f****y secret

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A woman needs a steady diet of love, tender kisses, stroking, and
love making followed by holding and sweet words. This one
sometimes needs to have her ankles pinned to a mattress beside
her ears and have her pussy pounded to mush by a big cock with
huge ass-slapping balls. Walter, my husband of s*******n years,
gives me plenty of the former but none of the latter. For the
latter, I take it where I can get it. I get it a lot.

I've been very lucky. I have indulged myself at least once a
week for the past thirteen years, and I have never been caught.
My husband suspects nothing, though my stretched pussy does
little for his less-than-average prick. My c***dren have never
seen me walking around in bra and panties, much less nude, and
they never heard a dirty word cross my lips.

I have played the ultra-conservative, sexually up-tight, even
frigid June Cleaver role to the hilt so that if word or rumors of
my infidelity ever got back to my f****y, they would not believe
them. My husband gets unresponsive straight sex, in the
missionary position, always with the lights out, and has never
had a blow job, anal sex, or even a hand job from me. I wear
men's pajamas to bed and he screws me through the fly. I won't
spread my legs or let him lie on me. He supports himself on his
arms while I continually interrupt him, asking him when he'll

Our sex started off that way. Both of our k**s were conceived
that way. It's the only way Walter ever had me, and I saw no
reason to change, even after I was ****d by a long-donged
salesman who showed me how fucking was done properly, then
returned every day for three weeks until I learned every lesson
he thought I needed to learn. I learned, and I changed radically
in those three weeks.

Walter saw no change other than my loose pussy, which he politely
never mentioned. I am much more stretched out now, and since
Walter can only get half his cock in with my legs together, I
know he's not feeling much more than a warm wet presence on the
end of his dick. I might be the only woman he's ever had. We
were both virgins, and he is so straight he could be used to
align a building.

I am very strict with my k**s, and my f******n-year-old Tarra
hates the repressive rules she lives under. Robby, my sixteen-
year-old, can't date and gets punished for getting erections or
soiling his sheets or underwear with his youthful spend. He has
wet dreams and gets punished for those as well. The k**s have no
right to privacy, can never be behind a closed door, and I make
Tarra sl**p wearing boxing gloves to prevent her from
masturbating in the night. Robby wears a tight, leather jock
with cup that can be locked on. My k**s do not masturbate, not
in my house, anyway.

I make masturbation seem like the crime of the century. I am
obsessive about it; or at least, I act that way. I don't even
allow Walter to touch himself in my presence, though I know he
indulges himself in the bathroom. I don't say anything to Walter
about his lengthy stays in the bathroom, and he says nothing
about my stays in the bedroom behind a locked door.

When I feel like masturbating, which is a nightly affair, I lock
myself in the bedroom. I have a plug-in vibrator that messes up
the TV reception. The vibrating dildoe is sold as a facial
massager, but the long cock-like wand would only fool a fool. I
keep my pussy pleaser on my bedstand, in the open, and it reeks
of pleased pussy. Walter knows damned well my toy is no facial
massager, but I refer to the obscene device as my facial
massager. When I want to masturbate, I announce that I am going
to massage my face.

I love doing that, because I know they know exactly what I am
going to do. I may as well say, "Excuse me, f****y. I am going
to my bedroom to fuck myself with my vibrating fake cock. Do not
disturb me for the next hour."

The k**s see my dildoe every day. It sits on my night stand,
sticking straight up, looking very phalic. If they haven't
sniffed the thing, it's because they know damned well where it's
been. They've seen it glistening after I emerge from a facial
massage session, and I like to stick a loose pubic hair or two on
the shaft before emerging. I am a hypocritical, compulsive-
masturbating June Cleaver, and I love playing my role to the
hilt. This makes my adultery more exciting and my home life less
boring. I have the best of both worlds, and I know it.

Walter is not pussy whipped. He tolerates my eccentricities, but
he'd divorce me in a second if he knew I ever cheated on him. He
is very possessive in that way, and the k**s know it, too. I
know he is sexually frustrated, but he will never admit that a
plastic cock outperforms his manhood. I wish the game could go
on and on. I wish my streak could hold out. I was not that
careful; I was just very lucky.

