Boss is always the Best

Note: ——I am NOT the author!

A tremendous shudder racked her body as My boss's fingers reached the soft vee nestled between her shapely thighs. He rapidly slipped his fingers beneath the elastic of her panties, and parting the soft fleece of pubic hair, plunged them into the wetness of her choot. The thick fingers brushed harshly against the nakedness of her flesh, thrusting into the crevice of her sensitive slit, where they toyed with her now throbbing clitoris, sending delicious sensations to every corner of her brain, making her squirm and whimper with a desire that was rapidly building into an uncontrolled inferno of naked desire.

"That's more like it, baby," boss said, panting now that his fingers had found
their mark. "You catch on pretty fast."

Gurpreet barely heard the words as her legs spread limply apart. It did not seem to matter anymore what boss said to her. There was nothing to do now but respond to his touches. It looked as if she wanted him to continue his fumbling between her thighs, and involuntarily she began to shift her hips so that he could have better access to her hungry, tingling choot.

"Ah ... that's it ... that's it," he rasped lewdly. "Now open up those hot little thighs a little wider for me, honey. Come on, I want to play inside a little!"

The obscene words were reaching Gurpreet's ears and instead of decreasing her pleasure, with a wonderful sense of wickedness, and before she even realized that she had done it, she parted her thighs wider at his command. Boss screwed his entire hand down between her parted legs, and with a grunt, shoved two large fingers into her pulsating choot.

Gurpreet cried out at the impact as the blunt edges of his fingers must have hit against her ever sensitive cervix, deep in the secret confines of her choot.

"Ooooh!" she moaned, and for the first time she responded with her entire body to My boss's advances. She pushed up from the sofa, up against the flatness of the large frame that hovered over hers. My boss began a back-and-forth motion with his hand in an imitation of intercourse that rocked Gurpreet's entire body each time he reached the farthest depths of her smooth choot passage.

"Ooooh ... aaah ... oooh!" Gurpreet moaned over and over as boss's hand pummeled into her.

"Ready for the bedroom yet?" My boss again asked. "Just tell me when you're ready. Come on ... I need a lot more room with you than we have here!"

My boss unceremoniously withdrew his hand from between her thighs with a wet, sucking sound, and stood up. Gurpreet lay there stunned.

"Come on!" said My boss, "I think now you want it as much as I do."

Good God, I thought, what was she doing with this crude man? And yet, when he reached down to help her up, she let him pull her into his arms, where he pressed her so tight that I am sure she could feel his stiffened member throbbing against the material of his pants, pushing into her fluttering belly. He kissed her lightly and then led her by the hand into the bedroom.

In the bedroom there was a huge king sized bed taking up most of the room. At the sight of the bed, Gurpreet had a wild moment of confusion. The whole thing seemed so tawdry ... and the spread was disturbingly similar to the one that covered our own bed at home. But my boss stood behind her and, cupping her heaving mummae in his two hands, kissed her on the neck. Her head looked down as if she has allowed the fate to do what even is in the offing, and it looked
as if her knees were going to buckle under her. My boss's long thick lund was pressing into the cheeks of her gaand through the material of her dress.

"You're gonna get one good fuck thrown to you, honey. I don't know how good that husband of yours is, but I can tell you one thing ... I'll give him a run for his money! Now come on, let's get those clothes off!" My boss's hands worked on the long zipper that ran the length of her dress and pulled it all the way open. He pulled the soft lightweight material of her dress off and let it slide to the floor. Gurpreet stood there in her slip and bra and panties, trembling
at the lewdness of his last statement. The coolness of the air-conditioned room looked like biting into her skin after so many hot moments just seconds before. My boss ran his hands up and down her arms, still pressing himself into her from behind. He let his hands roam over the slickness of her slip where it stretched across her gently rounded belly, then slid on to her unresisting loins, where he rubbed her teasingly, sending vibrations of lust through her sensitized choot.

Gurpreet moaned softly as boss turned her around to face him and then walked her backwards to the edge of the bed. He let her fall softly to its surface, and then stood above her while he removed his clothing. It only took him a few seconds to take everything off, and he was standing naked before her. Gurpreet looked up at him and saw his long, lust- hardened thick lund sticking straight up in the air. I was nothing compared to him. My boss's muscular body stood tall and tense above her, filled with an urgent desire for her. A shiver went through Gurpreet's limp, yielding body as she saw him take his lund into his hands, fondling it almost absentmindedly, as he gazed down at her. I know she could not help but imagine this strange man's obscene tool plunged inside her, and it was evident now that she wanted to know what it was like. Then why couldn't she just relax completely, I was wondering. Now I wanted it to happen and wanted Gurpreet to enjoy it.

But probably she did not have long to think about it, for boss knelt down beside her prone form and reached under her brief slip to her even briefer panties, where he hooked his thumbs into their elastic and pulled them down over her hips and her round, full gaand and threw them on the floor. Then he pushed her slip up and pulled it off over her head. Gurpreet looked as if she
was in a dream. Here she was, lying passively on the bed while a strange man removed her clothes. There was something terribly evil about it, and it was that very evilness that began to permeate the core of her being with a heat that she probably could no longer deny. Any last remaining thoughts about getting away were now gone, as her bra was being ripped away from her firmly rounded mummae, exposing them to boss's avid stare, and to his grasping hands.

