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Once again it was Saturday night, 8pm and as usual I was on my computer, not to mention I was horny as hell and really needed to taste some cunt.

There was no point in trying to get the wife to fuck, it was just not going to happen.

So I opened up my Hotmail to see if my lady friend was online and see if she was alone and wanted some company. I sent my message: Hi, how are you? How are you feeling? Are you alone?

With an evil grin, I send my message and waited for her reply. It arrived a few minutes later. She said that she was not alone and that she was sipping on some wine and added that I should know what kind of a mood that she was in. Evil grin.

I then sent her another message: What are the chances that we can meet somewhere later tonight? I needed to taste your cunt.

She replied: We'll have to go somewhere else. I have someone in the house - we couldn’t meet here.

So then it was decided that I would pick her up at midnight in my small truck and we would go to a park that we had been at before. We would park there and have our fun.

Midnight came and I picked her up. She got into my truck and I could tell right away that she was high. God, how I loved it when she was fucking high. She was also wearing a nice loose dress and it was very low cut so that her tits were easy to get at.

We headed for the park, as I drove, I reached my hand over to her lap and started to feel her thigh. Oh my god, how good it felt to just touch her. I slid my hand further up her thigh. She then started to open her legs to allow me free access. This woman wants my attention as much as I want to give it.

Then my hand reaches her inner most thigh and I realize she isn’t wearing any panties. My fingers reach her luscious cunt. I then thought to myself, I better concentrate on my driving till I get to the park but damn I could not resist putting my fingers into her cunt lips.

We had to stop at a red light, that’s when I really took the moment to feel her cunt and she was sitting back in her seat with her legs wide open now letting me play with her wet cunt as much as the moment allowed. Now my damn cock was hard, pressing against my jeans to find some freedom. It wanted that cunt as much as my fingers did.

Then I got the green light and off I went again, not stopping now till we reached the park. But that didn't stop me from reaching over my hand and keep feeling her cunt.

Finally we were at the park. I then found a spot where there was as little light as possible. I stopped the truck and she was already seated as far back into the seat as possible. I then reached over and put my lips to her nipples. They were already nice and hard. I started to suck them furiously. Oh my god , they were so nice and fucking hard.

Then once again I took my fingers and put them at her now wet cunt while sucking as hard as I could on her nipples. My cock was so hard. It needed to escape the confines of my jeans.

I took a moment and undid my belt and pulled my jeans down off of my waist and then my shorts. My hard aching cock was now free. Now I got into the best position I could in that small truck to lean down and put my face to her wet juicy cunt. I needed to taste it. Yes. I wanted so badly to lick her cunt.

That’s what I did. My tongue started to massage her beautiful hard clit. Then as I worked her clit my hands reached for her tits and started to tweak her nipples between my fingers.

Then I started to hear her moan. Fuck , I loved the sound of her telling me how fucking good she felt. Then I could feel her body start to spasm. I knew she wasn't far from an orgasm. She then took her hands and put them on my head and pressed my face hard into her cunt. I knew she was getting so fucking close to cumming.

Then it happened, I could feel her hips rising and she moaned out loud that she was fucking going to cum..

"Yes, baby. Cum for me." I said. Then she held my head still. I knew she'd had a delightful orgasm. I let her relax for the moment.

I took her soft, warm hand and put it on my hard aching cock. I needed to feel her soft hands. She tighten her grip on my cock and fuck that felt so fucking good! "Yesssss," I moaned.

She whispered in my ear. "Baby, jerk your cock off for me. I want to watch you jerk off."

I sat back in my seat and started to jerk off. She then put her soft hands on the head of my cock as I jerked. "That's it, baby," She purred. "Faster! Jerk your cock faster."

Oh my god, I could feel myself starting to fucking cum. As I was jerking my cock faster I could feel the cum start to rise in my shaft. Fuck that felt so damn good.

She repeated. "That’s it baby, cum for me. Let me see you shoot your load for me."

And then it happened, with one last stroke of my cock, I shoot my load all over my stomach. Oh that was felt so fucking good. I was spent for the moment. I just wanted to sit there and relax. I had to wipe the cum from myself. I could not go home smelling of cum.

Once I had myself cleaned up, I then took my lady friend home and then off to my house. Now I felt better until next time.

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