I wish I could still say that, but Robby and Tarra ended my
streak in a dramatic way. My husband would never understand or
forgive me for tipping our black pool maintenance man the way I
tip him - with my ankles pinned back to my ears and my asshole
kissing his balls on each stroke of his eleven-inch cock into my
cheating twat.

This is what Robby and Tarra saw when they came to investigate
the unusual noise coming from my room at two in the afternoon.
The school let out early because of a bomb threat. They were
both standing in the doorway when the hulking, sweaty cocksman
pulled his long, ebony, drippy dick from their mother's mushy
twat. To say I was shocked and mortified is the definition of an
understatement. Every atom in my body wanted to leave the area
taking the path of least resistance at the speed of light.

I did not move nearly so fast. I let out a groan of despair and
rolled to my side in a fetal ball, wondering how long they'd been
there, and why they weren't leaving.

My black stud was not the least put out by their presence. He is
my stud because he is such a ballsie fucker. He treats me like a
white-trash cunt, a piece of slut pussy, and I adore him for it.
When he reached for my top ankle, I wanted to shout, "No, please,
Tyrone, not now for god's sake, those are my c***dren."

I didn't cry out, because I knew my pleas would be wasted breath.
As though lifting a turkey drumstick, he hauled my leg straight
up overhead until my hip lifted off the mattress, exposing my
adulterous crotch in the most obscene way, saying, "Get a good
look at your mother's twat, k**s. This is what a well-fucked
cunt should look like. That is prime Afro cock juice pouring out
of your old lady's pussy."

I didn't think things could get any worse, but then he slapped my
pussy and inserted three fingers, saying, "This is what happens
to a white whore who fucks with an Alabama black python. k**,
I'll bet you could get your arm up there. You wanna try?"

This time I cried out, "Please stop. Robby, Tarra, go away."

Thankfully, Robby did not take Tyrone up on the offer, but
neither of them left, either. I knew their staying would only
inspire Tyrone to further obscene acts. He dropped my leg and
yanked me to a sitting position facing the k**s, holding me in
place by my hair. I tried to cover my breasts, but he slapped my
hands away. I tried to close my legs, but he slapped my inner
thighs until I had them far enough apart to suit him.

He had my head tilted back, grasped by the back of my head. I
could see that Tarra and Robby had moved closer to the foot of
the bed, framed by my parted knees. My tits were thrust up as he
pulled my head back and into his crotch. He rubbed my face on
his messy black cock, saying, "Suck my cock, bitch! Show these
k**s what a good cock-sucker their mother is."

My shame and embarrassment was complete. I began licking, then
sucking, feeling him grow before my c***dren's eyes. I knew this
would bode ill if he got another erection, but I had no choice.
My mouth brought him back to a full cock stand. He fucked my
mouth as he loves to do, shoving his cock down my throat, fucking
my throat the way I love having my throat fucked: with my nose
getting mashed into his wiry pubic bush while his black balls
swung under my chin.

By this time, the k**s knew they weren't watching a ****. I was
screwed, literally. They'd get even; they earned it. They'd
given me years of pleasure at a high cost. I was surprised that
neither had reached for the phone to call their father, but there
was plenty of time for that after the show.

Tyrone continued throat fucking me for several minutes, then
threw me onto my hands and knees at an angle to my k**s, a
position intended to give them a good view of my ass. He pushed
my shoulders to the mattress and lifted my ass high, pushing my
knees out. His long black fingers pried my ass cheeks apart.

I knew they could see my asshole puckering out to receive the
man's bulbous cockhead. I know how obscene that must have looked
as he crammed his cock deep in my colon. They watched his
hanging balls slapping my pussy pouch as he butt-fucked me the
way I love to be butt-fucked. It was all I could do to keep from
screaming out my usual flood of obscenities, or turning my head
their way to watch them watching.

Strangely, their watching was adding to my excitement. I suppose
shame can only reach a certain level before it turns back the
other way. My shame took U-turn and put the pedal to the metal
at that point.