Gurpreet lay completely naked on the bed. As My boss looked down at her, he appraised her exquisite beauty. He looked at her full-blown hips, tapering gently up to the small waist, then followed the curves up to her soft white mummae, which he kneaded greedily with his hands. His thumb and forefinger tweaked the rubbery nipple of her right mumma, then his left hand mimicked his right, and on either side he held firmly in his grip the small twin peaks of
Gurpreet's easily aroused bosom.

Gurpreet writhed beneath the tortuous feel of his fingers rolling the ball like buds of her nipples ... back and forth, round and round, until I thought she would lose her mind.

"Oooooh ... no ... no ..." she moaned, knowing her I knew that in a moment she would be clawing at him, begging him to enter her, if he did not do so quickly.

But My boss was in no hurry now that he had her nude and helpless in front of him. He wanted to savour every moment of this conquest. She was even more good looking without her clothes than he had thought. It was like taming a wild filly, he thought, and he intended to bring her to full submission. He wanted her to remember this afternoon's adventure for a long time. He lowered himself slowly so that his body gradually lay flat and hard on top of her wriggling form. His lauda jumped as it contacted the smoothness of her warm feminine stomach. His chest hairs pressed into her mummae now, and feeling the erect nipples pointing into his skin. This was really going to be good, I thought. I felt nervous perspiration starting up all over my body as the tension mounted and my lust of watching my own biwi fucked by stranger grew.
"God, you're really stacked, sweetheart. I hope your old man appreciates what he's got here!" he laughed sarcastically.

My boss pressed down on her harder, making it difficult for her to breathe and Gurpreet looked as if she is suffocating. My boss's wet zubaan brushed across her honth and then thrust its way into her mouth where it rotated about lewdly. His breath came in heavy, uneven gasps as he began a slow grinding movement against her flattened belly. She was being ground down into the
mattress, and My boss's leg part hers with one sudden movement, opening her thighs wide and the throbbing vee of her choot. The tip of his lauda push against the entrance of her secret passage, and as his hands continued to work steadily at her mummae, she slipped into a trancelike state of ecstasy.

All sense of reality was gone now. There was only the smooth, rubbery head of his blunt shaft as it pushed against her hair-lined slit, combined with the electricity of his hands on her mummae.

"Nice tits you got, sweetheart," My boss said wetly into her mouth. Gurpreet scarcely heard what he was saying. Still, he was poised at the moist pink opening between her legs, hovering there without entering her. Gurpreet looked like as though she would burst into a million pieces if something more did not happen soon. She began to push her pelvis up to meet his hard teasing lund, hoping it would slide of its own volition deep into her wet, tortured choot.
Wildly, she spread her legs and pulled them up, one on either side of his back, hooking her heels against him. The round head of his rod lodged a moment just inside fleshy choot honth and then parting the softness of her pubic hair, rammed fully up into her heat-filled choot.

My boss's bl**d-filled member shove all the way into her, enjoying the feel of her tight choot muscles jerking madly around his lund. The feeling to me was incredible, and he decided to fuck her now without mercy. With all the strength he had he barreled into the tenderness of her flesh, ramming his tool into her unprotected cervix. It looked as if he was going to split her open, and she screamed with pain. But nothing could stop him now as he continued like an enraged a****l rocking the full weight of his body deep deep into her upturned choot.

As I was nothing compared to this man's size, I knew She would have never felt such pain before and she fought him, panic-stricken. But it was to no avail. He was too strong for her, and she was helpless beneath his perverted attack.

On and on he went, slapping his sperm-filled testicles against her quivering white gaand. It was like my biwi was being ****d. There was nothing I could do to get her away from this brutal man. But after a few moment pobably lewdness of harsh sensations struck her on another level, and suddenly each blow of his surging lund slithering inside her choot, brought an unexpected pleasure. She wanted the hurt! It hurt and yet it felt good at the same time. It was more acute and more exciting than anything she would have ever felt before.

On top of her, My boss's lund was expanding more with each giant, choot splitting thrust. Her cries only served to excite him more, and on and on he rode, feverishly screwing into her upturned choot. Gurpreet's torment grew into a greater and greater masochistic pleasure that enveloped her being, cloaking her in a thick veil of wildly abandoned sensuality.

"Is it hard enough for you, you little choot!" My boss snarled. "Is it hard enough for you?" The expression on Gurpreet's face looked as if though her choot were filled with a hot, burning ramrod.

"Oh, yes, yes," she cried, "it's wonderful ... wonderful!" Her eyes rolled crazily back in their sockets, and her head swung from side to side as wave after wave of passion mount within her. She began to babble incoherently as the long, smooth strokes of his hardened lund invaded her womb deep and deeper.

She sucked hungrily on my boss's flicking zubaan, hardly aware of what she was doing. Her loins gladly sustained the delicious torture of boss's large rampaging lund. She was completely out of control, wiggling and jerking shamelessly under his savage blows.

My boss gloated to himself as he continued skewering into her. It was the same old story for him.. the way he had pictured her ... no longer the smug young faithful housebiwi but a wanton slut under him, crying out for more, loving every minute of her degradation. He seemed to like that. His lund was about to explode with a stream of sperm, but still he held back ...
he wanted to hear her screams a while longer. It was like music to his ears.

I could feel that beginnings of an orgasm are starting in her, right where boss's obscene lund struck, causing the lundling needles of fire that danced along the inside of her hot, desperately clasping choot. It will start at one spot and then as the thick bulbous head struck again, the spot would enlarge, growing rapidly with each glancing blow ... until finally
it will become a raging fur of untamed lust, climbing ever higher in her wildly clenching belly. She was struggling and gasping for breath. It was coming fast now. A lewd moan escaped her honth, like the mating cry of an a****l, and then it was there, crashing all around her. Every muscle tense, she arched her back and let out a piercing shriek of pleasure as the climax
controlled her, taking her over completely, wracking her body with the white heat of torrential starbursts.

