My s****r Returns

As a bead of sweat rolled across my brow, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was the hottest summer I could remember in my forty years on this earth. Little did I realize, that the heat inside my air conditioned home would soon become unbearable but not the result of the hot summer sun but from intense sexual excitement.

As I picked up the phone and listened to the sobbing voice of my s****r, I couldn’t help it but my cock began to harden. I was sad to hear her so upset as she was leaving her husband and getting a divorce. She needed a place to stay and once again, she called her older b*****r to take her in. Trying not to sound too eager, I agreed to let her move in with me again. My mind drifted off………….

My s****r Amy is now 31 years old and the last time this happened, she was a gorgeous young 19 year old girl. She left her boyfriend and moved in with me for three sexually arousing months. During those three months, my cock was hard nearly all the time as you see, my s****r is a drop dead gorgeous blonde cock teaser still to this day.

My s****r and I have always been very close, both before and after our younger sexual experiences together. We share so many things in life and are really the best of friends. We both know we can trust and confide anything together, no matter how deep and dark or sexual that secret may be.

During those glorious three months, I had the pleasure of seeing her in all states of dress and undress. She wore all kinds of sexy lingerie, bikinis, dresses and simply sexy clothing. I even had the pleasure to see her nude many times. She just teased and aroused me to a near state of blue balls constantly. Finally, after so many suggestions and attempts to have sex with her, she finally agreed to strip naked and masturbate with me.

We masturbated together numerous times but the last time I convinced her to let me replace her fingers with my tongue. I licked her sweet pussy vigorously until she bucked her hips and screamed in a very intense orgasm. She then returned the favor and gave me one to the hottest blow jobs in my life until I shot my huge load of white hot cum all over her beautiful breasts.

The best part of my s****r’s sexy body is her breasts. Amy stands around five feet four inches tall and has a great pair of 35C breasts. Her pink nipples get huge, swollen and puffy when she’s aroused. If she squeezes, pinches and pulls hard on her nipples, she can bring herself to an intense orgasm. I’ve always wanted to suck on those sexy nipples but never had the chance.

Shortly after our oral sexual encounter together, Amy moved out of my house and into an apartment with her now soon to be ex husband. They were married around 10 years and now at age 31, she still looks as good as she did at 19. She is a mature woman who knows how to sexually turn on a man but especially her older b*****r. She knows I’m an ass man but her breasts really arouse me as well. She is 9 years younger than me and I just turned 40 a few months ago.

Even though it’s been over 10 years since we actually did anything together, she has always flirted and cock teased me every chance she gets. To put it simply, she knows I would jump at the chance to make love to her, all she has to do is say so. At f****y gatherings or even when we’re alone together, she has rubbed her soft breasts against me or acting as though it was an accident to softly graze my cock with the back of her hand or something.

One time at her house, she was washing dishes in the kitchen and my girlfriend and her husband were in the living room. She was wearing a pair of skin tight blue jeans that accented her sweet ass perfectly. I walked up behind her and reached around her, cupping her soft breasts. As I did, she moaned softly and pushed her sexy butt back and ground it against my hard cock. I felt her nipples swell and harden against my palms as I kissed her softly on the ear.

I never got married as I enjoyed playing the field but right now I have a gorgeous sexy brunette girlfriend with two sexy daughters, but that is another story. My job pays well so I live in a beautiful country home with 4 bedrooms, a workout room, sauna, recreation room with a pool table and an in ground pool. My property is located on 20 acres of woods so I have plenty of privacy.

……………So as my s****r was sobbing and telling me she didn’t know what to do or where to go, I offered her to come and stay with me. By the end of our conversation, my cock was rock hard and throbbing. My mind began to fantasize all kinds of sexual encounters we could have, all ending with my thick cock sliding deep inside her hot tight pussy.

She called me on a Tuesday night and by Sunday evening, she was all moved in. Things started out as normal b*****r and s****r relationships but as the week went by my s****r soon resorted back to cock teasing ways. She would come out of her bedroom wearing only a sexy pair of bra and panties, prancing by me on her way to the bathroom, causing an instant erection.