I always knew I'd get caught, and my charade would get dashed by
the reality of what I was - an adulterous whore. I have
fantasized every exposure scenario and shared them with Tyrone.
I did not want my exposure to be a long drawn-out affair,
starting with rumors, then circumstantial evidence, then a chance
encounter wherein I'd get caught in the act.

No, if it ever happened - and I never wanted it to happen - I
wanted my fall to come out full blown, out of the blue, in the
most obscene way possible. As always, Tyrone was giving me
exactly what I wanted. My old life was over, and regardless of
the consequences, I wanted to end it in a big way. My k**s would
take revenge on me, and I couldn't blame them.

I was proud of my sexual prowess and my ability to take a man
like Tyrone. I was a true three-holer whore. I could earn a
good living on my back. I'd miss my f****y, but the whore's life
had many desirable benefits. I had years of good fucking left in
my hot-assed carcass. They saw what I could do with my mouth.
They were seeing what a talented asshole I had. I could not help
wishing Tyrone would do as he usually did and flip me over for a
good cunt fucking. Then, they'd see what their mother could do
with her insatiable pussy. I sent Tyrone silent prayers that he

After five minutes of intense ass fucking, Tyrone flipped me onto
my back. I planted my feet wide and raised my cunt to his
angled-down cock. I wiggled my pussy onto his cock and began
screwing him for all I was worth, frequently looking to my k**s,
checking their reactions, being driven on by their intense stares
and open mouths. Tyrone finished the same way they first saw us:
with my ankles pinned to the mattress beside my ears.

I love the ending. Being helplessly pinned, immobile, while a
huge man is pounding my pussy in its most open a vulnerable
position never fails to make me cum and scream out the most vile
and obscene words. I knew I would cum, but I didn't plan to pour
out every filthy phase I knew. From, "Fuck my slut pussy" to
"Cum in my whoring, adulterous twat," I really laid it on thick.

When Tyrone pulled out, he rolled onto his side, lying beside me,
keeping my legs back by laying his right arm across the backs of
both my ankles. The k**s had moved up to the bed by this time
and looked down on the most obscene beaver any mother can make.
The pressure on my legs lifted my ass up by a good foot. Both
were looking down into my ass and pussy as Tyrone toyed with my
abused and messy intimate anatomy, saying, "Your mom is one fine
piece of ass. She's the best white pussy I ever had."

He was tracing a stiff finger around the interior of my pussy
hole while telling them my most guarded secrets: my adulterous
history, my fantasies, my craving for big cocks. I should have
been struggling, protesting, denying, or at least trying to get
the k**s away. I did none of those things. I wanted to hear
more. While he talked to my k**s, he fingered both holes, and
toyed with my clit. Occasionally he would bring his sopping wet
hand to my lips where I was expected to lick them clean and suck
his fingers. I did so without hesitation. He fed me our fuck
sauce while exposing me in every way he could.

I had no secrets and nothing to hide from them after he was
through with me. He exposed my game, my secret life, my body,
mind, and soul. No mother has ever been so thoroughly laid bare.
They knew everything. They even knew of my fantasies involving

These were innocent fantasies, silly, really. I'd told Tyrone
how I often fantasized being awakened in the morning with Robby
screwing me, or of finding Tarra with a boy, making love, and me
just watching while masturbating. He told her I sucked the
crotch of her panties while masturbating. I only sniff them, but
I didn't deny his embellishment when I saw Tarra's eyes open wide
and the amused expression on her face. I also didn't deny the
craving to sneak into Robby's room, late and night, to take his
dick in my mouth and suck him off in his sl**p.

When Tyrone got up, got dressed, and left me alone with Robby and
Tarra, it was a very awkward moment. I was hoping they'd leave,
but Tarra sat on the bed between my feet, and Robby sat by my
right side. I sat up against the headboard, but did not bother
to bring my legs together or hide my breasts. I figured, what
would be the point. Robby broke the silence, saying, "Don't
worry, Mom, we won't tell Dad."

Tarra said, "No way would we tell Dad. He'd divorce you for
this, wouldn't he?"

