My aunt, my Mom and Me

This fantasy differs from the others, because it involves my
Aunt. She is about 8 years younger than Mom, a little shorter
and dumpier, but with great breasts. In this fantasy, Mom is
gone for the weekend, and Aunt Heather is staying to watch over
my b*****r and me. I am about 15 at the time, and my b*****r,
Tom, is 17.

I get home from school Friday afternoon, and Aunt Heather has
just arrived, going over last minute instructions with Mom. Tom
has been there and left to go to football practice. Mom says her
goodbyes to Aunt Heather and me, gives me a soft kiss on the
cheek and exits.

Aunt Heather is wearing her soft brown hair down past her shoulders,
soft makeup that accents her brown eyes, lightly pink skin and
full lips. She is wearing a blouse that has a few buttons open,
the creamy, off-white of the material blending with her pale
cleavage. I'm guessing that she had on just a plain white bra,
since she wasn't sagging, but no colors showed through the top,
although I've seen her leaving her bathroom, pulling her shirt
over a black, push-up bra - I had fantasies over that for months.

Aunt Heather's blouse hung down and was tucked into her knee-length
white skirt, a slip on the side showing just a teasing glimpse of
the top of her stockings. She was wearing white flats, and her
legs were enveloped with charcoal-gray stockings. The must have
been only thigh-highs, since the thicker material of the tops
glimpsed out.

I tried not to stare as I looked at her, but she caught my eye
travelling her body, did a little twist (the skirt flew up just
enough in back to catch a glimpse of white panties), and asked if
I liked her new outfit.

"It makes you look like a girl in my class I'd like to date," I
"You would never date an old woman like your Aunt," she teased
I just blushed a little and went into the living room.

My bedroom was too small for anything but sl**p, so I often did
my homework on the living room coffee table. I'd sit on the
floor, back against the sofa, legs in front. Aunt Heather sat down
with her beautiful leg inches from my arm. We talked about my
school work for awhile, then she flipped on the TV. I quickly,
and half-heartedly, finished my homework, and started to zone out
on the tube.

"Hon?" Aunt Heather asked.
"You remember how you used to give me neck-rubs all the time?"
"Yeah," I replied. At age thirteen, I'd always try to rub my
Aunt's or Mom's neck, trying to get them relaxed enough to lean
back and show some cleavage. It didn't work much for that, but
they both loved the rubs and often asked me for more.
"Do you think you can rub my feet the same way? They're pretty
sore from standing all day."
"Anything for you," I jokingly replied, and twisted a little to
get better access to her feet.

As I turned, I flicked my eyes upward and couldn't see a thing.
Aunt Heather was leaning back on the couch, trying to relax, but her
knees were resting together. Not even a teasing glimpse into

I slipped off her left shoe, and as I took her foot gently into
my hand, I examined it a little. Her toes were small, but neatly
formed. No overlapping, runt toes, or anything like that. The
nails were painted a warm pink, and trying not to be obvious, I
checked for smell. . . nothing worse than rubbing stinky feet.
Hers had no smell at all.

I held her foot in my hands, enjoying the feeling to the stocking
against my palms, and slowly started kneading the sole of her
foot. I drew my fingers across the bottoms, starting at the
heel, and ending up gently pulling on her toes. I pressed harder
around the ball of her toes, focusing all my concentration on
that foot. I must have spent about ten minutes exploring her
left foot, pressing my fingers between her toes, luxuriating on
the texture of her stockings, exercising years of sexual
fantasies upon that one foot. When I was finished with that
foot, I started to reach for the other.

As I took her right foot, I glanced up, and smiled. Aunt Heather had
relaxed her knees, just slightly, but enough to see past the
stocking tops on just the barest patch of white covering the new
focus of my lust. I, to this day, don't know if she knew I was
looking up, but just then she reached down to scratch her leg,
hiking her dress up a little more. I could see the strip of skin
between the tops of her stocking and the legs of her panties. I
wanted put caress that skin with my cheek, to run my tongue
across her do many things.
"MMmmm, please don't stop, hon. My foot's getting jealous."
"Sorry, Aunt Heather, I was just, ummmm, warming my hands."

I wanted to say that I was trying to keep from cumming in my
pants, but I thought that might put her off...just a little.

I took even more time with her right foot. I ran the palms of my
hands all over it, rubbing and pressing the soles. I pulled on
her toes, pretending that my mouth was sucking them, used my
fingers as my tongue, tasting the soles and heels, licking around
the ankle bone. I guess Aunt Heather and I were on the same
frequency, because the more vividly I'd picture what I wanted to
do, the more she responded with sighs and moans.