One day she was taking a shower and didn’t close the bathroom door. My cock was at full staff as I looked into the bathroom. The glass on the shower doors are lightly frosted from the shoulders down so you can see out over the frosted glass. I could nearly see everything she had to offer. As I looked into the bathroom mirror, the angle was perfect to watch my sexy s****r lather and caress her sexy body.

I pulled my thick cock out and slowly stroked my thick shaft as I took in every inch of her gorgeously tanned body. She was always out in the sun absorbing rays so she had a tremendously sexy tan. Her breasts were a creamy pale white with pink ripe nipples. All though I couldn’t see them clearly, the sight was an erotic one to behold. Pre-cum oozed from the tip of my shaft as I tugged softly on my rigid cock.

As Amy bent over and lathered the length of her legs, I moaned softly as my cock throbbed in my hand. Amy has a great looking ass to go with those gorgeous breasts. I’ve always found a girl in a shower, tub or swimming pool an extremely arousing sight. I guess it’s the wet glistening skin with the beads of water shimmering all over her body.

I couldn’t contain myself any longer as I slipped off my clothes and quietly stepped into the bathroom. I was only four feet from my naked little s****r, with only a thin pane of frosted glass between us. As I stared at my stunning s****r, my cock felt more swollen than ever in my life. Still with her back to me, she ran her soapy hands all over her body, cupping and caressing her sexy butt flesh.

Looking on the floor, I found a sexy pair of white lace bikini panties. Reaching down, I picked them up and was amazed to find the crotch damp with my s****r’s juices. I brought them up to my nose, taking in a deep breath of her musky aroma. My body shuddered with excitement as my thick cock throbbed harder in my hand.

I couldn’t stop there as I slipped my tongue across the inside of her panty liner, tasting her sweet juices. My heart was pounding with excitement, so much that I could hear my heart pounding in my throat. I could believe I was actually doing something so deviant as to taste the crotch of her sexy panties.

My eyes never left my s****r’s glistening body. As she stood with her back to me, I suddenly realized she was spending a lot of extra time washing her pussy. I could see her hand rubbing her pussy mound from behind when she suddenly let out a soft moan. God, she was masturbating in the shower as I stood only a few feet away, stroking my huge swollen cock.

As she turned, giving me a perfect side view of her tremendous body with those perfect white globes of upturned breast flesh and sexy tan lines. As she leaned back against the shower wall, her right hand fingers were sliding in and out of her pussy as her left hand squeezed and pulled hard on her nipples. As she let out a soft moan, she felt my presence and looked over at me.

Our eyes connected as she gave me a seductive smile, still fingering her pussy and I continued to stroke my hard cock. I moved closer to the shower glass, my lust filled eyes looking deep into hers as I pressed my cock softly against the cool glass surface. Amy responded by turning and pressing her sweet ass into the glass where only the thickness of the glass kept my cock from touching her hot wet butt.

My sexy s****r slid her soapy tush from side to side as I stroked my swollen shaft. This was so erotic my heart was pounding tremendously with sexual excitement. Amy then turned and pressed her perfect breasts against the shower glass as she watched my reaction. Her nipples were huge, puffy and swollen as she moved them back and forth against the glass. My cock was leaving trails of pre-cum on the glass, now pointing at her sexy pale white pussy mound, her fingers still working in and out and strumming her erect clit.

What she did next got me so fucking aroused, I was soon ready to explode. Amy dropped down, spreading her legs wide open, exposing her sexy cunt to my frosted view. As she did so, she kept working her fingers over her wet pussy mound. My sultry s****r leaned forward and placed her cheek with her open mouth next to my cock on the other side of the glass, like she was begging me to cum in her mouth. Simply a fucking erotic sight!

I couldn’t stand it any longer as I arched my back and shot three huge ropes of white hot cum against the shower glass. If the shower glass wasn’t there, my cum would have splashed in my s****r’s mouth and all over her face and tits. I stood there weak kneed as my cum ran down the shower glass. Amy took her fingers and acting like she was scooping up my cum, placed her fingers in her mouth and moaned loudly as she began to shudder with an orgasm of her own.

I couldn’t see her face through the frosting but I could see her expressions were of pure sexual bliss. After her orgasm passed, she stood up and looked deep into my eyes as she pouted her full lips, sending me a kiss. I smiled and exited the bathroom and headed to my bedroom. The vision of my s****r masturbating in the shower would forever be burned into my mind. I had to make love to her this time or I’d forever regret it.