My boss also felt her cumming beneath him and began to work faster and faster, increasing his strokes to bring her to greater climax. Then suddenly he was also there, he let loose his hot jet of jism, spewing into her womb like an erupting volcano. The veerya must have hit the tip of her cervix, and slid back down her steaming vagina, mingling with Gurpreet's own juices, flowing
slowly out of her passion quivering vaginal honth.

As the violent waves of her orgasm subsided, Gurpreet whimpered and collapsed limply under my boss's sweating body.

Gurpreet dressed hurriedly in the other bathroom.

She emerged from the bathroom, and scarcely looking at boss told him that she was leaving immediately.

"Well, I don't know why you're in such a hurry to leave.He was sitting comfortably on the bed, drinking another of his special drinks.

"Sure you don't want another drink?" he asked.

"No ... I just want to leave...

"Anything you say," My boss answered her, draining his glass and standing up. Her rush to leave seemed to amuse him. She wasn't in such a hurry to leave a few minutes ago, he mused.

"Okay, sweetheart ... let's go," he said, taking Gurpreet by the arm and leading her to the bedroom door when the sound of a man's and then a woman's laughter came through from the lounge room door, followed by the unmistakable noise of a key in the lock.

My boss moved quickly, pushing Gurpreet back into the bedroom and closing the door rapidly behind them. Gurpreet's seems to be sshaken by this turn of events and her heart beat wildly in her throat, and her eyes were wide with terror.

"Oh, my God!" she whispered hoarsely. "Someone's going to find us here."

"Don't worry," My boss calmed her. "It would be Archana & Sunil, and they'll leave in a few minutes." But now they could hear the man and the woman clearly in the next room. Footsteps approached the bedroom door and the handle began to turn.

I went to the change room door and infact it was Sunil & Archana. I knew for sure that now he is for ssaome bad time. But,

"Seems to be locked, Archana," the voice (Sunil) in the other room said. "Guess we'll have to make do with the facilities out here." The two voices combined in laughter.

Gurpreet reached out to open the door, but my boss grabbed her arm and put his
hand roughly over her mouth.

"Don't be such a little fool!" he whispered to her. "Do you want them to catch us here? How are we going to explain that? Besides, he's with my biwi, and I'd be very interested to hear what goes on out there. Just sit tight, sweetie”.
My boss released the grip on her arm and removed his hand from her mouth. Gurpreet stood there, shocked and motionless. She felt paralyzed. What could she do? He was right; she couldn't go running out there. She would never be able to explain to them what she doing there with Mohan.She was trapped and there was nothing she could do about it, but stay behind that door and wait until they left.

Tears began to stream down her cheeks as she heard the unmistakable sounds of kissing and the rustle of material against material accompanied by Archana's soft laughter, as she realized with a jolt that they were actually going to make love right there on the living room sofa, and that she would be f***ed to listen to every disgusting sound they made.

My boss stood with his ear pressed against the door - an expression of delight on his face. He held Gurpreet firmly around the waist so that she would have to listen, too. Gurpreet slumped against the door, half supporting herself, half supported by boss's arms. It was all too much for her to comprehend. She must be wondering what kind of a man was he,anyway? She would
have never dreamt that a man like him existed. First his civilized veneer had suddenly vanished once she was alone with him, and now here he was, listening intently to the sounds of his biwi making love with another man. It was ghastly for her not knowing that her husband was also doing the same thing.

"You're so beautiful," Sunil said to Archana on the other side of the door. "So
beautiful ..." he kept repeating as he pulled her down on the sofa beside him. He let his hands rove over her slender body, stopping at the pert upturned mummae whose nipples were clearly outlined against the soft material of Archana's dress, then circling her hips with his arms, he gripped her gaand, pulling her closer to him.

"Oh, my, that feels good," she said. "You're quite a big boy, aren't you?"

"It'll get even bigger when it gets where it wants to be!" Sunil said, placing his hand over hers and moving it up and down over the bulging tip of his lauda.

Sunil returned to her mummae with both hands now. First, he touched them softly, and then more roughly as Archana's hand on his lund began to send maddening thrills throughout his system. He kissed her wetly on the mouth and then let his mouth slide down her chin, then her throat, covering her with tiny kisses wherever it passed. Then he was inside her dress, pushing the limp bra cups up and sucking noisily at her nipples. He sucked and bit at them, pulling the tender flesh with his teeth, then surrounding and soothing the tortured flesh with the flat wet smoothness of his zubaan.

Sunil put one hand down to her quivering thigh and slowly stroked the full roundness of it, digging his thick fingers into the stockinged flesh, then smoothing the area he had just probed with a gentle circular motion. He let his hand travel up to the warmth high under her rumpled skirt, where his fingers stretched out to meet her moist pulsating vulva. Archana gave a tiny shriek of pleasure as he pushed under her panties and entwined his fingers in the dampness of her waiting choot.

Sunil's lund jumped about wildly in her hand as though it had a life of its own. He felt as though his lungs were going to burst any minute from the effort of his harsh broken breathing, but on he went, jiggling his fingers about in her crotch among the secret joys of her choot.

He tugged at his pants, trying to remove them.