I glanced up again and just about coughed. Her legs were
carelessly open, not like she was showing off, but more that she
wasn't even aware I could see straight up. And, if my eyes
weren't lying, I could see a small damp spot on the crotch of her
lovely white, silky-looking panties. My cock jerked in my pants,
and I had to look away and start counting food stains in the
carpet to keep from blowing my wad right there.

I took a chance, and moved from her foot to her leg. I mumbled
something about tension from her foot being in her leg, or=7F
something like that...all the bl**d had gone south, so I may have
just said gibberish.

Aunt Heather stretched out her leg a little, and I ran my hand up her
calf. By this time, I think she knew what was going on, but
didn't say anything. I used my hands to make love to her legs,
I rubbed my arms, hands, and fingers all over them....from the
knee down. I didn't dare go any least not yet. As I
worked from one leg to the other, I always made sure the one I
wasn't massaging was resting on my leg, my arm, or somehow
touching me.

Aunt Heather's breathing grew quicker, and since I had control of her
legs, I spread them wider. I could see a definite wet spot, and
it was growing. I couldn't help myself any longer. I turned to
face her, still on the floor, and pushed one of her legs up so
that her foot was face level, and her panties were right there.

I started rubbing my face on her feet, pressing her sole into my
cheeks. Aunt Heather caught on right away and brought her other foot
up, and soon she was rubbing my face with her stockinged feet.
She was moaning out loud, and her knees were wide apart. I stuck
the toes of her left foot into my mouth and started sucking.
Soon, I was mouthing as much of her foot as I could. I was going
nuts over them. I licked every inch of skin, sucked, nibbled,
and pressed my face all over them. I felt myself starting to
cum, and there was no way to stop it.

I must have grunted or something, because Aunt Heather started to
grind and moan more, telling me not to hold back, to just let go.
"I...I...oh...I...," was all I could get out when my body
spasmed, and I came all hot and wet inside my jeans. Aunt Heather
must have cum, too. Her legs started shaking, and then she
pressed her knees together and started rubbing her legs together.

I was just about to say something when we both heard my b*****r
Tom's bike hit the side of the house. Aunt Heather quickly pulled the
Afghan up over her waist - her legs from the kneed down had
suspicious wet marks just about the size of my mouth. I plopped
a textbook over my lap to hide my wetspot. Just as the door
opened, I remembered to take the TV off mute, and for the first
time noticed that we were watching Jerry Springer.

"Did Mom tell you that I was going to a sl**p-over tonight,"
asked Tom.

I knew that she didn't, and he was trying to pull one over on
Aunt Heather. I have seen him use that one on many other sitters, and
he usually had some great excuses to back himself up.
"She sure did," Aunt Heather replied. "She said to make sure that you
were home to noon tomorrow."

Tom just stood there a second, he knew full well that Mom didn't
tell Aunt Heather anything, but not one to pass up an opportunity, he
grinned and started off to his room to pack his overnight stuff.

I felt a foot caress my neck, and looked up. Aunt Heather grinned
back at me. "I think we'll be better off alone tonight anyway."

The ten minutes it took Tom to get ready and leave were the
longest years of my life. I gave him to the count of 100 after
he left to return for anything forgotten, and when I got to 100,
I turned and pulled the cover from Aunt Heather.

I knew exactly what I wanted. I grabbed the back of her knees,
pulled, and spread. In a moment I was face-to-face with her
panty-covered crotch. I had never eaten a women out before, but
I just went on instinct and dived in.

I started by pressing my face hard into my Aunt's crotch. I
could feel the warmth and wet spot on my chin. I pulled her legs
closed around me, enveloping my head between her thighs. I
couldn't breath, but I didn't care. I felt Aunt Heather grinding into
me, and my chin was getting wetter and wetter. I pulled back to
breath, and I was met with a dark, pungent aroma....I liked it.

I started lapping at Auntie's crotch, the silky material on the
sides was replaced with cotton in the middle. The roughness
against my tongue felt great as I added to the moisture there. I
pressed my tongue into the center to the crotch, and the panties
slipped a little inside Aunt Heather. Hairs started to tickle my
chin. I reached up and pulled the crotch-piece to the side and
buried my face into my Aunt's pussy. She was so wet that my chin
just about slipped into her. I stuck my tongue inside and tasted
her flood. I still don't know if she tasted good or not, all I
remember was the feeling of warmth filling my mouth, and a new
taste crossing my tongue.

