Dad's Big Mistake p1

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Rajesh was a tall muscular 18 year old. It was summer vacation and he was home almost every day with his amma. Lalita was a maternal beauty. She was about six feet, 130 pounds, with long, milky-white legs and big banana-shaped boobs. Rajesh often wondered what it would be like to fuck his amma. To prop her feet back on his shoulders and feel his large lund saw in and out of her sweet choot. He wanted so badly to dump his load deep into her womb, where his amma's eggs would surely be waiting.

Lalita knew her beta wanted her. It was obvious by the looks he'd been giving her. A part of her was flattered by her beta's admiration, and any woman would admit, the boy was handsome, but he was her beta and she was married to her husband of 20 years, Pranav. Given time, she knew her beta's fascination for her would pass.

Rajesh came down to breakfast in nothing but his boxers where he found his amma at the stove cooking. He paused to admire her long gorgeous legs and shapely ass. Lalita was in her short silk robe and a dainty pair of high-heeled slippers. She noticed her boy staring from the doorway.

"Good morning, sl**py-head." She said in her sweet, ammaly tone.

"Morning, maa." Rajesh answered.

He walked up behind his amma and gave her a hug from behind. Lalita turned her head to him and smiled. She could feel his large lauda pressed against the crack of her ass. Her womanly instinct knew that her beta's lund was much larger than her husbands.

"How'd you sl**p?" She asked.

"Okay I guess. Is dad gone already?" He asked.

"Yeah, he left a few minutes ago." Lalita answered.

She knew why her beta had asked. Rajesh's behavior was much different when his father wasn't there. He became much more touchy-feely with her. Lalita didn't mind. She knew the horny teen was just going through a stage and would never try anything without her consent.

Rajesh squeezed his maa tightly, his shaft was beginning to wedge into the crack of his maa's ass. He gently slid his hands up the flat of his amma's tummy until he could feel his wrists resting against the base of Lalita's big saggy boobs.

"I love you, maa." He said.

Lalita reached back and stoked the back of Rajesh's head lovingly, her long nails combing through his hair as she looked over her shoulder at him.

"I know you do, sweetie-pie, and I love you...more than you know." She said.

"I mean...I...I really love you, maa...I.."

Lalita turned to him and placed her finger over Rajesh's mouth.

"SSSSHHHHH!!! I know, love. You don't have to explain it to me, I know what you're going through." She said warmly.

"You do?" Rajesh asked.

"Yes, and it's perfectly naturally for boy's your age to love their amma's this way. Tell me what you're feeling?" Lalita said.

"Jealousy, I guess." Rajesh muttered.

"You're jealous of your father, because I'm his?" She asked.

"Yeah and I guess...I guess I know how much you want a baby and...well..."

There was a short pause, then Lalita took her boy's hand and smiled up into his eyes.

"So your jealous that I'm trying to have a baby with your father and not with you?" She asked.

"I'm sorry, I know it sounds stupid." Rajesh said.

"It's not stupid, sweetie. Your feelings are very real. The truth is your father and I have been trying to have a baby for seven long years and so luck." She said.

"For that long? Is everything okay with you?" Rajesh asked.

"I'm fine, but I'm afraid your father has a very low sperm count. It's possible that he may never be able to get me garbhwati again." She said in a low tone.

Rajesh's eyes lit up.

"Well why don't you let me try, maa. I know I could do it, really!" He exclaimed.

Lalita giggled. They still stood very close facing eachother, her hands resting on her beta's shoulders.

"Hold it, mister. You know that you and I can't go there." She said.

"Why not? Dad wouldn't have to know. You could tell him the baby was his. It would be our secret." Rajesh said.

Lalita laughed and shook her head.

"Rajesh, listen to yourself. Do you realize what you're asking me?" She said.

"It makes sense, doesn't it? You could get garbhwati, without having to cheat on dad." He said.

"But I would be cheating on your father...with you." She added.

"Yeah but the k** would look like dad and everything. Maa, I promise I would never say a thing." Rajesh pleaded.

"Sweetie, we can't." Lalita said.

"Why? Why can't we, maa. You want this baby." Rajesh said.

"Rajesh, this isn't about me having a baby. This is about you getting into my panties. I have never once in 20 years of marriage cheated on your father and I don't intend to break that streak with my overly-horny 18 year old beta." Lalita said.

Rajesh hung his head for a moment, then looked back at her.

"What if I got his izaazat?" He said.

Lalita let out a suprised giggle.

"Your father's izaazat?" She asked.

"Yeah, what if dad agreed to let me get you garbhwati?" He asked.

"Good luck." She laughed.

"No seriously. What if dad said it was okay?" He asked.

"You would seriously have the guts to ask your father to get me garbhwati?" She said.

"What if he agreed to it?" I asked.

Lalita's face went blank for a moment and she stared off into space.

"What if dad said it was okay?" Rajesh said.

"First of all, there's no damn way your father's going to let his beta of all people have a crack at his wife. He might even kill you for asking." She said.

"But what if he said yes?" Rajesh said.

