I’m My Dad’s Wife p2

He mashed his fingers into my tits and pulled me back against him. I
continued to weep and moan as he slid his lips down on my throat and
began to lick and suck on the nape of my neck.

I screamed in anguish as the sharp pain seared through my body. He
savagely slapped at my upturned ass as he ripped upwards into my
bowels. I burned both inside and out. He stoked the fire, fanning my
ass with his hands while pumping fiercely into my torn and tattered
hole as my head beat a rhythm upon the headboard and I sobbed
uncontrollably into the tear-soaked pillow. Wave after wave of pain
washed over me as he used me and my tightness to pleasure that
fleshy, bl**d-engorged tool which I had worked so hard to build to
the point where it would pleasure me.

Unable to struggle, I accepted his assault. As I grew accustomed to
the pain, I attempted vainly to accommodate his intrusive, probing,
thrusts. As the pain dulled, and eager to be rid of him, I pushed
back and thrust with him in order to please him and finish him that I
might finally be left alone. I was just getting used to his thick
presence that's it... mmmmm... MMMMM, YES, I LOVE IT, DEEPER,

deeper... deeper... now fuck me.. Harder... harder... faster...

His hard cock inside my ass giving me all the pleasure I had been
missing out on for so long! We both enjoyed that fuck more than I can

He was excited because he was fucking his pregnant wife and I was
excited because I was being fucked after going so long without
it! "Ohh, God, that's feels so good." I moaned out. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" was the only response I made.


He shuddered atop me and I knew he was finished. Curiously and
unsuspectingly, this intrusive new experience was just starting to
feel good to me so I slowly hunched my smooth, bare cheeks into his
warm, furry crotch while softly and provocatively
moaning. "Oooooohhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!" I took a couple
deep breaths. Then again, "Ohhhhh, Ohhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh, Yessssssss
Ohhhhh, yesss Ohhhhhh. yessssss " Then my lips clamped again. I was
an orgasm.

Thus ...encouraged, he humped slowly in response and breathed heavily
into my ear.

He cried out, the sound muffled by my flesh, as his cock erupted. A
massive flood of thick, hot jism jetted up into my round, rectal
chamber, giving me a sperm enema.

'Oooh yes!" He gasped as he jerked and jerked into me, filling me,
defiling me, punishing me. Endless wads of a steaming jizz load shot
into my bowels. Ropey strings of cum that overflowed my anus and
started to dribble out.

The things scared me, but being ass-fucked was finally beginning to
feel good to me, so I wantonly grunted and moaned in assent to every
dirty, perverted statement that was proffered to me. I wanted so
badly to masturbate and vainly tried to clench the sheets and
blankets into my dripping canny.

"I dumped a real load up there," He said, a smile on his face as he
looked into my eyes. " He withdrew his cock from my torn and bleeding
asshole. "you know I tried the same with your mother twenty years
back, but she did not fulfill my thought. You did the same. With you
I am more happy and satisfied". After all that is the aim of any wife
to satisfy her husband. I able to do the same. One day evening in
last winter my husband ( 5 years back I used to call him Dad) came
back from his office and informed me that he got transferred from
Mumbai to Solapur ( a small town in Maharastra). I really felt bad
hearing that news because we were quite comfortable and well
established in Mumbai. Our son Partha was 4 years old and admitted in
a well reputed school in Mumbai. Now we have to go a much small town
and we did not have ideas about the facilities available, how will be
the school standard? Actually I was planning to take second baby and
regularly pinching my husband (Dad) for that. That transfer
definitely f***e us to change all our future planning.

After some days during dinner my husband told me that three of his
friends planned to go to Lonavalla along with their f****y ( without
k**s) for outing for couple of days. They request him also to join
with them. Now his consent totally depends on me. Actually I know all
of them very well and their wives are very close to me. Then I asked
him "where will we keep Partha (our son) these couple of days".
Because we don't have relatives. He told me that we can keep him in
Mr. Joshi's House. Because Mr. Joshi stayed in joint f****y and his
mother surely take care about Partha. Five years back we launched in
Mumbai and after that we did not got chance to go out. Then I agreed
to go. Ultimately we had the chance to take a good vacation together,
God knows we deserved it. We were so in love and had been hoping to
do this for a long time.

On Saturday morning we started for Lonavalla, four families in two
cars. In first car Mr. Joshi and his wife Madhu were with us and in
second car carried Mr. Ali and his wife Sabina along with Mr. Garg
and his wife Priya. They had booked a resort there. We arrived late
morning, and unpacked before making our way down to the bank of the
lake. Our chalet was perfect. An enormous picture window looked out
onto the lake beyond our patio. The lounge area had two enormous
sofas on opposite sides of a coffee table. There was a dining area,
kitchen area and an enormous bathroom with a huge Jacuzzi. Everything
was decorated tastefully in soft pastels and natural colors. Through
the last couple of years we were together, of course, the standard
suggestive conversations, flirtatious innuendos, and gentle teasing
that goes along with any close friendship.