"Come on ... let's get everything off!" he said, panting.

They both stood up hastily and removed all their clothing, letting them fall to make an obscene pile in front of the sofa.

Then they collapsed into each other's arms on the sofa and he was at her from all over, grasping at her gaand, letting his hands cover every inch of her shapely naked body. They were both hot and flushed and moisture formed wherever their bodies touched. She reached down and touched the fullness of his balls, cupping them in the palm of her hand, then once her hand was at his lauda, pulling at it and teasing it and urging it to enter her.

"Oh, Sunil, chodo mujhe, chodo mujhe!" she cried, letting her head roll from side to side.

Suddenly Sunil got up from the couch and knelt down on the floor in front of Archana. He separated her knees with his hands and gazed hungrily at the sight of her parted sex before him. The pink interior of her choot peaked out temptingly from between the surrounding soft blonde hair, and her smooth, trembling thighs extended limply on either side of Sunil's body. He bent down and after taking a deep breath, pushed his face into the opened crevice. Archana gave a gasp of delight and entwined her fingers in Sunil's hair, pulling his face forward even farther into the moisture of her loins. She ground her hips up slowly into his face, wriggling like a snake so that his zubaan could sink deeper into her clasping orifice. She melted as she felt the
cool wet of his mouth meet the fire of her choot. His zubaan darted in and out, then smoothly up and down, in her choot, probing every dark corner.

"Oh Sunil ... you're sucking me ... suck me good, honey, suck me good!" she gasped.

Sunil groaned and continued his oral exploration of her twitching sex, unaware that his boss was a scant few feet away...

Behind the bedroom door, My boss stood tensely, with his ear glued to the wood. He could not take more of it, he knew. The lewd sounds were exciting him beyond all measure. Just the idea of his biwi out there getting it from Sunil made his lund jump jerkily to a full erection. He would have to do something about it pretty soon. He still held Gurpreet fast, although she had made no motion to move or get away from the door. She seemed to be listening intently too, but there were tears streaming down her cheeks, and every now and then she emitted a soft sob of pained emotion. My boss looked down at her, and pulled her even closer to him, forcing his hands up under her skirt, so that he could feel her smooth, cushiony behind.

Gurpreet realized what he was doing, but she knew there was nothing she could do to stop him. He was much too strong for her - that had already been proven and she could hardly scream under the circumstances. She felt his impudent hands pushing down beneath the elastic of her panties and grabbing the bare flesh of her bottom. He held one plump cheek in each hand, pulling her
tightly against him so that his lund shoved rudely into her stomach.

"Doesn't that do something to you, hon?" My boss whispered to her, slipping his zubaan wetly into her ear as he did so.

Gurpreet didn't bother to answer him. Yes, it was doing something to her all right. It was almost killing her to have to listen to the obscenities going on in the next room. She was every bit as horrible as My boss. They were well matched. Gurpreet just wanted to disappear. She thought briefly about jumping out of the window ... that would be one way to solve everything. But she knew that she could never do that. There was really nothing she could do but suffer. And now this monster had hold of her again. His rough hands pawed at her behind. The feel of them sickened her even more than the lewd sounds of sex emanating from the next room.

My boss pulled her down to the floor with him, right up against the door, where the loud wet sound of Sunil's zubaan in Archana's choot and Archana's cries permeated the thin wood. My boss stretched his body flat out on Gurpreet's and holding her pinned helplessly beneath his weight, slipped her panties down. Then with one deft move, he unzipped his fly and freed his
lund, letting it spring out like a jack in the box. It stood hard and proud projecting through the open fly surrounded by tufts of his pubic hair that were visible around the edge of its thick base.

Gurpreet groaned softly beneath him, "Oh dear God, no. Don't let this happen again. Not again. Please not again!"

She felt the blunt end of his thick cudgel pressing against her defenseless vagina. All the hurt and humiliation she had felt were nothing compared to this final debaveeryat. She let her body go limp, no longer caring what happened to her.

My boss could hardly wait to fuck her again. What had gone before he considered just a taste. He really wanted to make Gurpreet squirm beneath him. There was just something about her maddening young innocence that made him want to fuck her. He looked down at her tightly screwed-up face, her beautiful body beneath him, trapped, waiting helplessly for him to do whatever he wanted to her. And then he thought of the two of them out there, Archana and Sunil. That was some little bitch he had for a biwi, but he had to give her credit. She really had the right attitude about things, letting him have as many quail as he wanted as long as she got what she wanted. And she sure had some appetite he had to admit. Her needs even seemed to surpass his own.
Before he was through, he could make this one like that too - maybe. He heard Archana crying out for Sunil to fuck her, and without waiting any further, My boss thrust into Gurpreet's still moist passage, skewering her to the floor like an impaled butterfly. "Oooomph ..." Gurpreet responded, the wind temporarily knocked out of her. And then, "Oooooomph!" again as he plunged again deep into her choot. He spread into her choot mechanically, with long even strokes, his handsome face reddening with each blow. Gurpreet lay quietly at first unfeeling, but then, against her will, something caught fire deep in her belly and the smooth hard lund began to arouse her once more. She began to push her hips back up to meet the maddening onslaught of boss's lust hardened lund. There was nothing more to lose, she knew that. her dignity, and
her self-respect ... she might as well act like the slut she had suddenly become. A tide of desire went rippling through her and suddenly she thrust her hands up into My boss's thick hair and pulled his head down to meet hers. She pushed her zubaan deep into his mouth and held on to his hair while her rekindled body strained and pushed under him. She felt the uncomfortable hardness of the floor underneath her involuntarily grinding gaand, but it did not take away the wonderful feel of my boss's swollen member touching her inflamed genitals.
The cold wood smacked against the nakedness of her gyrating bottom. She was ground down to the floor with each glancing blow of boss's lauda. Her entire being was filled with the lund that was beating against the smooth sensitive walls of her choot. My boss's balls slapped rhythmically against her wet gaand and finally the sounds of their own lovemaking drowned
out the lustful noises of their spouses.

