First times are forever.

There is something magical about spring in New England. The winter and cold fades into memory as the fields of grass begin to grow, flowers pop open their heads to greet the warmth of the newly released sunshine. Birds break the morning silence with their songs of greeting to the new season. The fresh dew of the day creating new fresh smells.

It is also the time of year when the girls shed their long pants and parade around in their spring dresses and skirts that reveal what was hidden in the colder months. A time when a young boys hormones kick into overdrive at the seemingly new sights and smells. His mind taken from the Playboy magazines to the possibilities of dreams coming true.

It was no different for young Johnny who just turned 16, one day all he could do was jerk himself off and the next day….

Let me begin at the beginning.

In the sixties there was no internet, where with a few clicks on the keyboard the world of sex was revealed right in front of your eyes in the quietness of your own room. No cell phones, no microwaves and no computers. Mail was sent through the post office and a telegram was the fastest way to communicate.

The times were different, but the people, emotions, love found and lost, first time sexual contact never change. They are different for every person but overall remain forever.

Johnny had to sl**p in the same room as his younger b*****r, so privacy was rare. He would have to sneak into his parents bedroom, find the Playboy magazine under the mattress, open to ‘Miss March’ in the centerfold, take a good hard look, imprint it into memory and then leave for the bathroom to relieve the pressure in his groin.

Johnny, though everyone just called him John, stood 5’8”, brown hair that was kept in D.A. Syle (ducks ass) because it combed on the sides and came together in the back. The top of the hair was cut short and held up with jell. It was a hairstyle made famous by a singer/actor. Blue eyes and solid build, not muscular but solid.

It was a gorgeous Saturday morning the first week of spring, he headed over to his friend's house around 9:00 AM. Only two houses up from him, they were old mill houses each one looking like the next, two f****y homes.

His friend Leo the same age as John, had two s****rs one two years older, the other 4 years older, both lived at home and had jobs in the local knitting mill. There wasn’t much to do in a small New England town besides working in the local mills.

He knocked on the door, Leo’s mother answered. She was a big woman with breast the size bigger than a large watermelon. She did not own a dress that could cover all of her breast, and to a young sixteen year old, on the first gorgeous day of spring with hormones raging they looked better than any centerfold.

Nervously he asked, “Is…um…well…Leo up yet? If he would have kept on talking the drool built up in his mouth would have flowed down his chin.

“Yes, but he and his father left and won’t be back until around 3.”

“Who is that mom, is that John?” came a voice from the living room. Have him come in and sit down a minute I want to talk to him.”

“Well come in then and have a seat.” He grabbed the door as Mrs. Chatell walked back into the kitchen. Her ass was also large and John kept his eyes glued to it. He liked Leo’s mother she was kind and a nice lady, she had to know he was intrigued by her, but she never let on.

“A few minutes later Elaine, the youngest of the two s****rs, came into the room. I’ll hang out with you today. Why don’t we go up to farm where you work and go for a picnic.”

“Yeah ok, sounds great.” He was a little surprised about this. He did like Elaine, she was 5’5” dirty blonde hair, light blue eyes, slim face, her breast the size of cantaloupes, about 120 lbs. He had flirted with her before, but nothing ever came of it.”

She had a 1957 Chevy that her and her s****r bought used. Diane, the oldest, was spending the day with her boyfriend so the car was free to use.

“I bet you're wondering why I am doing this, huh.” Elaine said.

“Well yes, I am glad, but I am also curious.”

“I am glad you are glad,” she said jokingly. “You and my b*****r have been friends for a long time, he was gone today, I was bored, had nothing to do, so I thought since you are always flirting with me that it would be fun to spend the day together.”

John sat silently, he was a little embarrassed but it was the first Saturday of spring and in the spring magic happens. Maybe…

The farm was only five miles away, they parked next to the barn. John told the farmer he was there so he wouldn’t wonder who’s car was on his lot.

The farm was over 80 acres, it was a 10 minute walk down along a cow trail to a patch of about 100 or so pine trees next to a small brook that ran thru the backside of the property into the Quinebaug river.

Elaine wore a white pullover top, a plaid skirt, that went just below the knees, and white sneakers. As they walked John kept catching glimpses out of the corner of his eyes at her round melons and the way her top curved around them. Neither Elaine nor John made any attempt at holding hands, they only walked and talked.