It was a fairly long drive to the estate but once we were there it
was all that we could have hoped. We had made our breakfast then we
entered our stipulated room to get fresh. All four girls were dressed
pure indian style that means Salware kamiz off course swimming
costume were inside as because we planned to swim. Boys were their T-
shirt and shorts. We saw a stream we came to was fairly large . It
had a pool also. We stopped there . Suddenly Sabina made the comment
that she wished swim & she had her swimsuit. We looked at each other
and all got a gleam in our eyes. Initially boys stood up and took off
our shirt and then our shorts. We the girls started laughing and
giggling. By that time they jumped in one after another. We went back
to our collage days at that time. Then we also started undressed
ourselves as an when boys saw us with swimming suit they started
teasing us. All of us have very saxy figures though we became mother
but we did able to kept our figures attractive and curvy. We played
for a pretty long time and then finally got out and sat on the smooth
rocks on the side of the pond to dry. We were all checking each other
out without trying to be too obvious. At that time I felt little
awkward because the colour of my swim suit was pink and due to water
it became transparent. I noticed that my tits which are quite large,
firm very, very sensitive became hard and pointed and the black
circle became prominent through my wet swim suit. Suddenly during
conversation I noticed that Ali Sahab sat just opposite to me and he
is eating my lovely body & there was defiantly a sexual feeling in
the air. I sat down such that my legs were spread a little, legs
looked good, slender and well toned, tapering nicely to bare feet and
Ali Sahab became amazed seeing that my inner lips were large enough
to peak out of my outer lips through my wet transparent swim suit ,
which I know and wanted to be observed by him because I also noticed
that Ali Sahab has a large penis. Even semi flaccid it looked to be
at least two inches longer than my husband. We gossip their some more
time and by that time we became dry then we stood up and dressed
properly to go back.

During that evening all of us joined together in the dining hall and
started chatting to each other. Our sitting arrangement was such that
all girls on one side and boys are on other side. We girls decided
among ourselves to wore blue tight @jeans with skin tight T-shirts. We
were looking really gorgeous and attractive. As soon as boys saw us
they started teasing. With different snacks we were taking whiskey
and discussing about many realistic and non realistic matters among
ourselves. We sat in comfortable sofa. During conversations Priya and
Sabina joked about taking on new partners for a night. Suddenly Ali
Sahab asked all of us "Do you think you could ever get up the courage
to try something like that?" seeing towards me in a new light now,
and it was difficult to take my eyes off him. As usual, I wore a
tight fitting, red T Shirt that accentuated the curves of my breasts
and a blue skin tight @jeans pant. There was some slow, soulful music
playing on the CD and Ali Sahab smiled at me as he handed us our
drinks. It might have been the effect of whiskey. First few minutes
all of us became quite then suddenly everybody shouted in joy and
accepted that offer.

Suddenly Priya asked "what will be the procedure to choose new
partner for tonight?" My husband said that it can be through lottery.
He said girls should pick up their partners name out of three coupons
( excluding their hasband's named coupon ) and in India always ladies
considered first that is why tonight also ladies will pick up
coupons. Sabina protested in that proposal. She told boys should pick
up the coupons Now everybody accepted that proposal.

Around 9 PM that lottery game started. First Mr. Joshi came and
picked up one coupon and opened the same the name was of Sabina.
Sabina stood up and sat beside Mr. Joshi. Then my husband came and he
got Priya for tonight. Third time Ali Sahab came and booked me for
tonight. As soon as he picked my name I recalled mornings memory
beside lake. I understood my fate then only. I know how hungry he is?
As per rule of the game I went to sat beside him. Rest Madhu were
booked for Mr. Garg.

After about 10 minutes our journey to the room had started innocently
enough. We stood up to go and said goodnight to each other. It was
just a brief peck. Suddenly Sabina came to me and uttered in my
ear "Dipa I feel sorry for your ill fate. You cannot imagine How big
he is? Tomorrow morning you may not even walk."

I entered the room along with Ali Sahab "my husband for tonight". A
kiss between friends was all it was really meant to be. Our lips
touched, parted then were together again. We kissed deeply and I knew
I couldn't let this pass me by. Our lips separated and we looked at
each other, there was a longing in his eyes that matched my mood. I
simply nodded and without a word he led me back to the room.

