Amber won't do it again

Introduction: 17 Year old Amber Davis is in trouble
Go to your bedroom and take off your panties!

But Daddy.

Go to your bedroom and take off your panties, Now, Amber!

s*******n year old Amber Davis could not believe what was about to happen. Her father was going to spank her. Amber had only been spanked twice in her life. The last time was five years ago when she was twelve. She knew she had broken the rules, but a spanking at her age. It was too humiliating to even imagine.

Jim Davis continued to wait in the living room for two reasons. He needed to cool down a bit, he didn’t want to discipline Amber while he was still so angry and, secondly, he wanted Amber to have a few minutes to contemplate her actions and the consequences of those actions.

Jim had only three rules:

1. No drinking outside the home. He permitted Amber an occasional glass of wine.

2. No d**g usage, not even marijuana.

3. And most importantly, do not lie.

Amber had gone for the trifecta last night. When she came in late last , it was evident that she had been drinking and the smell of marijuana permeated her clothing. Jim had confronted her about it and she had lied to him. Jim had done nothing other than tell her to go to bed; letting her know that they would deal with it the following evening after supper. Jim needed a little time to decide just what he needed to do. Finally, he decided that if it had only been the drinking or even the marijuana he would have grounded her and taken away privileges but she had lied about it. That he couldn’t tolerate.

Jim stopped in his bedroom to pick his grandmother’s old hairbrush. It was ivory, a f****y heirloom, then he walked slowly to Amber’s bedroom. This was not something he wanted to do but he knew it needed to be done. As he walked, he thought about his life with Amber. His wife had passed away from ovarian cancer when Amber was only seven. He had dated a few times afterward but not in years. It had for so long been just Amber and Jim.

Amber heard her daddy coming down the hall. She terrified about what was about to happen. She also knew that she deserved it. Her friend Sally had gotten a bottle of vodka and several joints and Amber had shared. She knew the rules but, just this once, she thought it would be fun to try things out. God, how stupid she’d been.

Amber had stripped completely then put on just a light t-shirt. She expected to be writhing and wanted to be in something comfortable.

When Jim walked into the room, Amber was sitting on the bed. Her first words were, “Daddy I’m so sorry I let you down. I know what I did was wrong; I’ll never do something like that again. But don’t you think I’m a little old to be spanked?”

Amber, I agree that s*******n is too old for a spanking, but you didn’t act like a responsible s*******n year old. You acted like a misdirected impulsive c***d and now you’ll be disciplined like one. Jim sat on the side of the bed. Amber, please come over and stand on my right side. I’m not going to lecture you about what you did. You know the rules and you broke them.

Reluctantly, Amber got up and stood by Jim’s right leg. Lay over my lap Amber. Nearly paralyzed by both fear and embarrassment, Amber stood frozen. Jim placed one hand on the small of her back and placed her across his lap. Amber slight body was quivering and her pretty eyes were already leaking tears. Jim moved her slightly forward so that her pert bottom was elevated and displayed for punishment.

Amber, we’re not going to count spanks or anything like that. I intend to spank you ‘til I believe you’ve learned your lesson. Jim had already decided to spank Amber until she broke down.

And so it began. Jim’s hand came down hard. Three quick whacks. Amber moaned and squirmed, kicking her legs. Jim grasped her firmly around her waist with his left arm and continued. Without pause Amber received about twenty hard hand spanks on her sit spots. Then another twenty where her thighs met her bottom. Another twenty or so higher on her back side. Finally twenty on each of her thighs.

Jim stopped for a break. His hand hurt. Amber was crying uncontrollably. The pain and burning on her bottom and legs was unbelievable. God, was she glad that was over. She waited for daddy to let her up. It didn’t happen!

Jim settled Amber further onto his lap and picked up the ivory hairbrush.

Thwack, with the first stroke Amber nearly fell off his lap. She wailed, “Daddy, no more, I’m so sorry, no more, please.” Jim felt compassion for her but he’d decided that this was going to be a severe spanking. Thwack, thwack, thwack about twenty strokes to her sit spot then twenty more higher and another twenty lower. Finally, twenty on each thigh. Amber was no longer coherent. No pleas, just moans and tears. “Amber, we’re about done but I want you to spread your legs. I intend to spank the insides of your thighs. Amber couldn’t do it. She was in so much pain that she didn’t really understand what Jim has said. Jim reached down and parted Amber’s legs. With leg one on the bed beside him and the other hanging off the side of the bed; he started to apply the hairbrush.

Jim struck her right thigh. Amber could not believe this pain. It exceeded any other that she’d
experienced. Then Jim followed through with twenty or thirty more whacks. The left inner thigh was next.

Amber had succumbed to the pain. She had completely broken down. Lying limply across daddy’s lap all she could do was whimper.

Jim rubbed her back and let her lie there until she’d gained a slight bit of composure. He suggested that she get cleaned up and join him. He was going back to the living room. He felt he needed a glass of wine and maybe to watch a movie to help get settled down after what he just had to do.

It was nearly ten minutes before Amber came into the room. She was shuffling painfully and although she had washed her face, her eyes were red and puffy and still tear stained.

“Daddy, I’m so, so sorry. What I did was so stupid. I know I really disappointed you. Please don’t be angry with me, please.”

