kneel in between her legs.

Her cunt was so wet and slippery by then that my dick
went in on the first try, right up to the hilt. I moved up so
that it was completely buried in my s****r's tight twat and
started stroking it in and out.

In that position it was easier to kiss. I let my hands roam
all over her while we pushed our tongues together, and I even
made her jump a little when I put my tongue in her ear.

We kept fucking like that for at least another half-hour.
Part of the time my cock was almost numb, we'd been
humping so long. It even slipped out of Elizabeth's pussy
completely one time. She kept humping up at the air while she
grabbed at my cock and held it while I stuffed it back in.

By that time we were both so hot that I couldn't see
straight and Elizabeth was pounding her fists on the mattress
and calling out my name over and over again.

Finally she called out that she was gonna cum again and
she wanted me to cum inside her. "Fill me up," she said. "Fuck
me harder, Tommy! Fill my cunt!"

I'd never heard anyone in my f****y talk like that, and to
hear those words coming from the mouth of my beautiful,
sexy older s****r while my cock was driving into her pussy
was too much. I shouted out that I was cumming, too, and I
did. This time it was like a bomb, with gobs and gobs spurting
out of my shaft, and Elizabeth took it all inside her, and she
came with me.

I lay on top of her for awhile, telling her how much I loved
her and how good she'd made me feel. When my cock had
shriveled all the way up, I rolled off and we just hugged for

By then the room was pretty steamy and you could smell
our sex real strong. Elizabeth said we should open up the
windows and let it air out a little while we took a shower.
She meant the both of us!

I was sure I was through for the night, but when the warm
water started spraying over us and trickling down my s****r's
naked body my cock sprang right back to life. Elizabeth saw it
right away, and I could tell even she was surprised.

It was pretty awkward in the shower, but there was no
way either one of us was gonna settle for just jacking off by
then. Fucking was way too much better.

This time Elizabeth put her back against one of the shower
walls and I got right up next to her. She wrapped her legs
around my ass while I held her up, and it took some doing but
we were able to get my dick into her cunt.

I was afraid to move much at first, and Elizabeth couldn't
move her hips in or out, but she started wiggling from side to
side and that felt pretty good, too. Eventually I got so horny I
didn't care what happened and I just started bucking my hips,
slamming my big old dick into her hot tunnel over and over
and over. Our moans were echoing off the shower walls.

It was crazy, sliding around the shower while my cock
was stuck right inside her, humping away. When I came my
legs got so weak we almost fell, but Elizabeth manager to get
her feet down in time to support us both.

By the time we dried off it was too late to do anything
else even if we'd wanted to, not with the Maxwells coming
home who knew when. So we just got into our night clothes
and held each other and kissed and snuggled until we heard
their car pull up. Then I snuck down into the living room and
crawled onto the couch for the night.

Now that we know what fucking is like, I don't know how
Elizabeth and I are going to get by with anything less, and
being around each other at our house without being able to do
it is driving me crazy. A friend of hers whose f****y is going
out of town this weekend loaned Elizabeth her house keys, so
we're hoping we can sneak away at least once. But after that,
I don't know what we can do. Elizabeth said maybe we'll have
to let somebody else in on our secret. I don't want to share
her with anyone, but, maybe, if Susan was interested ...


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Got me hard.
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