I decided to try everything I could to convince my sexy little s****r to make love to me. I complimented her on her looks, dress and attire every day. I went shirtless often, exposing my tight abs, muscular chest and arms. I work out every day and for a 40 year old, I’m in great shape. I noticed she was stealing looks when she thought I wasn’t looking.

After a few days, I knew my plan was working as she was now walking around the house in only her bra and panties. One day she was sitting in the living room on the recliner wearing a sexy light blue Victoria Secret lacy bra and panty set when I entered the room wearing only a pair of white cotton bikini briefs.

My cock was rock solid as I stood in front of Amy nonchalantly asking her what she was watching on TV. As I looked down at her, her eyes were riveted onto my cock. She surprised me as her right hand actually slid down to her crotch and slowly traced a line up and down across her sexy pussy lips. She had her left leg up, knee bent and her legs spread slightly as her fingers grazed over her pussy. Her eyes were quickly glazed and glossy with lust.

As her breathing became heavier, I could see her sexy nipples all swollen, pushing through the thin material of her bra. A wet mark was forming on the crotch of her panties as she was becoming more excited by the second. Just as I was getting ready to pull my cock out, she suddenly got up and went to her bedroom. Following her soon after, I could hear her moaning and masturbating behind her closed bedroom door as I rubbed my cock once again.

My s****r was becoming bolder and more aroused every day. Soon I would have my thick cock deep inside her. I could feel her reluctance wearing thinner each day. A few more days and she would be mine. I could feel her will power decreasing every day and I just knew we would be making love soon.

One extremely hot Friday night rolled around and after she came home from work, she complained of being so tired and her neck hurting. I offered to give her a massage but she didn’t respond as she slipped into her bedroom and closed the door.

About 5 minutes later, Amy came out of her bedroom wearing a thin tee shirt torn into a vee at the neck and a pair of sheer pink panties. I quickly realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her nipples were poking out. God, her breasts are so perfect. If you ever saw Playboy playmate Suzi Simpson’s breasts, my s****r’s are identical to hers.

I was wearing a pair of loose fitting lounge pants with no underwear. My cock began to harden as I took in the gorgeous form of my sexy s****r. I was sitting on the living room recliner as Amy entered the room.

“I think I’ll take you up on the massage offer Ronnie.” She said as she sat down on the floor and positioned herself between my legs, her back to me.

“My pleasure s*s, feel the magic touch of big b*****r’s hands.” I said laughing.

“Yeah, ok, I’ll be the judge of that.” She replied laughing in return.

I started by kneading and massaging her shoulders, then her neck. I rubbed up and down her arms, then as she leaned forward, up and down her back. She was moaning softly as my caresses were slowly removing her pain and sexually arousing her gorgeous body.

“Ummmm yessssss Ronnie, god that feels good.” She seductively responded.

My cock was stone hard by this time as I moved back up to her neck and shoulders. When she leaned back, my throbbing cock pressed into her back. I knew she could feel my thick cock as she tilted her head back and exhaled deeply. From the view above her, her face looked so sexy, her mouth open, red lips slightly parted as she just moaned softly.

As I looked down past her face, my cock throbbed harder as I could see into her tee shirt. The beautiful tanned cleavage of her breasts was simply magnificent. The tear in her collar created a vee that exposed so much of her breasts. Her swollen nipples were pushing hard through the thin cotton material, leaving little to the imagination.

As her head rested against my abs, I was caressing her shoulders and arms. I couldn’t control myself any longer as both my hands left her arms to cup each of her breasts, caressing her swollen nipples. She made no effort to push me away as she moaned softly, pressing her back harder against my throbbing shaft.

I rolled her swollen nipples between my fingertips as she began to gyrate her hips and push her pussy mound upwards. She was quickly getting very close to an orgasm as I squeezed her nipples harder. The harder I squeezed, the louder she moaned until suddenly her whole body exploded, shaking and quivering as she was consumed by an intense orgasm.

As I looked down at her panty cover pussy mound, I could see a huge wet spot in her pink panties. Her labia was spread open and her erect clit was poking out clearly. I cupped and caressed those perfect mounds of breast flesh as she moaned and whimpered. With her orgasm subsiding, I felt her pressing against my thick cock hard again.