I was floored and said, "Yes, he sure would. He'd have every
right to. What I did was terribly wrong. I'm so sorry you two
had to see this, but I can't blame you for staying to watch. I
probably would have done the same thing if I'd caught my mother
doing something like this. That never happened. I feel like the
lowest form of life on Earth. I don't know what to say other
than I'm sorry."

Tarra said, "You don't need to apologize or be embarrassed, Mom.

"But I've been awful to you, both of you. I'm the biggest
hypocrite that ever lived. Tyrone told the truth. I enjoyed
tormenting you two."

Tarra said, "You're only human, Mom. We understand, don't we

"Sure. It wasn't that bad. It's kinda neat finding out you gave
me hardons on purpose."

Tarra added, "Yeah, and it was neat having you wipe me and wash
me between the legs after my enemas I didn't really need. I
never knew you were getting off on it. Did you really...you
know... masturbate afterwards like he said?"

"Yes, dear, most of the time, right afterwards."

"Wow, that is so cool. And does Daddy really get horny when he
sees me naked like Tyrone said."

"Very horny."

"Wow! When you spank me, does he really stare at me down there
like he said."

"Down there? You mean, does your father stare at your cute
little pussy." Tarra blushed and giggled. "Yes, dear. He can't
take his eyes off of your adorable honey pot. He's worse than

"That's far out, Mom. Robby is pretty bad about that. He teases
me about it all the time, but I never thought Daddy was staring
and getting hard too. This has been quite an education. Now we
don't need that birds and bees talk."

"No, I suppose you got a complete sex education."

She said, "Mom, can I ask you something very personal?"

"What could be very personal after this? Yes, Tarra, what is

"Well...I was wondering...why do you suck on my panties?"

I didn't want to contradict anything Tyrone said, but I found
this part embarrassing. I am not actually into pussy, though the
scent of a fresh young virgin is like an aphrodisiac. I reddened
and said, "Uh...well...this is embarrassing. All right. Brace
yourself. The truth is, I like the taste of another female's

"Really? Have you ever...you know...licked a woman down there?"

"Do you mean, have I ever licked a woman's pussy? Yes, Tarra,

"Did you like the way mine tasted?"

"I wouldn't keep doing it if I didn't."

"Do you do it a lot?"

"I don't go looking for every pair you take off, but if I see one
I usually suck on the crotch. I guess you find that news
shocking and sickening, don't you?"

"No, it's kind of neat. I wouldn't mind bringing them to you if
you want. Isn't it better if they're fresh?"

This was getting heavy. She was obviously thrilled by the idea,
but I didn't know where this might lead. I pictured Tarra
handing me a pair of sopping wet panties, expecting me to suck
the crotch in front of her. In my state of mind, I probably
would have done so, but I knew this would wear off once things
returned to normal and I was dressed properly. What then?
Still, she wanted this. Seeing the potential to patch things up
with my k**s, and be able to keep up my front with my husband
with their help, I was ready to give them anything they wanted.
I told her that would be nice.

Robby said, "I know a man with a big dick that's dying to fuck
you, Mom."

This statement hit me like big wad of cum in the face - shocking,
but pleasant. Robby never used foul language in my presence. I
am always looking for another big-dicked stud, and his words did
excite me. My secret was out, so I said, "Oh, you do? Who is
this big-dicked stud?"

"Gary's dad. He's almost as big as that black guy, and he's
always teasing me that he's going to fuck you and make you beg
for more. Want me to tell him you'll let him fuck you?"

"Just tell him I'd like to meet him. I'll do my own begging,
thank you."

"Great! Mom, if you want to suck my dick, you don't need to
sneak in and do it while I'm sl**ping. Actually, I'd like to be
awake when you do it. All you have to do is say when. I really
don't mind. Honest."

Robby made me smile. I pulled his head to me and hugged his
neck, planting a motherly kiss to his cheek. He laid his head on
the upper swell of my right breast and kissed me an inch up from
my nipple. I stroked his hair saying, "I'll keep that in mind,
Robby, but that was just a fantasy. Mothers shouldn't do things
like that with their sons. Don't get your hopes up." Robby
didn't say anything, but he planted another shy kiss, closer to
the nipple, testing his limits.