"Well, if he said yes, which I know he won't, then...I'd...I'd be willing to sit down with you and discuss it." She said seriously.

"Us making a baby together?" Rajesh asked.

"Yes, I'd be willing to discuss the possibility of you and I making a baby together." She said.

Rajesh cheered and hugged his amma, lifting her little feet up off the floor. He loved the feel of her enormously spongy boobs against his chest. Lalita smiled down at her happy beta. She thought it was cute how excited he was at the possibility of breeding her, but she also knew it would never happen. There was no way in hell her husband would go for such a thing.

"Don't get too excited, tiger. You haven't talked to your father yet." She stated.

"If he agrees, can we start tonight?" Rajesh asked.

"If he agrees, I'll die of shock." She smiled.

"But if he does, can we?" Rajesh pressed.

"If your father agrees, we'll sit down tonight and talk." Lalita said.

Rajesh smiled to himself confidently. He knew for a surety that having his amma's ankles propped back on his shoulders as he greedily fucked her matronly choot was about to become a reality. He knew this because he knew something about his father that his amma didn't. His father had made a BIG MISTAKE and it was about to cost him dearly.

It was 3 in the afternoon. Rajesh knew just the time to be at his dad, Karan's office. Karan had his lund buried deep in the tight young choot of his secretary when his beta barged into his office. The blond slut pulled up her panties and ran from the office, embarrassed as hell and Rajesh's dad just stood there in complete shock as his own beta glared across the room at him.

"Havin' fun dad?" Rajesh asked.

"Rajesh, I...I was just..." Karan could think of no excuses. He'd been caught red handed.

It was the first time Rajesh'd seen his father's lund. He chuckled at how small it was. He was anxious to see how his amma would react having a lund over 4 inches longer than her husbands plowing her depths. Not only was Rajesh's dick longer than his fathers, it was a great deal thicker, with fat bulging veins and a huge purple knob.

"Relax dad...I've known for a long time now. It's cool." Rajesh said.

"What about your amma? Oh God, please tell me you haven't said anything about this to her." Karan said.

"Don't worry, dad. Maa doesn't ever have to know about this, but in order for things to stay that way, you're gonna have to do a little something for me." Rajesh said.

"Okay...what do you want?" Karan asked.

"Your izaazat." Rajesh said with a smile.

Later that night Rajesh lay on his bed waiting. His father had been home for a few hours and he and Rajesh's amma were downstairs talking. Finally, about 11, Rajesh heard a gentle tap at his door. Lalita poked her head in.

"You still awake, sweetie?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm up." Rajesh answered. Of course he was up. What teenaged boy could sl**p when they were finalizing the deal of a lifetime. A chance to fuck a baby into their own beautiful amma.

Lalita came in and closed the door. She was in her silky robe again and the dainty high-heeled slippers. As she strode towards him, Rajesh watched her enormous banana-shaped boobs sway beneath her robe. He was confident that soon he'd be up to his ears in naked matronly tit-flesh as he pumped his baby-syrup into his amma's womb. Lalita sat at the edge of his bed with an odd expression.

"Well...I don't know how you managed to do it, buster." She said.

"Dad said yes?" Rajesh tried to act surprised.

"I can hardly believe it, but yeah, your father seemed to think you made a pretty convincing case." Lalita said.

"Really?" Rajesh said, trying to act surprised.

Lalita gave him a warm maa-smile and looked into his eyes.

"Really. Which means, Mr. smooth-talker, if you're still willing, and I hope to God you're able, I think we should start our plans on making a baby together. Lalita said.

"Plans? You mean we can't start tonight?" Rajesh asked.

Lalita giggled and stroked her betas hair.

"You silly boy. You don't know too much about making babies, do you? It's a lot more complicated than just crawling between maa's legs and doing your thing. It can only be done at a certain time, using certain techniques to ensure my pregnancy." Lalita said.

Lalita went on to describe the ovulation process and how only during that certain window of time can a baby be created. It was a window which she was due for very soon. She took her beta's hand and their eyes met.

"Sweetie, I realize this is a brand new experience for you. I think it's important for us to keep in mind throughout this whole process, who we are and why we're doing this. I think our sessions should be very cut and dry, without shall I say this...unnecessary pleasure. Do you know what I mean?" Lalita asked.

Rajesh nodded. He knew full well that once he had his 9-inch lund burrowing deep within his amma's womb all that "unnecessary pleasure" shit would fly out the window.

Days passed and Rajesh waiting eagerly for the word from his amma. Finally, on a Thursday morning, Rajesh was sitting at the breakfast table when Lalita sat down next to him. She had a big smile.

"So...feel like making a baby today, mister?" She asked casually.

Rajesh's eyes lit up.

"Seriously?" He asked.

"Seriously. I started my cycle. I called your school and told them you were sick. I really need to know that I can count on you these next three days." She said.

"Of course you can, maa. I won't go anywhere." Rajesh answered. "So we can start this morning?" He asked.

Lalita gave her beta a warm smile.

"As soon as your father leaves." She answered.