“Ronnie, remember the last time we masturbated together?” she asked softly.

“How could I ever forget Amy, that was the best head I ever had.” I replied.

She smiled as she turned and looked up into my eyes. As my sexy s****r positioned herself between my legs, she reached up and grabbed the elastic band of my lounge pants. I lifted my butt up slightly as she slowly pulled my pants down over my knees. My thick eight inch cock stood straight up, full mast right in front of her beautiful face.

“Ummm Ronnie, I forgot how sweet your big cock looked.” She said seductively.

“Oh god yes Amy, please suck my cock again.” I begged of her.

“Are you sure you want me to?” she teasingly asked.

“Yes, Amy, please, yes.” I begged of her.

“My pleasure big b*****r.” She said as she leaned forward, her tongue sticking out, softly grazing my swollen purple cock head.

My heart pounded as I watch my gorgeous s****r’s tongue swirl around the tip of my shaft. My pre-cum gathered on her tongue as she spread it all around my cock head. After a few seconds of teasing my cock head with her tongue, she open her mouth just enough to wrap her soft lips around my cock head, letting it glide slowly into her hot mouth.

“Ahhhh fuck yesssssssssssss!” I moaned out.

Amy caressed my balls softly as her lips glided down my thick shaft until her nose was nestled against my pubic bone. My entire eight inches were inside her hot mouth. As she slowly slid back up my shaft, I could feel her tongue working from side to side. My cock felt so fucking hard as my sexy s****r’s tongue worked magic on my shaft.

As she slid my cock completely into her mouth once again, she moaned from deep within herself, sending vibrations through my cock. As she slid my cock slowly out of her mouth, she held my huge cock head in her mouth, her tongue swirled around the tip. She then cupped my shaft with her lips and slowly slid down the length of my cock.

As she got to the base of my shaft, she went lower and sucked one, then the other of my balls softly into her mouth. As she sucked and licked my balls, her right hand circled my shaft, stroking me soft and real slow. Soon she flattened her tongue and ran it up under the length of my rigid shaft.

As she reached the top of my thick cock, her mouth opened up once again slid over my throbbing purple cock head. She was now determined to make me cum as she sucked hard and began to bob up and down on my cock. As the friction of her mouth and tongue increased, so did the first waves of my building orgasm.

Her right hand circled the base of my shaft as she madly sucked my rigid rod. Up and down she bobbed her head, her fingers circled my shaft sliding up and down in time with her hot mouth. I could feel the heat building, the smooth wet friction increasing as I watched my sexy s****r once again give me an absolutely superb blow job.

I tried to hold off cumming as long as I could so I could enjoy every second of the intense pleasure my s****r was giving me. What felt like minutes was only seconds as I soon arched my back, pushed my hips forward as my cum coated the back of her throat. Amy continued to suck my shaft hard as she swallowed nearly every drop of my white hot cum.

I watched as small amount of my cum leaked out of the corners of her mouth. She swallowed every bit and licked up every drop, cleaning my shaft up completely. Looking up into my eyes, she smiled, looking absolutely drop dead gorgeous. My cock was still semi hard as I wanted to fuck her right now.

“How was that big b*o?” she asked seductively.

“Fantastic s*s, god you’re the best at that.” I said as I pulled her up to sit on my lap.

As she sat her soft panty cover butt on my lap, my cock reacted and began to harden once again. Amy had her head nestled against my neck as she was breathing heavy, still feeling as aroused as I was. My right hand was on her hip as I slid it around, under the band of her panties to cup her wet pussy mound.

My fingers slid between her labia, spreading her juices all around her throbbing clit. As my fingertip circled her clit, she whimpered softly against my neck. I took my left hand and began to caress her right nipple, squeezing and pulling her hard bud. Her moaning got louder as my caresses got harder and faster. Soon her hips were pushing up hard against my hand. She sucked and bit at my ears as I pushed her swollen clit from side to side.

My cock was now rock solid again, pressed into her soft ass as I felt I had her far enough along that I could get her panties off and slide my cock deep inside her. As I pulled her body up, pushed her panties off to the side and positioned my cock at the entrance to her cunt, spreading her labia open, my cock head feeling the heatand wetness of her arousal, she quickly closed her legs.