The door closed behind us and our lips met again. He said at that
time that he is really happy today as because he always wanted to
test me. As our tongues explored each other's mouths he ran his hands
up and down my back on the outside of my T-shirt while nibbling at my
neck. He then moved one hand back around to the front of my waistline
underneath my blouse. He slowly slid his right hand onto the bare
flesh of my stomach and then inched his way upward toward my left
breast. Briefly sliding his fingers over what was now my hard, erect
nipple, his hand then moved back down to my waist continuing downward
over my pants between my legs where he rubbed my crotch. I found
myself helplessly melting with his every touch.

It seemed to take forever for the T-shirt to lift, but very slowly,
first my tanned midriff and then a white, lacy bra became visible as
he pulled the garment up and over my head. I couldn't speak even had
I wanted to. My throat was parched and arid, the scotch burning and
warming my insides. I gulped as I stood in front of him silently, the
bra the only thing between his eyes and my wonderful 34D breasts.

I closed my eyes tilting my head back as I grabbed his shoulders and
began to push him down toward my crotch. He willingly followed my
lead, sliding his tongue down my chest. He then fell to his knees,
placed his hands on my waistline and began to open and then unzip my

Hooking his thumbs underneath the waistline of my pants, he pulled
that down below my knees. Then, grasping back up at my breasts with
his hands, he began to lick my pussy over panties. Within only a few
seconds I could feel myself approaching a climax. As I started to
shiver in almost unbearable pleasure.

He then grabbed my hands, and slowly moved them up my body onto my
breasts. After a few moments of him massaging my boobs over the bra
with my own hands, he then cast my hands aside and grabbed my nipples
and squeezed and pulled them so hard that I thought they were going
to rip off. With my chest wincing upward I let out a quiet grown of
pleasurable pain.

He told me to open his clothes. Initially I opened his Shirt .His
chest was beautiful and tan. I ran my tongue around his nipples and
down his washboard stomach, enjoying his skin, his scent. Then I
reached down and unzipped his shorts. He took them off, and just
stood there with a massive erection. That massive shaft really scared
me. I became statue seeing the same. It was almost 10"+ inches long
and at least 3" thick monster of a cock and in front there was no
foreskin I mean it was bear. I never imagine even a human cock can be
so big. It cannot be a human rather it is of a horse. I knew that I
should not be enjoying this but it was the best cock. It really
horrified me and I started thinking how Sabina accommodating the
same. Most of the women could see themselves being impaled and torn
apart by this mighty sexual organ. Even to give him oral sex would be
impossible for most girls. How many girls would have mouths big
enough to take in a head the size of a tennis ball? Instantaneously I
realised my fate of tonight, though I am mother of a c***d (that was
normal delivery) but I knew that it would be really tough for me to
accommodate such a big shaft properly. I know how hungry he is for my
body? It should make me bl**dy. Due to fear I started calling God to
save me at the same time I thought why I agreed their plan? Due to
fear I crossed my leg. "Ah uh.! Open...open yer legs!" he demanded.

I stood motionless, but I didn't open my legs up to him either. That
was until I felt the pressure from him. I opened my legs, moving my
feet slightly apart and revealing myself even more fully to him.

He reached his finger up and gently traced the outline of my nipple.
Damn it felt good to have him touch me like that, but I was scared to
death. He then took my bra off exposing my huge firm tits to the open
air for him to see. Black-pointed nipples crowned my big rounded
breast. He hold my big boobs and lift it up. Oh my good sweet boob!
It is so huge. He started squeezing the big boobs and it is so smooth
and it is so huge that he was unable to hold all of the tit flesh
with his hands. The boob flesh is bulging out a like a big baloon and
some of the extra tit flesh is flushing out of the gaps between his
fingers. My nipples were sticking out like two small buds of flesh! I
know that my nipples are at least half an inch in diameter. He said
that it is the biggest nipples I'd ever seen in my life.

He then hooked his thumb across my panty and pulled down the same and
made me naked and then asked to open legs "Wider than that." Suddenly
he said "OOOHHH Darling what a grate pussy you have? Each lips of my
vagina like almost size of a penis of a six/seven years old boy.
Today morning I saw them through your wet swimsuit but never guessed
it so big."

And as I did so, I once again felt the soft tickling feather floating
up and down my slit. To my utter dismay, I felt my lubrications
building as well as the tickling tip of it danced and caressed my
clitoris. It had taken time...too much time perhaps. But eventually
the stimulation overcame my body, my anger and determination to
withstand his repeated onslaught.

He wasted no time moving his hands up, hooking his thumbs underneath
the waistline of my panties, he pulled them both down below my knees.
I felt really embarrassed, that was first time in my life I stood
nude in front of a outsider (except my husband ), who is my husband's
friend. I closed my eyes tilting my head back at the same time I
tried to cover sophisticated part of my body with my hands. I caught
a glimpse of him watching with a dazed, but excited look on his face.