I kept my tongue out and started waggling my head around. I was
almost like a dog, just lapping and wiggling, smearing my entire
face with Aunt Heather's juices. I remember having my nose buried in
her at one point, while my tongue slipped around her lower hole.

she didn't seem to try and stop me from liking out her asshole,
so I stuck my tongue in there, so into the sex that I didn't even
wonder if she were clean. I licked the ridge between her pussy
and asshole, massaging my hands on her thighs. If I could have
stuck my head inside her, I would have.

I released her thighs and quickly tried to undress. I was able
to unbutton my pants, but I couldn't seem to get them off. I
broke away just long enough to look down and see my shoes still
on. I paused to remove them and my pants. My cock was hard
again, sticking straight out.

I tried to return to Aunt Heather, but her hands had replaced me. She
had three fingers in her pussy, that thumb pressing what I
guessed was her clit, and a finger from her other hand in her
asshole. I moved my face in with her fingers, and she guided my
lips to her clit. I felt the hardened skin and pulled it into my
mouth. I sucked it in and out, judging from her moans what felt

Meanwhile, Aunt Heather had my cock between her calves and was
thrusting them around it. I started to help, sucking her clit
and humping her legs. Again, it was too much for me to take.
Aunt Heather realized what my sudden jerking meant, and grabbed my
shoulder and lifted me.

I stood before her, trying to keep my balance as my cum spurted
out. Most of it just stained her blouse, but landed on her
throat. Aunt Heather took that with her fingers, scooped it up and
massaged it into her pussy. All of a sudden, she jerked again,
spasmed a few times, the lie back.

I slipped next to her on the couch and rested, also.

We drifted softly into sl**p, and were startled awake by the
front door slamming. Too late we realized that Tom would be able
to see everything - the afghan was across the floor.

We both looked up sheepishly, and standing there in front of us
was Mom. She looked down, her face getting redder and redder at
the sight. And what a sight we must have been.

I was sitting back, bare from the waist down, cock glistening a
little from my cum, and my jeans in a heap, but with the wet-
stain clearly showing. Aunt Heather had her skirt hiked all the way
up, the crotch of her panties were torn, and some of my licking
had left wet spots that hadn't dried yet. To top it off,
Auntie's blouse was speckled with cum stains, and a large glob
had slid from her cleavage down the front of her shirt.

"Well, s*s, there are two things you can do," Aunt Heather said
looking up at Mom. "You can kill us or join us."
"What?!" Mom and I both replied.
"You know, I still haven't told your son about the times we
'played,' or when we double-teamed the coach's son."
"But, but that was years ago," Mom replied, starting to back
"And you don't think your son deserves the same treatment?"
Aunt Heather replied.

I just sat there dazed. I never expected this. Just the thought
of Aunt Heather again, much less just Mom, or even the two of them
together, had my cock recovering. It slowly started jerking and
growing while they were fighting.

"What about Tom, what if he walks in?" Mom asked.
"Tom is a putz. He went to his buddies to spend the night and
jerk each other off."
"And you let him?"
"Sure, this one was trying to seduce me, and who am I to ever
"That's for certain," Mom replied, but her voice trailed off as
she finally glanced at my growing cock.

As I saw her eyes focus on me, and realized what she was looking
at, I grew even harder.
"That's right," Aunt Heather said, slowly rising, "Look at that.
Never been touched. I didn't even get a chance to taste it."
By this time, Aunt Heather was standing next to Mom and was slowly
leading her forward. "Looks good, doesn't it. How long has it
been since you tasted teenage cock?"

"He did grow nicely, didn't he?" Mom asked, slightly dazed.
"Why not ask him if he wants you to join," Aunt Heather said, winking
over to me.
"Ummm, uhh, yeah," was the most intelligent thing I could say.
"You know, he is a great pussy licker, aren't you?" Auntie said
to me.

By this time, she had led Mom right in front of me, and was
standing behind her.

Aunt Heather was still mostly dressed as before. Mom was wearing a
full dress that went from her shoulders to her ankles. She had
on flats and no stockings.

Aunt Heather stood behind Mom, holding her by the shoulders. I could
tell that she was grinding her hips into Mom's back, both were
getting flushed. Aunt Heather slowly knelt down, slid her hands down
Mom's sides, over her hips, and down the sides of her legs. She=7F
hooked the hem of the dress over her thumbs and sensually started
back up. I could see the palms of my Aunt's hands pressing into
my Mom's legs as she slowly drew the dress up, higher and higher.