"Aaahhh! Yes, sweet bitch ... shake those hips, give it to me baby, give it to me!" My boss bent her backwards so that she was almost bent over double. The pleasure was too intense for Gurpreet to deny, and all her pent-up anger and hurt combined in a great release of tension as her sex juices flowed freely around My boss's surging lund.
He dug his fingers into her firm mummae, and holding onto them he continued rocking her thrashing body back and forth. Her dress was clinging to her skin moistly from their combined sweat, and it looked crushed, especially where it was bunched up around her waist, but she was not even begin to worry about it. She was only aware of the long lund inside her. Her mouth hung open as if she were no longer a human being, but a twisting turning object, totally mindless. She was nearing an orgasm I could sense that, and that was all that mattered. It was going to be incredible, better than anything else she had ever known. My boss watched her contorted face avidly, waiting for the moment when she would want to cum and would scream out for him to make her do it.

"Tell me when you're cumming!" he called out ... massaging her mummae wildly and pressing with his thumbs as far as he could into the delicate spongy flesh.

"Oh Mohan ... yes ... yes ... now ... now! Now!" And with that my boss rammed harder and released a gush of hot, boiling sperm deep into her wildly twitching choot.

"Oh, ohoohooohh ... Gurpreet wailed as the culminating orgasm spiraled round and round inside her choot and rapidly spread its delicious sensations to the rest of her body.

"Man ... you sure fuck good, honey ... you sure fuck good!" My boss grunted.

Archana lifted Sunil's glistening face up from between her legs. "Oh Sunil," she cried. "Please fuck now ... chodo mujhe now!"

Sunil stood on his knees and deftly parted the honth of her soft, fleece-covered choot with his fingers. Then he touched his lauda to the opening of her vagina. He placed his palms against the flat sides of her thighs and slowly pushed them even wider apart. Then he began to press into the moist flesh of her choot. He met resistance at first, then the ring- like muscles gave with a slight pop and admitted his enormous lund, slowly but surely into her very depths.
"Oh, Sunil ... chodo mujhe good ... chodo mujhe good." Archana's legs splayed out wide on either side of his muscular torso ... her body slumped down on the couch, pointed mummae shaking as she jerked and slid herself further down in an attempt to accommodate even more of Sunil's lund. The thick head buried itself in the tight folds of vagina ... sinking steadily deeper and deeper,
creating an increased pleasure for both of them with each centimeter it sank.

A long low moan escaped from Archana's honth as her inner passage stretching to surround the huge cudgel being implanted in her loins. It was maddening, somehow indecent to feel Sunil plowing her like that, down on his knees in front of her, while she lay naked in the company's hotel suite.

Sunil rammed his lauda into her with all his might now ... touching the end of her narrow choot. He felt her jump and then groan with pain as he hit her again and again with the full f***e of his loins. It was quite a bonus to be fucking boss's old lady, and to have her look like a bathing beauty and screw like a professional.

"Aaahh!" she cried out ... and then again ... "Aaahh! OH it's too good. It's too good ... oh God ... oh God ... I'm cumming already ... I'm cumming ... ohhhh!"

Her legs and thighs shook uncontrollably and her arms thrashed out from side to side. Her belly rose and fell rapidly as Sunil grabbed her around the waist and pulled her crotch forward with a strong rapid motion, impaling her choot on his lust-crazed lund. He ground her hips down on his member, using the lower half of her body like an object made only for his gratification. As the bulbous head of his lund struck brutally and he felt her jerking spasmodically around his lund, his own orgasm start and gave her three fast hard blows. On the third he flooded her choot with his cum and gave a great cry of joy and relief, while Archana jerked and flailed about in her final spasms. The heat of their passion slowly subsided and Sunil fell forward onto Archana's spent body. They lay there for a few moments, Sunil's lund gradually deflating, until it slipped softly from her exhausted choot.

In the other room boss and Gurpreet lay limply on the floor. Neither couple had heard the final spasms of the other, so overcome with their own emotions.

My boss lay sprawled out on Gurpreet's voluptuous shape, while she lay almost u*********s beneath him. As he began to get his breathing under control again he listened carefully to see if he could hear what was going on in the living room. But there was no sound at all. Both couples had reached simultaneous orgasms.

Sunil stood in front of the full length mirror in the living room of the suite adjusting his tie. He ran his hands through his tousled hair in an attempt to smooth out the tangled mess.

"I sure as hell wish I could get into the bathroom!" he called over his shoulder to Archana, who was still lying naked on the sofa.

Archana smiled and looked up at Sunil. "Relax, honey. You can fix yourself up in the men's room downstairs in the lobby."

"But why," Sunil asked, "would the bathroom and bedroom be locked?"

"Oh, who knows?" Your boss probably has something in there he doesn't want anyone to see..."