While looking at him, I began to feel like a bit of a slut. I
thought "what my son will think if he heard that his mother spending
night and preparing to get screwed with an outsider? What my husband
is doing with Priya right now?". I started abusing myself only. Why I
agreed in such a nasty proposal. I know that though we four girls are
really attractive sexy but I am the best among the lot. My innocent
type face and gregarious figure can make any man mad. I thought what
extra my husband will get from Priya which I cannot give to him? I
know that Ali wound not leave me tonight without fulfilling his
desire. I started praying to god to save me.

Suddenly one idea came in my mind. I asked "Ali? "

"Yea." He responded, obviously lost in thought, still amusing himself
as the feather once again returned to my hardened nipples.

"I got pee." I announced, hoping that perhaps this would dissuade him
from continuing this weird form of mental torture.

"So pee." He responded matter- of -factly.

"I can't. Not like this. Not with you watching me."

Ali didn't respond to me and went back to using the feather on me
even more determinedly perhaps. Once again he brushed it against my
pussy lips, used it to probe my cunt with. Once again found the nub
of my clitoris, and then flicked the feather back and forth against
it nearly as fast as it was humanly possible for him to do. Suddenly
he started laughing and said " Darling you are standing nude in front
of me and I saw all parts of your lovely figure. So what's wrong pee
in front of me".

Again...I found my own body beginning to betray me emotionally. The
feather's intimate caress of me was beginning to pleasure me as well,
my clitoris was responding, and as such, my nipples were now sending
out their own signals of erotic stimulation no matter how hard I
fought against acceptance of it that way.

"Ali please. I really do have to pee!" And I found that I did too,
sometimes a lot of stimulation caused that, especially if it had been
a while, as it was becoming now.

"Like ah said...so pee."

"Ok...ok Ali, but please...no more feather or you'll stop me from
being able to go."

Right now, any excuse, any reason to make Ali stop teasing me with
the feather was worth any other kind of humiliation he could come up
with. As much as I hated it...as much as it did humiliate and
embarrass me, if I allowed him to continue using the feather on me
without stopping him somehow, even for a while at least, I would end
up having an orgasm. And right now, that was the last thing I wanted
or needed. Especially that.

I was grateful that he no longer was touching me. But it had become
suddenly just as difficult standing there thinking about peeing as
actually doing it.

"Well?" Ali asked me to wait a minute and he brought a empty water
jar and placed the same between my lags just below my cunt and asked
me "Ya gonna pee here now?"

I grimaced, actually closing my eyes and concentrated with all my
might to allow myself to go. Only a woman can under stand my feelings
and embarrassment at that time. Women, who are newly married, not
even agree to pee in front of their husband and imagine my case now I
have to pee in front of an outsider not only that he wants to collect
the same in a water jar. I don't know why he is planning to collect
the same. I felt a faint release, a dribble really.

"That's it? That's all?" Ali asked me, obviously looking at me trying
to pee.

Another hard strenuous attempt, and whatever the mental block was, or
had been finally gave way. With a sudden almost pleasurable
sensation, I felt the pressure finally give way, felt the hot stream
of urine burst out and splash against the water jar between my legs.
Without thinking, I moved her feet apart even further, unable to see,
and not wanting to get anymore than what was necessary on myself .

Ali took that jar near to his eye level and started laughing. He then
placed that jar on the tea table. He did not even allow me to wash
also. He turned me around and sat me on the edge of the sofa. Pushing
me back to half lay on the sofa. He then f***ed me to spread my legs
and put them over the handle of sofa. He sat on the sofa opposite to
me keeping the tea table in between me. I saw him to look directly at
my red spot almost covered by curl black hair lustfully. Suddenly he
pored whisky on a glass and mixed my pee with that whisky and started
taking that cocktail. Now I realised what for he collected my pee.
After finishing that glass he told me "Darling it's superb and this
is first may be last(?) night I am getting that test". I became
stunned seeing his perversion. I was stunned and speechless.

This was the first time I'd seen him naked-and also the first time
I'd seen any man other than my husband naked. His jutting erect penis
punctuated the realization that I'd crossed a point of no return. He
pulled me to him and I felt the warmth of his skin between my legs as
he kissed me full on the mouth-I could feel the warmth of his erect
penis between cheeks of my bottom. I kissed him back as I lifted
herself up. He told me to hold his monster cock. I reached out my
hand and touched his penis. He nodded and whispered, "How is that?"
He had probably enjoying my touch his penis apart from himself. I
tried to put one hand round his organ, but it didn't reach even half
way. Then I used two hands on him. Then I noticed that his tennis
ball size head is permanently open, I mean there is no fore skin at
all and it 's colour became blackish violet.