“No Ronnie, we can’t go that far.” She begged me.

“Come on s*s, you know you want it as bad as I do.” Now I was begging again.

“I do, I know, but we can’t, we just can’t do that.” She pleaded with me.

“s*s, I love you so much. I just want to share that love with you. I know you feel the same or we wouldn’t have done the things we already have, right?” I pleaded with her.

“I said no, ok, no means no!” she said as she got off my lap and ran to her bedroom.

I followed her to her bedroom door but she looked into my eyes and mouthed a silent “no” as she closed her bedroom door. I stood there, hard cock and all as I heard her sobbing softly. I was thinking of barging through her door and just taking her but my heart quickly softened as I turned and headed to my bedroom.

As I laid in bed, trying to sl**p, my mind kept reliving the intense feelings my s****r’s mouth had given me. God, I was so close to sliding my cock deep inside the pussy I had dreamed about most of my adult life. I again felt the heat and wetness of her pussy as my cock head was but a second from entering her cunt. Soon I was stone hard, masturbating to the minds eye visions of my sexy s****r for the millionth time in my life. As I spurted yet another load of my cum for my sweet s****r, I soon fell asl**p.

The next day was extremely hot and humid and she was back to teasing me as she put on one of the hottest and sexiest bikini’s I had ever seen. She seductively passed me on her way to the pool. As she gave me a glorious view of her thong covered ass, she turned and looked back at me.

“Care to join me for a swim Ronnie?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah sure Amy. Be right there. Got to get my suit on.” I replied.

Amy wore a very sexy small yellow thong Malibu String bikini that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. The material was so thin I could see a very sexy camel toe of her pussy mound and clearly see her labia through the fabric. My cock was again rock solid as I took in her stunning body.

The bikini top was pulled so small that only her sexy nipples were covered, exposing the soft white swells of the sides of her breasts. As she turned to go towards the pool, my eyes followed her every move as her sexy butt flesh jiggled slightly from side to side. Her long tanned legs looked perfect as they were topped by my s****r’s sweet little tanned butt. My cock oozed pre-cum inside my shorts as I quickly scurried to my room to change.

As I got back out to the pool, I was greeted to fantastic view as Amy standing facing me in water just up to her knees. My gorgeous s****r looked into my eyes as she started splashing water up onto her body, over her thighs, hips and pussy mound. She looked at me in a way I’d never seen before like she was nervous, anticipating something. She reached down and cupped some water, splashing it over her breasts.

I wasn’t sure which was hotter, the summer heat or my sexy baby s****r. Her nipples were huge and swollen as she splashed more water up over her sexy boobs. Her fingertips were working the water into the fabric of her bikini material. Suddenly, I realized what was going on. Her bikini was one of those transparent when wet bikinis.

As the water soaked into the material, I soon could see her nipples and breasts completely. As my eyes traveled from her breasts down over her smooth tanned belly, following the sexy vee down lower, I could see her pussy mound, pussy lips clearly visible. She was an absolute vision of pure sexual beauty.

As she stood looking at me she asked, “Are you going to join me?”

“Absolutely!” I said as I waded into the water.

As I got closer to her, she moved backwards into deeper water. With the water at her waist, I finally reached her. She stood in front of me and looked deep into my eyes. My s****r moved towards me and leaned in, kissing me softly on the lips. I reached around her waist, pulled her to me, pressing my now hard cock into her pussy as she moaned softly.

I felt her soft breasts against my chest as we now kissed again, only this time our mouths opened, tongues chasing each other as we both moaned softly into each others mouths. As we broke our long kiss, she stood back a little and reached behind her back, untying her bikini top, letting it fall into the water. Her pale white globes of breast flesh with huge swollen nipples were mouth watering.

Looking deep into my eyes, she then untied her bottom string and pulled her bikini bottoms off. She tossed them at me and reacting quickly, I caught them and instinctively brought them up to my nose. I laughed as I kissed the crotch of her bikini bottoms and tossed them out of the pool.

