My friend's sexy mother

Tamil Sex Story

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Hai friends, I am Seshu, a lucky guy to get the chance of fucking Sexy
Goddess Rajeswari for the past two years.

While I am studying my Degree Ist year, I met a guy and we soon became
friends. Later he took me to his house and introduced his widow mother
Rajeswari and s****r to me. By seeing Rajeswari, I could not believe
my eyes. She is a Sex Bomb and having good measurements 36-27-36. She
is aged nearly 38 and her breasts are shaped round and firm, and her
decent face will attract every male. She is working in a Private firm
as an Accountant and goes to her office by walk. After that I came to
know that many guys follow Rajeswari and watch her breasts and ass and
comment on her beauty in vulgar language. Rajeswari is away to her sex
life for the past two years and is unable to control her sex needs,
since the guys' words and their looks were bothering her too much.
Ofcourse she needs a good fuck but she is controlling her feelings,
since she has two k**s – One male 18 and female 17.

Soon I became a member of their f****y and everyday I use to go to
their house and chitchat and I used to call Rajeswari as `Mother'.
After getting in close touch with her, ofcourse used to call her
Mother, I could not stop fantasizing in her name every night and
watching her private parts. When we both are alone and Rajeswari is in
bathroom taking her bath, I did not miss the chance of watching her
nude body through the door hole made by me, and I used to watch her
sweet face, huge breasts, flat stomach, hot red pussy, thunder thighs
and her round ass. But I didn't have the dare to get into the bathroom
and fuck her to my entire satisfaction. I used to masturbate watching
her taking bath and jerk off. I got the chance to watch her nude body
in bathroom not less than three times in a week and her nude body got
printed in my mind.

Rajeswari is also waiting for a hard fuck and the lack of sex for the
past two years is burning her body and she wanted it badly. She didn't
know that Seshu is watching her nude body whenever she is taking bath
and sometimes she even used to finger her pussy while taking bath and
it gave a odd feeling to seshu on her behaviour.

One day Rajeswari applied for leave since she is not feeling well and
was all-alone in her house. Her thoughts were getting hot and her
pussy started itching. She thought of all the guys who followed her
and whatever they commented on her breasts, ass, pussy etc. and slowly
her hands went on to her pussy, started rubbing it on her saree itself
and it gave her immense pleasure.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and it was Seshu. Rajeswari
welcomed Seshu and within minutes, he went to take his bath. Seshu
started taking his bath and the sound of water gave Rajeswari a new
kinky idea. She wanted to watch seshu taking his bath and his wet dick
and get little satisfaction by watching a male dick. She forgot all
her decentness and now she wanted to get a clear view of a dick and
satisfy her wild thoughts, which are in her dreams.

She slowly walked near to the bathroom door and searched for a hole
through which she can peep in and succeeded in finding the hole
through which Seshu used to watch her taking bath. She peeped in and
shocked at once. Inside the bathroom Seshu was stroking his dick and
is ready for a climax. He is dreaming about fucking Rajeswari daughter
Sweet Sunitha and masturbating.

Seshu "Ummmm..My bitch..come on..let me fuck you hard and hard..Your
breasts are making me mad baby..I want to eat them and suck them
madly..I want to break your sweet pussy with my hot dick and make you
suck my dick.." saying so Seshu was stroking his dick fast and is
ready to climax.

Watching the scene, Rajeswari lost her voice. Her eyes widened and
breasts were shaking with sweet pain. She though Seshu was a innocent
guy and did not anything about sex. But seeing Seshu masturbating in
her bathroom, she thought he was masturbating dreaming about fucking
her in the bathroom and really turned on that. She didn't get angry on
him, but She wanted him to fuck her in real life too. Immediately she
got an ugly idea. She wanted to seduce him and make him beg for a
fuck. Knowingly, she made a noise and ran into the room. Hearing the
noise, seshu stopped stroking his rod, peeped through the hole and
found Rajeswari running from the bathroom like a Young girl of 16
years old. He felt shocked, knowing Rajeswari watched him stroking in
the bathroom, through the hole and quickly understood that Rajeswari
was waiting for a hot fuck and it was his day. He quickly finished his
bath, came out dressed in lungi, into the bed room.

There was Rajeswari lying on the bed with an yellow saree, yellow
petticoat and yellow blouse on her sexy body. Seshu started looking at
her body wildly and Rajeswari caught him watching and her eyes dropped
on his pant zip, which is tight enough by now.

