Watching my boyfriend with another man

with another guy gets me wetter than ever before.
Coming home from work I only had one thing on my mind. Sex. Hard, rough, kinky sex.

I hadn't been able to focus all day. Lucky for me there wasn't much work to be done.

On the way home I planned it out in my mind. I would surprise my boyfriend Mark when

I got home. Chances are he would be taking a nap in our room.

As I pulled into the driveway I noticed another car. It wasn't his and I was a bit worried. I

didn't want to jump to any conclusions so I just went inside being careful not to make

any noise. I didn't come home at any set time so its always been hard to judge when I

would walk in the door. If he was cheating with me, I would catch him in the act.

I walk across the living room towards the bedroom. I hear moaning. The door was

cracked a bit so I knelt down and looked inside. I have never been so surprised in my

life. I saw my boyfriend, who has never played submissive in the entire time I've known

him, on his knees blowing this extremely handsome man.

The man was about 6 foot and in his late 20's. He had chiseled muscles on a wirey

frame. And a not-quite six pack. And his cock is another story. It wasn't all that long, but

my god was it thick. It was only about 6 inches long but as big around as a soda can.

And here was my straight as a pole Mark, trying to hungrily take it all into his mouth.

Licking and sucking. Gagging as the man pushes it deep down his throat. Seeing this

made me immediately wet. I shifted and pulled my shirt & bra off. I started pinching

and pulling on my nipples hard.

Suddenly Mark was pulled up roughly by his hair and bent over the bed. As the man

smeared his cock and Marks tight hole with lube I began going insane with lust. I had

never been this turned on in my life. The man, without using a condom, slowly and

steadily pushed his throbbing member inside of my boyfriend. Mark let out a cry of

pain that quickly turned to a moan of pleasure. The man began thrusting harder and

harder grabbing onto Marks hair and pulling his head back.

By this time I had my skirt around my waist and my panties on the ground. I pinched my

clit and held back a moan. Pinching and twisting my nipples with one hand I began

slowly fingering myself. Thrusting my fingers in again and again. Each time harder than

the last. I was nearing an orgasm but I was making myself hold it off. As I watched with

deep intent I heard the man speak for the first time.

"You're my bitch Mark. Aren't you? You're my filthy bitch. You loved being fucked like

the little whore you are don't you? Come on, I want to hear you say it"

Mark managed to spit out an answer in between gasps of air "Yes Im your bitch! I love

you fucking me like the whore I am. Please....don't stop...Im so close"

The man just laughed and stepped up his pace. As his thrusts got harder and rougher

so did my fingers. And as they both came, so did I. The man collapsed on top of my

boyfriend laughing as he pulled out. I hurriedly gathered my skirt, bra, and blouse and

went out to the living room. I got dressed very quickly, still slightly shaking from the

incredible orgasm.

I walked out to my car and waited so I could give them a minute and so I could catch

my breath. I waited about 5 minutes before I walked into the house. Only to be met by

Mark and the man holding my panties. I was petrified.

They just looked at each other, smiled and said "We've been waiting for you"

This is only my second story so feedback please.

Note: ——I am NOT the author!
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1 year ago
Very hot! Would love to read the rest
2 years ago
3 years ago
mmm so hot!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
very hot. wish i had a lady who was aroused by that scene