Standing nude in my pool in front of me was the most beautiful sex goddess one could imagine. It was like I was seeing a mirage from the intense summer heat. I just stood there a few seconds until I realized what she was doing. She wanted to make love. She was finally ready to give herself to me. My cock was rock solid and throbbing as I quickly shed off my swim trunks.

Stepping towards me, she looked deep into my eyes, her eyes filled with love as she said, “Make love to me Ronnie, I’m ready now.”

“What changed your mind s*s?” I asked her softly.

“What you said last night. I realized that I love you too and I want to share those feelings with you, even if you are my older b*****r.” She replied.

Our naked bodies pressed together as a lifetime of fantasies were finally coming true. At 40 years old, after 15 years of dreaming about making love to my gorgeous blonde haired s****r, our hot bodies were now coming together as we stood embracing each other, hot bare skin finally touching in the cool blue water of my pool.

As the sun baked our tanned skin, she reached down between us and her fingers circled my shaft. She pressed her soft breasts into my chest as we kissed very deep and passionately once again. As we kissed, she rubbed the head of my cock up and down her pussy, using my cock head to push her swollen clit back and forth.

Her nipples were like hard rocks, pressing into my chest hairs, sliding back and forth from side to side. My hands reached around, cupping and caressing her soft butt flesh as I pulled her lower body tighter against me. I could feel my cock spreading her labia open as my cock slowly pressed into her hot tight pussy.

Soon my cock head was nestled just inside her cunt and as she released her grip, I pulled her hips upwards and towards me, my cock finally sliding deep inside the most treasured pussy in my life. My cock was buried deep inside my s****r’s sweet pussy. We just stood there kissing, mouths open, tongues dancing together as I moved her slowly back against the side of the pool.

My cock was sheathed inside my s****r’s tight pussy as she wrapped her legs around my back. Cupping her soft butt flesh, she pressed her breasts into my chest, her head resting on my right shoulder as she kissed and sucked the flesh on my neck.

“Fuck me Ronnie, fuck your cock teasing little s****r.” She seductively moaned into my ear just before she stuck her tongue inside.

God, I was so fucking turned on that I felt like a 20 year old again. We began a slow hard grinding fuck, pressing our pubic bones together on each inward thrust. Her clit was being pressed hard from side to side as her body trembled from intense pleasure. Her nipples were huge orbs searing sexual pleasures throughout her aroused body.

“God s*s, I can’t believe my cock is finally inside you. I’ve wanted this for so long!” I moaned out as we slowly increased the tempo of our love making.

Our mouths once again found each other as we kissed deeply, tongues thrashing about as we breathed into each others mouths. My cock felt like the perfect fit inside my s****r’s cunt. We were totally in time with each other on every thrust, every kiss and every movement. The cool sensation of the pool water enveloping my cock on each outward stroke, feeling only my cock head surrounded by her heat until I thrust my thick cock once again deep inside her.

Fucking in water is such a turn on multiplied by the fact that we were finally acting out the last taboo act of our i****tuous b*****r/s****r relationship. We were fucking hard and getting faster and faster, deeper and deeper with every stroke. Her sweet ass was bouncing up and down as she rode my thick cock.

“Ummmm yessssss Ronnie! I love that big cock of yours………….ummmmmmmmmm god, why did we wait so long to do this!” she moaned out as her pussy gripped and squeezed my swollen shaft.

I slowed the pace and leaned backward as so did she, changing the angle my cock slid deep into her, creating new waves of pleasure for both of us. I looked down at her glorious breasts as they bounced up and down as we fucked. The look of pure sexual lust, sexual bliss on her face as my cock tore into her tight pussy over and over again was so erotic.

We made love for close to five minutes that way, speeding up then slowing down to an almost unbearable pace until holding her body weight was becoming painful. I slowed down so slow she began to shudder and squeeze her legs together. Her pussy quivered and squeezed my cock as she experienced several mini orgasms. Her eyes closed, head tilted back as she moaned out loudly as her orgasm intensified.

“Oh my fucking god Ronnie! I love your cock, ummmm, yessss, oh my, yesssss, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned out loudly.

As her orgasm subsided a bit, I moved to the shallow end and pulled her off my cock. As she stood before me, we kissed very deep and passionately once more. As we broke our kiss, I turned her around, her sweet butt facing me as I gripped her hips. She knew what was next as she stuck her sweet ass towards me and leaned against the side of the pool.