Sunil took one last inspective look in the mirror, checking for any obvious signs of sex and turned back to Archana. But before he could get his mouth open to speak, Archana was up from the sofa and pressing her warm, naked body against his suit. Her mouth reached up for his, pulling his head down to hers. She kissed him hard on the mouth, forcing her zubaan deep into his throat.

"You're quite a man," she sighed, tracing a trail with her zubaan from his mouth to his left ear. "Quite a man."

"I do my best..." Sunil answered, trying to be nonchalant. "And I get better as I go along."

Archana threw her head back, her long hair billowing out behind her, and laughed. "I bet you do."

Sunil's hand fell down to the still hot damp between her legs and sent one finger up into her well-stretched choot.

"OOoooohhh..." Archana cooed at the unexpected intrusion. "I thought you were in such a hurry to go down" And grabbing his wrist with both hands, she held his hand steady while she slid back and forth on his probing index finger.
"Oh, yesss ... yesss," she hissed, her passion reigniting. She was ready for more.
"Sorry, baby," Sunil said, freeing his inserted finger from her grasp. "But this man's got work to do. Not that I wouldn't rather be here, but that's life."

"Well," Archana answered. "Since we'll be seeing a lot more of each other..."

"What makes you so sure of that?" he interrupted her.

Archana reached out and squeezed the bulge in his pants.

"As far as I'm concerned, you are!" she said, fondling his growing tool. "Now get going, before I can no longer control myself."

Sunil walked across the room to the door, picking up his coat from the chair on the way. "Shall I call you?" he asked, turning to stare at her firm, ripe body once more.

"Don't bother," she replied. "I'll call you."
No more than five seconds after Sunil had closed the door behind him, the door to the bedroom swung open and my boss stepped out into the living room. Archana spun around to face him and, seeing it was her husband, burst into gales of uncontrollable laughter.

"Oh, nooo..." she laughed. "You mean to tell me that you were in there all this time! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. You dirty old bastard! You mean you listened while another man fucked the stuffing out of your biwi. You must have had a hard-on the size of a silo! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."

My boss grabbed Archana in his arms and crushed her body to his.

"You horny little bitch!" he said, his laughter mixing with hers. "You just couldn't wait to get into that young stud's pants, could you? Wat'sa matter? I'm not giving you enough at home?" The two of them rocked back and forth in laughter, barely able to stand in an upright position, and finally, they fell into a playful heap on the sofa.

"Listen," Archana managed to say through her laughter. "I'm not the only one. I saw the way you were ogling that little snip of biwi Gurpreet last night. I'm surprised I didn't find you in here with her. What's wrong? Losing your touch?"

"Not at all, my dear, not at all. Wait right here. I have a little ... no, make that a big surprise for you!"

Archana stretched back on the sofa, letting her hands fall on her moist, open choot, giving herself a soft massage. "Mmmm ...!" she sighed, knowing that boss would be back in a few seconds with a raging hard-on and she could continue her afternoon of sex.

But Archana was not at all prepared for his surprise.

"Ta Thaaaa!" My boss's voice imitated a heralding trumpet. "Ta, ta, ta, taaa!"

Archana looked up from her reclining position and there, standing before her, was Gurpreet. My boss stood directly behind her, his hands around her chest, resting on the heaving twin mounds of her mummae.

"Why you old son of a bitch!" Archana yelled at my boss. "What is this poor girl going to think of me?" she asked sarcastically.

Gurpreet was mortified. How had this happened to her? She tried not to think of anything. Her eyes remained closed as she heard their voices trading wise remarks and then breaking into raucous laughter once more. How could anyone be so crude? She tried to twist away, but My boss's hands were working on her mummae and she could not stop the continuous waves of pleasure that coursed through her loins.

"Oh, God," she moaned softly. "Oh, God!"

Both boss and Archana mistook her cry for help as a sign of her interest and began to take full advantage of the situation. Archana got up from the sofa and walked over to where Gurpreet and boss stood.

"I'll have to admit," she said to boss, looking Gurpreet up and down with an appraising eye, "she's as good a catch as her husband. I trust you've shown the young lady a good time?"

"The best!" My boss answered. "Would you expect anything else from me?"
Gurpreet's body stiffened as another pair of hands begin searching out her body. Oh no, I thought. They wouldn't. They couldn't. This is a civilized society. Things like this just don't happen. But suddenly Archana's hands reached under her skirt and traveled up the length of her long thighs, not stopping until they reached her abused choot.

"Why, Mohan!" Archana cried out in mock concern. "This young lady hasn't any panties on. What have you been doing to her?"

Gurpreet opened her eyes slowly. As she bent her head down, she saw first boss's hands still kneading her mummae and just below that, the top of Archana's head, her arms were hidden beneath the folds of her skirt. Gurpreet's reeling mind tried to find a way out of this obscene predicament but she knew there was no answer. She thought that a word from either of them and her marriage was ruined. And her marriage was all she had. So for her right now, the price was total submission to the depraved demands these two were making on her. And with one great sigh, Gurpreet f***ed her tense body to relax.

My boss's hands stopped their attack on Gurpreet's mummae and slowly went around to her back, unfastening the catch at the top and in agonizing slowness, pulled the zipper as far down as it would go. His nimble fingers quickly released the clasp at the back of her bra and he slipped it out the back of her dress. The top of her dress fell down to her waist and Archana, still
kneeling pulled the rumpled garment down to Gurpreet's bare feet.

"My," Archana purred. "She is a beauty, isn't she?"