Aunt Heather stopped at ass level and was massaging Mom's butt,
pulling the dress back, exposing Mom's pink, silk panty covered

"Why not give your Mom an example?" Aunt Heather asked, pressing Mom's
hips forward with her own.

I knew that I would never had a chance like this again. I
grasped Mom's panties and tugged them down. I reached between
her thighs and pulled my face into her. For some reason, maybe
because it had only been a couple of hours since I last came, I
went much slower. Mom stood there, braced by Aunt Heather, as I
slowly explored Mom's pussy. I ran my tongue lightly around the
outer lips, feeling the enlarge and grow moist. I teased her,
running my tongue around and around the outer lips, the suddenly
stabbed my tongue into her. She gasped, but the sound was
muffled. I pulled back to look up and saw that Aunt Heather had
slipped the rest of the dress of Mom and had her hands inside
Mom's bra, massaging her breasts. The reason her voice was
muffled was that their mouths were locked together in a
passionate kiss.

No way I could hold back now. I knew I was about to come, but I
also knew that there was only one place I could cum. If I ever
wanted to continue this in the future, I had to cum inside Mom.

I grabbed Mom's hips and twisted. She lost her balance and
flopped to the sofa. Aunt Heather managed to keep standing, and
removed her top while I slid up Mom's legs. I thrust a few
times, trying to find the hole, Mom quivering. I felt a hand
squeeze my cock painfully hard. I look over at Aunt Heather.
"Not just yet," she said and pushed my hips over.

I moved over to the side and buried my face in Mom's breast. I
knew something was going on below, but I was engrossed in the
forbidden lush breasts of Mom. I sucked the nipples hard, licked
the valley between them, all the while, Auntie's firm grasp on my
cock kept me from cumming. An eternity later I temporarily had
my fill of Mom's breasts. I looked down to see Aunt Heather licking
Mom's pussy. Feeling me stop mauling Mom's breasts, Aunt Heather
scooched over and pulled me back on Mom. Her grasp lessened and
I felt myself guided into a warm heaven.

I was doing it, I was fucking my own Mom..and my aunt. I started
thrusting, telling Mom I was about to cum, and I was going to cum
inside her. Mom started spasming on the couch, moaning and
pulling my ass tightly to her. I started to suck a nipple, when
things were crowded for a moment. I realized that Aunt Heather had
pressed her breast to Mom's. I stretched my mouth and took both
their nipples together. It was too much.

My cock jerked hard and I shot into my mother. It was a small
load, but Mom could sense me cumming and came herself. She more
than came, she let go. Mom moaned and whimpered, and I felt a
gush of warm wetness run down my leg. Mom'sbladder had let go.
She was still shaking as Auntie pulled me off and started sucking
Mom's pussy. I wanted to do something, but there was now way I
was getting hard again. I climbed behind Aunt Heather and spread her
cheeks. While she was sucking my cum and Mom's piss, I was
tongue around her hole and the bottom of her pussy. I rolled
over and pulled her hips down onto my face. I buried myself in
her pussy and soon felt her flood my mouth with her cum.

After that, we just laid there in a heap on the couch. After a
while I got up and fetched some drinks. Soon, we covered
ourselves with the afghan and fell asl**p.

Mom woke up first, and I guess judged from what time Tom was
supposed to be home that we had time for another round. All I
know is that I woke up about 8:30 with two mouths on my cock.


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1 year ago
nice story very erotic and got me going in my pants that is for sure
2 years ago
The best sexual experience(s) ever? A mother, a son (together, the very best), and many times add a close family member!!! Nothing finer in Carolina (being that I'm originally from N. C.).

Adel5000: you guys are the very best!!!!

Great, stupendous and so sexually, incestually
arousing. Gave me an awesome boner and a loaded cannon!
2 years ago
Family sex is hot where can I find a generous selection of videos
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hmm nice
2 years ago
is a nice daydream hihi
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
How jealous am I
3 years ago
love your story.
i was 11 y old first time my stepmother and father fucked me silly .mmmmm i loved it beenig a slut and bee dressed up like a whore
3 years ago
wow i love when family sex is so happy and exciting! And fucking mom and her sister..oh how beautiful
3 years ago
love this story
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
GREAT story
3 years ago
mmhhh so nice
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Wow Auntie and mommy! Definitely a fantasy! Is it true?
3 years ago
very nice excited
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mm nice