The weather was 75 degrees with a chance of an afternoon sprinkle. Elaine had packed a large beach bag with sandwiches and a large towel.

The air was crisp, clean, and held the smell of fresh cut cedar. As they got closer to the pines you could hear the faint sounds of water flowing over and around the rocks in the brook. It was a calming peaceful sound.

They arrived at the pine forest, there were at least 4 inches of soft pine needles covering the whole area, the ground looked and felt like a soft brown carpet.

Elaine opened the bag and removed the beach towel, then spread it out on the ground.

“Let’s walk down to the brook,” John said.

“Ok, let’s.” Only this time she grabbed his hand and held it as they walked. Other than a few small branches on the ground you could not hear their steps against the soft pine needles. The sound of the brook grew louder, you could smell fresh lilacs riding on the gentle breeze.

They got to the brook and sat on a rock at its edge, took off their shoes and dangled their feet in the cool water. They held hands and talked about everything, anything and nothing.

Her hand felt warm and soft in his. His mind wandered to the possibilities of what might be possible. His hormones were raging and hand holding did not help the situation. There was a few minutes of silence before Elaine spoke up.

“I saw the way you looked at me walking down the trail. I liked it. I think your handsome and like you a lot. Do you want to fool around?”

For what seemed like an eternity he could not speak. His mouth dried out in an instant and his hand shook.

“Wow, will this be the first time you are with a girl? Will I be your first?”

His nerves settled down and words were able to form on his lips, “Yes and yes. I have only seen women in my father’s PlayBoy magazine. But have thought about it a lot.”

She took his hand and brought it up to her breast, then leaned over and kissed him.

He had kissed girls before, little pecks on the lips, but this time he felt her tongue a girls tongue, against his lips. His lips instinctively separated letting in this wonderfully wet intruder. He squeezed her breast between her top and bra. Even through the material they felt warm, soft and hard at the same time.

She kept moving her tongue inside his mouth, he tried to keep pace with her but this being his first time he wanted to feel her tongue on his. She withdrew her tongue from his mouth, he thought she might be done kissing him, but in a few seconds her tongue darted against his and pulled back. He know knew she wanted his tongue in her mouth. He pushed his tongue over her lips and found her tongue again. She sucked on his. The air was getting heavy and hot, he began panting to bring in air. Their faces moving in all directions, trying to give their tongues more areas to explore.

She grabbed his hand and slid it underneath her top. She then grabbed the bulge in his pants and squeezed it, hard. She knew not to move her hand around to much or he might cum in his pants, being his first time and all.

He slid his hand along her skin to her bra. He felt her through the bra.

She stopped kissing, “let’s go back to the towel.”

He stood up, he felt uncomfortable, he had to reach down and adjust his cock. Elaine stared at his hardness. “You look big and hard, I want it in me.”

They hurried back to the towel. “Before we lay down again take off your clothes.” She said, her voice both excited and nervous.

His eyes bulged as he watched her remove her top. She turned her back to him. And told him to undo her bra, with shaky hands he fumbled with the clips.

“Don’t get nervous, take your time, I am not going anywhere.”

He finally got the three clips undone. She reached up grabbing a shoulder strap in each hand pulling it down her arms, then threw it to the ground.

Her skin was so tight and clean looking, he walked up behind her and kissed the side of her neck. She reached up with her right hand and ran her fingers in his hair.

“Kiss my ears, John.”

He kissed her ear lobe moving his tongue over it while still in his mouth. She let out a gentle moan. He reached around her and cupped her breast. They felt firm as he pressed his fingers into them. He could feel her nipples poking against his palms. He kissed her back, she moved her hair out of the way so he could kiss her other ear. He took his time and nibbled on it. She let out another sigh.

He pressed his lips against her shoulders.

Even through their clothes she felt him and wanted him.

She turned around to face him. He stepped back to look at her.

She was beautiful, more beautiful than he imagined with her clothes on. He was not looking at a magazine, she was real, they were real. Her breast were round and firm against her chest. Her areola’s were oval shaped and a darker pink than her nipples which sat erect on top of them.