I don’t know why but at that moment, I wanted to hear her to beg for my cock. I guess after all these years of her cock teasing me, I wanted to hear her beg, hear her yearn for my cock as I have yearned to feel the heat of the inside of her pussy for so long now.

I rubbed my swollen cock head against her pussy lips from behind, “Tell me what you want Amy?” I asked.

“Fuck me Ronnie, please fuck me!” she moaned.

“You want who to fuck you?” I asked as my cock pushed upwards across her erect clit.

“Come on Ronnie, quit teasing me. Put it in me, Please!” she begged.

I continued to rub my cock up and down the length of her pussy, across her swollen clit on each upward pass “Who’s cock do you want baby, tell me who?”

She suddenly realized what I wanted to hear, “You big b*****r! Slide your big cock in your little s****r’s tight pussy. Please give me your big cock, please!” she begged loudly.

“You want some of this my sexy little cock teasing s****r?” I asked as I slid a small portion of my cock head into her opening.

“Ummm yessss, that’s it, drive your sexy big b*****r cock deep into your cock teasing s****r’s cunt!” now she was begging.

“Like this baby, you want it all?” I asked as 3-4 inches of my cock slipped inside her tight pussy from behind.

“Yes Ronnie, fuck me with all of that big cock of yours, please fuck me, oh god, I need your cock now, FUCK ME!” she finally commanded.

I pulled her hips back as she held her upper body up until my cock was buried deep inside my sexy s****r’s tight cunt. Her soft butt flesh touched my body as I held my cock inside her steaming hot pussy. Her pussy muscles were gripping and quivering all around my shaft. God her hot pussy felt so good and tight around my thick shaft. Again I thought, a perfect fit, like we were sexually meant for each other.

As I held her hips, my cock slowly gliding in and out of my gorgeous s****r’s tight cunt, I looked down to see her pussy lips sheathing my cock on each outward pull. I held there a couple seconds, the ridge of my cock head just slightly exposing itself, the flesh of her pussy stretched around it before my cock slowly slid deep back inside her.

It was the perfect view of her heart shaped ass, her pussy wrapped around my thick cock on each outward pull. I was so fucking aroused just looking at my little s****r’s gorgeous butt with my cock slowly gliding in and out from behind. It was my favorite view while making love to a woman.

“God s*s, your pussy feels so good around my cock!” I moaned out as my throbbing shaft slid in and out of my younger s****r’s cunt.

“Ummmmm yesssssssss big b*****r! I love your thick cock!” she moaned between thrusts.

Her huge breasts were swinging back and forth as she grabbed her left nipple with her right hand. She squeezed her nipple hard, pulling on it as the sensations sent a sexual charge right to her quivering pussy and throbbing clit. I could feel her pussy muscles squeezing my shaft on every inward thrust.

I reached around her right hip with my right hand, fingers searching for her swollen clit. As my fingers touched her clit, her pussy clenched my cock hard as she squeezed her thighs hard together. Within seconds, her body was trembling and shaking as she began to experience an intense orgasm.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss, oh god, yesssssssssss!” she moaned out as her body shuddered all over.

I continued to slide my cock slowly in and out of her juicy cunt. Her juices flowed and covered my shaft as her body passed through wave after wave of multiple orgasms. She was just moaning out uncontrollably as she was enjoying an intense orgasm. I pushed my cock in deep, reached around her and cupped her sweet breast flesh as she stood up and pressed her body into mine.

She turned her head to her right side as our lips sought out each other until we were kissingpassionately. My fingers toyed with her huge swollen nipples as our tongues chased each other. My cock was rock solid, still deep inside her as I couldn’t believe I didn’t cum already. Our hips rocked slightly and the slight movement of my thick cock inside her was maddening.

As her orgasm subsided, she whispered to me, “I want you to cum on me. I want you to shoot your hot cum all over me however you want, please big b*****r, shoot your cum for me.”

I’ve fantasized about doing such a thing for so many years now but to hear her beg me was too much. I’m not sure if it was possible but it felt like my cock grew another inch inside her hot pussy. I rocked my hips slightly from side to side, back and forth before pulling out of her hot cunt.