My boss lifted Gurpreet up from the floor so that Archana could throw her dress across the room and take her high heels off, throwing them in the same direction. Gurpreet now stood completely naked before their lustful gazes. Her voluptuous white body glistened in the artificial light of the large room ... beads of nervous perspiration popped out all over her skin. Her figure was perfect. The rib lines above the waist where the skin pulled under the bulge of her mummae. The navel with the thin line of down ran down like a pointer to the sleek curls of hair against which the tops of thighs pressed in an unsuccessful effort of concealment. She was all mummae, hips, and thighs, ready to be loved ... and Archana could hardly wait.

Archana turned Gurpreet around and gently pushed her into the bedroom. "Onto the bed, dear," she said quietly. "And open your legs wide. I want to see how big you've been stretched by my husband's lund."

"More than that, dear," Archana ordered softly. "More than that!"

Gurpreet was now sobbing, her eyes clenched tightly shut and helplessly spread her legs as far apart as was humanly possible, trying somehow to get this over with as fast as possible.

"Don't cry, my dear," Archana said. "It's not as though I were going to ram a huge, vile lund inside you!"

My boss laughed coarsely.

"Don't you wish you had one to do it with," he jibed at Archana. "Don't you wish!"

"Why, Mohan... you may be giving Gurpreet the wrong idea. I only occasionally dabble in these things. Generally I am strictly interested in the stronger sex. You know that."

Gurpreet looked dizzy again. It was unbelievable. The mere thought of being touched by another woman was enough to make her skin crawl, and here she was, lying naked with this perverted, fiendish woman. It was all so perfectly awful. She was going to have to submit to the disgusting indignities that this deranged couple were going to inflict upon her. It was not enough that she had already been through so much with My boss, and had also been f***ed to listen while Sunil made love to Archana. No. That wasn't enough. The fates had more in store for her. She wondered what she had ever done to deserve being in such a position.
Suddenly Archana's hands were now reaching around her waist, and slowly worked themselves up to the tips of her mummae, tracing light fingernail lines along her white, creamy skin as they went.

My boss sat on the bed watching them, a broad smile playing lustfully on his honth. This was even better than he and I had bargained. It wasn't often one gets a chance to see biwi go to work on a chick, but it was certainly well worth waiting for, I knew.

"Go ahead, baby. Let's see a little action." His lauda rising once more at the sight of the two naked women on the bed.

Gurpreet's nipples became harder and harder under Archana's manipulations. She was trying desperately to fight the feeling of excitement racing from the pointed tips to her already well-lubricated sex. But it was too much for her, and even though she hated the insidious woman's touch on her skin, it was unmistakably beginning to arouse her. "That's it, that's it," My
boss said. "She really digs that. Look at her."

Archana continued her massage as Gurpreet lay there with her legs spread, feeling more ashamed than she had ever felt before. Her pulse looked raced and her honth trembled uncontrollably. She knew that boss was sitting there staring into the unprotected wide-spread honth of her vagina while his biwi was violating her. She would never have dreamt that she would
ever find herself in a predicament as depraved and hopeless as this one.

She cried out as Archana's hands drifted down to the sensitive crevice between her legs. Archana's mumma brushed against Gurpreet's side as she pressed closer still, in order to position herself better. Her fingers brushed inside the tender outer honth of her choot. Gurpreet jumped, startled by the touch.

"Mmmmm. She's very sensitive, honey. I'll bet you had a high old time with her."
Archana smiled suggestively at My boss.

"Yeah, she's a hot one, all right, but she still has to get over a few hang-ups, if you know what I mean."

"Yes, I know what you mean ... just a sweet little housebiwi, eh?"

"Says this is her first time out ... so it might as well be a good one. She'll thank us for it later when she sees how good things can get once you let yourself go and forget everything but your body."

Archana's fingers continued their nervous fiddling in the narrow confines of Gurpreet's choot, causing Gurpreet to begin to moan softly and toss her head from side to side, while her thighs quivered gently.

"Oh no ... oh no ..." she cried. "Please don't touch me there. Stop, please."

But her cries went unheeded as Archana slipped one finger down into the smooth wet cavern of her vagina. Gurpreet jumped as Archana's nails sc****d the side of her soft, hairlined entrance and the nudging of the another woman's fingers inside her.

Archana's fingers circled around inside her warm, fleshy passage, while with her thumb she flicked at Gurpreet's clitoris. Slowly the sensation built as the expert caressing went on and on. My boss moved in closer, almost drooling now from the excitement of watching them. He slipped one of his large hands under her soft, trembling gaand and squeezed.

"What a great ass," he said. "Did you see her behind, Archana ... almost as nice as yours."

"Almost," Archana laughed.

Gurpreet looked like trying to block out their obscene conversation. Their coarseness was staggering.

In spite of revelsion her vagina was moistening around Archana's working fingers and her hips began to move in a tiny, involuntary rotating motion. Then Archana made a sudden movement and pushed her fingers up to the very end of Gurpreet's widely stretched choot. She cried out at the searing sensation of pain that accompanied the violent thrust, straining to get away from the hideous feminine touch, but My boss pushed her gaand up, preventing her from squirming backwards.

"She's a nice size. Still tight. I'll bet she's never had anyone before her old man.

"Oh stop rapping and let's get on with it." My boss was becoming impatient. He wanted to get into Gurpreet again, but first he wanted to see a good show.

"Look at her wiggle. I'll bet she didn't know she'd enjoy a woman's touch so much. In a few minutes I'll have her exactly the way you want her. She'll be begging you for it."