I closed my eyes once more as I felt his fingers separating the twin
globes of my buttocks and then let out a gasp as I felt a fingertip
nudging against the puckered entrance to my tight pink asshole. He
slowly slid his right hand onto the bare flesh of my stomach and then
inched his way upward toward my left breast. Briefly sliding his
fingers over what was now my hard, erect nipple, his hand then moved
back down to my waist continuing downward over my black hair covered
region between my legs where he rubbed my dark haired, damp pussy . I
found myself helplessly melting with his every touch. "Mmm," I
moaned, as he gently teased each nipple with his teeth. "Aahh!" I
gasped as he pushed my tits together and rapidly licked from side to
side. I bit my lip to stop myself from screaming as he sucked as much
of each tit as he could into his mouth and flicked the nipple with
his tongue. I was caught up in the ecstasy of having my tits licked
and squeezed, sucked and caressed.

die. I felt an electric shock run through my body and I lost all
controls. I felt my self slipping over the edge. "OOOHHHH GAAAAAAAWD
screamed a stronger climax tore through me. He looked at my breasts
for a long moment, then made up his mind, and pulled me towards him.
He cupped my breast, lowered his lips to the nipple and began to suck
on it. Suddenly he said "I want to suck on these fantastic long
nipples of yours and taste your sweet hot milk. Right Dipa?" His
wards really surprised me because I know I stopped breast feeding to
my son almost one and half years back. How he will eat my milk? Mean
while he started sucking me, I had his bite down on my nipple a
little harder and the combination of his sucking and my caresses made
me have a fantastic climax. I felt it even more erotic and salacious.
He was a real good sucker. His sucking and tongue movement was so
synchronized that really made me hot. "Oh yes, oh yes, mmmmmmmmmooooo
YESSSSSSSSSSS!!" I cried as I came, clutching at his hair, pushing
his face harder against my boobs. "OOOOOhhh... MY FILTHY FUCKING ALI!
flick that sexy nipple of mine. LET'S PRESS THAT DAMN FUCKING NIPPLE

Suddenly I felt a peculiar sensation building inside my body I
realised that my milk is coming out due to his real hard sucking. I
for the first time. He pulled away for a moment, looked up at me and
said it tasted wonderful. He soon got the hang of it and quickly got
me very hot. He used his tongue and lips while his hands stroked and
kneaded my swollen breasts. Truly speaking I loved watching his
cheeks hollow as he sucked my milk out. Almost he sucked ten minutes
each of my breast and left no more milk in my breast , made it
completely dry and empty.

Suddenly I felt my self slipping over the edge. As wave after wave of
orgasmic bliss pulsed through me his tongue continued to lick. My
whole body was aflame as my orgasm continued to mount. Suddenly I was
shaking uncontrollably. "OOOOHHH YESSSS!!" I screamed as a second,
stronger climax tore through me. "Oh yyyyeesssss....so goddAMN! OH
GOD! TONGUE IT! Suck MY booooooooobs....my mmmmm oh ooooOOOOHHH DO IT
DO IT DOIT!" "Ah! Your milk is so sweet!" Ali relished in his
sadistic pleasure. I was becoming hysterical. Suddenly, he stand up.
But he quickly turned me around and positioned me on my knees in a
doggy-like position on the floor. I had barely time to register what
was happening. He stood up and went towards the tea table . I did not
know what he was planning about me. By that time I realised his
sadistic nature.

Through my jumbled hair I looked back at him over my shoulder I had
seen him to come back with a empty glass and the bottle of body oil
in his hands. I put down my head and through my hands I saw my
beautiful 34D huse firm globes bounced and hanging freely, they stood
straight out and were perky. He sat on my left hand side and spread
his legs below my chest and then he put some body oil on his hands
and started massaging my huse breasts that became warmer once it
touched my skin. I truly felt wonderful, and I knew I would about to
be seduced by him. He began to move his warm hands down to my aching
tits. He began to make large circles around them, loosing his hands
in the weight of my tits as he stroked the bottom part of the
wondrous monsters. My nipples were so hard at this point, about an
inch long and growing. This excited me so much that my nipples were
beginning to poke .

He continued to make the large circles around my tits and slowly
began to shorten the circles until his hands were completely wrapped
around my huge, milk-filled tits. I had started moaning. He squeezed
the huge tits in his hands, relishing the moment of finally having
them in his palms feeling the hard rosy buds of my nipples poke his

I was enjoying every minute of it. My tits hadn't been touched in
soooooooooo long. This was a whole, new feeling for me. To feel his
hands 'milking' my tits was exquisite, but it was making me so wet
and horny. I wanted more.

At that time he took that empty glass and placed that in between his
legs just within a inch below my left nipple. What he is going to do?
What he thought about me? Oh my god!!!!!!! Am I a cow? Like a milkman
he wants to extract my breast milk. How perverted he is? Frankly
speaking I never even thought like this.