Tarra scooted closer without my noticing. She sat within the
space of my parted knees. When I looked to her and smiled, she
laid her hand on my right inner thigh, four inches from my
beaver. When I said nothing, she began lightly stroking my
thigh. Robby kept planting kisses to my upper breast, gradually
advancing toward my nipple. Tarra expanded the sweep of her
hand, getting dangerously close to my sloppy twat.

I knew where my silent acceptance would lead. Tarra could not
tear her eyes from my pussy, and Robby wanted that nipple just as
badly. My continued silence was as good as saying, "Have at it,
k**s." I remained silent because I've learned that silence is

Robby was first to get his prize. When I said nothing after he
kissed my nipple, he raised his head, fastened his mouth on it,
and began sucking in earnest. Seeing this inspired Tarra to
venture her fingers to my cunt lip. She touched the slimy labia
more firmly with each pass; then, when I made no comment, began
openly massaging my cunt. Her fingers dipped inside when I still
remained silent, and she was soon masturbating me, finger-fucking
me, and spreading Tyrone's sperm all over my beaver.

Robby was going from tit to tit, using both hands. Between the
two of them, they were driving me mad. Tarra laid across my
right inner thigh with her face close to my beaver, using both
hands to stimulate me. Robby's hand would slip down for feels of
my pussy. I came after ten minutes of their eager explorations,
then eased them both away, trying not to hurt their feelings or
seem ungrateful. We were all a little bashful after the episode.
The silence was golden, but something needed to be said.

I sat up and said, "All right, you two. That was very nice, but
we can't be doing things like this. That would be more wrong
than my adultery. I could go to jail for this. Society frowns
on i****t with minors, you know?"

Robby said, "Who cares? We all liked it, and who's going to

Tarra said, "That's right, Mom. We'll never tell. It was fun.
I don't want to stop. We want to do more, don't we Robby?"

"Yeah, lots more. And not just that, either. We want you to do
stuff to us."

This was delightful news to me. By taking the initiative, the
monkey was off my back. I said, "All right, if you two can
promise to keep this a secret, I suppose there's no harm.
There's a price to pay, though. When your father is home,
everything must stay just like it was. Robby, you'll be punished
for erections, and I will see to it you get lots of erections.
Tarra, nothing changes for you, either."

Tarra made an anguished face, then pleaded, "Please don't make me
wear those awful clothes anymore, and those boxing gloves are
shear torture. I like everything else; really, I do."

"All right. We'll get you a sexy new wardrobe, but the gloves
stay. I like torturing you, remember? You can dress sexy, but
I'll be tougher on you than ever."

"I want you to."

"Okay, Robby, what do you want me to do for you?"

"I want the same thing Tyrone got--the works."

"Okay, you'll get the works. Tarra, what do you want?"

"I want you to eat my pussy until I cum, and then I want you to
lick up all my cum. I want to watch you masturbate while sucking
on my panties. Oh, and I want to watch Gary's dad fuck you. And
I want you to teach me how to suck a cock all the way down my
throat like you do. I want to try it on Gary's dad, and ..."

"All right, all right! You want it all, is that it?"

"Yes, everything. I want to be a three-holer whore like you,

"You'll both get your wishes. To save time, why don't you start
with my pussy, Robby? Tarra, you can sit on my face while he's
fucking me. Both of you take all of your clothes off. If we're
going to do this, let's do it right."

We've been doing it right ever since. Walter knows something is
different. I don't wear panties at home. My naked beavers are a
common sight. Tarra dresses like me when she isn't stark naked,
getting her pussy smacked with her legs wide, aimed right at

So far, he hasn't said anything. He spends a lot more time in
the bathroom, but that's a good place for him. It gives Robby
and me a chance to fuck. When I go off to the bedroom to
masturbate, I take Tarra with me. Walter raises an eyebrow at
this. I wonder what his face looks like when the TV goes
squirrelie. When we come out, he doesn't say anything. Silence
is golden.
The End

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