Gurpreet sucked in her breath. A perverse thrill ran through her. After all, she was being used against her will by these people and in a weird way it began to make her want to wallow in the obscenity of it all. Let them give pleasure. She would accept ... and enjoy it! If they were evil, she would be even more evil. She would not let them get the better of her. Her legs began to slide up and down with each twirl of Archana's fingers inside her choot. Then, perversely, she spread them out even further.

"She's really getting excited now," My boss said, pinching the smooth white flesh of Gurpreet's slowly rotating gaand. His breathing came in short heavy gasps, and he could feel his lund stiffening to its fully erect size. "Yes, look at her spread 'em wide," Archana smirked. "I told you she'd really come around!"

Gurpreet let herself go ... the kneading of boss's fingers at her bottom combined with Archana's thorough explorations. Her choot seemed huge to her, and she wanted to have it filled even more than it was being filled by Archana's slender hand. She pushed her gaand lewdly against my boss's hand, squirming and moaning with abandon. Anything they would say now would only make her more excited, I knew. She was completely ready to be an object for their lust and for her own now rising desires.

Then My boss's honth were at her mummae, pulling and twisting the stiffened nipples. Wetness started seeping from her stimulated choot.

"She's very, very wet, love ... sure you don't want to put your lund in there now?"

"Yes, in a little bit," My boss answered. His hands had found a new occupation. He slipped into the open crevice of her gaand and poked one finger into the tiny puckered opening of her anus.

"Nice little ass," he said. "I haven't explored this yet." He jiggled his finger tentatively at the entranceway. Gurpreet cried out in pain. She was shocked back to the awful reality of the situation. I had never before had anything done to her there.

"I think she's a virgin here." My boss grunted, and with that he thrust his finger in up to the first knuckle joint.

"Aaaggg!" Gurpreet screamed with greater pain and indignity, arching her back, trying to move her gaand away from his attack. But Archana pushed even harder into her vagina ... forcing her back down onto My boss's solidly worming finger.
"Nooo!" she squealed.

"Oh yeess," Archana crooned down at her viciously. "Yes."

The pain must have been rose deep inside her burning anus.She tried to get his finger out of her. But pull and wiggle as she might, she could not free herself from the dual pressures being exerted on her. Then in her efforts to escape the unwanted advances she herself created a friction that turned the two slithering hands into instruments of joy. She was lost then, completely lost to them, and wave after wave after wave of sudden uninvited ecstasy swept over her. She was a circus performer walking a tightrope. She was falling. She was a skydiver floating free. She was inside a giant bubble and it was inflating more and more. From everywhere inside her there was a race of hurting sensations to get to that point high up inside her pulsating vagina. Then it all came together and ... "Aaaah!" Gurpreet was released. She choked
and sputtered and wailed her happiness. It was the most potent climax she had ever experienced. My boss watched Gurpreet cumming and he realized that he had never before seen anything quite like it. His lauda struggled in his pants with the full intention of getting out to ram up inside Gurpreet's turbulently clenching choot.
He felt somehow frustrated at this spectacle, wanting to have been inside her when she came like that. Both he and Archana sat back panting, a little stunned at the tumultuous climax they had caused. My boss looked down at the wet, glistening hairs of Gurpreet's vagina, thoroughly drenched by her own sex liquids. What a sight! he thought. What a gorgeous creature she
was. There was nothing more beautiful than the sight of a completely satiated female, he realized. He motioned to Archana in such a way that she realized he was ready to mount Gurpreet's worn-out body. He knew that he could bring her back to life with the rod that he now fumbled almost absentmindedly in his hand.

Archana got up from the bed and went into the bathroom. She was exhausted and was more than happy to let my boss have his way with Gurpreet.

My boss sat for several long minutes gazing down at Gurpreet's splendid nakedness. Gurpreet lay motionless, almost in a trance state, eyes tightly closed, limbs limp, spread obscenely wide for the world to see. My boss's hand worked up and down the thick shaft of his lund, while he looked at her. The bulbous red tip shone with moisture ... and he stroked the foreskin all the way
back, so that the straining member stood taut and tight. He had intended to fuck her, but the action of his hand had set in motion a wonderful warm sensation that felt so good that he could not stop. His eyes were glazed over and his expression was almost meditative as his hand worked faster and faster until it was going at a furious pace. Sweat stood out on his forehead as his labored breathing filled the room. Soon his face had turned a deep scarlet and his eyes were closed in an expression of utter bliss. Gurpreet stirred lazily on the bed, for these few brief minutes, unaware of the obscenity around her. She heard the peculiar noise of My boss's hand slapping up and down on his own big lustful flesh, but she did not dare open her eyes to see what was going on.
Suddenly she felt wetness all over her body ... on her face, running down her large, up-pointed mummae, splattering on her stomach, inching down her still spread thighs. She opened her eyes with a start and saw boss kneeling above her face, spurting out like a bursting fountain the hot, white liquid of its ecstasy. My boss uttered loud grunts and moans as he jerkily
manipulated his fingers, and the last lewd drops of his seminal fluids spurted down onto Gurpreet's smooth, contorted features.

Gurpreet clenched and drew herself up into a ball, turning her face to the crumpled sheets in an effort to wipe off the ugliness that had been inflicted on her.

At that moment, what she later told me that only one thought ran through her mind. That this was my fault. This was all my doing. All my fault that she had been put through this torment with these maniacs. The sound of her anguished sobs filled the room as boss left the bed to join Archana in the bathroom.
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