He continued the 'milking' of my tits and to surprise, little spurts
of milk began to spray out as he would do this. He also started
collecting my milk in the glass. He would twist from the base all the
way up to the hard, suck able nipple. Suddenly he said that he wanted
to enjoy this moment that he had waited so long for, for a while
longer. He began to milk only the nipples - up and down, up and down,
up and down, with only his thumbs and forefingers. I had started to
lactate very much.
He slides his hands from the base to the tips, now. He concentrated
hard on the nipples, pulling them, pinching them and then just
holding them for long periods before releasing them. Each time he
would pull on my nipples, he would twirl them in his fingers gently,
rotating them back and forth, back and forth.

"Oh, that milk collecting sound generating in the glass was so kinky,
OOHHH I'm so hot right now I would do just about ANYTHING. Yes, I
would love to fulfill his fantasy because he is fulfilling mine right
now. I've really wondered, I can't believe I felt that as if I've
waited this long!" Between my hands I tried to see how much milk he
had collected from my huge titties I was really getting into this
role and really loved it.

MMmmmmmmmmmmmm, my nipples was so hard, momma. I couldn't control
myself the milk streaming into the glass. He pressed the nipples
finally, moving from one to the other, back and forth, pulling
outward on the nipples with his finger, drawing them to harder points
and making the precious milk flow into glass. The nipples slid from
his finger with a slight pop as he pulled back. The sight and sounds
made my clit throb, as it was so sensuous. OOHHHH GGGGGoDDDDDDDD.
This whole process went on for about 15 minutes. I felt a strong
sensation building inside my body. I gave a long
cried. OOOOUUI AAAMMMAAA. Another wave after wave of orgasmic bliss
pulsed through me his continued to extract my milk as much as he can.
My whole body was aflame as my orgasm continued to mount. Suddenly I
was shaking uncontrollably. "OOOOHHH YESSSS!!" I screamed as third,
stronger climax tore through me. "Oh yyyyeesssss....so goddAMN! OH
GOD! TONGUE IT! Suck MY booooooooobs....my mmmmm oh ooooOOOOHHH

My pussy juices flowed out of my body and flowed through my legs. "Oh
God that was incredible."

I saw Ali to stand up with a full glass of milk. My God I never
thought that much milk is still there. That bustard extracted till
the last drop. Oh now my whole body is paining specially my boobs.
Even I could not touch them due to pain. I do not know what else is
remained in my fate.

Ali looked towards me and said " Darling why your husband purchasing
dairy milk from the shop? Does not he knew that a real Australian
Dairy cow is in his house? I will take my Bed tea and b'fast tea with
this pure milk." I really stunned. But kept myself mom. We lay down
on the bed for some time. Suddenly Roy started kissing me. He kissed
me lightly on the lips, working his way down my neck and shoulders,
driving me wild with desire. I moaned as he started to kiss and lick
my tits.

With a circular motion, starting at the outside and working in to the
nipple, he licked each in turn, making the skin slick with his

I felt an erotic chill run through my body as his hand started
sliding down, down, I could see as well as feel his hand moving
slowly down my stomach, past my waist, pausing just above my mons. He
looked at me in the eye as his fingers slid through my short-clipped
curls, I bit my lip as his hand brushed gently over my labia, in a
moment, he knew as well as I did that they were beginning to become
damp and sensitive.

One of his fingers slid between my moist lips and dipped into my wet
pussy. "Ohhhhhhh... Oh my God...Nooooo...Aggghhhh... Agggggghhh..."
my voice trailed off as I closed my eyes. His middle finger swirled
around my hard clit, making it swell and throb even more as he went.
A little further his finger slid in, until it started to enter my
slippery vagina. "Ohhhh...Noooo..." I cried, as my pussy quaked and
trembled. I bit my lip even harder as the reality of my situation
struck me; Naked, restrained, vulnerable to a man who claimed he
could torture me with orgasms. I closed my eyes and relaxed as his
finger plunged deeply into my wetness, probing, rubbing, and
stimulating me. Without realizing it, my hips were soon moving in
time to the motions of his hand. Beads of sweat broke out on my brow
as I felt a wonderful familiar tingling growing behind my belly. My
limbs strained at the restraints as I realized that I was about to
cum. "Ohmigosh... uhhhh oh... my... GOSH!!" I cried out as the
another powerful orgasm shook me. I started breathing again as I
opened my eyes to see him smiling down at me. "Hi Dipa," he smiled,
taking his fingers in his mouth, " Sex is your weakness Dipa, and
you will cum for me like you never have before."