She reached up and removed her skirt. She wore white panties, the front looked like she had sat in the brook, they were all wet. She pulled them off. She had a small patch of blond hair that shimmered in the sunlight filtering thru the pine trees.

He knew what he wanted to do, but not sure how to do it. Reading about it was so simple, faced with reality, it was totally different, totally new, totally unexplored.

She moved closer to him grabbed his shirt and brought it up, he raised his arms allowing her to remove it. She pressed her breast into his chest while she undid his belt and unzipped his pants.

They were warm against his chest. They felt like pillows but not like pillows. He smelled her hair, it smelled of fresh cut grass, like sunshine would smell if it had a scent of its own. He dreamt of taking her as she pulled his underwear over his stiff member and let them fall to his feet.

She held his cock in her hand, her head resting on his chest as she looked down at the pre-cum already forming.

His was the only hand that touched his cock until now. It felt so different, he felt so alive, like the master of his tiny world, the world itself felt smaller. There was no time other than this time, it had stopped just for the both of them. It would continue later but not now. He had a warmth moving thru his body that could only be described as warm. How could you describe a moment like this. Thousands of words written about this moment, but not one could compare to the actual event that was about to take place.

She lowered her self to her knees and kissed his wonderful erection. She had caused it, she made him this way. Her smell, her touch, her gentleness did this to him. She smiled a wide smile and felt happy.

She licked off the pre-cum and kissed the head of his manhood.

He looked down and ran his fingers thru her hair. He was a god being worshipped by his goddess. She had made him hard and now she is pleasuring them both.

She lowered her mouth until he could only see her lips against his belly. He felt the warmth and wetness of her mouth covering him.

She was careful not to make him cum yet. She wanted to feel him inside of her. Making love to her.

She laid on the towel and reached up for him. He knelt between her legs, she raised them for him and spread them, holding them to her chest with her hands.

Her breast barely moved, they stood against her chest, the two tender pink nipples waiting for his lips to give them comfort.

He gazed for a moment at her womb. It lay there before his eyes like a hungry cat waiting to be fed. Her tight labia already spread from the parting of her legs. He noticed standing erect, wet and pink a small protrusion above her love hole. He knew it was her clit, from the photos in a magazine. No magazine did this image justice.

“You…you…look amazing Elaine, you are so beautiful. I won’t ever forget this.”

He moved closer to her. He saw the head of his cock press against her pinkness and peek into her love hole. The tip of it disappeared into her.

“Go ahead John, all the way, push it all the way in.”

She lifted her head and he looked down, both wanting to see it disappear into her. He moved in real close, burying his cock into her wet, tight, love canal.

Again he could not describe the feeling, it was so much different than his hand. Her insides cupped around him, it was tight, warm and wet. He knew he should bring it out and then enter her again and so he did.

The sound of their passion blanked out the sounds of the brook and the bird songs without words, they needed no words, what they were sharing could only be accompanied by wordless music.

They were one, in a lover’s embrace.

He kept moving in and out of her. Each stroke felt hotter than the last.

She thought of him, this being his first time. She was giving herself to him, a friend now a confidant, a boy now becoming a man. She excited him and that made her excited.

He lowered his body until he could suck her nipples. It was a little awkward and he so loved the dance his cock was doing inside of her that her brought himself back up to glare at them, they seemed larger and of course more wet.

He grabbed her legs and pulled her toward him. His cock had no where else to go, pressed tight against her. He could feel his balls resting against the cheeks of her ass before he started moving his cock back in and out.

He did not want to cum yet, but he could not stop.

She sensed his cock jerking in her, “Go ahead John release inside of me, it’s ok, I want you to. I am going to cum with you, don’t stop.”

He pushed in one last time causing an explosion in his groin. He felt his cock open its portal and expel its contents into her dark place.

No words, only sounds, muttering sounds, songs of sex coming to its intended conclusion.

Her back arched, her legs shook, her body jerked as their two love fluids became one. In the mixture of them they flowed down his shaft, dripped along her pussy, down to the crevice in her ass and finally to the towel.

He fell on top of her and they kissed.

“That was amazing,” John told her. I am glad you were my first Elaine.”

“I am too, now sssshhhhhh… just rest for a minute and hold me.”

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