“Honey, I’m not mad at you but I did feel disappointed. You’ve always been such a pleasure for me. Your pretty, you’re a good student and you’ve always acted responsibly. I’m sure it will never happen again.” Why don’t you pour yourself a glass of wine and come sit and watch this movie with me. Amber got a glass of Cabernet Savignon and sat beside her daddy. My God, the pain. Tears immediately came to her eyes. She couldn’t sit. “Daddy, I’m too sore to sit. Can I lay down on the couch on my stomach and rest my head in your lap? “Sure, Honey, that would be nice.

Amber had only put on a light weight nightie. No panties, they hurt too much. When she lay down, her gown rode up a bit. Jim looked and couldn’t believe how much he had hurt her. All he could see were her upper thighs. They were flaming red with some purple bruising. “Amber, honey, I can see you’re legs and they look like they’re on fire. Please let me lift your nightie; I want to see how badly your bottom is bruised. Jim couldn’t believe his eyes. He’d thought her legs looked bad but they didn’t compare with her bottom. More purple than red, she would not be sitting comfortably for several days.

“Daddy, I still feel like I’m on fire back there. Is there anything you can do to help ease the burning?” “Amber, honey, I’ve got some intensive care lotion. Would you like me to rub it in?” God, please daddy. Anything.”

Jim went to his medicine cabinet and retrieved the lotion. When he returned Amber was standing, waiting. “Daddy, please sit in the middle of the sofa. I want to lie across your lap. Jim sat. As Amber lay down, she lifted her gown so Jim could access her burning buns. It was the same position she was in when he’d spanked her, but this felt a completely different. Jim took the bottle and poured some of the lotion on Amber’s bruised back side then began to gently rub it on. Amber moaned softly from both the pain and the relief. Jim lightly massaged her with the lotion from the top of her back side completely down the back of her thighs. Amber was thankful for the relief but she was also getting some very erotic feelings.

“Daddy, where I really hurt is on the insides of my legs. Could you put some of the lotion there, please?” Amber spread her legs widely apart. The insides were crimson. Jim poured some lotion on his hand and began applying it. He was able to see his beautiful daughter’s pink rosebud and the bottom of her pussy. As he rubbed, he began to stiffen. The feelings were both wonderful and wrong. He was sure that Amber could feel his growing erection. He couldn’t even shift to hide it. Slowly, Amber started to squirm on his lap. It felt like she was trying to ride his hard on. Jim couldn’t believe it. Amber spread her legs even further apart. He could now see her vaginal slit. He wanted to quit but he was mesmerized. He just dumbly continued to rub in the lotion.

“Daddy, please rub a little higher. That feels so nice.” Honey, I’m rubbing as high as I think I should go.” “No, daddy, higher, please.” As Jim looked down, he saw that Amber was soaking. As much as he knew he should stop, NOW, he just couldn’t.

Jim began to lightly caress his daughter’s outer lips then slipped one finger between them. He massaged her swollen clitoris. Almost immediately Amber shuddered and climaxed hard. God, she was a squirter, Jim’s hand was drenched. Jim was beyond caring. He licked his fingers and tasted his sweet daughter. My God, this is the nectar of the Gods. Nothing could compare. With her own wetness Jim moistened his thumb and began circling her anus while he continued to rub her clit. Amber was moaning loudly now, but not from the pain. As Jim slipped his thumb to the first knuckle in his daughter’s tight rosebud, Amber had a second explosive orgasm. She went limp across his lap for a moment then looked up at him. God, she was lovely. “Thank you daddy, now it’s your turn.” “Please take me to bed.” “Amber, I can’t do that, you’re my daughter.” It hurt to say that, he wanted her so much, but it just wasn’t right. “Daddy, I’m not a virgin. Bobby Watkins and I did it once last year. I hated it, it hurt and it was over in just a few seconds, I know you will be gentle and caring. Besides, I’m on the pill to help regulate my periods. There is nothing to stop us and I want you so much; please.” How could Jim say no? Taking Amber’s hand, they walked to the bedroom.

“Daddy, I’m too sore to lie on my back and I can’t squat over you. What can we do, I want you in me tonight; right now.”

“Honey, slip off your nightie and get under the covers. Lie on your side and we can spoon. Another night when you’re more comfortable we can explore.”

As Amber lay on her side Jim slid into bed. He held her tightly and softly caressed her breasts. As Amber’s breathing became heavier, her daddy slightly lifted her leg and entered her from behind. Afraid of hurting her inflamed bottom, daddy gently pushed into her unbelievable tight vagina. Amber thrust hard backward and buried him to the hilt. She gasped at the full penetration then mewed like a kitten. This was what she wanted. After so many years of celibacy, Jim knew he wouldn’t last long. He exploded deep within his beautiful daughter, filling her as she climaxed with him. Amber whispered, “Thank you daddy. Can I sl**p with you from now?” “Of course, Honey, I’d like that.”

Still encased in his fantastic daughter, Jim turned off the light and they both drifted into a dreamy sl**p.

The End

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2 years ago
Sweet like story
3 years ago
Sounds more like Jim is a sadistic bastard.
But sounds like he has a daughter that is as well.
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
very nice story
3 years ago
Very good. I hope there is more.