Rajeswari "Seshu..what are you searching on my body.." asked him.
Seshu "Mom..I want to sl**p..but where can I sl**p.."
Rajeswari "Come and sl**p on me.."
Seshu "On that true..Can I sl**p on your sweet body"
Rajeswari "Shut up you little rascal..come and sl**p on my bed besides
me like my second husband" she invited him to her bed.

Seshu went and slept on the same bed, touching her body and her body
perfume is making him wild. Both their thighs are rubbing each other
and they are waiting for a break.

Seshu "Mom..I didn't even dream, I could sl**p beside you on the same
bed, feeling your wonderful, beautiful body.."
Rajeswari "Come on Seshu..don't say that..You could have done it much
Seshu "Mom..Can I ask you something"
Rajeswari "Sure..ask me whatever you want..Now only both of us are in
this house and there are no one to watch us..You can ask whatever you
want..and I will satisfy you.."
Seshu "Raji..My sweet Mother..I want to kiss you once.."
Rajeswari " want to kiss me..O.K. I will agree..but tell me
where you want to kiss me and on which part of my body you want to
kiss me.." her voice became very low and was talking seducing. She
didn't even mind Seshu calling her Raji instead of Mother and she
enjoyed his calling Raji.

Seshu "If you insist me then I will tell you..but you should not say
No to me and should not scold me..and I want to give you not one kiss
but kiss you on your entire body.." his voice too became low and

Rajeswari "Sure..I will never say No to you, but I want you to tell me
in detail where you want to kiss me..on which parts of my body and I
want you to describe it.." her body started shivering when she was
taking in such a way and her breasts were longing for a nice pressing
from Seshu.

Seshu "Raji..How to tell it..You are such a beautiful woman..I want to
plant my kisses on every inch of your body..I want to kiss your eyes,
nose, cheeks, lips, neck and I want to kiss your total beauty.." he
turned to her side and started watching her sexy body.

Rajeswari "Ummmm…Seshu..Your words are making me wild..tell me more..
tell me where else you want to kiss me..I will allow you to kiss me
without fail..But I want you to tell me without any hesitation.."

Seshu "Rajeswari..I cant tell you more..But since you are insisting, I
am telling you. I want to kiss on your saree which is hiding your
round shaped breasts and want to hide my head between those two
mountains and then kiss them for more than 15 minutes and then come
down to your stomach and kiss your navel..I want to kiss your naked
stomach and rub my face on it and then come down to your thunder
thighs..I want to kiss between your thighs and burry my face between
your sweet thighs..and smell your body sweetness which is hidden
between your two thighs.." he came out of his mind.

Rajeswari "Hai Seshu..Your words are driving me mad..I am unable to
control myself.. I am like your mother and should not allow you to do
all these things. Since I promised to allow you to kiss me..come and
kiss me.." she sexily invited Seshu for kissing her body.

Seshu with little courage, started kissing Rajeswari on her forehead,
came down to her eyes and kissed them, then her nose, then her cheeks
and then his lips turned towards her lips and rajeswari turned her
face, unallowing him to kiss her lips. But seshu with his two hands
caught her head and started rubbing his lips on Rajeswari sweet lips.
He only touched her lips and rubbed his lips on them and within
seconds Rajeswari opened her mouth to moan with pleasure and Seshu
lips entered Rajeswari lips. Seshu caught Rajeswari down lip with his
lips and started sucking it.

Rajeswari "Ummmm…" Seshu felt like in heaven and started tasting the
sweetness of Rajeswari mouth and swallowed her mouth juice and his
hand slowly was placed on the stomach of Rajeswari and pressed it
hard. Rajeswari once again moaned with pleasure. Seshu started playing
with her stomach and for about five minutes, he has eaten the lips of
Rajeswari and tasted her juices. Rajeswari enjoyed the total show and
her pussy started leaking its juice.

Seshu slowly came down and started kissing her neck and much below the
neck, he found two firm mountains, which are inviting his hands to
press them. He could not wait much longer and he put his head between
the mighty breasts of Rajeswari on her saree itself and started
rubbing his head on them. Rajeswari breasts started growing wild and
his head was crushing them. Rajeswari could not wait much and placed
her both hands on Seshu head and f***ed him towards her breasts. Seshu
started kissing on her fat breasts and rubbing his head on her firm
breasts and madly eating her nipple and making her blouse with his
mouth fluid. Rajeswari is unable to stop him.

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