Rajesh's dick became instant steel. His dream-day had finally arrived.

Rajesh was in his bedroom when he heard his father's car leave the driveway. A few minutes later his maa stopped in his doorway on her way to her room.

"Ready, sweetie?" She asked.

Rajesh's stomach sunk to his feet. It was the moment of truth and he was nervous as hell. His body was frozen in the sitting position on his bed. Lalita walked over and took his hand.

"You're nervous...Don't be. You're gonna do fine and when this is all over, you'll have a baby b*****r or s****r in nine months, isn't that exciting?" Lalita said.

"Yeah." Rajesh said. Yet both Rajesh and Lalita knew that the exciting part for him was going to be sliding his young, thick pecker into Lalita's love-nest.

"Come on." Lalita said softly, and with his hand in her, guided her young stallion to her bedroom and closed the door.

"I'm gonna go into the bathroom and get ready. I want you to go ahead and get undressed and get into bed, okay?" She said.

Rajesh nodded and watched his amma go into the bathroom. He quickly undressed and crawled under the covers of his parent's marital bed. He loved how wicked it felt to be there taking his father's place.

A few moments later Lalita came out of the bathroom. She had on a big white t-shirt that fell just below her waist. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and Rajesh could tell the way her big boobs were flopping about as she walked that she braless and probably pantiless too. She set a tube of something on her nightstand.

"What's that?" Rajesh asked.

"It's lubrication, in case we need it." She said.

Lalita slid her cute little bare feet from their slippers and crawled under the covers next to her beta. She lay on her side and looked at him in a serious manner.

"You're sure you still wanna do this for me?" She asked.

Rajesh smiled.

"Hell yeah. I'd do anything for you, maa." He said.

Lalita smiled teasingly.

"I don't know about that, but I do think you'd do anything to be the one to get me garbhwati." She said.

They both laughed.

"Are you ready?" Lalita asked warmly.

Rajesh nodded. Lalita lay on her back and put her hand on Rajesh's shoulder.

"Come over on top of me." She said.

Rajesh moved over and Lalita spread her legs slightly as her beta took position between them. She pulled the t-shirt up above her waist and felt Rajesh's lund press against her pubic mound.

"It's okay, rest your full weight on me." She said, pulling her beta down so that their chest's met. Rajesh sighed as he felt the huge mounds of spongy tit-flesh flatten out against his chest. Lalita placed her hands on her beta's shoulders and with bended knees, spread her long legs apart. Rajesh laid his head on her right shoulder and started to nudge his dick against his maa's sex, searching for that magic entrance.

"Lower." Lalita whispered into her beta's ear.

Rajesh felt the head of his lund enter the smooth creamy groove of Lalita's matronly slit. His purple plumb split his amma's twat and popped into her steamy socket. Lalita let out an audible sigh as her sex stretched tightly around the helmet of its new guest. Rajesh pushed forward and his thick fuck-steak sunk inch by veiny-inch into Lalita's depths. He could feel his amma tense up. It was at that moment he knew that his amma had never had one this large. Lalita was about to be worked in a places she never knew existed.

Rajesh began to take short, slow strokes, fucking his monster deeper and deeper with each thrust. Lalita drew in a sharp breath as her beta's babymaker entered the unexplored depths of her most secret place. Her choot walls moulded around the spongy meat of her boy's lund, triggering sensitive nerve-ending only touched once before during the boy's birth. Lalita felt the tip Rajesh's prick nudge against the opening to her cervix, bottoming out with another inch left to go.

Rajesh's natural instincts took over and he started to fuck his big dick up and down his amma's love-canal. Lalita held her baby against her, hanging on for the ride. She brought her long legs up and wrapped them around her boy. Amma and beta began to moan as they continued their mating dance. It was only after two-minutes of intense humping that Lalita was struck with the most intense orgasm of her life. She was completely at its mercy.

"OHHHHH...GOD!!!!!" Lalita screamed.

Rajesh fucked sakht and watched as his amma gritted her teeth, her face red and contorted. Lalita let out a series of grunting screams, like a woman during c***dbirth, as the waves of orgasmic contractions ripped through her body.

Rajesh's thick young dick pistoned in and out of the 39 year-old choot, his big floppy balls slapping against the sweaty crack of Lalita's ass again and again. For ten dick-grinding minutes he continued to hump his dream-choot and it was everything he imagined it would be. Suddenly, he felt his amma tense up again.

"OHHHHH MYYYY GOOODDDDD!!!! Lalita wailed, in a crying tone.

Once again Rajesh picked up his pace as a second orgasm ripped through his gorgeous amma. Lalita nearly cried it hit her so sakht. Her body shook and quivered and she let out a long crying groan, so loud the neighbors could probably hear it.

Rajesh felt his nuts tighten and a torrent of semen erupted from his lund. Using her heels Lalita drew him in, his lund knocking against the back of her fuck-pocket.

"Go deep!!! DEEP!!! She commanded.

Lalita felt the ropes of hot jism jetting against the mouth of her cervix. Billions of potent sperm would soon start their journey in search of her eggs.
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