"Dipa, I haven't even started making you cum yet - you'll see I'm
very good at it, and I really enjoy my job." With that, he reached
down again and slid two fingers deep inside of my dripping pussy. I
moaned as he pulled them out and put them in his mouth. "Mmmmmmm - I
really enjoy my job Dipa. "

I now realized the significance of all the mirrors in the room. A
glance at a mirror slightly off to left gave me a perfect view of my
widespread legs and exposed pussy. I was fascinated and embarrassed.
I blushed a little, but to my dismay, my nipples stiffened with
excitement - (I could see them in a mirror hanging from the ceiling!)
He had turned away from the bed. He turned back toward me with a
smile on his face - not one that looked mean, but rather like the cat
who was about to eat the canary. I smirked at the thought - that it
seemed I was the canary! "NO!" I whispered, "you are going to hurt

"No, no Dipa," I will bring you only pleasure." He rolled around my
right leg and settled there, squarely facing her exposed pussy. I
felt a twinge of embarrassment, along with a familiar feeling that
sexual situations always gave to me. I felt his warm hands touch my
mound, causing me to jump involuntarily. I watch in the mirror as he
expertly my mons veneris, then gently slid his hand along both labia.
Standing, he rubbed his hand over my genitals, avoiding letting his
fingers slip between my labia again, but making me hotter by the
moment nonetheless.

He gently massaged that area to the sensitivity of my sweet young
pussy and making me squirm even more. I sighed at the warmness of the
sensation, and tried not to buck too much when his fingers applied a
cream to the inner margins of my labia. You should be glad I didn't
use menthol." he smirked. He gave the cream a few more minutes to
saturate my curls, occasionally massaging it some more. Somehow, I
was a little surprised to find my hips gently moving again in concert
with his motions. He smiled at me again. "You are a very sexy, and
very sexual woman Dipa."

"Uhhhhh," Just as I felt myself to begin cumming again, he stopped.
I'm close to cumming already. I grinned wickedly, " I wasn't in
control of my body." This was probably sixth time in a row and I
donot know who many more times I will to night I will cum? Oh god.

By now, my arousal had vanquished my embarrassment, and that
surprised me- but I was happy that at least I seemed to be in control
of my emotions. I felt his fingers spreading my labia again, and
shielding my inner labia. I consciously willed myself to remain
still. He smiled again, " A woman's body is a thing of beauty, a
wonderful machine that can give so very much pleasure to both herself
and the man she loves." He ran his fingers gently over it, up one
side and down the other. I bit my lip again. "So very nice and
smooth," he smiled. "Your pussy looks really lovely, see?" He
motioned at the mirror, and I moaned gently as his fingers slide over
and over my mons and labia.

He began to gently kiss my left knee. I giggled as he slowly moved up
my inner thigh. The he began alternating between left and right inner
thighs - each gentle, wet kiss getting closer to my pussy - which was
beginning to saturate and drip as I watched him, mesmerized. Closer,
closer his lips made their way to my steaming slit. I could feel
myself shivering with anticipation already. Just an inch or two away
now, I could feel his hot breath waft across my labia as he made the
trip between thighs.

Then, suddenly, I felt my body stiffen with excitement as he kissed
me directly on my smooth mons. Then gently down one labia and up the
other. I shook with excitement as his lips inflamed me further. I
could feel my inner lips getting hot and swollen with arousal as he
drew nearer and nearer to them. I felt his thumbs spreading my labia
even wider. He looked at me in the eye and said hoarsely, "The proof
of the pudding is in the eating Dipa, and the test of your pussy is
as well." He dipped his head again and my back stiffened as his
tongue gently pressed against my throbbing clit. "Uhhhhh, Ohhhh God,
Ohhh yes, that's sooo good, Yesssss, ohhhhhh, yesssss " she moaned as
his muffled voiced echoed an "MMMMmmmmmm," as he tasted my seeping

Our muffled voices made a sexy duet together as he slowly and
carefully explored her whole pussy with his lips and tongue. He
seemed to get to every possible spot - missing none - and seemed to
know just what to do to best stimulate each sensitive area of my
quivering pussy. I moaned out loud each time his treatment sent a
luscious sensation through my body. His ministrations were very
effective - and very specific. He seemed to have a technique that
caused me the most wonderful feelings depending where his mouth
roamed. His lips seemed to "wrap around" my outer pussy lips, sliding
from the base of each up to the top where they met above my clit. One
side, then the other - I figured it was no mistake that his lower lip
nudged my hard clit each time they slid up to the top of my labia.
For my inner labia, he had a way of sucking them into his mouth and
gently nibbling on them. I could feel him sucking them in between
tightly closed lips, and each time he did, I moaned in pleasure. For
the opening of my vagina - he seemed to first press his flat tongue
against it, then slowly stick his tongue in as deeply as he could,
making me back arch and press against his face as much as I
restraints would allow. He moaned with pleasure every time his tongue
discovered a new pocket of my sweet sexy juice - and it was a vicious
cycle - his tongue, in the process of seeking out my juices - he
caused me to create more. My clit got the most stimulating treatment
of all. First he probed all around it with his tongue, the sides of
his tongue touching it on all sides - making me writhe in pleasure
and occasionally jump. I braced myself as he finished the circle
around my clit - knowing that now he would focus in it directly - and
I was already very close to cumming again.