“God Amy, I’ve dreamed of doing this for so long!” I moaned out as my heart pounded in my throat.

She sat on the pool steps and spread her legs as I moved between them. As I stroked my huge cock, slickened by her juices, she cupped her breasts together and tilted her head back. With eyes closed, she opened her mouth and waited to feel my hot seed splash onto her body.

It didn’t take but seven or eight strokes until I felt my orgasm rushing up from within my body. My cock head was huge, swollen and a deep purple with my slit gapping open. The sight before me was one I had only imagined during masturbation sessions so many times but here I was, about to cover my sexy little s****r with my hot cum.

I arched my back, squeezed every muscle in my body as a huge spurt of white hot cum erupted out landing on my s****r’s forehead, over her left eye, across her cheek and trailing down to her left nipple. The second huge spurt landed right between her eyes, trailing down over her nose, right cheek and onto her right breast. My body shuddered as I continued to cover her with my hot seed.

The third huge spurt of white hot cum hit the target, landing right on her sexy lips and inside her open mouth, trailing over her chin onto her left breast. I was so fucking excited, more so than ever in my life as I sprayed her with two more loads of my hot seed.

I concentrated on covering her face with the last two spurts of hot cum. The fourth landed on her forehead and trailed across her left cheek and the fifth, across the bridge of her sexy nose onto her right cheek. I then took my throbbing cock head and smeared my seed all over her face.

I pushed my cum covered cock head into her mouth as her tongue swirled around, cleaning off my cum. She moaned like a bitch in heat as she sucked softly on my still throbbing cock head. I pulled my cock from her sexy lips with my heart pounding. I could feel the intense heat of the sun beating on my shoulders.

“Holy shit Ronnie, so much fucking cum big b*****r!” she moaned out.

I watched in amazement as my little s****r swallowed my hot cum and rubbed it into her soft breast flesh. She took her fingers and scooped my seed off her face, slipping her fingers into her mouth as she licked them clean. I watched intently as she swallowed as much of my hot cum as she could. It was such an erotic and sexy sight to behold.

I sat down on the step next to her, my arm around her as I helped her clean off her face, reaching down and getting a splash of pool water. We looked deep into each others eyes as our lips met once again. As we kissed, I could taste the saltiness of my own cum but I didn’t care, I finally made love to my gorgeous little s****r.

We kissed passionately for several minutes like we were lovers forever, not just siblings any more. We then slipped into the water to evade the hot sun and to rinse and cool off. As we stood embracing each other, only our shoulders exposed out of the water, we kissed again. My cock began to harden and press against her leg.

“Hmmmm big b*****r wants some more.” She said very seductively.

“Let’s get out of this heat and go take a shower together s*s. You up for it?” I said laughing as we made our way out of the pool.

“You just try to keep up with me!” she said laughing.

As I followed my beautiful s****r, my eyes taking in every inch of her gorgeous butt, my cock thickened some more. From that moment on, we spent every chance we could making love. As we laid in my bed the next morning after making love most of the night, I opened my eyes to see my sexy girlfriend standing in the bedroom doorway.

“I wondered where you were last night.” She said with a slight scowl.

“Aren’t you two a couple of sex freaks? You’re fucking your own s****r. God Ronnie, that’s………………….so fucking hot!” she said softly.

As I looked at her closely, I could see her nipples were swollen and poking out through her tee shirt. “Care to join us Robin?” I said as I threw the covers off, inviting her to join us.

As my sexy brunette girlfriend stood there for a second, we both watched as she pulled her tee shirt over her head and slowly unzipped her cut off jeans. In one smooth quick motion, she was completely naked and walking towards the bed. Robin has a stunning body, jet black hair with a deep dark tan and I know she likes women so Amy was in for a real treat.

For the rest of the weekend, the three of us took turns pairing up and pleasuring each other. The girls were licking each others pussies as I fucked them from behind over and over. One would sit on my face as the other rode my hard cock. It was the hottest weekend of my life as all my sexual dreams came true, over and over again…………………….

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My cock has been hard reliving the hot sex. More sex stories
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That was one amazing hot story. All the time reading the story I was just imagining it was my little sister and I. Well, backing to dreaming again. Looking forward to reading more of your stories.
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Very hot story
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