I watched him lift his head briefly - almost as though he were
studying how to proceed. He looked up at me and I could see how his
face was covered with the slick juice of mine excitement. I saw that
the look on his face was one of genuine bliss - as well as the look
on my face I imagined. His eyes had a dreamy, far-away look as he
gazed up at me. I knew then that he wasn't k**ding about enjoying
his "work" - and at the moment, I adored his "work" as well. I was
unable to look away as he lowered his mouth again to my throbbing
pussy, I saw his lips form into an "O" and then felt them close
around my stiff clit. I moaned and lay my head back and closed my
eyes - he knew that he was about to bring me to a very intense
orgasm - and I relaxed as much as I could to enjoy him taking me
there. I felt his lips wrap around my clit, his tongue gently
flicking it, swirling around it. I let out a huge sigh as my body
shuddered with pleasure.

His mouth didn't concentrate on just my clit - that would be too
intense - he seemed to quickly move over my whole pussy, again and
again, up and down my inner and outer labia, tonguing my vagina,
sucking and swirling around my clit. I was so close now, my back was
arching up off the bed, in spite of the restraints, I could feel my
pussy starting to twitch and my hips beginning to buck. I wanted so
much to reach my hand down and run my fingers through his hair and
feel his head working against me - maybe even pull his lips tighter
against me as I began to cum. My arms tensed in the restraints and I
began to moan out even louder as I felt my orgasm begin to well up
from deep inside me. My hands clenched and unclenched as I tried in
vain to touch something at this time - my need for even more
closeness. I wanted to touch my face, my breasts, my pussy - hold it
open even wider for him.

The bed I was restrained to began to shake with my body as my orgasm
came crashing over me in wave after wave of pleasurable spasms. My
mouth opened and a cry of passion came from deep in my throat as
every muscle in my body stiffened with ecstasy. Such warmth and
tingliness came from within me that I cried out loud and without self-
restraint. His lips still wrapped around my throbbing clit as I came,
wave after wave of heat sweeping through my shuddering body. I'd
never had an orgasm while restrained before, and the sensations in my
body were magnified by the tenseness of my muscles. He continued to
lick and suck on my climaxing pussy as I slowly came down from my
orgasm, keeping gentle stimulation going to make me orgasm last as
long as possible - but not over stimulating my sensitive clit. My
breath came in deep, ragged pants now as I slowly relaxed and enjoyed
the warm afterglow of such a huge orgasm.

"OOOOOOH MYGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOD!" I panted out when I could finally
speak. "I've never cum like that before!" I saw him rise up from
between my legs and come to my side. He ran his warm hand over my
stomach and breasts and bent down to kiss me hot, swollen lips with
his slick, wet face. I too kissed him back hungrily, tasting the
juices of my orgasm on his lips, moustache and chin. "No - you never
have cum like that before Dipa, but I can assure you, that was just
the beginning. One of many, MANY strong orgasms you will be having
over the next several hours. Are you sure you don't want to talk
now?" I grinned back at him.

His fingers, his mouth, and his dick, all of it made me climax. I
would climax one after another my mind-blowing climax. Then it hit
me; I came back to the realization that I was being ****d. I told
myself that I had no control over it. I told myself that it was only
a natural thing for my body respond like this to all the sexual
stimulation that they were giving me and that was all it was period.


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2 years ago
Several paragraphs before the end she talks of beng restrained; I could NOT FIND ANY MENTION of any initial restraint: "...I wanted so much to reach my hand down and run my fingers through his hair and feel his head working against me - maybe even pull his lips tighter against me as I began to cum. My arms tensed in the restraints and I began to moan out even louder as I felt my orgasm begin to well up from deep inside me. My hands clenched and unclenched as I tried in vain to touch something at this time - my need for even more closeness. I wanted to touch my face, my breasts, my pussy - hold it open even wider for him. The bed I was restrained to began to shake with my body as my orgasm came crashing over me in wave after wave of pleasurable spasms. My...' !!!!

What happens now? Does the "rape" continue through the night? Does her idealic life with her husband(Dad) continue as before? Does she and husband(Dad) have teir second child? So many questions that need answers!

Excellent story line, very adaptly written and presented. Ideally the perfect father and daughter scenario of incestual love, devotion and commitment; she does, during Part 1, really, truly and sincerely loves her husband (nee father).